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You are here: > News > May 1, 2014

H-Cat flashback creates suction in exhaust

We waited for the main catalytic reaction to commence, signified by the cessation of bubbling of gasses from the exhaust through water; then we submerged the catalytic converter in the water bath. We kept getting flashbacks, and noticed that the balloon we fastened to the exhaust was collapsing, not expanding during flashback.

By Sterling D. Allan  
Pure Energy Systems News

I spent most of the day April 30 at Darrell Jacobson's place in Fountain Green, Utah, USA trying a few test runs of the H-Cat, but flashbacks kept us from proceeding. I'm writing this report on April 30, so when I say "today", this is the date to which I'm referring.

(For those of you who might be new to this topic, and "H-Cat" is where you run HHO or Brown's gas [product of electrolysis of water] across a catalytic converter [e.g. same as used in car], which converts the HHO back to water, but seems to produce more heat than what pure catalysis could account for -- possibly due to a LENR [aka cold fusion] or other anomalous reaction taking place.)

Here's our set-up, in case you want to follow up live on May 1.

Flashbacks are a good sign, because they mean the matrix is getting hot enough to ignite the incoming HHO gas.

When I got home, I called up Justin Church, who discovered and open sourced the H-Cat, to discuss some of our findings and brainstorm with him some possible directions to take.

He was not aware of an effect we observed today.

Yesterday we had observed that if you take the exiting gas from the exhaust end of the catalytic converter [hereafter "cat"], 1) it doesn't ignite, 2) after a few minutes (depending on how much heat you are extracting from the H-Cat), the exiting bubbles go to zero, and then a vacuum effect begins, sucking the water up toward the exhaust of the cat, even as HHO gas continues to flow into the input at the same rate (in our case between 1 and 2 liters per minute).

So today, the idea was that when we ran the calorimetry test, we would first get the catalytic reaction going by holding the cat out of the water. Then, after the exhausting gas stopped, and started to reverse, we would put a balloon on the end, and see what happened.

Getting the reaction going first, before submerging the cat in the water, appears to be very effective. Today, even after turning the flow rate down to 1 liter/minute -- less than the 1.22 L/m we were at last month in our first H-Cat test, after submerging the cat in the water, we got flashbacks after about five minutes -- about 6 of them. Just about when we were going to unplug the hose to the cat, the flashbacks stopped, so we kept the system running. 

At that point, the balloon began to inflate just very slightly, as if a toddler was blowing on it, just enough for it to go erect, but not to start stretching it. Then, about 5 minutes later, flashbacks commenced again, and after a few more of those, we shut it off.

Flashbacks Create Suction in Exhaust 

If you were to guess, what would you say would happen on the exhaust end when a flashback occurs in the cat? I would guess that you would have a sudden outrush of gas from the explosion. However, that is not what happens.

Because we had the balloon on the exhaust, we were able to directly observe what happens during the flashback. The exhaust end actually goes to vacuum. It sucks the balloon into the opening. We've got that on film several times in one of the shoots we did. We also show the flashback on the input side. The flame is visible through the green HHO gas tubing. [Correction: It turns out I didn't have the camera turned on during that segment where I thought it was turned on, and I was focused in on the balloon as the flashbacks were happening; then I showed the flashback. I'll try to take a good video of that tomorrow when we start out. HOWEVER, you can see the balloon during the flashback (not zoomed in) in one of the later segments I did shoot. So where you hear the flashback, note the time stamp, then rewind and watch it again while focusing on the balloon, and now how it moves during the flashback. It doesn't bulge, it contracts.]

At Least Two Types of Catalytic Reactions

Bear in mind that this is what happens once a second kind of catalytic reaction has commenced (the exhaust suction during flashback).

I would theorize that there are at least two kinds of catalytic reactions taking place in the cat. One is temperature independent, and will happen no matter how hot or cold the substrate is, as long as the elements are available in a certain form. 

I would guess that this first kind of reaction is the classical catalytic reaction of HHO going back to H2O, and creating heat in the process. No surprises there.

However, once the catalytic matrix gets up beyond a certain temperature, a second type of reaction is able to commence. This one could be an LENR type of reaction.

Justin told me this evening that he has noticed that once the cat gets hot, he can turn down the input gas by like 1/4 and continue to keep the substrate at that hot temperature.

