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You are here: > News > January 8, 2014

Genius Snow Plow inventor replicated Pogue carburetor

Before he was born, John Donoghue seems to have mapped out a life full of terrible experiences to withstand and overcome, to bring forth many great technologies and knowledge to bless mankind. He sees himself as both a messenger and inventor on a mission.

My wife, Cheri, has been very accurate in her energetic readings over the years. She can pick up on people's energies, regardless of how near or far away they are. For what it's worth, she picked up something very unusual (not in a good way) with John. Another observation is that people tend to perceive him as coming across like he knows more than anyone else, which can be a turn-off. His wife says that she's not surprised at Cheri's assessment, but explains that the likely reason for Cheri's negative read had to do with "the negative entities that work against us to try and prevent us from succeeding."

John holds two US/Canadian patents (1, 2, both lapsed) on a brilliant snow plow design that has not yet been brought to market. With the triangle base, it is able to hit low obstacles and bounce over them, rather than wrecking the truck. Due to the flat bottom of the triangle base, it can plow grass without damage, as well as cobblestone. The blade can articulate in a wide number of ways, left, right, and with various pitches, increasing the plowing options. This also makes it possible to get un-stuck without a tow. His newer design also allows for the blade assembly to be what absorbs the shock in the case of a collision, reducing damage both to the truck and to what was hit.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Yesterday afternoon, while working on the long-overdue LENR Digest, I received a phone call from John Donoghue, who had heard me on Coast to Coast AM last Sunday night. (Link) He ended up talking for maybe 4.5 hours, telling me much of his very colorful life history.

Immediately detecting that this was going to be an interesting conversation, I asked if I could record our dialogue, but he declined; so I'm just going from the notes I took.

He began something to the effect:

"I'm the guy you were talking about on Coast. I have several US & Canadian patents, with over 100 claims. My house was burned to the ground; I've had three attempts on my life; my wife & I have had to flee for our lives many times. We're presently living in a camper trailer with our four children. I'm a veteran, Marine Corps, have never had a ticket. I have a passport, but they won't let me out of the country."

He said he has a snow plow design that he would like to bring to market, the revenues from which could finance a lot of free energy technologies, including the Pogue carburetor which he replicated years prior, improving his truck's mileage from 8-9 mpg to 65 mpg.

He said his father, who he considers to be a very evil man, probably worked with Von Braun, perhaps in Navel Intelligence during the Korean War, and was heavily involved in Project Paperclip and the founding of the CIA (which John refers to as "Criminals In Action"). He said his dad, who attended Harvard, MIT, and Northeastern, was head of the missile division at Raytheon, designing guidance systems, including the capability for missiles to follow and hit a plane. "You can't find anything about him on the web. One time I found a story about a golf course project he was involved in down in Florida (as a retreat for the elite), and a couple of days later when I went to show my wife, the story had disappeared."

John described a UFO encounter that happened shortly after his parent's divorce when he was nine years old, that seems to have set his life on a completely different course from his parents, and which has guided his life in ways analogous to what we often read about in near death experiences. Here is a rough recollection from my notes of his telling about this experience:

When my parents got divorced [very ugly situation, including frying pan through car window, burning rubber], I cried out to God: "Why is this happening to me? What is happening to me?"

Shortly after that, I had this experience.

I had a paper route in our residential neighborhood in New England. I delivered a weekly paper to 30 customers. That summer night, while delivering the papers, I saw some very strange lights up in the sky. While talking to one of the customers, taking their payment, I asked him to come look, asking: "Look at those lights? What are those?"

He responded: "I don't know, kid; haven't seen anything like that before. Definitely not airplanes."

The end of the route was near a horseshoe-shaped road near a swamp in a forested area. When I got there, I noticed two things that were very unusual. First, all the lights in the neighborhood were out, like the power had gone out. Second, the forest/swamp, which normally was teaming with noises of frogs, crickets, and animals, was completely silent.

I stopped my bike, and was straddling my bike, so there wouldn't be any noise from my bike. There wasn't a sound. It was completely quiet. It was an eerie silence, like being frozen in time.

At that moment, when I concluded, "This is not my imagination," this thing rolled over my head. It was huge, cylindrical, with proportions of a tall beer can laid down on its side. It didn't fly in line like a missile or torpedo; but as if on a sheet of plate glass stretched across the sky at treetop, it every so slowly seemed to rolled over top of where I was located. It had 4 circles of light: two in the center, which were white; and one on each end, which were bright rainbow colors. It was dead silent. I looked in total awe.

