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You are here: > News > February 22, 2014

Five Billion Dollar Budget versus grocery money plea

I've been wondering why we've not been able to find someone to loan us the money we need to make ends meet so we don't have to keep putting out the donation hat. We're on the cusp of the energy solutions the world needs.

(Please excuse the tone in this article. It's hard not to scream when you're drowning. Follow up from two recent articles: Loan to PES Network Opportunity and PES/NEST $5 Billion exotic free energy international budget)
[p.s. I wrote this this morning, but by the time I've gotten around to posting this this afternoon, it looks like I may have already found a solution, and this matter may be moot. Will have to wait and see.]

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I was going to write and post this story Friday morning, but I ended up receiving four amazing phone calls by inventors wanting to tell me about their technologies to see how we at PES could help them, either by giving them coverage, or networking them with people who can help. The first call came at 4:30 am from Thailand from a guy who showed me a video of his device providing rotation from a constant lever force from gravity. He also showed me his magnet motor running and said he'd send me one to prove to scientists that it works. He said the lever technology is ready to license. Another call came from another guy with a magnet motor who wants me to publish his plans and video when I get them on a CD. Then there was a call from a guy in Canada who is working on a fuel efficiency technology that boosts mileage by around 50%. Stories pending.

From a personal fulfillment point of view, I love the work I do. It is so satisfying. And from your feedback, you love this stuff too.

But from a financial point of view... it is not easy being out here on the bleeding edge, helping lead the charge in the exotic free energy movement. I get a lot of pats on the back (from some, and tomatoes thrown from others), but not many dollars in the pocket to sustain my personal needs and wishes.

I am totally convinced that we are on the cusp of not just the next technological revolution, but one that will impact all sectors of society, including economic, social, religious, political, educational, up to opening all kinds of new avenues such as exploration and homesteading of deep sea and space. In modern economic terms, it's a quadrillion-dollar market ($1,000,000,000,000,000). And I'm not exaggerating. It will be the engine that leads to the "Thrive" paradigm world Foster Gamble talks about. It will be the physical enabler of an enlightened world no longer filled with poverty, wars, crime and corruption.

Just think about it. Pretty much everything nowadays is energy-based -- certainly technology, but also indirect things such as entertainment, education, politics and even religion. What would a church be without a microphone, heating, lights, projectors? Yes, we've done without them just fine through the centuries, but look at how much more we are able to do to bless mankind because we have energy technologies -- to lift everyone out of poverty. It is within our grasp.

I can't remember the exact number, but a few years ago, I saw an article pointing out that the AVERAGE person on the planet today, because of modern technology, which is powered by modern energy advancements, has the equivalent of 300 "slaves" to support their life style. Just think of how much empowerment a refrigerator represents. You don't have to go cut blocks of ice from the nearby pond in the winter and put them in an ice house and haul them to your ice box in order to get some longevity for your food. Think of how much convenience is represented by your car; or by the heater or air conditioner in your your house, so you don't have to worry about gathering firewood.

The average person today lives better than the richest kings of old. Better entertainment, better food, better opportunities for travel and trade. 

But we're on a precipice of two directions we could go as a society.

On the one hand, we're on the brink of increasing that level of comfort many-fold, while simultaneously having the ability to clean up our messes in the landfills and rivers and oceans. We're on the brink of being able to grow high-quality, organic food indoors anywhere, from purified and re-vitalized water extracted either from any running or standing water source or from the air (dehumidifier technology). We're on the brink of having high-quality natural remedies available to heal nearly any malady presently known to us. We're on the brink of peace between all nations. We're on the brink of heaven on earth.

But we are also on the brink of seeing nearly all of this modern infrastructure destroyed if we stay on the downward path we are presently on, which the new world order tyrants are leading us down, to enslave us all under their control. The darkest in this cabal seek the destruction of all mankind. They are sociopaths who are blind to the extent of their evil and the impact it will have on them as well. I'm talking about the out-of-control destruction of our natural crops through anything-but-healthy GMOs. I'm talking about weather manipulation through chemtrails, HAARP, and other things that we haven’t even yet found out about. I'm talking about a mass media that is nearly completely under the control of these conspirators (because they own them) to give whatever propaganda they want to feed us. I'm talking about poisoned water supplies with fluoride and other compounds to dumb us down, make us docile, and slowly kill us. I'm talking about political machinations to get us into wars that are easily avoidable. I'm talking about the spy grid being set up to watch our every move and turn us either into tattlers or occupants of concentration camps. I'm talking about the zombie apocalypse they are preparing us mentally for. That's the world they want and are creating. Hell on earth.

