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You are here: > News > March 6, 2014

BlackLight achieves semi-continuous plasma power production

On March 2, BlackLight uploaded three videos showing brief, continuous runs of their multi-toothed gears, inside which the plasma reaction takes place. A few micro liters of water are hit with two electrodes to create a supersonic-expanding plasma.

See comment / explanation below about seam welder use.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

In January, after I had a brief interview with Randell Mills of BlackLight Power, we posted this news bullet:

Featured / Best Exotics: Blacklight >
Randell Mills explains upcoming Blacklight Power demo - The proposed 10 MW device that would be 1 ft2, would entail a 60-toothed gear spinning at 200 rpm, making the water chamber size a few micro liters, lasting a millisecond, during which two electrodes would create a supersonic-expanding plasma that goes into a magnetohydrodyamic converter, then directly into electricity, cleanly, safely... (PESN; January 20, 2014)

Here is a description of the proposed process:

He described the main components of the 10 MW system. The reaction area is comprised of the water fuel entering a volume that is triangular in shape between interdigitating gears. The volume is about 2 mm thick by 4 mm, and 1 cm wide (the thickness of the gears). That would be enough fuel to give you 10 kilo-Joules of energy. The 60-toothed gears rotate at 200 rpm, at about a millisecond time scale per reaction. So at a rate of 10 kJ per tooth, gives 10 MW of power continuously, at an efficiency of 90 percent conversion rate.
The water fuel, energized by two electrodes, creates a supersonic-expanding plasma, that goes into magnetohydrodynamic converter (a known science), which converts that plasma directly into electricity. "It's a technology that basically has been looking for an application, same as what we saw with the laser. Our application is perfect for it, with supersonic expanding plasma with 10 million times the power density of fire."

On Tuesday, we received the following update from BlackLight, which we have permission to post.

From: Beata Stepien
Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2014 4:40 PM [mountain]
Subject: an update

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
BlackLight successfully performed its first test of semi-continuous plasma power production by sequentially igniting a series of H2O- based highly conductive solid fuel aliquots. We posted videos of the tests on our website, . [I've embedded them below as well.]
We are getting started on a continuous prototype. The plan is to sequentially detonate small fuel aliquots where the power is given by the energy per aliquot times the frequency of detonation as described in this link ( We will periodically send updates to you since you indicated interest in our recent demonstration.
Best Regards,
BlackLight Power Inc.

Here are the videos they posted to their channel on March 2:



The description says: "BlackLight successfully performed its first test of semicontinuous plasma power production by sequentially igniting a series of H2O-based highly conductive solid fuel aliquots."

This is great news, but in my estimation it also bespeaks a lot of R&D left to get it more stable and to capture those emitting plasmas of comparable size directly into electricity.

In this test, those ignitions are anything but consistent. Sometimes they don't fire, sometimes the explosions are large, sometimes small, sometimes medium.

For this to be commercially viable, they need to be nearly identical from one to the next firing as the teeth of the gears go by one at a time.

Once that is accomplished, imaging this spinning at 200 rpm, rather than just under 1 rpm, which is about how fast they're turning here.

"Just a Shorting-Out Seam Welder" / Possible Explanation

I received the following comment (slightly edited):

From: Bob Miller 
To: sterlingda 
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2014 3:10 AM [Mountain]
Subject: blacklight B.S.

The "so called " free energy plasma machine in their video is nothing more than a " seam welder ".

I've used them before.

You run 2 pieces of sheet metal thru the 2 copper discs, and the electrical current flowing from one disc to the other welds the 2 sheets together.

The reason there are sparks is that it is shorting metal resistance in between the 2 copper discs.

I'm sure these guys are laughing their asses off that they got you to put this on your website.

In doing a quick YouTube search, it was easy to find a video of a seam welder. Here's one that shows the machine that indeed resembles the one BlackLight is using, and then demonstrates it in operation, welding a seam. 

So I think it's safe to say that indeed it is a seam welder that BlackLight is using as the supporting apparatus.

However, I don't see this as necessarily discrediting but rather as ingenious, adapting off-the-shelf technology to another purpose.

As you look closely at the BlackLight videos, you can see that they've wrapped some kind of item around the perimeter of the copper discs, which is probably what mimics the gears they propose in their system. And the potential between the copper discs provides the arc they need for their technology.

Indeed, it may be that the first successful embodiments of their technology (producing continuous electricity) will utilize the seam welder, rather than building something from scratch.

This certainly will not be the first time clever people have jerry-rigged one thing to serve another purpose. It's something inventors are expert at.

Earlier Q&A

From: Beata Stepien 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2014 11:41 AM [Mountain]
Subject: RE: questions; Re: permission? Re: an update

Hi Sterling,

Below are the answers to your questions.


Q. Why were the experimental runs limited to only a few seconds?

We could run it indefinitely as long as we supplied the H2O-based solid fuel.

These were the initial tests with prepared fuel pellets. we are designing a continuous fuel fed system.

Q. How hard is it going to be to get each plasma reaction to be of consistent output from one to the next? It seems there was a wide divergence in this set-up: sometimes large, sometimes medium, sometimes small, sometimes null.

These were the initial tests. some detonations destroyed the contiguous fuel pellet. a gear system as given in the animation on our web-page will prevent this.

Q. Could the design still be functional even if there is this much variation, once brought up to high rpm, averaging out? or does this issue have to be mastered first?

Variation can be averaged out with output power conditioning.

Q. At what point will you begin the magnetohydrodyamic converter, to go directly to electricity?

We are working on it.

# # #

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated March 18, 2014




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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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When you're two steps ahead,
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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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