The next thing I remember, I was standing in the middle of the road, it was still directly over my head, then it shot up into the sky as quick as a lightning bolt, seeming to shoot past the stars [though that certainly was relative to its close proximity]. Even when departing, it didn't make any noise, no wind, no whoosh.

Immediately after that, three small Cesna type craft came along, flying maybe 200 feet over the ground, and seemed to be the reason why the craft had departed.

The next thing I remember was standing next to my bike, but I don't remember getting off my bike.

When I went home, I presumed it would be around 8 pm, which is when I usually got home from delivering the newspaper; but when I went in, my mother was at the kitchen table with red eyes, sobbing; and she scolded me: "Oh my God, where have you been?" It was 11:30 pm. 

I told her that I saw a UFO, and she angrily replied: "Oh my God, you've lost your mind," humiliating me.

I went and called the police, told them who I was, and said, "I saw a UFO".

They replied, "Son, where do you live? What's your address?" 

Then almost immediately, 4-5 unmarked cruisers pulled into my driveway. My sister said: "Somebody is in the driveway."

8-10 men in suits got out. They were not wearing uniforms but had on dark suits.

When I went out to meet with them, I said, "My mother thinks I'm crazy."

One of them replied: "Son, our phone has not stopped ringing for the last 3 hours; we don't think you're crazy." They asked me to sit in the back of one of the cars to give them some information.

"We have here a man who is an artist. We want you to describe what you saw, the best you can."

After he did that, they thanked me and left.

My family ridiculed me for what I claimed.

While he had no direct memory of being up on that craft, later, and especially recently, he has begun to piece together various reoccurring dreams for two years after that, impressions, and insights he has, which point to his having been on the craft and having been given a special mission regarding humanity, to help humanity. One of his recollections is of being taken into space above the earth, to be told about the planet and its inhabitants, including the diabolical New World Order (not their vernacular). This was in the form of a reoccurring dream, with communication being telepathic. They were wearing silver-white robes, and had Nordic features, and they invited him on the craft for a ride; which he accepted. He looked out the window and saw the Earth. It was like in the Matrix, where in a nanosecond he received a download of massive information. The most horrifying part of the vision was how utterly and totally clueless people were about their true condition.

John points to the Phoenix Journals as being consistent with what he experienced aboard that craft. "They contain the true history ("his story") of mankind on this planet, as well as detailed information about the most-asked subjects: spirituality, ETs, our origins, our purpose. Commander Hatonn and other spiritual teachers weave lessons and insights in answer to the lies and deceptions thrust upon us by elite, anti-Christ controllers." They claim that Jesus is their Commander in Chief aboard their craft. They are in orbit around our planet awaiting their appointed time.

John said the Phoenix Journals were conveyed "scribe-like", not "channeled". John adds that most of the stuff on the Internet about Commander Hatonn is intentional disinformation. John said that he was instructed to the effect: "We do not channel. Channeling is not good. It's almost always the evil entities." They emphatically say it is not "channeling". John said: "I concluded that they [the Phoenix Journals] come from the same beings who visited me when I was young."

Rough Childhood

By the age of ten, John kept running away from home because of the abuse he was experiencing there; and he ended up in state custody, going from place to place, half-way houses, child prisons, and detention homes, as he tried to escape their abuse.

In elementary school, he said he got straight A's, even though he never studied or did any homework, and often daydreamed or slept in class. In the 4th grade, he said he was told to go to a child psychologist who did an IQ test. He wasn't told what his score was, other than that it was "over 150" (in the Einstein range).

Finally, in his Freshman year, when he was ~14 years old, he announced that they must emancipate him from the state, saying he was going to continue to run away because he didn't like how he was being treated; and the only place they were finding him was at school; and if they didn't emancipate him, then he would stop going to school.

After that, until he was 17, he had been in a school in Boston, which was one of the three forced segregation schools in the U.S. Most of the parents of the white children destined for that school put their children in private schools, so there were only 80 white kids, including John, in a high school of 3500 students. 

"They had murders every day. Once they cut the head off a teacher and hung it on a lamp post in front of the school. The violence was so bad that the Massachusetts state police raided the school with a 300 man SWAT team, landing a helicopter on the roof, chained all the doors shut, locking everyone in. They confiscated over 1700 hand guns. The media completely covered it up, because they had an agenda to desegregate the nation."

After Reagan's election in 1980, with an assurance to kick some terrorist butt (hostage crisis), John volunteered for the Marine Corps; and needed a signature from one of his parents; so he tracked down his mother, an alcoholic. "Who is it?"

"John, your son."

"What the F%*# do you want?"

"I want to go into the Marines, and I need your signature."

