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You are here: > News > January 6, 2014

LENR-to-Market Digest -- January 6, 2014

Highlights include: Rossi's partner uncovered as Cherokee Investment Partners LLC, link with Chinese; 1,100 C E-Cat very stable; needs gens by millions; Defkalion completes 1st phase R&D for basic reactor; NanoSpire cavitation radiation replicated; MFMP gamma rays; Elforsk report & interview; Cyclone; ARPA-E invite; 18+ editorials


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By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Wow, I've gone two months since the last LENR digest. The last compilation I did of various news items about the various LENR companies was on November 7.

Each time I work on the update, it seems I'm further behind, and I can't seem to catch up.

But there are some very important developments recently, especially the identification of Cherokee as Rossi's partner, and their ties to China; so I'm just going to give you what I have so far. Hopefully I can get back into a better routine of keeping up with this by compiling it weekly, so it doesn't bury me again.

I finally at least gathered all of the posts over at E-Cat World -- 71+ stories in all, just from there. Frank Akland has clearly stepped forth as the lead reporter in daily LENR news reporting. No one else come even close.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Brillouin 
      • S. Korean manufacturing company signs license with Brillouin (LENR technology) - After a year of due diligence, a firm in S. Korea has signed a license with Brillouin, according to Bob George, CEO. They hope to roll out manufacturing plans by the end of 2014 as well as retrofitting a stranded asset power plant with their clean, easily-affordable, "cold fusion" boiler technology. (PESN; December 30, 2013)
        • PESN Reports Brillouin Signs License Agreement with South Korean Company - Sterling Allan of PESN is reporting today that he has been told Brillouin Energy CEO Robert George that the company has has signed a…  (E-CatWorld; December 30, 2013)
        • Brillouin Signs Licensing Deal with Korean Firm - Brillouin Energy Corporation could begin manufacturing Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) devices by the end of 2014, the company’s CEO Robert W. George III told Sterling D. Allen of Pure Energy Systems. George also said his company has signed a “multimillion dollar licensing deal” with an unidentified firm in South Korea. (ColdFusion3; December 30, 2013)
      • Brillouin Energy and SRI advancing together - Video: Robert Godes speaking at ICCF-18 in the Entrepreneurs session. Brillouin Energy Corporation and SRI International continue their association cooperatively on experiments towards a commercial quantum fusion energy generator. “We […] (ColdFusionNow; December 6, 2013)
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • Business
        • Cherokee
          • Solved — The Company that Owns the E-Cat (Guest Post) - Cherokee Investment Partners LLC. This company created Industrial Heat LLC, funded it with approximately eleven million dollars, acquired the rights to the E-Cat technology, and appointed Andrea Rossi as Chief Scientist. ... First, it tells us Andrea Rossi now works for a company that has access to the necessary capital to adequately fund the commercialization of the technology. Secondly, it lets us know that he works for a company with enough experience, funding, and connections to provide top notch scientists and engineers to fully develop the technology. Third, it makes us aware of the Chinese involvement. With the significant connections between Cherokee and China, the E-Cat will have access to an enormous market where an alternative source of clean energy is desperately needed. (E-CatWorld; January 3, 2013)
          • The One That Got Away - A coveted new energy technology has apparently slipped out of American hands to China. It appears that a cold fusion project coveted by the Defense Dept. will instead go to the  Chinese, who announced last week that they are creating an industrial park where the so-called Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat, a nickel-hydrogen (NiH) reactor invented by Miami-based engineer Andrea Rossi, will be built. (CNN iReport; January 6, 2013)
          • Strong Confirmation that Cherokee Investment Partners is Working with Rossi and his Super-Controversial Energy Catalyzer and they are meeting with Chinese officials - An article on a Chinese site called, (apparently a refrigeration company) provides more information about Cherokee Investment Partners CEO Thomas Darden’s recent visit to China in connection with his involvement with the newly formed company Industrial Heat LLC. (NextBigFuture; January 04, 2014)
          • Report: Darden & Chinese Officials Held ‘Signing Ceremony’ for Technology Park With ‘Nickel Reactor New Energy Project’ - Some more interesting information about a recent meeting of Cherokee Investment Partners CEO Tom Darden with Chinese officials… Participants in the ceremony which was held on September 16th in Baoding, China are listed in the article...  (E-CatWorld; January 5, 2013)
