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You are here: > News > April 9, 2014

LENR-to-Market Digest -- April 9, 2014

Highlights this month include: Rumblings about pending E-Cat test results 'remarkable'; applications include jet engine and miniaturization; Impossible Invention book by Mats Lewan; non-final rejection of US patent; myriad of MIT Colloquium reports; H-Cat progress; MFMP progress; 25 years

MIT LENR Colloquium 2014 
(Courtesy Cold Fusion Now)

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again, we bring you a compilation of the news about the various LENR companies since our March 6 compilation.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Brillouin 
      • Brillouin says: "Room Temp" LENR - "In phase I we saw the heat generation start in the 25-30 C range. So people should be able to see it at room temperature." (Free Energy Blog; April 8, 2014)
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • Testing
        • Passerini: E-Cat Test Completed, Results ‘Remarkable’ [Update: Rossi Comments] - Thanks to Mr. Moho for finding this comment from Italian Blogger Daniele Passerini who posted the following message on his site. Sources that I used to draw are now depleted, new sources (Italian, Bolognese but not) tell me that the report is completed and the performance certificate cat Rossi is remarkable! Here’s the link… (E-CatWorld; April 3, 2014)
        • NDA Restricts Rossi’s Comments on the Tests - Obviously, as time ticks by, people are getting anxious to find out as much as possible about the tests. Andrea Rossi just responded to a question from Giuliano Bettini about whether Rossi could share some impressions about how things are going. (E-CatWorld; April 2, 2014)
        • Will there be an Industrial Heat Press Conference? - March 2014 has come to an end — the month in which Andrea Rossi stated he thought the extended E-Cat test might be concluded — and so far there’s no indication that it has come to an end. (E-CatWorld; April 1, 2014)
        • Rossi Third Independent Ecat Test Underway - Andrea Rossi has revealed that a third independent test of his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device is underway. Like year’s test this round of testing is being carried out by unidentified “college professors.” (ColdFusion3; March 22, 2014)
        • E-Cat: still a month of testing - Despite previous statements Rossi, difficult tests on the E-Cat will end sooner than a month. (; March 20, 2014)
        • Rossi: E-Cat Testing not yet complete - As we approach the end of March there is inevitably a growing interest in the status of the 3rd party long-term test on the E-Cat that Andrea Rossi has said in the past could be concluded this month. Rossi has just made a statement in response to a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics saying that as of right now (March 17, 2014), the testing has not ended: (E-CatWorld; March 17, 2014)
        • Rossi Answers Questions on Independent Test - As we await the publication of the report from the long term testing of the E-Cat by a the third party group that Andrea Rossi has talked about for so long (hopefully to be concluded… (E-CatWorld; March 13, 2014)
        • Wild Speculation E-Cat Test Guessing Thread - I’m a little nervous to do this, because I think it’s wise not to expect too much of this current testing regimen — but since we are in the dark about so much, I thought it would be interesting and maybe entertaining to put a thread up where people can discuss their expectations about the… (E-CatWorld; April 4, 2014)
      • Technology
        • Rossi: Working on Miniaturized E-Cat Reactors in R&D Labs - An interesting comment by Andrea Rossi has been posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today in response to a suggestion from a reader named Mark who proposed the idea of ‘antibiotic pill’-sized E-Cat reactors that could be heated to meltdown temperatures, and safely explode in a sealed chamber attached to a heat exchanger at… (E-CatWorld; April 6, 2014)
      • Applications
        • Jet Engine
          • Rossi Working on E-Cat Jet Engine - Here’s an interesting revelation from Andrea Rossi. It came about because I was confused about something that Rossi wrote on the JONP a few weeks ago, and I sent him an email asking a question.… (E-CatWorld; March 11, 2014)
          • Rossi: Testing with Industry Specializing in Jet Engines - I thought this Q&A today between a reader and Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics was noteworthy: Q: How is going your research regarding the application of the E-Cat to jet engines? A:… (E-CatWorld; March 23, 2014)
          • The battle for Commercialization - According to latest rumors on the Internet - “The western coalition of imperial scientists led by the inventor Andrea Rossi is now developing jet engines“.  (DrBoblog; Mar 15, 2014)
        • Co-Generation and Tri-Generation ‘More Immediate’ Priority for Rossi, Industrial Heat - Yesterday there were some interesting exchanges on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, and one that particularly caught my attention came from a reader who mentioned a number of companies that make gas turbines and jet engines, and explained that the biggest turbines are around 40 per cent efficient when generating electricity, while small jet engines… (E-CatWorld; March 26, 2014)
        • E-Cat: arrival in the miniaturized - Rossi has confirmed it is working on miniature versions of the E-Cat: the home version has not been completely shelved? (; April 8, 2014)
      • Impossible Invention
        • An Impossible Invention – Newly Published Book About the E-Cat - Swedish technology journalist Mats Lewan release new book about E-Cat. Mats Lewans book about e-cat Cold fusion is an energy source that could provide clean water to Planet Earth, zero-emission vehicles with unlimited mileage, a solution to the climate crisis and much more. (; April 3, 2014)
