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You are here: > News > August 22, 2014

LENR-to-Market Digest -- August 22, 2014

It's been 4.5 months since I compiled a digest. While I've not been able to be comprehensive this time, pulling from the many news sources, I was able to organize most all of the 120 E-CatWorld articles Frank posted, which gives an exciting overview of the burgeoning stage of development the industry is at.

Thomas Florek interviews Rossi shown in this trailer for his pending film about Rossi and his LENR E-Cat.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I've gotten backlogged and overwhelmed with that backlog, putting me out of the rhythm of doing the regular digest collection of news about LENR developments around the world. The last time I did it was April 9.

I hope you'll forgive me for getting behind, and I hope you'll understand that this time, rather than trying to be comprehensive, listing every single story that has arisen from around the web, I've only had time to include pretty much all of the relevant E-CatWorld articles -- all 120 of them -- as that is the first place I go when doing this compilation. Frank Acland does such an excellent job over there. That compilation alone gives an astonishing picture of the LENR field -- busting at the seams. 

I'm guessing that most of you have been keeping up with LENR over there. But I think you'll appreciate the topical organization I provide below.

I was hoping to at least get a few of the key articles linked up from the many other LENR coverage sites, but I ran out of time, and I want to get this out. Hopefully I can get back into the weekly or biweekly digest mode like I used to do. Much easier to keep on top of it.

The story that spurred me to get something up was Andrea Rossi getting safety certification for his low and high temperature E-Cats, as reported by Frank.

I should also give you the synopsis that Frank prepared for me when I was on Coast to Coast AM on July 30.

There are two major developments expected with regards to the E-Cat. 

1) The publication of a report being written by European academics who have conducted long-term testing of an E-Cat reactor. According to Rossi the testing has been completed and the report is being reviewed by a panel of academics, to be published in a scientific magazine.

2) Industrial Heat, the owners of the E-Cat technology now, have built a 1 MW E-Cat plant which will be installed on a production line and will provide heat for some kind of industrial process. Once the plant is installed at a customer's factory and has been operational for some time it will be opened up for invited visitors from the press to view. According to Andrea Rossi, this could happen before the end of this year.

I think these are the most interesting developments in the LENR world at the moment. It seems like all the LENR community are waiting to see how these two developments play out.

I read those points nearly verbatim, and I wanted to plug his site, but it's hard to get things in with all the distractions of commercial breaks, callers, and George keeping the talking points short and moving on to the next question or caller.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

ACTION: Speaking of mainstream news, I hope you'll take the opportunity to forward a link to this page to your favorite local, national, international, and alternative news sources. This compilation really gives an exciting view of the burgeoning LENR field about to cut loose into the market (still many months away, but getting ever more credible and real). "Hope springs eternal", they say, and this news brings a lot of hope.

