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You are here: > News > August 5, 2014

George Wiseman taking the ER50 into the lecture hall, Aug. 2, 2014.
Photos by Sterling Allan

George Wiseman describes Al Throckmorton's overunity water pump at TeslaTech 2014

Water goes through a one-way check valve into a chamber. Once it goes above a certain mark, the Brown's gas is ignited to push the water through a second one-way check valve exiting the system.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On the evening of August 2, George Wiseman gave a landmark presentation about building hydroxy (Brown's Gas) generators at the TeslaTech 2014 conference. I strongly recommend that you get the DVD of that presentation. 

Drawing from three decades of experience as one of the foremost leaders in the industry, he covered a lot of information and gave a lot of keys to understanding how to optimize these systems. It is a must-have for anyone in that industry.

George Wiseman (right of center, in cowboy hat), talking to Moray King and others, following his lecture at TeslaTech 2014.

The only way you could have an "overunity" system -- producing more energy than input by the user -- is if the wheelwork of nature is somehow being harnessed in the process. Moray King gave a presentation at the TeslaTech conference about how he thinks this happens, giving examples from experimental evidence as well as theoretical models that have been put forth. He is arguably the most knowledgeable on this matter on the planet. It was my privilege to drive down and back to the conference from Orem Utah -- a 10-hour drive -- with Moray and his wife, Suzanne, who also thoroughly enjoyed the conference. You can likewise get a DVD of Moray's presentation from the website. Click here for his PowerPoint presentation.

Later that evening, out in the hall, where the booths were, George had another crowd around him as he talked about Al Throckmorton's water pump. As I walked by, George reached out to me and said, "Here's a new number 1," and I don't think he was just talking about the Best Hydroxy Technologies listing. He was referring to our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing. He said something to the effect, "You could self-loop this so it could power a home."

Bear in mind that he may have been a tad carried away in exuberance, since such a system has yet to be built and verified to that level. He was speaking based on what he understood of the set-up.

He agreed to let me videotape him explaining that system, which uses Brown's Gas to pump water in what appears to be a super efficient -- actually way overunity manner. Water goes through a one-way check valve into a chamber. Once it goes above a certain mark, the Brown's Gas is ignited to push the water through a second one-way check valve exiting the system. It's the overunity aspects of Brown's Gas that enable the overunity performance of the pump. He hypothesized that a Pelton wheel could be added to harness the pumping action to generate electricity.

Al Throckmorton is working on the project to deploy in Africa.

I've known Al for about a decade.  He's a wonderful person and a skilled inventor, researcher, and replicator. He's worked with many of the key players in exotic free energy, including Freddy Wells, helping replicate his water fuel technology.

His website for this project is .

Here's the video I shot of George talking about Al's technology.

Back to George Wiseman; I should mention that the next morning at 7 am, he showed up at a demonstration I videotaped in which Vernon Roth showed how to build a modified GEET system with Brown's Gas, in a configuration that invites Aether energy to show up, providing overunity performance (he won't let me say how much). After Vernon was done, George chimed in about that system. I hope to get that video up in the next day or so.

Here's George's input on this present story, received just past midnight on August 5, Mountain time.


On 2014-08-05, at 5:22 PM, Sterling Allan wrote:

> Hi George,
> It was great hanging out with you at the conference.

For me too.  Great to reacquaint :)

> Could you take a quick read for any corrections, etc?

The video looks great :)  Find below a few thoughts I just sent to Vernon Roth. 

I got Al's verbal permission to tell people about this technology (and quote the figures he told me) but it'd be good to check with him before posting this in case he has any thoughts about timing the release of the 30 GPM @ 260 PSI, with 250 watt input figures.
I see in the video quotes 0.62 GPM @ 260 PSI (which is considerably less) and using this calculator
Shows that there would only be 37 watts available output, for 250 watts input.

30 GPM @ 260 PSI would be 1800 watts available for 250 watts input, so if this power quote from Al is accurate, this is definitely an overunity technology that is easily closed looped with enough excess power to run a modern home (may require battery bank to allow for power surges).

- - - -


It was great to not only meet but to get to spend some time together.