          • Strong Confirmation of Cherokee’s Backing of the E-Cat — From China - Some great sleuthing by E-Cat World reader ‘Mr. Moho’ has turned up more information about the Cherokee Investment Partnership involvement with the E-Cat. An article on a Chinese site called, (apparently a refrigeration company) provides more information about Cherokee…  (E-CatWorld; January 3, 2013)
          • Examining the Possible Rossi-Industrial Heat-Cherokee Connection - Since coming across the information that seemed to connect Andrea Rossi with Cherokee Investment Partners, I have been doing quite a bit of research about them, and trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Fulvio Fabiani Just to…  (E-CatWorld; January 1, 2013)
          • Is Cherokee Rossi’s Partner? - After following up on a post here last night from reader deleo77 , and public information on the internet suggests that investment company Cherokee, of Raleigh, North Carolina could be Andrea Rossi’s American partner. The connection can be made through Fulvio…  (E-CatWorld; December 30, 2013)
          • Puzzle — Rossi’s Partner Profile - Okay everyone, since it’s almost Christmas, and since we’re still in waiting mode, here’s a game people might like to play. We have precious… (E-CatWorld; December 24, 2013)
          • E-Cat: discovered the American partner Andrea Rossi - Some bloggers Americans take for granted now the identity of the partner in the production of Andrea Rossi E-Cat. (; January 3, 2014)
        • German Refund
          • German E-Cat Licensee Reports Getting Refund on License - A discussion thread on the Swedish Energikatalysatorn forum indicates that Gerd Neumann, a German with a distributor license for the E-Cat has given up on the project. The thread includes this (tranlsated) message that Neumann apparently posted on Facebook. “Well, I am tired for cold fusion and Andrea Rossi! Now I have my doing in…  (E-CatWorld; November 27, 2013)
        • Rossi admits Ecat didn’t obtain safety certification - There seems to be quite a bit going on behind the scenes at Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation. The most interestingly revelation was made by Rossi himself at his blog on Nov. 7. “The domestic E-cats did not obtain the safety certification, which is necessary to put them for sale,” (EnergyCatalyzer3; November 11, 2013)
        • Swedish Minister: Vattenfall Considering Sale of Operations Outside Sweden - German news site Der Tagesspiegel is reporting that Swedish power generation company Vattenfall is seeking to sell its operations outside Sweden as early as… (E-CatWorld; December 13, 2013)
        • Rossi: E-Cat Industrialization Strategy Still Undecided - Here’s another comment from Andrea Rossi today which gives little new information, but indicates that they are still making plans on how to ramp… (E-CatWorld; December 20, 2013)
        • Communication from Aldo Proia of Prometeon - I recently contacted Aldo Proia, CEO of Prometeon SRL, the E-Cat licensee for Italy, inquiring regarding the status of licensees and of his situation in particular. This is his response. Dear Frank, I’m glad to hear from you. First of all, I would like to thank you for the hard work of careful popularization accomplished… (E-CatWorld; December 1, 2013)
        • Rossi: ‘Looking for Strong Industrialization’ - I decided to send Andrea Rossi a link to the editorial I wrote yesterday, The Promise and Burden of the E-Cat, and asked him if he could provide a response, which he did: Andrea Rossi November 24th, 2013 at 10:14 PM Frank Acland: Thank you for your continue attention to our work. The work of… (E-CatWorld; November 25, 2013)
        • Rossi: Preparing Next Generation of E-Cat Developers - There was a time when Andrea Rossi was the only person on the earth who knew the secrets of the E-Cat. He talked about having documents containing those secrets deposited with his attorneys that could be opened in the event of his untimely demise to keep his knowledge from disappearing. Things have changed completely now,… (E-CatWorld; December 9, 2013)
        • Rossi on Who Can be an E-Cat Customer - The new revelations from Andrea Rossi about the destructive tests and the temperatures the E-Cat can reach in runaway reactions have raised questions about the safety of these systems. Andrea Rossi has just addressed this issue in the response to…  (E-CatWorld; December 30, 2013)
        • Rossi and Co. Happy to Lie Low - The recent rash of ‘no-news’ news regarding the sale of the 1 MW reactors that has made its way to various sites on the web has not elicited any response from Andrea Rossi. I’m sure I was not the only one to alert him to the rush of publicity (most of it negative), but he…  (E-CatWorld; December 3, 2013)
      • Technology
        • Rossi Provides More Explosive E-Cat Information - Since the recent update from Andrea Rossi about E-Cat progress there’s been a flurry of discussion on the Journal of Nuclear Physics with Andrea Rossi posting at a level not seen for months. All of a sudden he has started… (E-CatWorld; December 29, 2013)
