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You are here: > News > December 30, 2013; 5:45 GMT

S. Korean manufacturing company signs license with Brillouin (LENR technology)

After a year of due diligence, a firm in S. Korea has signed a license with Brillouin, according to Bob George, CEO. They hope to roll out manufacturing plans by the end of 2014, as well as retrofitting a stranded asset power plant with their clean, easily-affordable, "cold fusion" boiler technology.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I had a brief phone interview December 29 with Robert (Bob) W. George II, CEO of Brillouin Energy Corporation of Berkeley, California, who is one of the leading players in the LENR sector, colloquially referred to as "cold fusion".

As we have been informed previously, they have a system under test at SRI International (Stanford Research Institute), which testing is being spearheaded by Dr. Michael McKubre, one of the most well-respected scientists in the sector. The HHT (hydrogen hot tube) being tested there is capable of producing high heat in the range of 600ΊC, which is ample for electricity generating scenarios.

But the development that Bob said is "the most significant event" they've had, and which I could be the first to announce, is that just before Christmas, they signed a multi-million dollar licensing contract with a firm in South Korea, with $750,000 up front, half of which has already been wired, the other half of which is due within 90 days.

This contract came after a year of the firm performing their due diligence.

Bob said that they are entertaining inquiries from other nations for similar licenses.

He hopes that by the end of 2014 they will be ready for roll-out of manufacturing, handing over a set of prints to licensees to build and beta-test units. He said that they would have already done the beta testing on their end, by then.

Brillouin's approach is to develop a control system. They are not concerned about cascading effects or run-away, because that doesn't happen in their set-up. They just need to show repeatability of being able to turn it on and off (control), with no degradation of catalyst, producing 3-6 times excess energy in their wet boilers, and at least 3x excess energy in their HHT systems.

The licensees will be responsible for doing the engineering to scale and apply the technology to their applications. Brillouin is an R&D house, not an engineering firm.

What Bob is most keen to secure by contract is a "stranded asset" power plant in the range of 5-10 MW willing to beta test their HHT system as a retrofit solution to replace their coal-, or biomass-, or other polluting source that has had to be shut down due to environmental regulations. They would take out the old boiler and scrubber and replace it with their HHT technology. He thinks this could begin to be installed by the end of 2014, as well.

The cost for producing power in such a retrofitted scenario would be 2 cents per kilowatt-hour. Bob is confident that once one plant has been retrofitted as a demonstrator, many others will want to retrofit as well.

They do have another power plant ready to implement the technology, but it's not a stranded asset scenario.

Bob said Brillouin is looking to close a series B round of funding in late January.

He invited me to come see and report on both their HHT at the SRI facility and their wet electrolytic hydronic system in Berkeley, at my earliest convenience.

They would be willing to cover my travel expenses, but they don't want to be perceived as influencing my reporting; so I'd like to open it to you, the audience, to help cover the travel expenses. I'm guessing we're talking about something in the region of $500 USD for the trip.

# # #


Dec. 29; Robert S; Australia: $5
Dec. 30; Jason L; USA: $20
Dec. 30; Stephen G; USA: $25
Dec. 30; Eugene P; USA: $20
Dec. 30; John S; USA: $50
Dec. 30; Lora P; Canada: $10
Dec. 30; Dann M; USA: $50
Dec. 30; Russell T; USA: $30
Dec. 30; Robert H; USA: $50
Dec. 31; Marcus, Netherlands: $50
Dec. 31; Manuel C; Australia: $25
Dec. 31; Eric V; Belgium: $30
Dec. 31; Trans I; USA; $10
Dec. 31; William H; USA; $50

Dec. 31; Steve K; USA: $30
Dec. 31; Thomas B; USA: $50

Dec. 31; John S; UK: $10
Dec. 31; Lyle P; Canada $25
Dec. 31; Craig R; Australia: $50
Jan. 2; Joe S; USA: $50

Jan. 3; Stephan R; Switzerland; $30
Jan. 6; Michel Z; France: $250
Jan. 8; Marc V; USA: $50
Jan. 11; Chris T; Australia: $50
Jan. 13; Ronny K; Norway: $50
Jan. 24; Sham D; Canada: $40

Subtotal: $1110
(This subtotal commenced December 29, 2013; 11:54 pm) Dates are per Mountain time [GMT-6].

January 8; 9:30 am Mountain, update

Last night I purchased my train ticket ($29.00) for the return trip from visiting Raphial Morgado on Jan. 15. I also reserved a hotel ($89.90) for that night prior to my early morning flight.

Meanwhile, the day to day expenses of family and running PES keep the need going for continued contributions. Thanks to all of you who are helping.

December 31; 6:30 pm Mountain, update

Thanks for all the help on the fundraiser. We've met our goal. Additional donations are gratefully received to maintain our news, directory, and networking service.

I've got my flight booked to Oakland on Jan. 14-15. It cost $295.80. My ground transportation there is covered, minus a BART trip to SRI on Jan. 14. After visiting the two Brillouin facilities (the primary purpose of the trip), while in the area, I plan to spend some time with Priza Technologies. Then on Jan. 15, I plan to visit Raphial Morgado (MYT Engine).

December 30; 10 pm Mountain, update

In checking airline prices from SLC to Oakland, it looks like a round-trip flight is around $241, so we have enough raised already to cover that. Now we just need enough to cover gas to/from the airport, meals (more expensive when travelling) and lodging. I'm hoping to spend some time in Phoenix with Bill Alec since US Airways has a layover there. And I'd like to visit Priza in Oakland as well. Heinz Klosterman is in the Oakland area too.

* * * *


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