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You are here: > News > July 3, 2014; 7:10 pm MDT

New 3rd-party test results on SHT show over 1000x overunity

On July 26, 2015, it was made known to us that the SHT reaction is primarily chemical, using aluminum plates exposed to water to produce hydrogen and aluminum oxide (plus more). So all prior representations of "overunity" are erroneously depicted, because they only accounted for the electrical input and the hydrogen output, and do not account for the aluminum/water expendable fuel input. That said, SHT's symphony of 16 processes that facilitate the production of hydrogen, including by enabling the aluminum plates to stay exposed to water and not be covered with a film of aluminum oxide to prevent further reaction, is indeed a significant breakthrough toward enabling the hydrogen economy, and appears to include some exotic processes.

Photo from my visit May 16, 2014.

Jack helps close the lid to the water chamber, from which the hydrogen gas emerges.

Suren M. is a PhD electrical engineer who does the circuitry and who tweaked the system to further improve its output. Ashot A. is a Ph.D. mechanical engineer.

Shen Chen of AirKinetics, Inc.

Solar Hydrogen Trends just got their third set of third-party test results on their hydrogen-production from water technology. A world-class engineering firm measured 97% hydrogen output (from H2O input), and much more than 2800 liters per minute output from 414 watts input [and Al-H], making this one of the most promising energy technology on the planet.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Well, they did it -- more than did it -- making them perhaps the most promising energy technology company on the planet.

Hakop Aganyan (Jack) of Solar Hydrogen Trends, Inc (SHT) in Pasadena, California, USA told me they had another third party test done of their hydrogen-generating technology by one of the top 20 or 30 engineering firms in the world, who does testing for billion-dollar corporations. That firm has more than 100 engineers just in their gas-flow measurement division, he said. "They build power plants and bridges."

This was an improved variation of SHT's "Symphony 7", with some tweaking done to further optimize it by one of their Ph.D. scientists, so they were able to produce even more hydrogen gas with even less power input. With just 450 watts input, they were producing hydrogen gas at a rate of "much more than 100 ACFPM" (actual cubic feet per minute, which is over 2800 liters per minute). SHT expects that with some additional fine-tuning that they can reduce the input by another 50% to get the same output.

They shot a video of the gas escaping from the 1/2-inch pipe opening. "It was whistling", Jack said. The test ran for about 1.5 hours. The testing group, who sent three engineers, was instructed to follow the EPA guidelines and protocols for such testing. "We can run it quite a bit longer than that -- several hours. We're working on improving it to be able to run 12-24 hours."

Jack had called me a few days ago, before the third party engineering firm had tabulated the flow rate, to report that the qualitative analysis came to 97% hydrogen. He said that four canisters of gas were collected to send two each to two different independent qualitative analysis labs, whose results were within 0.5% of each other.

Bear in mind that the starting product is water: H20, and 97% of the output is Hydrogen. So, apparently, the oxygen is somehow being transmuted into hydrogen in their "symphony" of 16 different functions happening simultaneously (none of which have anything to do with "solar" in the classical sense). This implies that some kind of clean nuclear or similar phenomenon is in play. We're talking new physics.

Jack told me today: "Our oxygen content with the last test result are two times lower. What this means is that synthesis of atoms of hydrogen from atoms of oxygen are more active. This confirms that we have a manageable low energy nuclear reaction."

Last night, when he called me, Jack said that the results were so phenomenal, that his team decided not to publish them because people wouldn't believe them. "It is more than 1000 times overunity!" he said. (Put another way, that's over 100,000% efficient.) But they will allow qualified entities to view the results under NDA (non-disclosure agreement), starting with the investment groups that have already been in contact with them. And he said I could fly in and see the test results and the videos that were taken.

He pointed out that it was, after all, because of my skepticism about the previous AirKinetics test results showing as much as 577x overunity (story), that spurred them to do this additional third party test to further validate their claim, he said. When I saw the unit demonstrated in May, I couldn't hear any sound from the 1/2" opening, and so I was doubtful that they were anywhere near 1000 liters per minute. My rough calculations based on the anemometer that was the only flow rate tool available, was that they might be 10x overunity, which is still phenomenal. (Story)

Konstantin, the inventor, thinks they deserve to be back in #1 position in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing. I'm torn, because they're a year from market, and the present #1, Hydroxy technologies, has been in the market for years, and is presently making a significant difference. However, hydroxy pales in comparison to the degree of difference SHT can make once they are in the market.

One of the iterations Konstantin foresees for their technology is to go straight to electricity, without the hydrogen step. I don't fully understand the physics of that, but I have a glimmer, and don't think he's being outlandish to say that.

Jack pointed out that "You only need to run this for a few hours to produce enough hydrogen to power your house for a week."

A primary consideration for Top 5 ranking is nearness to making a difference in the market, not just potential to do so.

What do you think? Should I put them back in the #1 spot? I think they at least deserve to be in second place, even though they are a year from market.


Speaking of polls, in my report about the May 16 demo, we ran a poll of our readers. Here are the results of that poll. (Please don't vote in the poll, since this new information will skew the outcome. I don't see a way to turn off the SurveyMonkey polling to freeze it at it's present status.) I reference this because I want you to see how off most of us were, including me. We greatly underestimated this technology and team.