I was especially impressed by the trailer of the film interview Thomas Florek did with Rossi. He's rising in my "hero" list. What an amazing person. Love him.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Top 5 #1: Blacklight Power
    • Top 5 #2: Solar Hydrogen Trends
    • Top 5 #5: Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • Safety Certification
        • Rossi: Safety Certification Obtained for Low and High Temperature E-Cats - Today Andrea Rossi announced on the Journal of Nuclear Physics what would appear to be an important development in the commercialization of the E-Cat. In a comment about the use of multiple reactors inside each E-Cat plant, Rossi made this comment: Last, but not least: our modules of E-cats and Hot-cats have been certified. I… (E-CatWorld; )
      • Proceedings
      • Reliability
      • Third-Party Test Progress
        (mostly in reverse chronological sequence)
        • E-Cat Report Watch Thread (Update #16, AR: Rossi Effect Explainable by Standard Model) - Since there is an increasing amount of anticipation about the long-expected report from third party which has been involved in long-term testing of the E-Cat, I thought I’d create a thread where news, links, rumors, etc. could be posted. Remember, in the fog of war there can be confusing and perhaps innacurate messages, so we… (E-CatWorld; )
        • Rossi: Third Party E-Cat Test Taking Place in Neutral Venue — Not in Italy or USA - Here is another little drip of information from Andrea Rossi regarding the location of the E-Cat test: April 10th, 2014 at 8:30 AM Dear Andrea Rossi, When you say that the Professors are conducting their work “in a neutral laboratory”, do you mean they are still in your premises, or instead situated in a laboratory… (E-CatWorld; )
        • How Close Might we be? - On the Journal of Nuclear Physics today, a reader named Andrew asked a question of Andrea Rossi that I am sure many of us would echo — but maybe not want to ask outright: Dr Andrea Rossi, For all of those people that support, believe and cheer for you, why don’t you give back a… (E-CatWorld; )
        • Rossi on His Anxiety Over E-Cat Test Results - Here’s a comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics by Andrea Rossi that I found interesting — in response to a question by Giuliano Bettini who asked Rossi about the source of his anxiety regarding the upcoming tests. Giuliano asked Rossi whether he was nervous because a) he was afraid that negative test results would… (E-CatWorld; )
        • Statement from Sweden Bodes Well for Positive E-Cat Report (E-CatWorld; )
        • Rossi: ‘Please be Patient’ - Since we are now in June, I decided I would take a chance on the Journal of Nuclear Physics and ask Andrea Rossi if he was still expecting the third party report to be published in the second or third week of June, as he had recently mentioned he had been told would be the… (E-CatWorld; )
        • The E-Cat Report: Who Needs to Know? - If the report we are anticipating on the long-term E-Cat testing turns out to be well done, and contain positive results — i.e. it clearly demonstrates the viability of the E-Cat as a superior source of energy — then I think it will be an immensely important document that should be widely reported about and… (E-CatWorld; )
        • LENR: Having Eyes to See - There is much anticipation regarding the long-expected third party report of long-term E-Cat testing, and I think I am as eager as anyone to read it and find out the results of the testing. But I don’t feel much of a sense of anxiety about it, because I fully expect that it will once again… (E-CatWorld; )
        • Is a Bulletproof E-Cat Report Possible? - Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics a reader told Andrea Rossi that in some ways he was his own worst enemy because he has left open the door where his harshest critics can criticize him. He mentioned specifically that the Levi et. al report left open a question about a hidden source of DC power because of… (E-CatWorld; )
        • Waiting for the Cat to Roar (Guest Post) - The following guest post has been submitted by Rick Allen. Hopefully soon, a new report detailing an extended test of the high temperature version of the E-Cat or Energy Catalyzer will be released, and expectations for this report are high. For many reasons, many of us who have been following this saga hope the results… (E-CatWorld; )
        • Rossi on Extent of Testing and Review - I wrote on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today asking Andrea Rossi if he thought it made any difference where the upcoming report is published. I mentioned that in my opinion, if the report is well-written, thoroughly documented, and signed by the various authors, it should be acceptable, wherever it ended up being published. I… (E-CatWorld; )
      • 1 MW Plant
      • Swedish 2013 Report
        • Swedish E-Cat Testers Issue Statement Defending their Work, Rossi - The following is a statement just released by five of the professors (all Swedish) who were involved in the 2012-2013 testing of the E-Cat, and who were listed as authors on the May 2013 report. This is an edited Google translation from the original Swedish which was published in Ny Teknik magazine today. Andrea Rossi,… (E-CatWorld; )
        • ELFORSK Issues Statement on its Involvement in LENR Research - Thanks to AlainCo for bringing attention to the following press release just issued by Swedish energy research institute ELFORSK in response to this week’s radio program on Swedish radio about LENR in which portrayed LENR research in a distinctly negative light. The following is Google translated from the original Swedish. Elforsk continues to follow developments… (E-CatWorld; )
      • Replications
      • Business: Industrial Heat
        • The Industrial Heat Web of Connections includes GE, Others - Thanks to Mr. Moho for the following post which provides a feasible link between Industrial Heat LLC, and GE. The Tom Darden patent for a distributed energy system mentioned in a post here yesterday lists the co-inventor as James Kevin (Jim) Syperski, who is CEO of a Raleigh, North Carolina company called Power Generation Services,… (E-CatWorld; )
        • China
          • On the Industrial Heat China Connection - The news about Industrial Heat Tom Darden visiting China last month and participating in the establishment of the Nickel Hydrogen Energy Research Center has been very intriguing, and it’s a shame we have to rely largely on imperfect computer-translated articles for our information. And even in China, information about what went on is hard to… (E-CatWorld; )