        • Interview With Mats Lewan, Author of ‘An Impossible Invention’ about Rossi and the E-Cat - The following is a transcript of an interview I conducted with Mats Lewans, Swedish journalist who writes for NyTeknik magazine, and author of the recently published book about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat, An Impossible Invention. We spoke via Skype today. The book came out as quite a surprise? Did you intentionally keep it secret?… (E-CatWorld; April 6, 2014)
        • Mats Lewan Publishes ‘An Impossible Invention’ — Book about Rossi and the E-Cat - I was pleased to discover today that Mats Lewan, Swedish journalist for NyTeknik magazine and blogger, has now added to his repertoire by publishing a full length book titled ‘An Impossible Invention: The true story of the energy source that could change the world’. Mats Lewan is well known to people following the E-Cat story,… (E-CatWorld; April 2, 2014)
        • Wednesday, April 2, 2014
          Never say impossible! A nanometric the 2nd law of thermodynamics can be violated: the confirmation authoritatively Nature! - impossible [im-pos-yes-bi-le] adj., s. • adj. 1 unworkable, unfeasible: the hope. | | is not i., is there any chance: it is not the. that we can win the case 2 Ext. Unbearable, intolerable: the character. • sm (only sing.) That which arises out of the possibility of human to the claim. | | Do, try, groped the possible and the i., Make every effort, every attempt to succeed in qlco. (22Passi; April 2, 2014)
        • Mats Lewan book on the E-Cat story: An Impossible Invention - "The book covers the events I have been following in the last three years, and it also gives a perspective on the treatment LENR and Cold Fusion has attracted since 1989." (Free Energy Blog; April 2, 2014)
      • Patent
      • Business
        • Rossi Provides a Few Details of Industrial Heat’s Departments - Andrea Rossi is often quite opaque when it comes to revealing details about what’s going on in his work on the E-Cat, but sometimes he provides a glimpse about what is going on behind the… (E-CatWorld; March 24, 2014)
        • Cherokee Challenge Postponed Until 2015 - Cherokee Investment Partners and designer Bill McDonough have been sponsoring an annual Cherokee-McDonough Challenge, in which $20,000 in seed money is awarded to entrepreneurs with ideas for high-impact environmental products and services. (E-CatWorld; March 22, 2014)
        • Shipping Information found for E-Cat Plant - Here’s something I never expected could be found: a poster going by the name of Nevanlinna on the Italian forum has done some amazing detective work, and somehow uncovered shipping data which confirms the… (E-CatWorld; March 16, 2014)
      • Kudos / Commentary
        • The High Priest of Cold Fusion - “Sometimes we have to walk 40 years through the desert” Hi Everybody, Today we´re in the Sahara Desert for some team building activities. (DrBoblog; Apr 5, 2014)
        • E-Cat: 2014 will be the year of the definitive confirmation or flop? - 2014 will finally be the year in which the E-Cat of Andrea Rossi will be affordable and testable by all, or we will see the flop definitive promise of this technology? (; March 23, 2014)
        • When will the paw of the cat cold fusion? - E-Cat, the latest news on the Italian Andrea Rossi energy process. They are still in the network rather recent articles that advance serious doubts about the actual functionality of the catalyst of energy (E-Cat, the Energy Catalyzer) launched by Italian entrepreneur Andrea Rossi, which would generate energy, using a process of cold fusion . The operation is called the E-Cat LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction). (; April 3, 2014)
      • Humor
    • Clean Planet
    • H-Cat
      • Featured: Hydroxy / LENR >
        Justin Church's H-Cat - In January, Justin launched an open source design he instigated that involves venting hydroxy or HHO gas -- un-ignited -- through a catalytic converter (the kind used in automobiles) -- in ambient conditions -- and generating significant heat in the process, which is probably LENR, given its platinum/palladium in the presence of energetic H (Brown's Gas). (PESWiki; March 9, 2014)
        • New LENR Process Unveiled - It’s a pretty exciting time in the world of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) or cold fusion. A new LENR device or process of some sort seems to be unveiled every day as scores of garage inventors get involved in the LENR race. The latest is a named Justin Church who has unveiled a device he calls the H-Cat Heater. (ColdFusion3; April 6, 2014)
        • Sterling Allan Interviews Justin Church about the H-Cat - Here’s a new interview posted by Sterling Allan from PESN with Justin Church of JDC Products. Justin has been a good contributor here at ECW lately, and it’s nice to see an interview with him here. (PESWiki; March 10, 2014)
      • Featured / OS: HHO / LENR > H-Cat >
        Sterling Allan's H-Cat Heater Design - I propose to 1) remove the outer insulation layer from the catalytic converter... and 2) replace it with a metal sleeve that leaves a gap of about 1/16 inch between the matrix and the exterior. That way most of the gas flows along the surface of the matrix, along the exterior, where you want the heat. (PESWiki; March 15, 2014)
      • Featured: Nuclear > HHO / LENR > H-Cat > Sterling's Heater >
        H-Cat heater project nearing prototype - We're getting closer to having the first consumer prototype for the H-Cat effect. In this open source project, we're focusing on identifying components that are widely available. Update on IP status, source for catalytic converter nano-metal and configuration customization, testing set-up. Donations appreciated. (PESN; March 21, 2014)