I was serious about exploring the BG [Brown's Gas] Pump.  I trust Al, so I want to follow up on this ASAP.  He was reluctant to give me (anyone) the figures, I think because he KNOWS how important this would be if it works as OU as indicated.

We need to get it replicated and tested.  And if it's as good as rumored, it needs to be spread far and wide.  It's a technology that can be home-garage built with off the shelf components at a reasonable cost and could operate in a home's basement without causing pollution or attracting unwanted attention.

I'd really appreciate being included in this project, for my own interest and to be part of the (potentially) solution.  If money is needed, I'm quite certain you already have enough information to put something on Kickstarter or GoFundMe.

Can you assist me by sending links to the video and what plans you currently have access to (including Al's current contact information)?  I can collaborate with you all once I see where we are starting from; to design and test the next generation.

One thought I had last night would be to arrange a pressure gauge (and maybe a vacuum gauge) on a check valve(s) so that we could 'record' the highest (and lowest) pressures.

I was also thinking that I wasn't as correct as I originally thought.  BG does collapse to a vacuum once exploded, but not instantly.  It goes through a 'steam pressure' phase that lasts as long as the steam doesn't condense.  So it would be providing pressure onto the water for much longer than I originally thought.

Steam condenses on water pretty fast, so the steam pressure could be maintained longer if a free floating piston of insulating material could be placed on the water (just a disk of foamed ceramic).

I have more thoughts too but want to wait for the data you currently have so that I can 'catch up' first.

May the blessings be.

George Wiseman

On the morning of August 6, Vernon Roth wrote:

Hi all,

This looks great. I am going to visit Al tomorrow or the next day and hopefully start on the experimental fabrication next week.
Great seeing and meeting and talk this week. 

On August 06, 2014 10:37 AM [MDT], George added:

Thanks Vernon,

The first thing to do is confirm the steady state input / output characteristics of the system.  So we don't get fooled by using energy 'stored' in the system, for example as compressed BG.

You'd need to include the energy required by the electronics / ignition system. 

Obviously the plasma ignition system will be required, to prevent water from fouling the spark electrode.  And if using Aaron/Peter system, should be really easy to retrofit to your existing electronics.

I'm thinking the spark plug should be centrally located at the top of the dome; better to do once the explosion chamber is steel.

I'd vote to go with less overall pressure (260 psi is pretty high for components) which may be more efficient considering losses via the 'bleed valve'.  Also the CPVC plastic must be approaching it's maximum pressure rating and, for safeties sake, that isn't good.

It'd be good to video everything.  Most of the guys out here learn by seeing and doing.

I've seen the plans and video and I see how (at lower pressure) the pump empties the entire chamber out into a stream/mist.  Very impressive.  Higher backpressure (could use a restriction valve) would result in less water flow. (I think I saw a kind of pressure regulator on the output?)

I'm thinking that there may be a way to increase efficiency by using the 'vacuum effect' of the BG to draw in the water, thus eliminating the need for the efficiency robbing 'bleed valve'.  I can see that the pressurized steam may take awhile to condense, so the key might be to have multiple cylinders.

Assuming that the input / output energies are positive, we'd need to design the system so that the BG pump sucks in the output water from the pelton wheel.  I'm assuming that we'd put the pelton wheel higher than the BG pump, so that the drainwater tank would be the water that feeds the BG pump.

In any case, it seems like a fun project.

May the blessings be


Regarding considering this water pump as a potential leading contender in our Top 5 listing, it needs to be proven, first; and replicated. It could be a winner, ideal for open source roll-out. In that case, I suggest that anyone who goes commercial with this remit a 5% royalty to Al.

Also, along the lines of Hydroxy, I had a great interview today with Max Miller who is hosting a Stanley Meyer Workshop in October. I hope to have that story up tomorrow.

I should also give a link to this story I put up just before George's lecture.

  • Chance to win ER50 electrolyzer (value $800.00) - 1. Brand new, (fully assembled by George Wiseman); 2. TRANSPARENT (see everything inside); 3. State of art, (Grid Plates and Pressure Relief Tubes) ... (Free Energy Blog; August 2, 2014)

In closing, let me mention that we at PES are still super tight on funds and could use donations. We're in "sinking" mode, missing mortgage payment for the first time ever on Aug. 1. Thanks to those of you who have been chipping in.

# # #

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