        • Andrea Rossi Gives Year-End Update Reporting Important E-Cat Progress - It’s been a while since we have had much of an update from Andrea Rossi that provides any level of detail. He has usually said that ‘now is not the time for talking’, or something similar — but today, for… (E-CatWorld; December 27, 2013)
        • E-Cat Changed ‘A Lot’ [Update: Team of 16, Testing 'Modules and Plants'] - It’s going to be interesting to find out what E-Cats have developed into after this quiet period is over. A reader on the JONP has asked Rossi how much the E-Cats have changed since R&D started in the USA. Rossi… (E-CatWorld; December 19, 2013)
        • Rossi: ‘Superior Powers may be Reached Easily Just Putting Modules Together’ - Just after having posted that Andrea Rossi is not saying very much, he cracks the door open a tiny bit to give a glimpse into what is going on at E-Cat HQ these days. Earlier today Dr. Joseph Fine asked him a question about current dimensions of the E-Cat and power levels of current models.…  (E-CatWorld; December 3, 2013)
        • Rossi: Plans to 3D Print E-Cats [Updated] - Here’s an interesting coincidence. After having posted about the 3D printed metal gun today, someone posted a link to the CNS story on the Journal of Nuclear Physics and asked Rossi’s opinion about the chance of 3D printing E-Cats. Rossi responded: Italo R.: You read out thoughts: yesterday in the meeting room of the US… (E-CatWorld; November 15, 2013) (And
        • Rossi on Retrofitting Power Stations with E-Cats - A quick post on a question I sent to Andrea Rossi today regarding the use of the Hot Cat. Rossi mentioned yesterday that they had obtained safety certification for the Hot Cat (high temperature E-Cat reactor) so I followed up with this question. You mention that the hot cat now has safety certification. Are you… (E-CatWorld; November 13, 2013)
        • More on E-Cat Validations (Updated: Rossi on Potential for Sabotage) - I’ve been trying to get a more clear picture of the ongoing E-Cat validation, and what the purpose is behind them. Today Andrea Rossi made a comment which gives a little firmer idea about the timetable of these tests: Safety is an absolute priority. An E-Cat cannot be put for sale if it has not…  (E-CatWorld; November 13, 2013)
        • LENR Cars’ Stirling Engine Proposal - Shortly after LENR Cars launched their campaign to win a chance to pitch at a Future Energy event yesterday, CEO Nicolas Chauvin sent a proposal to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics which gives some indication of the company’s business model. Here’s the message he posted: Dear Andrea Rossi, We met last year… (E-CatWorld; November 20, 2013)
        • Forbes’ Tim Worstall on why he Believes the E-Cat Can’t Work - The latest spate of articles that have appeared on all kinds of web sites about the 1 MW low temperature E-Cat plant has prompted a new editorial in Forbes Online. Tim Worstall argues in an article titles “Why I’m Certain that the E-Cat Doesn’t Work as Advertised” that the simple fact that Rossi is trying…  (E-CatWorld; November 29, 2013)
      • Applications
        • Beyond E-Cat Heat - An interesting exchange on the Journal of Nuclear physics indicates that there is investigation underway into using the E-Cat for more than just a regular heat source. Herb Gillis asked the following question: Dr. Rossi: Do you think is would be possible to construct an LENR device such as an Ecat with an optically transparent… (E-CatWorld; November 9, 2013)
      • Ramifications
        • Rossi: Needing Generators that can be Built by Thousands, Millions - Many people have recommended to Andrea Rossi new kinds of technology that can work with the E-Cat — mainly for electrical generation. Rossi has often said he is willing to buy and test units to see how they operate, but… (E-CatWorld; December 15, 2013) (And;
        • Will Nickel Powder Become a Regulated Commodity? - Here’s a question posed by a reader here today, that I thought I’d throw out to readers today. JDM asked, “how long do you think it would be before nickel powder becomes a regulated commodity?” I suppose the question is… (E-CatWorld; December 17, 2013)
        • 25 Economic Impacts of the E-Cat - The following is a guest post by Rick Allen. The opinions expressed in guest posts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of E-Cat World. What the E-Cat represents is simple: a source of cheap, clean, compact, portable, and abundant power. Such a revolutionary alternative source of energy is tremendously… (E-CatWorld; November 15, 2013)
        • Twenty-five Wonders of the E-Cat - The following is a guest post by Rick Allen. The opinions expressed in guest posts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of E-Cat World. Bold adjectives are often used to create hype for all sorts of new technologies and breakthroughs, but often the hyperbole is unjustified. In the case…  (E-CatWorld; November 8, 2013)
        • Rossi on Decentralized Power Generation - I have tried to get some information from Andrea Rossi about what he and his partner’s plans might be for using the E-Cat for decentralized electrical production. We know that for now, at least, home E-Cats are not on the… (E-CatWorld; December 16, 2013)