          • Tom Darden Involved in Opening of Nickel-Hydrogen Energy Research Center in Tianjin China - Thanks to Julian Becker for finding this important news report from the Chinese Icebank web site about the establishment of a Nickel-Hydrogen Research Center in the Tianjin Huayuan Industrial Park in Tianjin, China. Tom Darden, CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners and Chairman of Industrial Heat, LLC was present at the opening ceremony held on April… (E-CatWorld; )  
          • Tom Darden Attends Launch of Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park in Baoding, China - Thanks to Julian Becker for sharing a link to this article from the China Daily web site which reports about the official opening of the Sino-US Science and Technology Innovation Park in Baoding, China on April 14th. Of interest to E-Cat World readers might be that Tom Darden of Cherokee Investment Partners, and Industrial Heat… (E-CatWorld; )  
        • Tom Darden of Cherokee/Industrial Heat Files Patent for Microgrid System - Thanks to Andreas Moraitis for finding this interesting patent application filed by Tom Darden (CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners and Chairman of Industrial Heat LLC) titled “Systems and methods for microgrid power generation and management” It’s unclear to me whether this was filed with the E-Cat in mind because the application date is listed as… (E-CatWorld; )  
      • Theory
        • Rossi: Let’s Switch from LENR to QUAR (E-CatWorld; )
        • Change of Name from LENR is an Urgent Necessity (Guest Post) (E-CatWorld; )
        • AR on What the Rossi Effect is Not - Many people have been trying to get their head around what the ‘Rossi Effect’ is. What could be going on inside the E-Cat reactor to generate so much energy without the problems associated with the nuclear and chemical reactions that are currently used? If Rossi won’t tell us what is going on (he says that… (E-CatWorld; )
        • Rossi on ‘Electrostatic’ Force from the E-Cat - Most people following the E-Cat story are aware that we’re in a lull in the action as we wait for the long anticipated report, and the unveiling of the first commercial plant. I hope this period won’t go on for too long, but it will take as long as it takes, and I’m certainly not… (E-CatWorld; )
        • An Onion-Cat? - I’m wondering if Andrea Rossi may have been dropping some hints about a new E-Cat configuration in some recent posts on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Recently Steven Karels, a frequent poster on the JONP, wrote: You referred to the “Mouse and Cat” design for eCat control. The Mouse provides stability, runs part of the… (E-CatWorld; )
      • Hybrids
        • Rossi: ‘Vast R&D’ Underway in Coupling Solar Plants with E-Cat - Here’s an interesting exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics which give a little indication about how E-Cat technology may be deployed in the future: Dear Andrea Rossi, Have you considered using solar cells to improve the effective COP of the Hot eCat units? Conceptually, each eCat reactor unit would be connected with a heat… (E-CatWorld; )
        • Rossi: Solar Powered E-Cat Possible - We discussed the other day here about the possibility of using a battery to ‘drive’ the E-Cat — as a heat source to start it up, and control the reaction — but there are other power sources that could serve the same function, and today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Steven Karels raised the… (E-CatWorld; )
        • The Battery Powered E-Cat - We know from all that has been revealed over the years about the E-Cat that it required an external source of heat to ‘charge’ it — i.e. to initiate the reaction, and then to control it. While Andrea Rossi has spoken recently about using natural gas as a heat source to charge and control the… (E-CatWorld; )
      • Applications
        • Rossi: E-Cat Heat for Desalination is ‘Not Competitive’ — Electricity, Maybe - One of the hopes that many people have if the E-Cat becomes commercially available is that it could help with providing fresh water to many parts of the world that are now arid and unfit for agriculture. This topic came up on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today with a reader saying: All that is… (E-CatWorld; )
      • Portfolio
        • Edmonton to Launch Waste-to-Biofuel Plant Based on Old Rossi Technology - This might be of interest to people here. In the next few weeks in Edmonton, Canada there will be an opening of the Waste-to-Biofuels and Chemicals Facility which will be used to convert garbage into biofuels. The process that will be used to make this conversion will apparently be based on work done by Andrea… (E-CatWorld; )
        • Andrea Rossi’s 1978 Waste-to-Fuel Patent - I am grateful to Mats Lewan for making available to me this pdf of the patent filed by Andrea Rossi in 1978 for a waste-to-fuel process that we mentioned here yesterday. The title of the patent (translated from Italian by Google) is “Procedure for the recovery of industrial and urban waste. Apparatus and relative productivity… (E-CatWorld; )
      • Competitors
      • Skeptics
      • Social
        • A Day in the Life of Andrea Rossi - For those of us interested not just in the E-Cat as an invention, but also its inventor, Andrea Rossi has responded to a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about his daily routine these days. I must say that I have always found the daily habits and routines of people I consider to be… (E-CatWorld; )
        • Rossi Comments on Humanitarian Commitment - In Mats Lewan’s book An Impossible Invention there’s an interesting account of how Andrea Rossi, in prison, made a vow to God that if he could bring his E-Cat project to fruition that he would commit on half of his monetary gain for the care of children with cancer whose families were unable to afford… (E-CatWorld; )
        • The People of the E-Cat (E-CatWorld; )
        • German Ex-E-Cat Licensee Speaks [Updated -- More Translation] - I am not able to understand the German here unfortunately, but a video of former German E-Cat Licensee Hartmut Dobler, CEO of E-Cat Deutschland GmbH speaking about how he lost his licensee status. I am relying on a couple of posts here from German speaking ECW readers who have commented here today for my interpretation. (E-CatWorld; )
        • Rossi on ‘Taking Advantage’ of and ‘Learning’ from Skepticism (E-CatWorld; )
        • New Poll: Report or Plant Demo Most Important? (E-CatWorld; )