A month ago, in our first test, we didn't take this step of letting the cat get hot before submerging it in the water. Because it was submerged in the water, it was prevented from getting hot enough for this other reaction to commence.

DANGER: Flashback Melted the Nipple Off Our Arrester

In the video segment where we show the second introduction, after we get the test run under way, with the cat submerged, you hear the flashback, then you see a flame emerging from the hose.

The nipple on the flashback arrester next to the cat actually melted off, and the heat from the melted plastic ignited the exiting HHO gas, creating a torch. 

Darrell blew on the flame and it went out, but then started right back up due to the heat of the melted plastic. He did this several times, then finally doused the flame in a water bucket (cooled the plastic so it stopped igniting the gas).

Had this flashback happened without us there observing, this could have been a fire hazard.

Power Meter Suggestion

Yesterday, we mentioned we were having problems with the new power supply from Hong Kong, with it smoking and with the plastic around one of the terminals melting. Simon Derricutt recommended we take a look inside to makes sure everything was fastened properly, since our was a modification to accommodate 120 V. 

Sure enough, when Darrell opened it up, he said one of the nuts was so loose he could turn it by hand, and he was able to add another full turn on the other nut.

What's more, they only had around 12 gauge wire going to the terminals -- for a 50 amp, 15 volt power supply. I doubt that would pass UL regulations.

This morning, after getting everything all set up and ready to go, we got to the point of turning on the power, and it wouldn't work. It was barely pulling 0.1 volts, while pulling around 40 amps. Turning the two knobs hardly adjusted anything. It's shot.

I've sent the seller a request for a full refund, including shipping.

Justin says he avoids Chinese power supplies because they tend to skimp on quality in order to get their price down, and they are almost always substandard.

Solution was Here All Along

It turns out that Darrell has in his garage a battery charger with a 15-amp setting that pulls 12 volts, 25 amps. Since that setting was giving us flashback, we needed a way to turn it down.

Well, Darrell also has an AC-to-AC rheostat that we were able to use to turn the power down substantially.

I'm not sure what we'll be facing tomorrow when we try to power it down 1/4 to the low power level we were at today.

Even though just the slightest touch to the rheostat change the setting significantly, once we let go of it, it seemed to be stable.

Redundancy of Measurement

This time we have three temperature probes for ambient and for the bath temperature. We're using an infrared thermometer; two separate Celsius mercury thermometers; and an indoor/outdoor thermometer using the "indoor" setting for ambient, and the "outdoor" setting for the bath, extending the probe into the bottom of the bath.

For the Volts, we're double checking the accuracy of the meter with two other meters. For redundancy on the amps, since we only have one clamp-on amp meter, we're taking the resistance across the HHO generator, to apply Ohm's law to derive the amps from the volts and resistance. We can also use Steve D's Faraday algorithms to approximate the amps from the volts and the rate of gas production.

The resistance measured 1.4 ohms at 200M across the HHO generator positive and negative terminals, to which we attached the cables from the battery charger.


May 1, 11:10 am MDT Update: It looks like the vide finally processed and is finally available as of not many minutes ago.

Here's a video with highlights from today, with the following contents:

  • Synopsis of the Day
  • Power meter connection finger loose, ~12-gauge wire
  • Intro to first attempt; power supply gone bad
  • Intro to second attempt; flashback flame
  • Backflash burn on ceramic insulation
  • Third test (said "second"); flashback; added rheostat
  • [Missing: fourth test, showing close-up shot of balloon during flashback, showing it collapsing, not expanding]

Also I see some of our Google live streams from April 30 are available too:

I also uploaded some photos to Facebook.

Coming Next

We're pretty much ready to go for a calorimetric test tomorrow morning. In addition to what we tried today: getting the second cat reaction going before submerging the cat in the water; after we submerge the cat in the bath, we're going to turn the power level way down, to maybe 1/4, wait maybe 10 minutes to see if any flashback's occur, then gradually turn it up until we get flashback, then back it off ~20%. Or, if flashbacks are still occurring at 1/4 power, we'll turn the power down even more.

It looks like we could get better heating than we did a month ago, with perhaps 1/4 the input power. Stay tuned.

I plan on getting to Darrel's by 10:30, and we'll probably have the webcam going by 11 am MDT. You're welcome to watch us live, and chime in by Skype (sterlingda).

# # #

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Jan. 29, 2011
Last updated May 07, 2014




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