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You are here: > News > September 3, 2014; 4:45 pm MDT

Free Energy News Disappears

How would you feel if you were confronted with that headline? Or what if there were no headline, only the disappearance of our free energy news service because funds were insufficient to maintain it? Even as we are so close to the free energy quest finally materializing.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

How would you feel if you were confronted with that headline? Or what if there were no headline, only the disappearance of our free energy news service because funds were insufficient to maintain it?

How important is our service?

Where else would you turn to get what we provide? You can find bits and pieces scattered here and there on Facebook, in blogs, on websites: some covering LENR; others, more conventional stuff; others focused in on Bedini. But where, besides here, at our PES suite of sites, can you find the broad coverage of the best exotic free energy technologies?

From the time we started in 2002, we've been receiving kudos as being the best exotic free energy news, by far.

Not only do we provide news, but we provide a directory at, organizing the material that into topics, with inventor and company features, now numbering over 5,000 pages (urls, most of them several pages each if printed).

What about the networking value of what we do? Not only do we do match-making ourselves, but people meet up in our forums or other avenues, because we exist, because they are thinking about this stuff and want to do something.

Are we akin to the "midwife of exotic free energy"? I would like to think so. What would happen if the midwife suddenly disappeared, even as the mother is going through transition and about to start pushing the baby out? That's probably not the best time for the midwife to make an exit.

Did you know that in reality, we've actually come very close, several times, to this headline coming to pass. As a type 1 diabetic, even though at the encouragement of my doctor I've written a book about how to keep your blood sugar level "normal" (see, there have been times when I've gone so low that I lose consciousness (or lose awareness to the point that I don't know who I am, where I am, what is going on; and have no recollection afterward of what took place while I was that low), and it has been through the intervention of others (usually Cheri) giving me glucose (e.g. honey in the side of the mouth, which absorbs sublingually) that has brought me back from the brink of death.

This happened just a month ago. I was alone at my parent's place, and I had gone very low, out of conscious awareness, and they happened to get home, having been away for several days, to find me in a state of stupor. They called Cheri to ask what to do, and brought me back. My mom has had a couple of nightmares since then, because of that.

Had they opted to come back the next morning, and had not arrived to intervene that evening, I would not be here today. On average, there have been around two to four situations like that per year since about nine years ago when I came down with Type 1 diabetes (possibly GMO soy we were eating from someone's food storage TVP created an auto-immune disorder). It's been by the grace of God that each time I've had someone around who could intervene and bring me back. So living alone would probably not be a good idea, until I can find a cure/miracle for the diabetes, which I hope to do some day.

Let me go even further in being open with you, and state that essentially every time this has happened has been when emotionally I've been at a point of being very tired and leaning toward wanting to opt out of Earth life because things are too hard. It's not easy to take the lack of financial support, the ridicule, the loneliness, the seemingly perpetual delay of the emergence of any of the myriad of exotic free energy technologies into the marketplace, and the disconnect between the vision and reality. It's not easy to not get burned out and want to give up on the quest and go do something else in stead.

You as the audience can come and go as you want. Sometimes you might check daily what's up. Sometimes you might want a break for a while, then come back again later. But when you come, we've always been here, consistently posting the news and arranging in the directory, and facilitating the networking.

While we have quite a few volunteers who help with this or that, no one besides myself knows how to keep this PES Network going: where the accounts are, what the passwords are. If something were to happen to me, it wouldn't be long before all things PES could disappear off the web from non-payment on crucial accounts, and the title of this article would become a reality.

I've been wanting to expand our network, to get other people on board so that we have redundancy and are not vulnerable. We have a number of volunteers who help with various isolated functions, but no one who knows the ropes sufficient to keep things running if something were to happen to me. Gratefully, in the past while, a new volunteer has stepped forward that may be able to help in this redundancy regard, at least in being able to keep the sites up if something were to happen to me.

It doesn't take a lot to keep us going -- especially not a lot, compared to the good that we do.

When this baby is born, when exotic free energy technologies finally make it to market, we're talking about a major transformation of society from being based on a scarcity mentality (where power comes from polluting, limited resources of oil, gas, coal), to a responsible abundance mentality (in which power comes from the wheelwork of nature, which is inexhaustible, ubiquitous, and free for the taking, not including the price of the device that harnesses that power; but many modalities will be very cheap -- much cheaper than what we are presently paying for power). It will be a return to freedom, and a dissolution of tyranny. It will be a return to goodness, which is a prerequisite root of freedom, because tyranny is the natural result of wickedness. It will result directly and indirectly in the creation of billions of jobs, and a sustainable prosperity barely imagined by sages, poets, and prophets.