Jack jokingly reminded me that they won our wager, so I owe them to pay for the third party testing and the expense of my trip to go see it. They are so happy with the results, that they're not of a mind to hold me to the wager, which was made in jest anyway. The reason I was confident making the wager was that I was sure that if they indeed were able to "measure 1300 L/m or greater, with an input of 510 Watts" that I wouldn't have a hard time finding people willing to cover that. And true to that, as I spoke with one of the people who I've brought to the SHT table for negotiations, he was very thrilled.

As I was telling my parents about these test results, my dad pointed out that "It's like the miracle of the loaves and fishes, where a few loaves and fishes -- enough to feed five -- was somehow transformed to feed 5,000 people in one setting, and 3,000 in another. That's 1000x overunity." I've been helping my dad with a book he's preparing for publication: "It's About Time," with subtitle to the effect, "Harmonizing Science and Religion." On our bike ride this morning, he said he's going to add a statement in his book about how free energy is all about freedom, and when we stop deserving tyranny because of the corruption we've sewn as a society, and finally turn to God, then we'll finally deserve free energy and will receive it as a society. This analogy to the loaves and fishes brings this concept full circle, showing that God is preparing a better future for us. All we need to do is turn to God and live.

Meanwhile, since our present world isn't so friendly to such game-changing energy technologies that will obsolete just about everything else, the SHT team advised Jack to dismantle the Symphony 7 prototype and store it elsewhere, for safety.

They hope to have two more units built within the next two months.

Business partner, Kirill Gichunts works with a 3 billion dollar private equity fund (don't let that throw you off; SHT is still open to investment inquiries). Behind him is one of the guys from NASA who was there for the May 16 demo I attended.

Last night, Jack said, "This is the new Declaration of Independence," pointing out that Thomas Jefferson wrote the document on July 2, which is when SHT got the third party test results. His team sees the potential this technology has to liberate humanity and bring "power to the people", literally and figuratively, empowering mankind. Ironically, most of their team comes from Russian-root descent. One of them got their doctorate in the Ukraine. When I went to the SHT demo in Pasadena in May, the first guy I met from their team, Kirill Gichunts, had flown in from the Ukraine for that demo.

Jack mentioned that their team was reviewing a blog post I made yesterday:

It turns out that several in their team actually worked with some of the projects and people mentioned in that story. Konstantin was good friends with Oleg. Out of that project, in 1984, came the first photolysis in Armenia.

Speaking of underestimating, one of the comments people have posted is that when they do a search for Konstantine Balakiryan in Google, they don't find hardly anything, implying that they conclude from this omission that he must be some kind of charletain. What they forget is that they need to translate his name into Russian, then they will get a wealth of information.

To give you an idea, here is a brief synopsis:

Konstantine Balakiryan's Credentials

Prior to his pioneering work stateside, Konstantin served for nearly three decades (beginning in 1971) as professor and head of the Natural Sciences Department (physics, chemistry and mathematics) at the Russian University of Friendship in Moscow, which was the second largest university in the Soviet Union. Between 1979 and 1987 of those years, he worked as vice-rector, Chief Educational Department.

Konstantin Balakiryan earned his master’s degree in Physics from Moscow Lomonosov University, post-graduate degree in Chemistry from Lomonosov State University, and his PhD in Physics from the Russian Academy of Science. He also holds a doctorate in Physics from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University. 

Mr. Balakiryan’s primary research included study of fast processes in liquids and acoustical resonance; physical phenomena associated with acoustic waves in water solutions from infrasound to hypersound, and the use of acoustics as a tool to investigate other significant phenomena. Most of this research was in the state-of-the-art Laboratory of Solutions of the Lomonosov Moscow State University under the supervision of acclaimed Professor M.I. Shakparonov. 

Konstantin also conducted scientific research on the theory of chemical structure, reaction abilities, kinetics and chemical thermodynamics. He has also received medical patents, including for enabling rapid healing of displasia that has helped thousands of people, so that rather than being in a cast for 6-9 months, they can walk in 1-2 months.

- Moscow Lomonosov University (Russia) 1977
- Russian Academy of Science
- PhD in Physics from Russian Academy of Science 
- Doctorate in Physics from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University. 
- Russian State High Commission of Certification 
- Professor of Mathematical Sociology 

Konstantin has also been an avid participant in conferences around the world over these decades, leading a lecturing circuit for professors and students at leading universities in Europe, including (but not limited to Leipzig University, Dresden Technical University, Berlin Humboldt University (all in Germany); Budapest Economic University (Hungary); Nasser Institute, Sofia (Bulgaria); and Santa-Clara University (Cuba). Participation in international conferences and exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Grenoble (France), Warsaw (Poland), Sofia (Bulgaria), Leipzig (Germany) –the Commercial and Industrial Exhibition; Awarded 1987 Diploma and Bronze Medal at The International Industrial Exhibition in Moscow. 

Konstantin is also unusually gifted in languages. He is fluent in Russian, Armenian, and Georgian; and has a conversational level ability in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Polish. Having interacted with him, I would classify his English as closer to "fluent" than "conversational."


Contact them directly by email: 

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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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