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You are here: > News > December 23, 2013; 10:15 pm Mountain

IRS 3520: Insider's Best-Kept Secret for Receiving Piles of Money Tax-Free, Non-Reported

IRS 3520 allows a person to receive unlimited amounts of money tax-free from outside the US. And as long as it is under $100,000 it doesn't even have to be reported. Commenced to allow foreign students to receive aid from parents, it is used routinely by the super wealthy and powerful. Don't you think it's time everyone knew about this?

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Today is the 100th anniversary of the launch of the Federal Reserve System that introduced the fiat money system to the United States which has been one of the core means of undermining the foundations of freedom and allowing nefarious forces to take over this once great nation.

It's an auspicious day to tell you about one of the best kept secrets of the insiders.

There is a tax provision in the United States, IRS 3520, that allows a person to receive unlimited amounts of money tax-free from outside the US. Since 1992, the regulations have been made even more lax so that all that is needed is for the recipient to consider it a "gift." Before that, you had to show that the giver of the funds designated it as a "gift." Now you only have to "deem" it as a "gift" as the receiver.

And as long as it is under $100,000 you don't even have to report it.

Look it up.  

The ultra wealthy and corrupt politicians have been using this for years to send and receive huge sums, "legally" under the table.

The person who told me about this learned it years ago from someone at a Rothschild Bank in Switzerland, the premier banking institution of Europe, where the most secretive deals go down, who shared it with a wink and a nod over lunch. "This is what we do." A phone call to the IRS office in Philadelphia confirmed that this is indeed a "legal" way to receive funds tax-free. He's been keeping it secret for a decade.

If a politician receives a "gift" from a non-resident, non-citizen, it's not a campaign contribution, it's not income, it's not reportable, it never happened. These people who leave office and are worth hundreds of millions -- and that's only what is on the books -- this is one of the primary ways that they do it.

IRS 3520 started out as a way for the parents of foreign exchange students who were accustomed to a certain standard of living to send additional support to their children, tax-free. But there was no cap placed on the amount, and no restrictions on who could use this provision; and it wasn't long at all before the crafty uber wealthy began using it for funneling funds to each other with a wink and a nod.

The good news here is that this presents a way for us in the exotic free energy sector to receive large infusions, tax-free from groups outside the U.S., such as finders fees, consulting fees.

"If an attorney in Switzerland arranges for $99,999 USD to go to each one of you, for example, it's tax free, and you don't even report it. It never happened. If it's a trillion dollars, yes it happened; you just have to report it to the treasury [tax-free]."

By their regulations, "intangible personal property" means a debt obligation of a U.S. entity. A stock certificate is "intangible personal property", as is a bank account, as is a note. For example, a U.S. person builds a home, the foreign guy loans him the money to build the home, the foreign person holds a note, secured by a deed of trust. That note is from a U.S. person. That note could be gifted back to the U.S. person as a gift of "intangible personal property", tax-free.

Another example. A foreign person wires money into a U.S. person's trust account in the U.S. The attorney for the trust account signs a note that is payable to the foreign person. The foreign person sends a message to the U.S. attorney saying: "Please gift that note that your company owes me, that is sitting in your trust account, less whatever your legal fees are, please gift that note to U.S. person." The attorney calls the U.S. person and says, "I've got a note for you." U.S. person picks up note, and says he wants to cash it in, hands it back to the attorney, who marks it "paid," gives him a check; and he has received a gift of "intangible personal property" tax-free.

Via this sewer of government regulations, the uber-wealthy and powerful have been able to skate free of public scrutiny about the source of their wealth, tax-free.

In this day of "power to the people," don't you think it's about time everyone knew about this provision and had equal access to using it? And if people realize that this is immoral, then it should be illegal for everyone, and not just kept for the ultra-rich to become even more wealthy.

That's the end of my report, exposing this IRS 3520 to the world. What follows is some supplemental material that I find interesting. If you don't get into spiritual things, you might want to just skip this.