I'm not saying that without us as the midwife, this baby won't be born. I don't think any of us are indispensible to the gestalt of human destiny. But I think it's safe to say that the mother much prefers having a good midwife than not having one.

Of all the challenges I mentioned above, the one that wears me down the most is the lack of healthy financial support.  We've been on the brink nearly the whole time, since I started this endeavor more than 12 years ago. About the only exception was in 2008, and even then we were still in debt. But even more than the lack of financial support, I would say that the humiliation of having to ask for donations is not easy on anyone.

I know how valuable what we do is. Why we can't get a reasonable revenue stream going makes me feel like the world doesn't deserve what we want to bring it. If they don't want it, why do I try so hard to bring it? is the thought that gets me down the most.

Once it's here, and the world gets a taste of it, they'll never want to go back

But they have to deserve it first. Freedom, which is what free energy is all about, can't be given to just anyone. The wicked will use it as license to do anything they want, which leads to captivity. John Adams said: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

And that is the realization I've come to in the past many months, and that is why I've shifted more to talking about spiritual things, coming back out of Sabbatical that I've been on from all things religion.

Unfortunately, this has exacerbated a negative feedback loop. My talking about such things seems to have driven away some of our audience, reducing our traffic, which reduces our Google AdSense revenue, which is our primary source of income.

An obvious, superficial remedy would be for me to just stick to reporting on exotic free energy, so I don't turn people off by this other stuff; but then I would be treating the symptom and not addressing the core issue: we have to deserve free energy before we get it.

I'll tell you this much, I certainly can relate first-hand to the prophecy: "In that day when I came unto mine own, no man among you received me [Jesus' first coming].... When I called again [second advent], there was none of you to answer." (D&C 133:65,66; Isaiah 50:2)

Once things are vindicated, everyone wants in. Then, it's easy. Then, it's fun. 

But it's in the darker times, before vindication, that the true metal is shown. It's when we're walking by faith, based on the many indications we've seen, based on the vision we have for what this can do, that we are tried as to what we're really made of.

Ironically, we've actually been seeing a lot of vindication lately, yet people are still slow to believe, acting as though no vindication has come -- because they can't buy one yet. Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc., has had three third party validations of their massively overunity hydrogen generation. Blacklight has had university replications of their technology. A company in Europe has introduced a car -- the Quant -- that is even more appealing than the Tesla Roadster. It runs on salt water and has been approved for running on roads in the EU, though its luxury price is going to be out of the range of most people, while financing more affordable applications. Rosch announced yesterday that they will be doing demonstration tours starting in three days, showing their buoyancy device in self-sustain mode while producing an excess of 300 W of electricity.

Furthermore, it's not even true that "you can't buy one yet". Hydroxy technologies, well within the "exotic" classification (mainstream science doesn't yet acknowledge this), have been in the marketplace for several years now, improving mileage, over 100,000 sold total by many companies. It's not in an embodiment yet that can provide base-load power to run a home, but it could be fairly soon.

And, as I was writing this post, I just was made aware that Rosch has a page announcing that they are selling home power systems using their buoyancy technology. We have not validated that one yet, as it is a new development. Hopefully one of you in Europe that is not far away could go check out the demo and let us know if this is real.

Meanwhile, notwithstanding all these an other amazing developments taking place worldwide, and notwithstanding the great hope of future developments unfolding, we at PES languish for lack of adequate funds to cover our survival existence needs. We're going deeper in debt. Now it's a tax load that is serving as the buffer as our revenue has not been adequate to cover our basic needs. We still owe about $4k from 2013, and we've not been paying our PES quarterly taxes as they've come along, except for $1k in January. It's going to cost $500/quarter to correct our tax statements filed as zero. With a business tax hit of around 37% of what we pull in, prior to Q3, our average monthly charge was around $2k. So you can see that we're around $15k in the hole on taxes so far in 2014. I called the IRS yesterday, and they gave us 90 days to come up with the 2013 amount owing.

The reason we were able to go about a month without asking for donations is because of our 2013 tax refund, which is now gone.