      • Testing
        • Getting Professional About H-Cat Testing - The following post was submitted by E-Cat World reader Rick Allen. For the past few weeks I have been following the H-Cat saga. For those who are not familiar, Justin Church and some other experimenters… (E-CatWorld; March 18, 2014)
        • Sterling Allan
          • Sterling's first H-Cat calorimetric test points to anomalous heat - A report of my test of the H-Cat (HHO through catalytic converter) in a water bath at Frank Crowther's house, March 25-27; achieving around 93 77% input:output efficiency. Conventional electrolysis and fuel cell limits combined give a 80% 60% efficiency maximum, suggests an anomalous effect. (Free Energy Blog; March 31, 2014)
            • Check my math on H-Cat calorimetry - I hope you'll see that I've given a strong rebuttal to the claim that the clamp-on amp meter results should be thrown out because the meter was on the wrong setting. I think I've made a strong case that our results point to anomalous heat. (Free Energy Blog; April 1, 2014)
          • Crowther's H-Cat aluminum fins; H-Cat email forum created - It certainly is adequate to get some good initial readings on where the possible sweet spot(s) might be. Professor of Chemistry at nearby Snow College is interested. (Free Energy Blog; April 2, 2014)
          • H-Cat Calorimetry Protocol - The testing of an H-Cat system should be relatively easy: energy in (electrolysis to create the HHO gas) versus energy out (heat emitted from the catalytic converter), both converted to joules for comparison. This can be done in a simple water bath. (PESWiki; March 24, 2014)
          • Featured: HHO / LENR > H-Cat >
            H-Cat calorimetry proposals - Alan Smith recommends having the entire catalytic converter submerged in water (with air-tight inflow and exit of HHO piping), running the system only long enough for a 20 ºC change in temperature. Jamie Sibley recommends a bag on the exit with high-voltage ignition to remove any unburned HHO, to collect He, if present, as evidence of LENR. (PESN; March 12, 2014)
        • Alan Smith
          • Calorimeter Built by Alan Smith for HHO Test - Here’s an update from Alan Smith of Leap Forward Laboratory on his experimental setup for the HHO experiment we have sponsored here at ECW. This is the first ‘dry run’ assembly of the water-bath calorimeter I am building – a build sponsored by the members here at E-Cat World forum. (PESN; March 28, 2014)
          • Status Report on Alan Smith’s HHO Experiment - Here’s the latest from Alan Smith who is getting ready to carry out an experiment (sponsored by kind donations from E-Cat World readers) to try to discover if there is any excess heat generated when HHO gas is recombined in a catalyst like those found in a catalytic converter for an automobile. I now have the last pieces of the jigsaw — all the polycarbonate, a toughened glass combustion chamber, the thermometers, silicon rubber gaskets and electrolyzer stainless plates, even an aluminium water bottle I found in the local £1 store which can be made into a very adequate gas drier. (PESN; March 14, 2014)
      • H-Cat LENR Theoretical
        • Professor Yeong Kim predicts sulfur in the H-Cat process - At ICCF-18, prior to Church's H-Cat discovery, Purdue professor, Yeong E. Kim presented a paper addressing "Bose-Einstein condensation nuclear fusion", which is based on quantum mechanics and conventional nuclear physics theory. It predicted that Sulfur will be found in these reactions from the fusion of O + O. (PESN; March 17, 2014)
        • Lattice Energy LLC: "LENR in Catalytic Converters" - Published in 2010 by Lattice Energy, LLC, a LENR company, this paper is all the more relevant given our recent interest in the H-Cat effect in which copious amounts of heat are being liberated when HHO gas is run across a catalytic converter. (Free Energy Blog; March 19, 2014)
      • Weird Resonance in H-Cat Heat Test - Peter Bannister got a loud resonant sound going in his H-Cat. Go figure. (Free Energy Blog; March 31, 2014)
        • H-Cat Resonance Puzzle - Here’s a video that I found interesting and thought I’d put it up here to see if anyone has any ideas about what might be going on. Thanks to David for sharing this. The video is from an H-Cat experimenter named Peter Bannister, who discovered in the course of putting together a h-cat system in which catalysts are placed in a metal pipe, that a strong resonance effect is found after the catalysts reach a certain temperature.  (E-CatWorld; March 30, 2014)
      • H-Cat Performance Contest - In this contest to see who can come up with the best design, the following criteria should be met: (retail price)/(watt input)/(BTU produced) ["$/w/b"] (lowest wins); Safe; Build at least 10 prototype commercial systems. Contest categories will include: Best scientific evaluation; Easiest to replicate; Most sales; Best portable; Most power-dense; Largest; Smallest; ... (Free Energy Blog; March 10, 2014)
      • Multi-Billion Dollar Fund Exploring Exotic Free Energy Opportunities - Peter Hayes will be traveling to Korea to give a presentation about exotic free energy technologies to a multi-billion dollar fund, of which he is likely to become a key player. He's looking for a simple demonstrator technology (I suggested H-Cat) and recommendations for feature items to mention. (PESN; March 10, 2014)
      • Caution: Could H-Cat create NOx conditions? - Ron C write: "Unless the experimenter can absolutely guarantee that not even a single point in the core exceeds 2800°F, they should exhaust outdoors..." (Free Energy Blog; March 10, 2014)
    • Fleischmann Memorial Project,
      • The MFMP welcomes its newest collaborator and he opens up
        From: M.Fleischmann Memorial 
        Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2014 6:48 PM