          (Screen shot of poll Results
          as of August 21; 9:10 pm MDT)

      • Miscellaneous
        • A Few Miscellaneous E-Cat Items - With not too much news coming out about the E-Cat these days, pending the publication of the next third party report,  I thought I’d mention just a few things I’ve noticed that might be of interest here. Andrea Rossi made a comment that indicates that he is still quite involved with Hydro Fusion, the Swedish Licencee (E-CatWorld; )
    • Defkalion - Hyperion
      • Defkalion Update - "The reason being that we are at the final stage of completing the
        pre-industrial version of our Hyperion Energy source unit. We estimate that this will be done by the end of summer. Once we have completed this stage then we will again open-up for
        presentations / demonstrations...." (E-CatWorld;
      • Defkalion Responds to Recent Criticism (Update: Peter Gluck Interviews CEO Xanthoulis) (E-CatWorld; )
      • Mats Lewan: Defkalion 2013 Demo ‘Proven Not to be Reliable’ - Mats Lewan has written a new post on his web site about last year’s demonstration put on by Defkalion Green Technologies in Milan where they live streamed video of one of their Hyperion reactors purportedly demonstrating the production of excess heat. The post includes information from Luca Gamberale, formerly Chief Technology Officer of Defkalion… (E-CatWorld; )
    • Fleischmann Memorial Project,
    • H-Cat
      • Alan Smith’s HHO Experiment Report #1 - Here’s an initial report from Alan Smith at Leap Forward Laboratory who has begun work on the HHO/’H-Cat’ experiment that has been commissioned by E-Cat World readers. I started running system tests outside the calorimeter using the simplest system, the catalyst block to ‘burn’ the HHO gas produced by the electrolyzer. Since this was an… (E-CatWorld; )
      • ECW HHO Experiment Scheduled for Coming Week (E-CatWorld; )
      • More Progress on Alan Smith’s HHO Experiment Setup - Alan Smith of Leap Forward Laboratory Ltd. provides his latest update on the experimental setup he is building for his experiment with HHO gas/Catalyzer that ECW is sponsoring. UPDATE: This is the latest from Alan HHO Calorimetry Experiments still moving forward. This the (almost) complete system, waiting for some more hook-up tubing. Electrolyzer and a… (E-CatWorld; )
    • Phonon Energy
      • Phonon Energy Working With Seattle University on Cold Fusion [Update: Defkalion Connection] - There’s an interesting YouTube video that was published on June 30 by a organization called Phonon Energy in which the company’s CEO, David Daggett, introduces his company and discusses plans to work with Seattle University in the field of cold fusion/LENR on developing a prototype boiler. He covers a little of the history of cold… (E-CatWorld; )
    • Lightstone
    • Piantelli, Metalenergy / Nichenergy
      • Piantelli Patent Filing Published for Improving LENR Process - Thanks to Alan Smith and artefact for pointing out a recently published patent application (filed April 26, 2012) by Francesco Piantelli, which is described as a “method and apparatus for generating energy by nuclear reactions of hydrogen adsorbed by orbital capture on a nanocrystalline structure of a metal.” The process described is an attempt to solve… (E-CatWorld; )
      • Lithium: The Case for an E-Cat Catalyst [Updated: Piantelli Patent mentions Lithium] - The following guest post was submitted by Rick Allen. There are a combination of factors that make a nickel-hydrogen cold fusion system work and allow for massive energy production. This has been demonstrated by Andrea Rossi’s “Energy Catalyzer” technology. Repeated tests – private, public, corporate, and institutional – have determined the E-Cat technology can produce… (E-CatWorld; )
  • General Cold Fusion
    • Proceedings
    • Patents
    • Theoretical
      • Peter Gluck on the Differences Between LENR and LENR+ - Romanian technologist, chemical engineer and publisher of the Ego Out website, Peter Gluck, is a long-time supporter of cold fusion/LENR, and more recently of what he often refers to as LENR+ — the new generation of high-energy output LENR which has been pioneered by Andrea Rossi. Gluck has recently published a post on his site… (E-CatWorld; )
    • Business
    • Applications
      • CHP and its Future With CF/LENR - Many thanks to ECW Reader Alain Samoun who has provided the following article about combined heat and power systems. Some statistics that I have gathered about CHP (Mainly from Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production (COSPP) ) CHP: Combined Heat and Power (electricity)  also called Cogeneration and DG distributed generation. The local production of energy is more… (E-CatWorld; )