3520 in Alphabetics

After finding out about this crazy provision that I'd never heard of before, in all my years of being a conspiracy buff, I was curious what kind of commentary the Alphabetics code I discovered back in 1996 might reveal about this IRS 3520 provision.

Briefly, Alphabetics is the study of words in their alphabetical sequence, and the numbers associated with them, especially in the Hebrew Old Testament (OT) lexicon and the Greek New Testament (NT) lexicon. You don't just look up a numbered word, but you look at the words before and after it. Like an old fashioned radio dial: you don't just get the signal when you are exactly on the frequency, but you begin to get the signal as you approach the frequency. It isn't a matter of predestination. It's a matter of resonance. Words and numbers have meaning, and things that are similar will vibrate at a similar frequency.

So I looked up word 3520 in the OT lexicon as well as word 3520 in NT lexicon -- and the words around that. (See scanned copy of those pages.) In the NT lexicon, it tells the story of why the law was put in place (to allow intern students to get money from parents to keep them from starving). The OT lexicon explains how it is being used now by the "elite". It also seems to point to this law as being something that should be available to anyone, since all should be equal under the law, and that it can help empower the people by leveling things between the ultra-rich and the poor.

Here is a listing, numerically, of the words in Zodhiates' New Testament lexicon. The definitions are indented. My commentary is in [brackets].

3511 neokoros; A temple sweeper [maybe this exposι will help overturn some tables, like Jesus did in his day]

3512 neoterikos; Youthful [3520 was initially put in place for students...]

3513 ne; Used in swearing or affirming an oath [legal provision / tax code]

3514 netho; To spin [a twist on a law meant for students; until now, has been used primarily by dark politicians to cloak their under-the-table transactions]

3515 nepiazo; To be as a child, child-like, ignorant of evil [this would be an antonym, commentary on how a rule for children is twisted so it is anything but innocent]

3516 nepios; One who cannot speak, hence an infant, child, baby without any definite limitation of age. By implication, a minor, one not yet of age; asking for bread. [This is the very subject of the origin of IRS 3520]

3517 Nerius; (proper noun)

3518 Neri; (proper noun) meaning lamp of Jehovah [rather than propagating this treachery by maintaining silence, I'm choosing to follow the principle of being a light to the world, exposing evil and making a tool available to all, rather than only for the cabal]

3519 nesion; A small island [the idea of "foreign", which is a key provision of IRS 3520]

> 3520 nesos; An island [the idea of "foreign", which is a key provision of IRS 3520]

3521 nesteia; A fasting, fast, abstinence from eating, generally for want of food. [IRS 3520 ostensibly first came into law so foreign students could receive sustenance from their parents, tax-free]

3522 nesteuo; To fast or abstain from eating. [ditto]

3523 nestis; Not having eaten, fasting [ditto]

3524 nephalios; Sober, temperate, self-controlled; sober-minded, watchful, circumspect; free from the excessive influence of passion, lust or emotion [This is an antonym, generally speaking, in relation to 1) the foreign students being supported by their parents; and 2) those uber rich and powerful who use this provision for transferring large sums, tax-free; as well as 3) the circumspect use of what IRS 3520 was initially implemented to cover.]

3525 nepho; Sober-minded, watchful, circumspect [Now that I'm exposing this IRS 3520 provision, those in the alternative everything world, who are the watchmen, now have knowledge and thus access to this provision. The admonition is to use it for good, not evil.]

3526 Niger; black [don't use this for black deeds, as has been the case of the cabal up until now]

3527 Nikanor; conquerer [like in the martial arts, we can use that which has been used against us, for victory against the cabal, as well as for exposing the cabal]

3528 nikao; To be victorious, prevail; to be pure; to overcome, conquer, subdue [ditto]

3529 nike; Victory [ditto]

3530 Nikodemos; victory among the people [ditto]

> [Insertion point of the transliteration of Nikola (Tesla)]

3531 Nikolaites 

In my opinion, this string of words is very relevant to the historic reason for IRS 3520 coming into being.

