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You are here: > News > May 4, 2014

They say this is a 1 MW system
Click on images for enlargement

YMNEE Resume

A brief profile of the free energy genset by ABK Capital Ltd, describing their company and its opportunity -- an executive summary, geared toward investors and potential partners. They're looking to start mass production of their system which is a modification of off-the-shelf motor and generator technologies.

Compiled by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Anton Rogov of YMNEE has given me permission to post document he made available called "Resume", which basically is a brief profile of their company and its opportunity -- an executive summary, geared toward investors and potential partners.

You can download the  Doc in its original. Here is a version of the text that I've modified, since English is my first language. This will make it easier for those of you who use electronic translation services.


Our group of scientists have pursued scientific research in the field of physical vacuum. They made a number of know-how discoveries, including how energy is made.

Today, they are in preparation for production of an industrial design of the electronic and mechanical multiplier of electrical energy (YMNEE) 300-500kW, which is an alternative to how existing power installations are carried out. In the overall dimensions and weight, YMNEE has advantages in all parameters (Table 1) in comparison with the used AD-100 diesel generator (100 kW).

Table 1: Comparison of YMNEE generator with AD-100 diesel generator

Technical parameters AD-100 diesel generator
(John Deere 6068TF258 motor and Marathon Electric 363CSL1607 generator)
Capacity, kW 100 300-500
Overall dimensions
(length x width x depth), mm
2140 x 1040 x 1485 810 x 690 x 520
Weight, kg Dry weight - 1720 340 

The expected cost of the generator in mass production is $30 - $50 per 1 kW, which is 39 times less than the cost of a wind generator of the same power. It is the lowest hardware prime cost in the world. And the most important -- YMNEE, in its operation, does not need a supply of fuel resources, energy of hydrocarbons, the sun, wind, water, etc., and can be placed directly at the consumer of electric energy. YMNEE can be made with the different technical parameters (single- or three-phase, direct or alternating current, with power from 1 to 50,000 kW, current frequency from direct to 100 kHz and above, coefficient of multiplication of energy is 3-5 times).

The cost of generators sales is $500-1000 per 1 kW. With serial production of YMNEE, 50,000 kW, 20 pieces per day (it is 2 blocks from the Chernobyl NPP) the enterprise income at the price of sales not $1000, but $500 for 1 kW will make $500 million per day.

EU needs 300 billion kW, [which can be done with] 30 plants over 10 years of release. China and India need 0.5 trillion [kW], Africa: 1.5 trillion kW. And this is only the industry and housing services and utilities, excluding motor vehicles, aircraft transport, railway, etc. Application of YMNEE allows to increase many times the existing generating capacity of heat electric generation plants and hydroelectric power stations and to eliminate or reduce consumption of the expensive raw hydrocarbons.

Implementation plan

Options for the establishment of joint production for implementation of the YMNEE project are varied. Terms of cooperation are discussed.

Here are some ways to start the project:
1. Budget of 100-350 million Euros: Construction in the west a plant with automated, robotized lines.
Proprietors of technology own the controlling stake, the share of the investor is discussed individually.

2. Budget of 1-10 million Euros: We select the operating electromechanical plant (better in the West, with low-profitable production or release of the out-of-date production) where specifications and capacities will allow to produce our YMNEE, we order a press mold and stamps, give a technological documentation on the multiplier and begin release.
Proprietors of technology own the controlling stake, the share of the investor is discussed individually.

3. Budget of $150,000 dollars: Option without mass production, but only production of an industrial design and patenting in EU or the USA (at the moment we have an international patent describing a method, but not disclosing a know-how). After the demonstration of an industrial design, there are arrangements with some investors and consumers about project financing. We are ready to make a design in our territory (Ukraine) or neutral territory, for example in EU or the USA. In the future, it is possible to do production in any territory. In addition, by the time of availability of an industrial design (and it's fast -- about 3 months), we will need contracts on a consignment of goods (with the indication of technical requirements) and the letter of credit on the first part or other financial guarantees on further implementation of the contract. If we do it in Ukraine, $150 thousand dollars will be enough. If in EU or Canada, it is plus travelling expenses and rent of the assembly room (~250,000 dollars). Estimated power for such sum is 300-500 kW. The partner who will invest such funds can greatly increase the investments, as well as to become the co-founder of one of the companies after production starts. Everything is discussed individually.

Terms from the signing of the contract and the financing beginning to mass release by option 1: year - year and a half, and by option 2 and 3: 3-4 months.

[Sterling's preface on this section: I disagree with their assessment of competing free energy technologies. They don't have these limitations. There is plenty of room for many players.]
Today, several countries started production of power sources working on water, Tesla transformer, magnets, cold fusion, etc. These sources have several disadvantages (though their profitability, especially at the lower powers is rather high): expensive accessories, that do not greatly increase the power, are heavy, difficult to configure; and most importantly, cannot be scaled, and this is the main requirement for the automated mass production. We have long known about these technologies, but we went further. Our YMNEE are competitive on all performances: low prime cost, lightweight, small sizes, possibility of installation in any place, require no configuration, increase power many times, and have possibility of scaling. YMNEE can be used beginning from individuals up to the largest space agencies.

After the production beginning we enter the international market with corporation registration, and the joint production will be among shareholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we personally view the sample power system of 10-30kW?

We aren't engaged in production and we don't show samples power 10-290kW. You can see the principle of work on video. We are ready to make and show when financing an production prototype power from 1MW and more. Or at least 300-500kW. 

2. Is there a patent?

We hold the international patent describing a method, but [we are] not opening the know-how contained therein. The  patenting will start at the beginning of mass production. We expect that around 50 patents will be received.

3. How does the generator perform after several years of operation?

Just as your generator on the car or on hydroelectric power station or combined heat and power plant (it is simple, [but] it has fundamental differences from [what is] known to you). In it, there are no expendables. I works in any climatic zones, treats dynamic mobile devices). Guarantee of 10-20 years.

4. Will it work in big capacities?

Yes, [it] will be, and with natural air cooling.

5. Are there any harmful effects on a person's health?

No issues present (same as from the ordinary generator). There are no chemical, physical, or chemical reactions.

6. What are the principle of how it works?

Those will be published from the patenting beginning.

7. Are you ready to begin selling the technology or to begin licensing?

The technology and licenses are not for sale.


# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated May 13, 2014




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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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