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You are here: > News > June 18, 2014

Alperen "Brushless Synchronous AC Motor with Electromagnet" technology will end need for permanent magnets in motors and generators

Put simply, it is basically a "brushless synchronous AC motor with electromagnet" that will replace the need for permanent magnets in motors today -- very cheaply. A press release is expected in a week. Licensing is open to anyone. Photos and video pending.

The Alperen Family crest and Alperen™ Group logo

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Col. Attila Alperen of the Alperen Group called me today to give an update about something they will be releasing in about a week, if all goes well. It basically is a "brushless synchronous AC motor with electromagnet" technology that will replace the need for permanent magnets in motors today -- very cheaply. 

Attila calls it a "brushless synchronous AC motor with electromagnet".

This has huge ramifications in the global motor and generator markets, presently controlled largely by China's near monopoly on permanent magnets. They produce 97% of all rare earth magnets according to the European Union. (Story) This has been creating a stranglehold on the emergence of green technologies. (Story) China has been constricting its exports due to their growing domestic need for the magnets. 

Attila said the brushless synchronous AC motor with electromagnet technologies is part of the TurXotor® (motor generator in one) technology they developed years ago -- a key portion of what makes that work.

I realize we've had a lot of over-the-top claims from Attila, which have not yet panned out in terms of arrival of product in the marketplace. But part of being out in the "bleeding edge" as we are, is sifting through the claims in hope to be the first to know about and be part of bringing something forward that is truly remarkable -- and we deal with a lot of things with great promise, that others won't even think about until they become more well-established.

The commercial name will be released in about a week, when the company handling the licensing issues a press release. Photos and video are also pending.

Attila says anyone can license the technology. Individuals can build them for their own use, but commercial applications will require licensing.

All motors and generators stand to benefit from this technology. An example of an application would be wind turbine generators. They tend to be large and inefficient. But with the brushless synchronous AC motor with electromagnet technology, they could be made smaller and light weight with great savings. 

# # #

Official Website:

  • - forwards to their YouTube channel presently.

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Alperen Coverage by PES

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  • Free energy TurXator ready for license from Alperen Group - A Turkish inventor, Attila Alperen, and his group who have been developing an overunity motor/generator technology for over a decade, having built some 100 prototypes, are now saying they are ready to license the technology for production. Electric output ranges from several watts to megawatts. Motor output targeted for EV market. (PESN; June 12, 2010)

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Nov. 29, 2010
Last updated July 12, 2014




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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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