        Hi there fellow New Fire starters...

        The project is feeling like a snowball rolling down a hill right now, people are joining the team day by day, signing up to the Live Open Science philosophy and bringing with them energy and expertise.

        We are honoured to have a real heavyweight in this sphere come on board this week so it is our pleasure to announce that Dr. Brian Ahern will be lending his significant insight to our work. To get the ball rolling, Bob Greenyer had a Skype discussion with him earlier in the week. You can see the video here.

        The Facilitators
      • Danger: High Voltage! [UPDATE #2 - Sparker arrives in Minnesota] - We have great news on the progress made by Stoyan Sarg with his triggering circuit design he is providing us. Before getting onto that, a bit of background. (; April 3, 2014)

      • As smooth as glass? - Mathieu, in France, has finally got to the bottom of a problem that has been holding back the re-running of the dual cell Celani problem for quite some frustrating time. (; April 1, 2014)

      • Reaction matrix [UPDATE #1 - Proven powder?] - As you may be aware, the MFMP is taking a second additional direction in its research, taking forward the experience of our first year or so and learning from the best work being done, to try and up the signal to noise ratio. (; March 17, 2014)

      • MFMP followers propose a new calorimeter - We are regularly reminded of the high calibre intellect and skill of the people following our efforts to challenge the claims of others researching this field. (; March 16, 2014)

      • Quirky data in H2 Splitting Cell - After a couple months of near zero blog entries from the HUG labs, it probably seemed like we weren't doing any experiments. (; March 14, 2014)

