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You are here: > News > August 27, 2014; 3:30 am GMT

SHT: Andrea Rossi Drops out of the LENR Race?

Sterling's MEMO:
This post is not meant to denigrate Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat technology, but merely to point out that he is backing away from considering his a nuclear phenomenon. I still think it will probably be proven to be a variation of a nuclear event (safe, clean).

Hakop Aganyan (Jack), left, also contributed to this article, translating it to English. Konstantin is shown on the right. Our previous article was about their visit to Mike McKubre at SRI. 
Robert Avetisian also assisted in the translation of this article. I contributed to some of the editing. -- Sterling D. Allan.
P.S. Speaking of editing, I must give thanks to Sean McGuinness, who does such a great job of editing our PESN stories, for several years now.

In response to Andrea Rossi saying essentially: "Let's Switch from calling it LENR to QUAR"(quantum reaction), Konstantin Balakiryan, the primary inventor at Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. points out that their Symphony 7 reactor is fusion, fission, and transmutation -- all nuclear events.

by Konstantin Balakiryan
founder and CEO of Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc (SHT)
for Pure Energy Systems News

On March 29, 1989, the University of Utah said in a press release that "two scientists have launched a self-sustaining nuclear fusion reaction at room temperature." Chase Peterson, President of the University, said that this landmark achievement is comparable only to the discovery of fire, electricity and the domestication of plants. 

However, scientists from other laboratories were unable to reproduce the experiments by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, and to this day, the scientific community believes that their claims were incomplete or even inaccurate: "junk science" became the vogue mantra, notwithstanding a few later exact replications and thousands of variant replications.

Indeed, according to modern science modeling, if nuclear fusion takes place in palladium (the Pons & Fleishmann setting), then it should give rise to a high level of well-defined neutron energy (about 2.45 MeV). And it can be detected either directly (using neutron detectors) or indirectly (as in the collision of the neutron with the nucleus of heavy hydrogen. There should be gamma-quantum energy of 2.22 MeV, which again should be susceptible, itself, to registration). 

The seeming failure of Fleischmann and Pons did not stop some scientists. Indeed, it started a real race for the processes that could be construed as low-temperature and low-energy nuclear reactions. In 2008, after a public demonstration of the experiment with the electrochemical cell, Yoshiaki Arata of Osaka University started talking of cold fusion even more actively.

The results published by Andrea Rossi looked authentic. Indeed, Rossi's e-Cat produces anomalous excess heat energy; but, as far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with LENR. Apparently Rossi understood that himself, and therefore recently decided to switch from calling it "LENR" to "QUAR" (Quantum Reactions) instead. (E-CatWorld)

It seems like to me that the latest publications about Solar Hydrogen Trends (including the one on e-Cat World) on the subject of transmutation of oxygen atoms into hydrogen atoms occurring in «Symphony 7A» reactor, may have played a role in encouraging Rossi to make a decision to switch from calling his reaction LENR to QUAR.

The question then arises, could it be that Solar Hydrogen Trends will be forced to renounce claims of Cold Fusion, Cold Fission and LENR? This possibility cannot be discounted. However, to accomplish this, one would have to find a valid alternate explanation as to why 14.8 kg of oxygen is missing on the exit while 17 kg of hydrogen is produced in «Symphony 7A», and refute the hypothesis of transmutation of oxygen atoms in hydrogen atoms.

We explain the occurring processes in Symphony 7A as follows:

"Indeed at such low temperatures and minimum energy costs, we have low-temperature synthesis - connection (capture) with protons of free electrons and subsequent formation of hydrogen atoms (i.e., Cold Fusion). One should not forget that in hydrogen reactor «Symphony 7A», before synthesis of hydrogen atoms takes place, decay of nuclei of oxygen atoms into nucleons should occur first, which under multifactorial influences are collectively excited and then begin to push each other away. They can reach critical distance where vectors of "Colored Forces" are rotated to 180 degrees. This means that the energy of the strong interaction which provides the stability of nucleus is now working to "push out" nucleons from the nucleus. Thus the energy required to separate the nucleus into its composing nucleons is numerically equal to the energy, used to create nucleus from separate nucleons.

Now when the nucleons are in the free state, the neutron converts into a proton without possibility of reverse conversion to neutron, because this kind of conversion is possible only for protons in the nucleus. For us it is extremely important because with these additional free protons we are doubling production of hydrogen. One of these protons as a given, and the other proton is a result of neutron decay (beta decay).
n --> p + e− + ve

If we consider this decay at the quark level, according to Professor B. Ishkhanov it would appear as if it passes in two stages. The first step is the conversion of d -quark to u -quark and boson W−
d --> u + W−
the second step boson W− decays , turning into an electron and antineutrino
W− --> e− + ve

Electrons produced by the decay of the neutron, which is emitted from it with great speed plays two very important roles:
1. With the collision of an atom of oxygen, this ionizes it.
2. With proton collision, this forms a hydrogen atom. Since the process of Nuclear Fission in Symphony 7A proceeds at room temperature, it can be definitely considered as a Cold Fission.

Also we can confidently state that in Symphony 7A there is a transmutation process of atoms of oxygen into hydrogen. The composition of the gas mass on the exit of the hydrogen reactor in one hour makes more than 17 kg of essentially pure hydrogen.

Since the working substance in Symphony 7A is water, then its decomposition product can only be oxygen and hydrogen. There is essentially no oxygen on exit. However, there is hydrogen which is eight times more than it should be. And where is the oxygen? There should be 14.8 kg. But there is not. Leakage of oxygen is excluded, because we know how volatile hydrogen is, and we made sure that our hydrogen reactor is hermetically sealed. 

The answer is clear - "This is transmutation!"

Transmutation of oxygen atoms to hydrogen atoms (reaction) at temperatures below 100F, and with energy input of 0.414 kWh can be called "low energy nuclear reactions" (cold fusion). There are no other options that I know of. Therefore, this is classical LENR! 

To understand and scientifically describe all processes in the hydrogen reactor, it will require efforts of hundreds of scientists and theoretical physicists and experimentalists. A team of scientists from Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc. hopes that in the next few years, in partnership with you, esteemed members of the scientific community, we'll get the justification of physical processes in hydrogen LENR reactors Symphony 7 series.

Konstantin Balakiryan PhD, Professor. 

# # #

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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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