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You are here: > News > March 12, 2014

G&G Power Generation Systems Announces Water Fuel Demo

Texas company claims to have the ability to run a genset on ionized water mist, after bringing the engine up to speed using HHO -- no gasoline used. They will be holding a demonstration for potential investors and partners on March 15 in Houston, to bring in funding to engineer for production. NDA/NCA required.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Daniel Nims brought the following announcement to my attention. (Slightly edited, emphasis added.)

G&G Power Generation Systems, LLC (a subsidiary of G&G Products Family of Companies, LLC) is proud to announce the demonstration of a Proof of Concept generator set that is powered completely by water. The demonstration is set for 1pm on March 15th of this year (9 days from now). The demo will be at our new location at 12521 Fondren Rd., Ste. C in Houston, Texas. Map and direction links are given below.

The demo will consist of showing a 10hp Briggs&Stratton gasoline engine being started by Brown's Gas and then upon starting being switched over to ionized water mist as a fuel. The engine is connected to a 5.5kw generator. The genset itself is a highly modified "off the shelf" home genset that is typically sold at Home Depot or Lowes or any large retail outlet. It is being used strictly as a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the viability of our design and components. The actual production prototype will differ greatly in appearance and output.

Also, attached [docx, pdf] is a Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete Agreement that must be signed and presented before being allowed into the demonstration event. While some of you may have signed NDA's with us in the past, this one is specific to this demonstration. Original signatures only please, no copies. If you need a copy for your records please make it before attending as our copy capabilities are limited to a computer printer at this time.

Link to map from Hobby Airport in South Houston to the shop -

Link to map from George Bush Intercontinental Airport (HOU) -

Link to map for coming in on the west side of Houston via I-10 (ignore the Katy, Tx. directions) -

Link to map for coming in on the east side of Houston via I-10 (ignore the Channelview, Tx.directions) -

The nearest hotel is Mustang Inn & Suites located at 13930 Fondren Rd. at South Beltway 8, approximately 2 miles from our shop. The clerk tells me they don't accept reservations during spring break, it's first come, first serve, however they seem to think they'll have 8 or 9 rooms available for the 14th through the 16th. Their phone is (281) 835-5511. You can Google Houston Hotels & Motels to find something more accommodating, but this is the closest one I could find.

We will have Distributor/Manufacturer License Applications for G&G Power Generation Systems, LLC on hand, as well as copies of the actual licenses for your examination. If you would like advance copies of either or both, just let me know in an e-mail and we'll get them out to you.

Don't hesitate to call with any questions or concerns,
Ben Gresham, President
G&G Products Family of Companies, LLC

Conversation with Ben

I phoned Ben to ask a few questions, and the general impression I got is that they are in the very early stages of R&D on this and don't yet realize how far they have to go before this will be commercially available. (See our Idea to Market roadmap document.) He thinks they could be in production within three months of receiving adequate funding.

They're looking for funding in the region of half a million USD to help them engineer a production prototype (using off-the shelf components, for the most part). Up until now, they have been doing this work part-time, in their spare time, and on their own dime. They would like to be able to devote full-time to this effort.

They recently found a location where they can do their work, and have a facility in mind for production, and they have been in communication with several potential vendors.

He said the technology is relatively simple, based on existing systems that have been around since the 1980s, but they have filed for a patent on the ignition system. They use HHO to start up the system, but after that, they switch to a water mist to become the only fuel source -- so they are running only on water, nothing else. The carburetor is highly modified. Their process will use about three quarts of water to do what one gallon of gasoline usually accomplishes (3/4 the "fuel", when water is used as fuel).

He said the proof of concept system they will be demonstrating isn't very stable yet. It only runs for a few minutes before it begins to sputter due to improper timing of the firing. The longest they've ever had it running is about ten minutes. He said they are making modifications to the magneto system so they can adjust the firing to 5 to 10 degrees past top dead center, instead of a few degrees before top dead center -- something they expect to have installed in the next few hours.

It seems they don't have a lot of redundancy in their prototypes, so I would guess that it is possible that their only working system could be in a state of not working by the time the demo rolls around. I highly recommend to them that they leave their working design alone and only modify a new system with their imagined improvements. With people driving and flying in to see this thing, they shouldn't risk the demo not working by tinkering with the only presently working system.

I asked how many working prototypes they have, and he said "zero." The "proof of concept" is not a complete, functioning system, but merely demonstrates the principle of running on water -- for a few minutes.


March 16, 2014; 5 pm Mountain

I spoke with Ben just now. He said that they ran into mechanical problems and were not able to give a successful demonstration. They scrambled and tried to get a new generator to run, but it was larger than the one they had been using, so it only ran for a few seconds on the water mist (flow rate wasn't adequate) -- not long enough to be convincing.

Around 17 people showed up from around the U.S., including Alaska, and signed NDAs. He felt bad that they had gone through the time and expense of traveling to see their demo.

Ben expects to get his system running by next weekend, at which point he will shoot a private video to show those who have signed NDAs.

When I asked him if he wishes he had two generators operation for redundancy for the demo, he replied, "We are operating on a limited budget, and have to make do with what we have."

# # #

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