    • Mitch Swartz, JET Thermal Products
      • - host; has a lot of photos, links, most of which are listed below.
      • E-CatWorld
        • Cold Fusion Colloquium Starts Today at MIT — Agenda Posted - Thanks to Jed Rothwell on Vortex-l for posting the agenda for the 2014 Cold Fusion Colloquium at MIT that begins today and runs through Sunday. I have heard from Barry Simon who will be at the conference, and he said he will send some reports to us. (E-CatWorld; March 21, 2014)
        • Report of Day Two at the Cold Fusion Colloquium at MIT - Many thanks to Barry Simon for submitting the following report of today’s proceedings at the cold fusion colloquium at MIT. The lectures started off with Arik El-Boher from Mizzou (University of Missouri). Sidney Kimmel donated… (E-CatWorld; March 23, 2014)
        • MIT Cold Fusion Conference Report (NANOR Reportedly 100 COP) - I received this from Barry Simon who attended the Cold Fusion conference being held this weekend at MIT — I will add to this as I get more information from Barry. Just got home from… (E-CatWorld; March 22, 2014)
        • Clean Planet CEO Yoshino Makes Impact at MIT Conference Presenting Mizuno’s LENR Research - Clean Planet, a Japanese startup has emerged as a possible leading LENR company after a presentation by the company’s CEO Hideki Yoshino at the LENR Colloquium at MIT. Mr. Yoshino gave a presentation about the work of Tadahiko Mizuno titled “Replicable Model for Controlled Nuclear Reaction using Metal Nanoparticles”. Mizuno participated in the presentation via… (E-CatWorld; March 25, 2014)
        • Slideshow of Mizuno-Yoshino Presentation at MIT Conference Published - Jed Rothwell has added the slideshow from the recent presentation by Hideki Yoshino and Tadahiko Mizuno at the cold fusion conference at MIT to his site. Below is one slide that provides summary information of the testing they reported on. The best results were obtained using nickel and deuterium. One interesting finding presented in… (E-CatWorld; March 29, 2014)
      • Cold Fusion Now
      • DrBoblog
        • Go Go Power Rangers - Hello Friends, Its the second day today of the seminar at MIT The Power Rangers of Science has gathered in Boston We are having a great time, I want to share some of my pictures (DrBoblog; Mar 22, 2014)
        • Combine Nature & Technology - These last weeks I have been going back to my roots a bit. I printed a few pictures and adventures from my Log and went around showing it to people who own businesses that will benefit from clean and cheap energy. (DrBoblog; Mar 21, 2014)
      • Other News Services
        • The MIT applauds the cold fusion - Francesco Celani introduced the slides at MIT (photo by As I write this post Francesco Celani (INFN) is still in the U.S., will leave for Rome tomorrow night only. He stayed a few days, for fruitful exchanges of information with colleagues overseas, having been one of the protagonists of the 2014 CF / LANR Colloquium held March 21 to 23 at the Institute of Massachutes  (22Passi; March 25, 2014)
        • cold fusion amateur wants to know - The impact of the experiments Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno that was presented at cold fusion colloquium (Ameteur LENR; March 30, 2014)
        • MIT – March 21- 22- 23 – Announcement of cold fusion 1989 - The 2014 Cold Fusion [LANR] Colloquium at MIT. Come help us celebrate the 25 anniversary of the announcement of cold fusion. Cold fusion = LANR (Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions) When/Where: Fri., March 21, Sat., Mar. 22, and Sun. Mar. 23, 2014 (; March 21, 2014)
  • General Cold Fusion
    • Technology
    • Overviews
      • Utah's KSL: Cold fusion continues 25 years after announcement - Wow! Utah's mainstream media finally did a piece on the present status of cold fusion research. This TV piece actually quite well done, giving Mike McKubre the bulk of time in the brief segment. (Free Energy Blog; March 24, 2014)
      • 25 Years Ago Today Pons and Fleischmann Announced Cold Fusion (Video) - Today is the 25th Anniversary of the press conference held at the University of Utah in which the achievement of ‘cold fusion’ by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann was announced. I thought it appropriate to post a video of that event today. (E-CatWorld; March 23, 2014)