        • E-Cat Knowledge at Highest Levels in China? - I’d like to thank E-Cat World reader Julian Becker for providing the following information from the article we mentioned here yesterday that reported about Cherokee Investment Partners CEO Tom Darden’s meeting in China to discuss nickel powered energy. We… (E-CatWorld; January 4, 2014)
        • The Promise and Burden of the E-Cat - The publication of the 3rd Party E-Cat Test report by Levi et al. earlier this year provided extremely compelling evidence that Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat invention is indeed real, and a revolutionary breakthrough in energy production. More than being a simple confirmation of Andrea Rossi’s claims over the years, it was a demonstration to the public… (E-CatWorld; November 23, 2013)
        • Rossi on Safety - The following is a comment by Andrea Rossi in response to a question by Journal of Nuclear Physics reader ‘Duke Nukem’ about when which products would be available: You wrote many times that your job now is to complete a long and rigorous plan of validation and R&D of the E-Cat. Does this plan affect… (E-CatWorld; November 10, 2013)
        • Sudden Interest in 1 MW Plant May Be Problematic - For some reason, there has been a surge in interest over the last couple of days in a page on where the 1MW low temperature E-Cat reactor is listed for sale. As I mentioned yesterday, this page is not new — in fact it has been on for about a year and a… (E-CatWorld; November 28, 2013)
      • Coverage
        • German Spiegel Online Features Rossi & E-Cat - Spiegel Online, A major German news outlet has a feature article by Ralph Diermann about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat in its science section today. Translated into English, the title is “Dubious Invention: Mr. Rossi and his Wonder Reactor”, and it provides a reasonably balanced picture of the E-Cat, including comments from proponents and detractors.… (E-CatWorld; November 25, 2013)
        • E-Cat World Forum Open - The new E-Cat World Forum is now open. It is a place where readers can set the agenda and post on topics of interest to them.… (E-CatWorld; December 18, 2013)
        • Motley Fool on Investing in Fusion — the Holy Grail (Mentions Rossi and National Instuments) - An article and video on the Motley Fool investment website is looking at ways to invest in fusion — the Holy Grail, as they… (E-CatWorld; December 13, 2013)
        • Real Clear Science: Cold Fusion #2 Biggest Junk Science Story of 2013 - In a year-end retrospective of the biggest ‘junk science’ stories of the year, Real Clear Science has awarded ‘the return of cold fusion’ the silver medal. Behind terrible documentaries from Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel, and ahead of the… (E-CatWorld; December 13, 2013)
        • Help Needed with German Translation of E-Cat Program (Tesla Motors Connection?) - I came across the following video today which is a recording of a German radio show called CROPfm. This episode is called “E-Kat und Kalte Fusion”, and is a discussion about cold fusion and the E-Cat with a Doctor Gunter… (E-CatWorld; December 21, 2013)
        • On the 1 MW Plant Page at - A number of people have contacted me today about a web page on that lists the 1 MW low temperature E-Cat plant for sale ( This page has been picked up by the Next Big Future, and Extreme Tech web sites today, but in actuality this page in not new. If you use the…  (E-CatWorld; November 26, 2013)
        • One-off - THE PARK OF BUFFALO - On the advice of e.sodato, the park is about to acquire a blue container to Cold fusion thanks to the contribution of the readers, primus inter pares one named Leopold. This lets you know that on an old site of Hydro-Fusion you can finally book - from what they write some well- informed - an E-cat made ​​of 106 e-cat. (oggiscienza; December 13, 2013)
        • The scientific challenges won and lost in 2013 - Cold fusion, cold shower instead. At least for now. The mysterious E-Cat, the gimmick of Italian Andrea Rossi, according to its inventor would make this technology a reality (and the operation of which nothing is known), purports successes, but the doubts and suspicions are well most of the facts . (; December 24, 2013)
    • Defkalion - Hyperion
      • Defkalion Announcement on Reactor Development, Office Locations - Defkalion Green Technologies has posted an announcement on their web site which addresses the situation about their recent vacation of office space in Vancouver,… (E-CatWorld; December 23, 2013)
      • Defkalion no Longer In Canada? [Update DGT Responds] - I heard a report over the weekend from someone who had called Defkalion’s office in Canada at the phone number listed on their web… (E-CatWorld; December 16, 2013)
      • Defkalion Update - There’s not much news here, but I have been trying to find out more about the current status of affairs at Defkalion Green Technology, so I recently wrote to them asking if they could provide an update. I asked specifically about whether they were still planning to list shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange, something… (E-CatWorld; November 27, 2013)
    • NanoSpire, Inc. 