"Does this mean I'll never see you again?"


"Where do I sign?"

His experience in the military wasn't much better. His paperwork vanished, he never got paid, he was falsely accused of being UA, including a time when he was so ill he couldn't get out of bed, even though he had explained his situation over the phone. Instead of receiving a deserved promotion to E4, he was demoted to E2. Finally he left, not having received a penny for all the drills he participated in. "I never even got a discharge, honorable or otherwise. There is no record of me. They almost killed me, injected me with something while I was in boot camp."

911 Prophecy

John said that in May of 2001, he went to dinner with three friends. They were talking about mundane things, about shopping, sports. He then said something to the effect, in almost a trance:

You don't understand. George Bush and his criminal allies in the Mosad will blow up the Twin Towers, which will start war in the Middle East wherein they will murder Palestinians with impunity, steel all of their oil, and will put us under martial law.

They asked him: "When?"

He replied: "At the end of this summer. Mark my words."

JFK Jr. Murdered

John also said that two weeks before JFK Jr. died on July 16, 1999, he told several people, "They're going to murder him. He'll go down in a plane crash that will be made to look like an accident." Apparently, JFK Jr. had just announced his intention to run for the Senate seat that Hillary Clinton was running for as well.

From the investigating John has done, he said that someone went into the hangar where JFK Jr. kept his planes in Cape Cod and put an explosive that would be triggered as the plane descended below a certain altitude. Part of this information came from an FBI report. The agent who provided that information was "disappeared".

Election Rigging Against Pat Buchanan

John was involved in the 1996 presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan. He cited how Pat had been doing well in the caucuses in New Hampshire where "we had an army of 20 people on telephones, calling every Republican on the ballot -- all of them." About 60% of them said they absolutely planned on voting for Buchanan. Yet when the primary vote was tallied, he received only 28% of the vote, where 2/3 of the voting was done electronically. Based on that experience, John says he knows that what is reported in the book, Vote Scam: The Stealing of America, is true.

Replicating the Pogue Carburetor

John said that when he was young, the father of one of his friends became a mentor to him. "He was a WWII veteran and a corporate attorney who had a solid grasp on what is going on around us. He gave me a book about 20 Suppressed Inventions, including Tesla and Pogue."

As a "gearhead", in around 1989, he decided to build a Pogue carburetor, seeing it as a simple way to validate a number of things: the viability of these "suppressed inventions," as well as the existence of dark entities trying to keep these inventions from coming forward.

He had a one-ton, dually, dump truck that normally got around 8-9 mpg. But with the Pogue carburetor set up, pre-heating the fuel, with a bubbler system, he said he was able to get 65 mpg.

I lost my job as a steelworker, and I was really good. It was totally random and unwarranted.

"In 1997, they burned my house to the ground (a rental), and sabotaged the truck.  I had some good friends who were police officers who said: 'John, your case caused a war within the police department. Half want to hang you, and the other half want to hang them.' "

John gave the following account of another interaction he had.

Some of these friends invited me to come over and play poker. There was one guy sitting at the table that looked familiar. I'd seen him. He had a cryptic smile, and didn't say anything.

I asked him what he does.

"I'm a fire investigator."

"You must know about the house on UI lane."

"Oh yeah. I've been working on the case."

A while later, when the party was clearing out, I caught him alone and asked: "So, who do you think burned the house down?"

He laughed, looked at the sky, with a cryptic smile, for half a minute, then looked me in the eye and said: "A long cast of characters."

Now, sometime soon, when he can get to it, John would like to begin pursuing some of the more advanced hydroxy/hydrogen from water, water as fuel technologies. But first he wants to get the snow plow technology to market so he can use the revenue from that to finance his research, and the research of many others in the exotic free energy world.

That's why he called me.

Eyeball cut in half; restored to 20/20

Not long after the carburetor experience, in about 1990, John said that a cinderblock was thrown through his car window, and he sustained cuts in both eyes, one of which was cut in half. He lay on the hospital bed and pleaded to God to heal him.

The doctor said that he would not be able to see again. 

John said: "If God wants me to see, I'll see."

The doctor responded, gravely, "I don't think you understand. I have seen this many times before. You're eyes are destroyed. God can't help you."

John replied: "You just do your job, and we'll see, when it's over."

A week later, he had 20/20 vision.

He said doctors would fly in to witness for themselves, something they considered to be impossible. "It would be a miracle if you had 20/300 vision. But, that you have 20/20 vision means that must have an angel sitting on your shoulder."