So, here I sit, as one of the leaders in the exotic free energy world, running the best news, directory, and networking service on the planet, which holds a key remedy that can bring us to heaven on earth, instead of hell on earth -- or at least to mitigate how bad the hell gets before we wake up as a civilization -- and I have to keep putting the donation had out, to make ends meet; and we're so tight presently that I had to actually say: "my wife needs some grocery money" this week -- which brought in ~$150 from ~five people, which only covered other expenses, and we have less than $200 in our business and family accounts combined. We've gotten by on 1/3 the budget this month for groceries that we usually require. Cheri has been scrounging things from the basement to sell on eBay and Sanpete Trash to Treasure -- old home school supplies, for pennies on the dollar that we got them for years ago for our kids when they were younger. She's making bread from scratch for the kids' lunches. We've been eating from our storage.

I've been trying to get someone to loan us a much larger amount so we don't have to ask for donations, but no luck on that other than one $10k loan which lasted a couple of months last year. I'm absolutely certain we'll be able to pay back all loans with a healthy return when this exotic free energy "ship" finally "comes in" -- something that is getting ever more close, so close now you can see the shiny wrapping on the packages about to go into mass production. 

I don't understand. There are hundreds of people in our occasional audience who make more than $150k/year.

There are many companies that could benefit by coming in as a partner or sponsor of the work we are doing. 

Certainly, I'm not the only one with a clear vision about what these exotic free energy technologies can do for our future. But when I look at the lack of response to my request for a substantial loan, whether or not it was intended to apply to this situation, I certainly can relate to the prophecy: "In that day when I came unto mine own, no man among you received me.... When I called again, there was none of you to answer." (D&C 133:66) Hello!!!!

Please, for the love of God, could one of you who has a lot of money, loan us some? I'd love to have you be part of the success that is coming in the future. You'll see a return far beyond your wildest dreams -- far more fulfilling than most anything else you could use that money for.

The indigent among our audience have donated about all they possibly can. $10 here, $50 there. The donate button has become a burden. They're struggling to make ends meet too. I'd much rather they be able to donate to some cool free energy fundraiser, or some other great cause. Same goes for some of the wealthier who chip in with larger donations. We very much appreciate those.

Please, one or more of you who are in a position to give us a sizeable loan, step forward so we can discuss terms that are agreeable to you. It could benefit you better than anything you've ever been involved in your entire life. The entire planet may thank you some day.

I'm not talking to those of you who have dug deep in your pockets to donate. I'm talking to those with deeper pockets to give us a substantial loan.

I don't have a back-up plan. I'm all-in on this exotic free energy quest. No other options for me to support my family.

Meanwhile, as I continue this seemingly endless wait for a substantial loan partner, thanks to those of you who are donating to help, so I don't wither and die. History will remember you kindly.

It doesn't help knowing that there are people out there predicting our collapse, just waiting to see the heap and dust. And it's not the "enemy" but former friends who are included in that crowd of gawkers. It’s all so very frustrating that those who seem to know what’s going on and appear to be on the right side act this way.

P.S. How do we have a nicer house?

I got an email a few days ago from someone who looked up our address on Google maps street view and concluded that I'm running some kind of scam asking for donations while living in a nicer house. Here is part of my response to him:

A photo of our house last month, posted in the article: Burning Snow from Artificial Chemical Nucleation?

My wife manifested this house. I would have never thought to look into something like this.

Two years ago, we were a family of 6 in a small rental house, all four kids, of both genders, sharing one room. No kids around to play with. Landlord would have us leave if things fell apart, to have his kids stay in the home. We needed a place of our own. 

Spirit led my wife to this house we're in now. It was in foreclosure, with no lawn, so we got a great deal. Miraculous circumstances of how we got it. This was the only house we looked at. 

[An example of the "miraculous" is that about a month after we had looked at the house, one morning, Spirit told Cheri: "make an offer on the house today," so she went to a local mortgage place. They protested about launching the offer that day, being very busy, but she insisted that it had to be that day. We just barely got the paper work in by the end of the day. It turned out that that was the last day offers were being accepted on the home. We then found out there were multiple offers [four total]. Cheri was told (by Spirit) what amount to offer (higher than what her real estate broker mother recommended), and we were awarded the contract. She loves the home and wants to be here for at least a decade while our kids grow up.]

I was surprised we qualified for financing. At the time, as now, I thought we were on the cusp of these exotic free energy technologies coming in, and we would be riding the wave of the next big revolution -- the free energy revolution.

Trust me, the fact that we live in this nice house is not easy for me to deal with, when we're still relying on donations to make our payments. It is something I struggle with emotionally very profoundly. Those who believe in the positive thinking principles tell me that I deserve this home and need this home, and should not be ashamed of being in a nice home.

If this home were in Salt Lake City, it would be half a million dollars, but being in rural Utah, it is less than half that. Our mortgage payment is less than rent would be in most cities for tight quarters.