      • NanoSpire's Cavitation Radiation Replication? - A man working in his garage used a drive motor from an old forced-air furnace and a pump from an old washing machine to make a device similar to NanoSpire's which is claimed to have produced cavitation fusion. (Free Energy Blog; November 10, 2013)
    • Fleischmann Memorial Project,
      • MFMP Report Detection of Unusual Gamma Rays [Updated: Biberian Replicates] - There is a new blog post on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s site titled “Gamma” reporting on an interesting development in their experimental work. In the course of one experiment, Mathieu found something interesting as he refilled a leaking cell: Adjacent to the cells he had placed an unshielded geiger counter that normally registered… (E-CatWorld; November 7, 2013)
      • “Smoking Gun” of LENR: Fleischmann Project results duplicated in one Day, Celani cell verified as LENR device - The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project may have discovered the “smoking gun” of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). The project’s blog is claiming that French scientist Jean-Paul Biberian independently replicated and confirmed one of its low energy nuclear reactions with less than 24 hours of work. (ColdFusion3; November 7, 2013)
      • Celani Cells Produce Gamma Rays - I am in France with some friends, my second time this year. Last time I went here was to work in a secret laboratory, now to party. I am very busy at the moment but I wanted to mention a discovery made by Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project. These guys consists of an International Science Team who work Non Profit and Open to validate different Cold Fusion Devices and their goal is to build and distribute cells all over the... (DrBoblog; November 10, 2013)
      • Bartalucci e Celani su SKY 897 - Mi arrivano diverse segnalazioni di un interessante dibattito sulla fusione fredda, con Sergio Bartalucci e Francesco Celani, andato in onda su One Television (Canale 86 DT) e SKY 897 , venerdì scorso 8 novembre alle 19:30. Lo trovate su youtube in due parti, per un totale di un'ora e mezza. (22Passi; November 11, 2013)
    • Piantelli, Metalenergy / Nichenergy
      • Nichenergy Sends Documents to Potential Protium srl. Investors - I received some documents from Francesco Piantelli’s Nichenergy company regarding Protium srl., a new company set up to allow the public to invest in his technology. The document states that Nichenergy “has an agreement with an important multinational company that has significantly financed the latest activities”, and mentions there will be a 50% split of… (E-CatWorld; November 11, 2013)
  • General Cold Fusion
    • Infinite Energy: Issue 112: Theoretical Models of Cold Fusion - Experimental Implications of Neutron Isotope Theory • Phonon Model • Transmutations • Crack Formation • Lochon Models for LENR in a Lattice • Application of Coherent Correlated States of Interacting Particles... • Trapped Neutron Catalyzed Fusion Model with an Adjustable Parameter • Femto-Atom and Femto-Molecule Models • Oscillators-in-a-Substance Model • Scientific and Commercial Overview of ICCF18Miley Interview • Method to Calculate Excess Power • 2nd Annual Global BEM Conf. • Twilight of the Scientific Age (November/December 2013)
    • Elforsk LENR Report
      • Interview with Sten Bergman of StonePower, Author of Elforsk Report - I was very pleased that Sten Bergman, founder of Swedish energy consulting company StonePower AB, was willing to conduct the following interview with me. Mr.… (E-CatWorld; January 5, 2014)
      • Elforsk Takes Lead in Preparing for LENR - The extensive report just published about LENR by the Swedish energy research organization Elforsk raises an important question. Why should Elforsk, when there is still so much doubt and skepticism about LENR in the mainstream of academia and the media, spend so much time and effort chronicling the history and current developments in the LENR… (E-CatWorld; November 26, 2013)
      • Elforsk Publishes New Report on LENR - The Swedish energy R&D institute Elforsk has published a new report providing an overview of the history and current state of research in the field of LENR. The full document is only available in Swedish, but an English language summary is provided: Are we on the verge of a new era when it comes to… (E-CatWorld; November 25, 2013)
      • New Human Translation of Elforsk LENR Report - Below is a new English translated provided to me by dedicated LENR and E-cat supporter from Sweden. The reader has used some of the translation already provided by Pekka Janhunen, Google, and his own work. Many thanks indeed! Elforsk English 02 (1)  (E-CatWorld; November 30, 2013)
    • Cyclone
      • Nuclear Engineer joins Cyclone to pursue LENR applications - Award-winning, external heat engine company from Florida has added LENR heavyweight, Professor Yeong E. Kim from Purdue University, to their technical consulting and advisory team to help them evaluate the viability of LENR technology as an application for their heat-to-electricity engine. (PESN; December 4, 2013)