    • Political
      • Private LENR R&D requires permit in Germany? - I thought this was a point that readers here might find interesting. A few weeks ago ECW reader ‘hunfgerh‘ made a comment here that in Germany private experimentation of LENR reactors was forbidden. Today the same poster has more specific saying: “Authorities people from the area of atomic energy act have threatened me with a report to police.… (E-CatWorld; )
    • Social
      • LENR on Reddit, Facebook (E-CatWorld; )
      • Should There be Public Funding of LENR Research? [Update: Rossi Says Why Not] - It has been interesting to look at some of the recent comments on the Journal of Nuclear Physics where readers are discussing the public funding of LENR. Most commenters seem to be in favor of putting taxpayer money into the LENR research, citing examples of public funding for fundamental research, space programs and the nuclear… (E-CatWorld; )
      • UK Charity Nesta Hits Problems Trying to Cover LENR as a Hot Topic - Thanks to Dr. Bob for sharing a link to an article on the UK organization Nesta’s web sit. Nesta was formed as a government agency (National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts), but in 2010 was reorganized as a public charity which specializes in funding innovation projects. In a blog posting, Technology Futures intern… (E-CatWorld; )
      • Free Energy Could Destroy the Planet — The Most Powerful Argument Against LENR? - I’d like to thank Fortyniner for sharing the following article which I believe may turn out to contain the most potent argument against the proliferation of LENR technology in the long run. Mike Adams, founding editor of Natural News writes an article titled “Real global warming could be unleashed by a hidden technology most people… (E-CatWorld; )
    • Commentary
      • Light on the Horizon for Cold Fusion? (CF features in Dutch Engineering Magazine) - The following post was submitted by Gerard McEk In the latest issue (number 6 of 2014) of the Dutch magazine “De Ingenieur” I found an article called “The mosaic of the future”. The “Foundation Technology Vision of the Future” (Dutch: “Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek”) selected six world wide community challenges for 2050: scarcity of natural… (E-CatWorld; )
      • Simeon Hein on Cold Fusion Being Real (Video) - Thanks to Pelgrim108 for bringing my attention to this newly produced video by Simeon Hein about cold fusion. I’ve actually never heard of Simeon Hein before, but he is apparently quiet well known in the field of what some might call ‘fringe’ science. He covers topics like crop circles, remote viewing, UFOs, the ‘Fractal Multiverse’,… (E-CatWorld; )
      • Veteran Energy Securities Analyst Sees LENR as Disruptive Energy Source - There’s a very interesting article posted on this week’s Energy Musings web site by G. Allen Brooks which deals with the investment implications of LENR. Mr. Brooks is managing editor of the web site and has been involved in the energy and investment industries as a securities analyst, consultant in the energy field, and an… (E-CatWorld; )
      • LENR — ‘A Dragon With Many Tails’ - I thought I would feature this post from ECW reader Neanderthal today as it seems to give a glimpse into the kind of thinking and discussion about LENR that may be going on behind the scenes in scientific (and other) institutions. Today Neanderthal wrote this comment in another thread: I work for one of the… (E-CatWorld; )
      • When COP Really is Greater Than 1 - This guest post was submitted by ECW reader Ancientukscientist In our quest for “free energy” and “over-unity” machines, it’s easy to get confused – especially in a sea of obfuscation and deceitful stuff which fills the Internet. So – I thought this little “reality reminder” might be useful for everyone… Probably, most scientifically-based people are… (E-CatWorld; )
      • LENR Simplified: Pencils, Windmills and Super Mario - The following post was submitted by ECW reader Lilylover Often technical posts like the one about ‘Discrete Breathers’ may not generate a lot of interest. Sometimes they are important, sometimes they are trifling. So, today, I thought maybe I’ll interest some of the E-Catters into desiring to read a technical/dry post by providing a simplified version. This might… (E-CatWorld; )
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  • Tangential

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