I'm very grateful that we can live comfortably, and I am working toward a world where everyone else can as well.

We do need $ for groceries. Our combined bank account balance is less than $400 and I've to a trip to Denver for the Evolve Expo. My wife has been spending 1/3 what she usually does on groceries this month. We're behind on our orthodontist and dentist bills.

So, before you get too critical of me, remember ....

No one comes even close to what we prove at PESN in giving coverage to the emerging exotic free energy technologies. No one else has the stamina, courage, faith, conviction, tenacity to do what I do. It is the furthest thing from easy. I once calculated my hourly income based on the revenue we pull in and the time I spend (14 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365, on average), and it came to about $3.00/hour.

So if your conscience is okay with not chipping in, that's between you and God.

My conscience is clear that I'm providing more than a great service for what I get financially from it.

Part of the reason we were able to qualify for a mortgage on that home is because I have good credit. You don't have to be rich to keep good credit. Somehow, we've always been able to pay our bills. And that "somehow" often has had to do with your contributions. Thanks. 

Hopefully it won't be too much longer before I'll be helping create millions of jobs worldwide, rather than having my "please donate" hat out. And yes, a lot of us are going to be getting very wealthy when that happens, but for me, that wealth will be a reflection of the number of people I'm helping, not of me trying to get ahead of others at the expense of the poor.

p.p.s. David Schemel, who has been sitting next to me talking to Rich Berry, my associate at NEST at our booth at the EvolveExpo, just told me that "22 (as in February 22) is a 'master number'. There are no accidents."

p.p.p.s. MORE ODOMETRY: On Friday morning after those four calls, I was curious about what kind of horoscope or other esoteric alignment might be in place for that day, since it was so unusual to have that many calls in such a short period; so Cheri did some searching for me and linked me to a woo woo (said affectionately) page which mentioned that: "The 3 Frequency is Creative Energy; Creativity in all forms. It is the initial energy of the Creative Life Force for the physical realms, and is the lower frequency vibration of the 111, and therefore associated with the Initial Spark of the Conception Energy." I'm staying in room 111 in the Courtyard Marriott, Stapleton, where the Evolve Expo has us speakers. Also, note a couple of other line-ups. Today's date, in the url is 2/22, and the sequential number for this story happens to be 9602444. (The first portion of that number was arbitrarily chosen to be high enough for Google News' requirement for unique digits in the url for our stories.)

p.p.p.p.s. MORE ODOMETRY:  On Saturday evening, after a fantastic day at the Evolve Expo, as I was waiting for my plane, then flying back to SLC, my first task was to generate a tally of donations received so far, including the donations from February 16+ when I posted the "need $ for groceries" notice in the PESWiki blog prior to posting this plea post. I had to chuckle when the subtotal, including the monthly donations set up prior to this, came to $666. Usually, we think of that number in a negative context (mark of the beast). However, in my studies, I've learned that most everything also has an opposite meaning and manifestation. For example, my home address the last time I lived in Ephraim, UT (around eight years ago, when I launched this exotic FE quest) was 666 South, 60 E. The definition for "Ephraim" is on page 666 of the LDS Topical guide. And the events of this day certainly fit into the "opposite" frame of reference. I spent several more hours with the investor who is very interested in helping some of these exotic FE technologies get to market. It's still too early to announce anything definitive, but it just may be that we have finally arrived at that happy and much anticipated transition point when will no longer need to ever post a donation fundraiser for PES, both because he is likely to provide some preliminary funding, and because the arrangement is likely to lead to a revenue stream that will continue to grow, providing for our survival needs as well as our ability to expand our operations. Finally!  Yeah!! This embodies the "opposition in all things" principle. Just when we reach the lowest point of essentially needing to beg, we reach that time of the beginning of the long-sought return on investment of all we have put into this exotic free energy quest. It's actually quite funny and fitting that the subtotal tally would come to $666. You have to laugh at the humor of such a synchronicity. 
OOPS, CORRECTION: After writing the above, I thought I better check my math, which I had been tabulating manually as I entered each new donation. So I pulled out Windows Calculator and realized the tally actually comes to $791 so far. 
So, should I erase the above? Actually, I still consider it significant to me personally, attributing the "error" to my guardian angels who are playing with me, to come up with the $666 total to drive home a point. Sometimes errors are an important part of our life's path. It doesn't weigh as heavily with me now that I realize the tally was in error, but I still find it cute and worth mention.
Feb. 24, 1:00 pm Mountain: David Haack points out this morning that an earlier sub-total actually did come to $666, so I moved the subtotal notice to that point.
p.p.p.p.p.s. Feb. 24; 9:15 am Mountain. 
SURREAL. I have to share something else that happened last night that is rich in symbolism. My blood sugar was kind of low, which made what happened seem even more strange.
My gate at Denver International was C29 -- at one end of the terminal. I've been in a lot of airports in my life, and usually when you get to the end of a terminal, you see three things: a lot of windows to see the planes taking off and landing, an enlarged area with several gates. I didn't know C29 was at the end of the terminal. I was just taking one rotating walkway after another, going and going, looking for C29, as the numbers got lower. Then, it seemed like all of the sudden the terminal came to an abrupt stop, and I couldn't see "C29." There was no continuation of the terminal either through stairs or walkways, yet it seemed like the middle of the terminal with an arbitrary wall dropped down. 
Confused, I turned around and went to a gate agent to ask where C29 was. He pointed to where I had just been. I went back, and then I saw a door that looked like a janitorial, metal door, with "C29" over the top of it, right next to a fancy gate labeled "C31". C29 was about the most unimpressive gate I've ever seen. I wish I had taken a photo of it. As I look online, it appears that gate C39 used to be on the wall at the end of the terminal, and maybe they're doing construction, hence the odd, surrealistic appearance now.
The place was packed with people lined up to get on a plane, but there were two vacant seats, so I took one, and started the above-mentioned tally.
Then, as we approached Salt Lake, the stewardess noted that this was the last stop for this plane for the day, and everyone should be getting off. That was weird. I've never heard any crew member say something like that before. Then she sang a song with lyrics to the effect that if you marry someone from Southwest, you can fly for free. It was actually quite entertaining. They also played the graduation theme music loudly over the intercom.
And it turned out that the gate we arrived at was the very end of the line of concourse B.
What was with all this "end of the line" stuff. Four occurrences one after another.
As I thought about it, I realized it was another opposite, like 666. It symbolizes the end of one phase and the beginning of another. "New Beginning", to be particular.
The theme continued as I drove home, looking for a place to eat. I stopped at McDonald's asking for a veggie burger, but then realized they were not Burger King. So my next stop was where I saw a sign for Subway, which also has veggie patties for their sandwiches; but they were closed. I thought maybe it was because they are new and haven't opened operation yet. The next Subway was also closed. Seemed like more "end of the line" kind of motif. So I finally headed for a Burger King I knew was open. 