Now let's look at the words surrounding the insertion point of 3520 in the Old Testament lexicon.  As mentioned above, while the NT definitions around 5320 seem to describe the historic setting for why IRS 5320 came into being, the words around 5320 in the OT lexicon seem be describing how the cabal has twisted this law to use it for financing their nefarious deeds; but now that this comes to the knowledge of we the people, we could use it to empower the people while exposing the conspirators. 

According to James Strong's Concordance, word 3520 itself means:

3520 keboodaw; weightiness, i.e. magnificence, wealth: -- carriage, all glorious, stately

That certainly ties into the idea of the wealth, mentioning it specifically, as well as the "elite".

The very next word, 3521 is transliterated "cabul", which is very close to "cabal". It means "limitation, sterile", which ties to the idea of this provision heretofore having been used only by the cabal, limited to their elite circles, not for the general public, for propagation of good.

The next word 

3522 kabbone; to heap up [heap up to themselves vast riches]

3523 kebeer; plaiting [secret combinations (weavings) / conspiracy]

3524 kabbeer; vast, whether in extent (fig. of power, mighty; of time, aged), or in number, many [no explanation needed; application obvious]

3525 kehbel; to twine or braid together; a fetter [secret combination to bring humanity into captivity]

3526 kawbas; to trample (prop. by stamping with the feet), whether literal (including the fulling process) or figuratively: fuller, washing [the rich grind their feet on the poor, which tries the hearts of the poor, and should wake them up to a sense of their awful situation, to want to rise up]

The word definitions preceding 3520 seem go to more into a commentary about what good could come from this once it comes into the awareness of the upright in heart and intention to do good on the planet. I'll quote them in reverse sequence, as it seems that this is the direction of the commentary embedded. And I'll give James Strong's definition first; followed by Gesenius'.

3519 kawbode; weight; but only figuratively in a good sense, splendor or copiousness: glorious(-ly), glory, honor(-able). (1) honour, glory of men; the most noble of Israel; (2) glory, splendour. the king of majesty, of glory, used of God; (3) abundance, riches; (4) the heart, the soul, as being the more noble part of man. [Not a description of the cabal, but of those who seek to overthrow it and set up or restore a proper governance. They could use IRS 3520 for good.]

3518 kawbaw; to expire or to extinguish (fire, light, anger): to (put) out, quench. metaphore of the anger of God; of the destruction of the enemies; to cover a fire with ashes; covering over, hiding [as the watchmen become aware of how the cabal has used this provision as their best kept secret, perhaps it will be instrumental in bringing an end to their nefarious deeds.]

I need to break in here with some additional commentary and notation of wording in the definition in Gesenius. My source for this information about IRS 3520 urged me not to publish anything about it, admonishing me that if I did, it would mean the end of my relationship with him because he explicitly told me he was divulging this information to me under conditions of confidentiality. He said it would bring undue attention to me and to him, and that he doesn't think it is time yet for such disclosure. He and others like him have been using IRS 3520 to their advantage for good; and if IRS 3520 is brought out into the open, it will probably be done away with.

So it is not with casualness that I publish this report. Quite the opposite. Much hangs in the balance. I am actually proceeding in this write-up with an exploratory sentiment: maybe I should bag it for now and wait; or if I should go ahead, I better have a very good reason. 

The wording within 3518 seems rich in such reasons, especially this wording:

To extinguish, put out, ..."that thou quench not the light of Israel," lest thou, the alone light of the people, shouldest perish.

Gesenius' explanation of that meaning, in our context, seems to be admonishing exposure, not concealing. It is consistent with the notion I mentioned above of being a light to the world, and not becoming as salt that has lost its savor. This concealing of such information to be used only by a few, for propagating uber wealth, whether for good or for evil, reminds me of a prophecy in Ezekiel 34:2: "Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy, and say unto them, Thus says the Lord GOD unto the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks?" Also relevant is Isaiah 56:10-11: "His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. Yes, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter." 

It should be power to the people, not for just the few ultra rich.