      • Dr. Yeong E. Kim to Consult Cyclone Power Technologies on LENR - Thanks to ECW reader Iggy Dalrymple for bringing the following press release to my attention. Cyclone Power Technologies is a company that is developing the Cyclone Engine which it describes as “a Rankine Cycle heat regenerative external combustion engine, otherwise known as a “Schoell Cycle” engine. It creates mechanical energy by heating and cooling water…  (E-CatWorld; December 3, 2013)
      • LENR Pioneer Joins Forces with Steam Engine Maker - An alliance that could lead to the development of vehicles and small scale generators powered by low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) has been born. Cyclone Power Technologies the maker of a next generation steam engine has hired Purdue University professor, nuclear physicist and LENR expert Yeong E. Kim as a consultant. (ColdFusion3; December 5, 2013)
      • Andrea Rossi Comments on Cyclone Engine - In light of the recent news that Dr. Yeoung E. Kim will be advising Cyclone Power Technologies about LENR, the question has been brought up again on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Andrea Rossi just posted about the matter. Malcom Lear: We did not receive an offer for an industrialized product, yet. If we will…  (E-CatWorld; December 5, 2013)
    • Politics
      • U.S. Department of Energy Invites Submission of LENR Proposals - On Sept. 27, 2013, the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) quietly announced a funding opportunity for low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research, among other areas. This first-ever direct invitation from the Department of Energy for submission of proposals to fund this research marks a significant point in the field’s history. This is one of three recent shifts in the scientific establishment’s attitude toward this new field of science. (NewEnergyTimes; January 3, 2014)
      • US Department of Energy Calls for LENR Proposals (Among others) - The US Department of Energy has issued a call for innovative energy project as part Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy (ARPA-E) funding opportunity.… (E-CatWorld; January 4, 2014)
      • An LENR Lobby Needed? - As recent discussion has touched on things like patent approval, product certification, government approvals, and the like I have been thinking about the power of lobbying, and its effect on decision making in the public and private sectors. Almost every economic, political, social or industrial interest group of significant size in the world today is… (E-CatWorld; November 14, 2013)
      • President Obama and LENR Energy - Is President Barrak Obama or MIT aware of developments in LENR Energy? MIT blocked funding to cold fusioneer Haglestein for LENR Energy research in 2012. Obama is mute concerning NASA and SPAWAR breakthrough […] (ColdFusionNow; January 5, 2014)
    • LENR Cars CEO Responds to Investor Questions - A few weeks ago we covered the LENR Cars pitch to be selected as a finalist in the Future Energy contest from Ultra Light Startups. The application process involves the ability to respond to questions from potential investors, and LENR Cars CEO Nicolas Chauvin has provided some additional information about his company in responses posted…  (E-CatWorld; December 12, 2013)
    • Rob Duncan Discusses New Appointment at Texas Tech — and LENR - There’s a very good interview with Robert Duncan in the most recent issue of Infinite Energy magazine in which he discusses his move from the University of Missouri to Vice President of research at Texas Tech University. His new appointment will start in January. The interviewer, Marianne Macy, was most interested in finding out about… (E-CatWorld; November 21, 2013)
    • Editorials
      • Fusion: Moving From Hot to Cold - I was interested to read a letter to the editor in the Washington Post today written by former Princeton Plasma Physics Lab physicist, and now US Representative from New Jersey, Rush D. Holt in response to George Will’s recent Washington… (E-CatWorld; December 26, 2013)
      • George Will in Washington Post Editorial Promotes Fusion as Energy of the Future - Veteran political columnist and commentator George F. Will has an op-ed article in today’s Washington Post promoting the fusion as an power source that… (E-CatWorld; December 22, 2013)
      • Ray Kurzweil Predicts - There’s an article on CNN written by renowned inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil who provides a list of five predictions about how technology will affect our future — and he provides specific timelines for each. I thought I’d throw it out to the ECW community for comment and discussion. 1. By the early 2020s, we will…  (E-CatWorld; December 11, 2013)
      • Science journal rejections suppress clean energy research - The recently published Volume 12 December 2013 Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science has an article detailing censorship by science journals. “How the Flawed Journal Review Process Impedes Paradigm Shifting Discoveries” by […] (ColdFusionNow; December 11, 2013)
      • Physics Professor Comes Out of Closet Admits LENR is For Real - A physicist with Toronto’s York University has come out of the closet and admitted that “cold fusion energy is real.” “The tests of E-cat HT reactors of Andrea Rossi provided in Uppsala University, Sweden (2012-2013) and the live test of Defkalion (DGT) Hyperion reactor broadcast on July 22-23, 2013 are reliable demonstrations that cold fusion energy is real,” Dr. Stoyan Sarg wrote in an article for a website called Foreign Policy Journal. (EnergyCatalyzer3; November 17, 2013)