p.p.p.p.p.s. Feb. 27, 2014; MORE ODOMETRY:  Our editor, Sean McGuinness writes: "Curiously enough, on February 22, I took the screenshot below when in the process of opening my tablet. Not sure why but it is interesting, eh? (Maybe partially because both Mary and my birthdays are on the 22nd. I’ll have to ask her about it, as she knows some things about numbers, too.)

# # #


Feb. 16; Jason L; $10 (monthly)
Feb. 17; John C; $5 (monthly)
Feb. 17; Doug W; US; $10 (monthly)
Feb. 17; Ronny K; Norway; $50
Feb. 17; Roger T; UK; $30
Feb. 19; Craig B; US; $50
Feb. 20; Gabriel B; Australia; $15
Feb. 21; James W; US; $20
Feb. 21; Zarwell; US; $50
above are pre-article (subtotal: $240)
Feb. 22; Jean-Piere E; $10 (monthly)
Feb. 22; Rose F; US; $50
Feb. 22; John R; Australia; $100
Feb. 22; Graeme H; Australia; $20
Feb. 23; J C; UK; $150
Feb. 23; Brian D; $10
Feb. 23; Zarwell E; $5 (monthly)
Feb. 23; Harold A; $1 (monthly)
Feb. 23; Christopher W; UK; $50
Feb. 23; Augustine K; UK; $10
Feb. 23; Michael F; $20
The above subtotal came to $666
Feb. 23; Richard Q; $50
Feb. 23; Timothy S; US; $75
Feb. 23; Raphael B; Canada; $50
Feb. 24; Fred B; US; $25 (monthly)
Feb. 24; Evgeny; Russia; $100 (monthly)
Feb. 24; Liberty N; US; $10
Feb. 24; David S; US; $10 (monthly)
Feb. 25; Jose C; Philippines; $10 (monthly)
Feb. 25; Em P; US; $5 (monthly)
Feb. 26; Samuel D; Canada; $15
Feb. 27; Daylesford CC; Astralia; $10 (monthly)
Feb. 28; Eric VE; Belgium; $5 (monthly)
Feb. 28; anon; US; $100
Mar 1; William G; US; $75 (monthly)
Mar 1; Jean-Piere E; $50
Mar 1; anon; US; $1500 (for kids)
Mar 1; Ron C; US; $1000
Mar 6; Steve I; Canada; $300

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Subtotal: $4056
(This subtotal commenced February 16, 2014; 1:45 pm) Dates are per Mountain time [GMT-6].

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated March 06, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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