To get by and not go in the hole any more, we need about $100/day above what we get from Google ads.

I've put up stories about how we would like to get a loan that we could pay back when thinks kick in. But so far, there have been no takers on that. So we're in the position of having to continue to ask for donations to stay afloat.

And as per my nature, I've waited until we're at the very bottom, financially, before asking; so the need is urgent.

I don't want to end this on a negative note.

Let me say that I'm committed to continuing in this Free Energy Quest, and I'm confident that it will result in not just one but many exotic free energy technologies being seen to come to market with full vindication via satisfied customers, and eventually a world population powered by them. I'm confident that PES (and many of you, too) will be getting a piece of the action, and will be more than amply rewarded for helping to facilitate this quest.

Meanwhile, we appreciate your donations. Thanks to all of you who have donated, and especially those who do so on a regular basis. I realize that many of you are struggling as much as I am to stay afloat, and I realize that even the small donations represent a sacrifice on your part. 

Better days are ahead, though we are in for a rough transition as the old school is not likely to go away without a struggle.

Click here to donate.

# # #


Sept. 3; Jean C; Canada: $15
Sept. 3; Michael L; Canada: $1 (monthly)
Sept. 3; Thomas B; US: $10
Sept. 3; Gerald H; Canada: $25
Sept. 3; Greg C; US: $5 (monthly)
Sept. 4; Gert M; Netherlands: $100
Sept. 4; Maria S: Canada: $15 (monthly)
Sept. 4; John S: US: $1 (monthly)
Sept. 4; Jean-Luc S; Switzerland: $50

Sept. 4; Enrico S; Germany: $10
Sept. 4; Stephen N; US: $50
Sept. 4; Jeremy P; US: $15
Sept. 4; Websails; US: $10 (monthly)
Sept. 4; Craig B; US: $20
Sept. 4; Paul R; US: $25
Sept. 4; Thomas H; US: $5 (monthly)
Sept. 4; Henricus S; Canada: $25
Sept. 4; Christian S; France: $50
Sept. 5; Reinhard S; Germany: $200

Sept. 5; Gabriel B; Australia: $20
Sept. 5; Philip S; Canada: $10 (monthly)
Sept. 5; Don D; US: $80
Sept. 6; David I; US: $50
Sept. 6; Ira C; US: $50
Sept. 7; Kirk M; US: $5 (monthly)
Sept. 7; Ronny K; Norway; $50

Sept. 7; Gary F; Australia: $1 (monthly)
Sept. 7; Liza D; Australia: $1 (monthly)
Sept. 7; Micha E; US: $5 (monthly)
Sept. 7; Mark B; US: $10 (monthly)
Sept. 7; William C: $1 (monthly)
Sept. 7; Peter N; US: $200
Sept. 8; Brian G; Australia: $100
Sept. 8; Didier N; France: $50
Sept. 8; Kurt S; Canada: $5 (monthly)
Sept. 8; Verley S; US: $25 (monthly)
Sept. 8; Linda R; Australia: $10
Sept. 9; H K; Netherlands: $1 (monthly)
Sept. 9; Thorkil S; Denmark: $1 (monthly)
Sept. 9; S&J S; US: $1 (monthly)
Sept. 10; Paw S; Denmark; $30
Sept. 10; Karl F; US: $1 (monthly)
Sept. 10; John B; US: $10 (monthly)
Sept. 11; ScissorBoy: $50 (monthly)
Sept. 11; Jan O; Czech Republic: $25 (monthly)

Sept. 11; John H; US: $200
Sept. 12; Jacob V: $25 (monthly)
Sept. 12; Heather P: $1 (monthly)
Sept. 14; Thomas L: $5 (monthly)
Sept. 14; Tyler E: $5 (monthly)
Sept. 15; anon.; US: $1000
Sept. 15; Kenneth C; US: $5 (monthly)
Sept. 16; Jason L; $5 (monthly)
Sept. 16; Michael F; US: $5 (monthly)
Sept. 16; J Q: US; $1 (monthly)
Sept. 17; anon.; US: $1000
Sept. 17; Doug W; US: $10 (monthly)

Subtotal: $3660
(This subtotal commenced September 3, 2014; 5 pm; last updated: September 18, 2014 10:34:42 -0400
Dates are per Mountain time [GMT-6].

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Last updated September 18, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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