Revolutionary Snowplow

As I mentioned in the image caption above, John holds two US/Canadian patents (1, 2, awarded in 2002, both lapsed in their fee status) on a brilliant snow plow design that has not yet been brought to market (most likely due to his eccentricity). With the triangle base, it is able to hit low obstacles and bounce over them, rather than wrecking the truck. Due to the flat bottom of the triangle base, it can plow grass without damage, as well as cobblestone. The blade can articulate in a wide number of ways, left, right, and with various pitches, increasing the plowing options. This also makes it possible to get un-stuck without a tow. His newer design also allows for the blade assembly to be what absorbs the shock in the case of a collision, reducing damage both to the truck and to what was hit.

"You can hit a raised manhole at 60 mph and the blade just bounces over it without doing any damage."

John has spent a lot of time using the plow, and has received rave reviews by fellow snow plowers, who want one too.

From what I can tell, it is a masterful design very much worth pursuit. Maybe it's in my genes to appreciate this kind of invention because my grandfather, Sylvester (Smuss) Allan, invented the dually tire (didn't get credit or money for it).

This morning, I talked to Nick Farracco, who John gave me as a reference. Nick was John's high school guidance counselor who has stayed in touch with him over the years. Nick said he rode with John in his snow plow as he cleared a few driveways. Nick was very impressed with the plow's versatility, enabling maneuvers that are not possible with a normal plow. He described how the plow could be turned to the side of the truck so it was parallel to the truck.

He didn't see the Pogue carburetor in operation, but he did see some of the components from it.

Nick is not surprised that John hasn't yet been able to get the snow plow to market, citing John's eccentric personality and how he tends to come off like he knows more than anyone else, which can be offensive. "His Achilles heel is how he speaks his mind."

John says that the reason his plow didn't come to market was because all the conventional plow technology is controlled by one company who would be threatened by his technology.

So it's going to take a special entrepreneur to work with him, who can handle the public and business interfaces.

Unfortunately, his plow materials are back East, so he doesn't have that avenue for bringing in revenue to support his family.

Great Wife

On a positive note, John said that there have been several times in life when he has made earnest prayers and they were answered "immediately" in very big ways, such as the experience as a child, when he saw the UFO craft (and was apparently taken aboard and given instruction). 

When he was 39, he prayed for a wife. The next morning, his soon-to-be wife called him and showed up later that day; and they've been together ever since. Though 22 years his junior, and she has been "a devoted, loving wife and mother," notwithstanding all the hardships they've had to endure together. "She's the one true friend I have."

In talking to John's wife, I can tell she has strong confidence in her husband, vouching for his character, intentions, good heart, and abilities. "He is a very hopeful person, seeing the best in people and situations. He sees something the way it is supposed to be, and wants to be about setting things right."

They have four children, with a fifth on the way.

People have said that John is not well-adjusted to society. John replies, "It is no measure of sanity to be well-adjusted in a profoundly sick society."

West Coast Blues

Having lived on the West Coast for a couple of years now, John's propensity to attract opposition has shown up there as well. Neighbors are trying to get his kids taken away, which he and his wife home school. Fortunately, the deputies in the area have been among the positive samples of police behavior rather than the tyrannical types that we see samples of so often on YouTube nowadays.

The neighbors get on his case for not turning to welfare to "take care of his family." Whereas one of the deputies, remarked, "You're kids are the happiest, healthiest kids I've ever seen. You're one of the few who is actually taking care of his family, and not living on the government dole."

Another deputy said, "We've talked about your case, and all the deputies are on your side. They think you're doing a great job."

The hardest thing has been that there are three jobs he could easily do, but none of them will hire him. He says it is because they figure that his situation must be for a reason, so they would be best off to not get involved with him.

He told me he doesn't have $10 to put gas in his car.

After our phone conversation, he said that he got a call with a job offer in an oil field, where the money is plentiful but the morals are such that he wouldn't want to take his family with him, so he'd have to be away from his family.

His call to me was a plea that I might be able to somehow help him find remedy for his situation.

"This isn't about helping just me and my family, it's about helping me to bring forward what I have for the planet to make life much better for the world," he said.


If you are inclined to chip in to help John and his wife, while they are down, you can send money via PayPal. The email address to use is which they share. If you want to discuss possible business partnerships, their phone number is +1 541-217-4746.

His hope is to raise $5,000 to be able to get his truck in operational shape so he can travel back East to get his plow materials so he can get back into operation as a plow operator.

January 11; 6 pm Pacific update:

I talked briefly to John and his wife, and they said they were very grateful for the $410 in donations that they have received so far. It is just enough for him to take a course he needs to accept a job offer he was given.

# # #

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