      • Jed Rothwell Submits Essay on Cold Fusion for Contest - Long-time cold fusion advocate and researcher Jed Rothwell has written an essay as an entry in a contest sponsored by, an organization which “catalyzes, supports, and disseminates research on questions at the foundations of physics and cosmology.” The spring essay contest is open until April 18th, and contestants are asked to respond to the question, “How should humanity steer the future?” Jed’s essay is titled “Cold fusion may have revolutionary potential”,  (E-CatWorld; March 16, 2014)
      • Shhh! New Energy Breakthrough Is Quietly Powering Up - Within a few short years we could see an energy explosion that changes everything. It promises to come years to decades sooner than conventional (hot) nuclear fusion. And it could be a lot cheaper, more scalable, and more transformative. (Free Energy Blog; April 3, 2014) (And E-CatWorld)
      • Who Will Tell the Great Secret (Guest Post) - The following article was posted in another thread by Joe Shea who was having trouble posting it on the American Reporter site. I think it deserves a post of its own. Guest posts reflect the… (E-CatWorld; March 21, 2014)
      • Is the Cold Fusion Revolution Here? - There seems to be a lot happening in the world of cold fusion/low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) right now. So we can now rightly say that a cold fusion revolution could be beginning. (ColdFusion3; March 8, 2014)
    • Presentations
      • See MIT Colloquium Above
      • Video of Tom Wind’s Univ. of Northen Iowa Lecture on LENR Posted - I’m glad to learn that the video of Iowa consulting electrical engineer Tom Wind’s lecture on LENR at the University of Northern Iowa has now been made available. (E-CatWorld; April 4, 2014)
        • LENR Lecture at the University of Northern Iowa - I’ll be heading off to Cedar Falls, Iowa this afternoon to attend a lecture to be given this evening about LENR given by Tom Wind, an Iowa Department of Natural Resources officer — so while it’s being held at the university, it’s not being given by a UNI employee. (E-CatWorld; March 10, 2014)
        • Report of UNI LENR Lecture by Tom Wind - Here’s a summary of the meeting held at the University of Northern Iowa yesterday. (E-CatWorld; March 11, 2014)
      • Strong presentation by Peter Hagelstein - He talks about the progress in the field. And about the incredible people we unfortunately lost. (; March 25, 2014)
      • Michio Kaku Avoids LENR
        • Ask Me Anything? - Dr Michio Kaku is a famous author and science spokes person well known from TV and Radio. Recently, Michio Kaku have been doing a lot of “Ask Me Anything” in order to promote his new book: “The Future of The Mind”. (DrBoblog; April 7, 2014)
        • My Response to Dr Michio Kaku - Three weeks ago I posted some information about Michio Kaku who would host a session on Facebook where people could ask him about anything. Some of my readers and friends picked up on the idea and bumped my question and formulated their own. (DrBoblog; April 8, 2014)
    • Applications
      • NASA LENR Aircraft and Spaceplanes - It’s mind-boggling to imagine the numbers of people who have viewed the NARI Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft Seedling Seminar by Doug Wells – people from companies serving the aerospace industries, to leaders in engineering and research. (ColdFusionNow; March 9, 2014)
      • European Nations Look for Alternatives to Russian Gas — LENR a Solution? - An article by Reuters looks at the state of uncertainty that many European countries are now feeling as Russia is being seen increasingly as an unreliable partner, yet they depend on Russia to provide around 30 percent of their natural gas supplies. (E-CatWorld; March 21, 2014)
      • Drought Caused Electricity Shortages Show the Need for LENR - Electricity shortages in Brazil and California show the need for new sources of power such as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). These shortages also reveal the limits of renewable energy and raise serious questions about strategies that rely upon it. (EnergyCatalyzer3; March 30, 2014)
      • Electric Grid facing new Challenges - The electric grid the network of power plants, power lines, substations, transformers and other infrastructure that supplies the United States with power is in serious trouble. The problems the grid is facing will drive the adoption of diffused or off-grid electricity generation and drive the development new energy sources such as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR). (EnergyCatalyzer3; March 15, 2014)
    • Politics
    • Economics
      • Shorting oil in the coming LENR world - On, BroKeeper wrote, “Perhaps it’s time to consider purchasing petroleum corporations’ put stock options. ;-)” (NickelPower; April 3, 2014)
    • Commentary
      • Free energy from the East