      • Astronomy Cast Covers Cold Fusion - A recent episode of the Astronomy Cast webcast on the Universe Today web site has a conversation between host Fraser Cain, and Astronomist Pamela Gay about cold fusion. I found it quite an interesting conversation because some of the background information that Gay talks about, and her descriptions of some of the theoretical issues. Gay…  (E-CatWorld; December 10, 2013)
      • James Martinez and Sean Stone Discuss Cold Fusion on - Here’s an interesting video which is now a few months old, but one that I have just come across. It’s a discussion on the Buzzsaw program on station between Sean Stone and James Martinez about the importance and impact of cold fusion. It’s not a discussion of the technical aspects of LENR — the…  (E-CatWorld; December 2, 2013)
      • Guest editor Jean-Paul Biberian surveys cold fusion theories - Issue #112 of Infinite Energy Magazine presents a collection of nine papers covering a selection of current theories of cold fusion, also called low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), lattice-assisted nuclear reactions (LANR), quantum fusion, heat energy from nuclear reactions (HENI), and nickel-hydrogen exothermic reactions, among other terms. (ColdFusionNow; November 26, 2013)
      • “Cold Nuclear Fusion” at RASA - Edward Tsyganov forwards a report Cold Nuclear Fusion on his research presented at the Russian-speaking Academic Science Association (RASA) meeting held 8-10 November 2013, Clearwater Beach, FL. Currently, humanity has reached a stage of development at which the struggle for energy resources is […] (ColdFusionNow; November 20, 2013)
      • Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion Question Posted at StackExchange - There’s a question been posted on the StackExchange Q & A site regarding cold fusion which I see has already been getting some attention here. The question is, “Is there any reproducible tested evidence for Ni-H cold fusion?” The author of the question does not seem to be in doubt about palladium-deuterium cold fusion, but… (E-CatWorld; November 18, 2013)
      • Steven E. Jones featured: career on making unknowns become energy - Local paper posts a biographial sketch of Steven and his work in the birthing of the LENR field, as well as some other exotic free energy technologies he's tinkered with. (Free Energy Blog; November 22, 2013)
      • Cold Fusion Featured on Radio SETI - Here’s a link to a podcast just released SETI Institute’s Big Picture Science radio show which covers cold fusion. Rather predictably, the topic of cold fusion comes up in a feature called ‘Science Blunders’, and when I started listening I was expecting the familiar story that dismissed the whole cold fusion story out of hand.… (E-CatWorld; November 26, 2013)
      • Cold Fusion to usher in second Earthrise for “grand oasis” - Video: Earthrise: The 45th Anniversary NASA Goddard. A new and powerful energy technology based on cold fusion will offer humanity a chance for a green technological future, one where all lifekind shares […] (ColdFusionNow; December 25, 2013)
      • Motley Fool Analyst National Instruments is a Good Investment because of LENR - National Instruments (NASDAQ: NATI)is a good investment because of its commitment to low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). That’s the conclusion of John Licata the founder and chief strategist for Blue Phoenix Inc., a commodity research company. “Certainly this is the holy grail of all energy,” Licata said of cold fusion in a recent video. (EnergyCatalyzer3; December 15, 2013)
      • 2013 the Year Fusion went Mainstream - 2013 could very well be remembered as the year that the mainstream media discovered both cold and hot fusion. Recently there has been quite a bit of interest in two very promising technologies Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) and small scale hot fusion. (EnergyCatalyzer3; December 22, 2013)
      • Just a step away from sestultimo blog post ... - The brand-cat ... and can not find it in the archive European ... on the other hand I find it here: The study, which handled the practice USPTO [ United States Patent and Trademark Office ] for Leonardo Corporation ( Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto ) is, from a quick look on the net, one of the most reliable studies in this area.  (22Passi; December 5, 2013)
      • A New Field in Physics Science - Hello everyone, I apologize for staying decidedly deserting the blog, but in real life commitments in recent weeks leaves me very little time to move on line. I'm glad my face again a moment to share with curious readers some interesting articles of the China Institute of Atomic Energy on 'experimental evidence of abnormal production of tritium and helium-3 on Earth, among many other possible causes is also considered the possibility of LENR :  (22Passi; November 21, 2013)
      • Peter Diamandis on Cold Fusion - “The fuse has been lit… we’re going to the stars”. / Peter Diamandis Peter H Diamandis is an American Engineer, Physician, Author, Speaker and Space Entrepreneur. He is best known for being the founder and chairman of the X-Price Foundation, ... (DrBoblog; Dec 4, 2013)