So no, I am not publishing this lightly. Much is at stake here, both for myself and for the planet. Given that I'm jeopardizing a lot of wealth that could come via this associate, I think it would be fair to classify myself as a whistleblower on this one; as I feel it is so important for people to know about this that I'm willing to go in defiance of my source's wishes not to have this be publicly known.

Here's the next couple of words, moving backward from 3520.

3517 kebaydooth; difficulty; heavily [such victory will not come easily]

3516 kawbade; the liver (as the heaviest of the viscera)

Let me break in here and make an observation that is more than a quick comment. Gesenius (actually in definition 3519) comments that the liver is "figuratively applied to the soul". What is at stake here is a matter that touches on and tries the soul, a very heavy situation to be pondered and weighed.

I find it interesting that in the NT lexicon, also in this vicinity, is the word for Kidney, another of the key viscera. Jumping back there (this immediately precedes the sequence cited above):

3510 nephrou; Kidney, usually used in the plural, the kidneys, loins. Used metaphorically for the innermost mind, the seat of the desires and passions, such as we refer to the heart today.

According to Alphabetics, this coinciding of terms relevant to the topic of study suggests that what we are talking about here strikes at the heart of the matter of what is out of order and needs to be set in order. Bear that in mind as you read the definition of the next word prior in the OT lexicon, which has the same etymological root as word 3516:

3515 kawbade; (1) heavy, laden. Mostly used figuratively, as -- (2) abundant; a numerous army. In a bad sense -- (3) grevious, burdensome; of a heavy famine; of enormous sin. (4) difficult, hard, of an affair or business; of a language hard to be understood. (5) not easily moved because of weight.

The etymological root of both 3515 and 3516 is 3513, which fills about 3/4 of the page in Gesenius. I have noted in the margin a fluctuation between (5) positive and (7) negative attributes and ramifications. What comes to mind for me, weighing all this, is the idea of the "valley of decision" that humanity is in at present. Will they choose evil, or will they choose good. Will they allow the cabal to install world tyranny, turning us all into slaves, or will they stand up and become mighty themselves, stepping into their godhood, and overthrow the cabal. Will they use wealth to enslave or to liberate. Will it be "power from the people" or "power to the people"?

3513 kawbad; (1) to be heavy, to bear up under anything, to endure adversity; (2) to be heavy, to be honoured; (3) to be great, vehement, plentiful, of enormity of wickedness; of a battle becoming fierce; (4) to be troublesome, burdensome; ..."the hand of God is heavy upon" any one, i.e. God afflicts some one heavily; (5) indolence, dullness, and to any hindrance of the use of the senses; to be dull, sluggish; also of the mind not easily moved; Piel (1) to honour, to do honour; (2) to harden the heart, or mind; Hiphil (1) to make heavy, e.g. a yoke; a chain; "the former governors laid a heavy (yoke) upon the people," greatly oppressed the people; (2) to honour, to increase with honours, to render illustrious; to acquire honour or glory; (3) to make dull the ears; to harden the heart; Niphal (1) to be honoured, to be held in honour; a glorious name; things done gloriously; (2) to shew oneself great or glorious; (3) abundant, to be rich; "the most wealthy of the earth"; Hiphpael (1) to boast oneself; (2) to multiply oneself; to be numerous, many.

The word root that Gesenius lists just prior to this means "globe".

Yes, even though we are talking about IRS 3520, a US tax provision (actually tax-free provision), its use has global ramifications as it has been used by the cabal to send and receive moneys tax-free from outside the U.S., and without reporting for amounts under $100,000.

From a vantage point of fidelity to freedom and the Constitution, let me just ask this question. Do you think it is proper that U.S. politicians can receive tax-free, non-reportable gifts from outside the U.S., for which they have no accountability to the public who elected them? IRS 3520 allows that. If the public knew where some of the select insider politicians were getting their enormous wealth, don't you think this would be grounds for possible charges of treason?

The results of their laws certainly have been contrary to the Constitution and principles of freedom. 

# # #

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