        Posted  by Sylvie Coyaud in THE PARK OF BUFFALO / / 4 Comments

        THE PARK OF BUFFALO - Sunday, March 23, the foundation Keshe revealed to the world the secret of free energy and free OggiScienza had revealed that the December 13, 2012 . (Oggisienza; April 2, 2014)
    • Social
      • A Reason to Smile (Song) - ECW readers may not know that one of the things I enjoy doing most is creating music. So much of what I learn in the course of putting this website together I find inspirational, and… (E-CatWorld; March 7, 2014)
      • A Note About Futuring World - A few months ago I created a new web site, Futuring World, as a place to discuss interesting and significant developments in the world of technology, business, society, etc. that could have important implications for the future. (E-CatWorld; March 20, 2014)
  • Events
    • Cold Fusion and Nanotechnology Workshop at SF Nanotek 2014 Conference [December 1-3, 2014, San Francisco, USA] - Here’s a press release from Dr. Stoyan Sarg that I think ECW readers might be interested in. Cold Fusion and Nanotechnology – a new opportunity in energy research. The workshop Nanotechnology and Energy Systems in the upcoming conference Nanotek-2014 provides an opportunity for meeting researchers in the field of cold fusion (LENR) (E-CatWorld; March 18, 2014)
  • Tangents / Off-Topic
    • Blacklight Power
      • Blacklight announces sustained production of enormous electrical power from water - BlackLight Power, Inc. today announces that it achieved sustained electricity production from a primary new energy source by using photovoltaic technology to transform brilliant plasma, with power comprising millions of watts of light, directly into electricity. (PESN; April 4, 2014)
      • New Jersey’s Blacklight Power Goes for Gold - JD Sweeney writes: "In this olympic year of 2014, BlackLight Power, of Cranbury New Jersey has applied for world-wide patents on its one cubic foot cell that produces commercial quantities of electricity directly from water. (E-CatWorld; April 7, 2014)
      • Blacklight achieves semi-continuous plasma power production - On March 2, Blacklight uploaded three videos showing brief, continuous runs of their multi-toothed gears, inside which the plasma reaction takes place. A few micro liters of water are hit with two electrodes to create a supersonic-expanding plasma. (PESN; March 6, 2014)
    • Seldon Technologies, NASA, and LENR - “The present disclosure combines the unique properties of nanotubes and in one embodiment carbon nanotubes, in a novel manifestation designed to meet current and future energy needs in an environmentally friendly way. (ColdFusionNow; March 13, 2014)
    • British Schoolboy Youngest ‘Fusioneer’ Ever - Here’s a short video from the BBC which features the achievement of a 13 year-old British schoolboy, Jamie Edwards, who became the youngest person ever to build a nuclear fusion reactor. He was awarded a grant of $3,350 from his school, Penwortham Priory Academy, in Preston, England to build his reactor. (E-CatWorld; March 6, 2014)
    • China Plans to Have Thorium Plant Running in 10 Years - An article in the South China Morning Post is reporting that China plans on completing the world’s first thorium nuclear reactor using thorium molten-salt technology 15 years sooner than was originally planned. (E-CatWorld; March 20, 2014)

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"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)


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