    • Social
      • Social Media Experiment: E-Cat Thunderclap! - I have been thinking of ways to expand awareness of all that is going on in the world of LENR, and have come across… (E-CatWorld; January 6, 2014)
      • 2014 Predictions Thread - Today is the shortest day of 2013 — the official beginning of winter here in the United States, and the Christmas and New Year’s… (E-CatWorld; December 23, 2013)
      • LENR Cars Seeking Votes for Future Energy Contest - I just learned from LENR Cars CEO Nicolas Chauvin that his company has been selected to compete in the Future Energy online pitching contest organized by Ultra Light Startups, the same contest that George Miley’s LENUCO company was in a few months ago. The general public is invited to vote for projects they feel are… (E-CatWorld; November 21, 2013) (and ColdFusionNow)
      • Announcing a Sister Site for E-Cat World — Futuring World - I am pleased to announce the creation of a sister site of E-Cat World — Futuring For the last two-and-a-half years we have spent much time on E-Cat World discussing the possible impacts of LENR technology, and in the course of those discussions we have touched on many other technologies, trends and ideas that…  (E-CatWorld; November 19, 2013)
      • ECW Christmas Social Thread - We deal with what I consider to be a very significant and important topic on this site — the emergence of a superior form of energy production. From my perspective, at the heart of everything we talk about here is… (E-CatWorld; December 24, 2013)
      • E-Cat World Forum Open - The new E-Cat World Forum is now open. It is a place where readers can set the agenda and post on topics of interest to them. There are not too many restrictions on subject areas for discussion, so long as the forum rules are followed, which are as follows: 1. No pathoskeptical posting about cold fusion/LENR/E-Cat 2.…  (E-CatWorld; December 18, 2013)
      • The Dark Underbelly of Amazing Technology - I have been doing some sobering reading today in regards to the ways that the latest and greatest technology that is emerging is being put to use in nefarious and destructive ways. A leading writer and speaker who is bringing attention to the problems of having advanced technologies in the hands of criminals and terrorists…  (E-CatWorld; December 8, 2013)
      • Happy New Year to ECW Readers — Let’s Party! - I’d like to wish all E-Cat World readers a very happy new year! Thanks so much for visiting the site over the years —…  (E-CatWorld; January 1, 2014)
      • The Year Of Cold Fusion - OH MY GOD! I have outdone myself this year. I gave myself 3 promises for 2013, they where: * Visit at least one Cold Fusion Conference * Spread a message of Peace and Love over the Internet * Finish my first reactor experiment ... (DrBoblog; December 24, 2013)
  • Events
    • MIT IAP Cold Fusion 101 to run again - The IAP course on cold fusion co-taught by Drs. Peter Hagelstein and Mitchell Swartz is scheduled to run again in 2014 for a third year in a row. Cold Fusion 101: Introduction […] (ColdFusionNow; December 6, 2013)
    • JCF-14
      • Abstracts Published for Japanese Cold Fusion Conference on Dec. 7-8 - The 14th Meeting of Japan Cold Fusion Research Society will be held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology on December 7-8 at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and abstracts of the papers to be presented have been published. There seems to be quite an active community of cold fusion researchers in Japan; there are many…  (E-CatWorld; December 5, 2013)
      • Industry and academic partnerships report from JCF-14 meeting - The Japanese Cold Fusion Research Society (JCF) held their fourteenth meeting on December 7-8, 2013 at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Tokyo, Japan where teams from academia and industry reported […] (ColdFusionNow; December 23, 2013)
    • ICCF-18 Presentation Videos for Thursday and Friday July 25 and 26 - Videos from the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion ICCF-18 Thursday and Friday sessions are posted on the Cold Fusion Now Youtube Channel and linked below. On Youtube, switch quality to “720P” for HD quality. (ColdFusionNow; November 5, 2013)
  • Off Topic
    • Bubble Fusion is Amazing - Bubble Fusion Is Amazing! Its is also know as: Desktop Fusion, Shrimp Fusion, Cavitation triggered Thermonuclear Reaction, Bubble Plasma, Sonoluminescence, Implosion Technology Last year I did a blog article about Sonoluminescence that I have had a lot of good feedback on. Its a technic that uses Sound Waves to Create Energy in a Jar of Liquid. Let me break that down for you: You inject a gas bubble in a liquid and then focus sound waves on... (DrBoblog; November 7, 2013)
    • Nobel Winner Schekman Boycotts top Science Journals - American biologist Randy Schekman, winner of this year’s Nobel prize in physiology, has written an editorial in the Guardian announcing that his lab will no longer submit articles for publications in what he calls ‘luxury jounals’ (he names Nature, Cell, and Science as examples) because he feels that they are creating an unhealthy climate in…  (E-CatWorld; December 9, 2013)

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