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You are here: > News > December 14, 2013

Miti Air: Raphial Morgado's first compressed air car

 A little trip through MYT Engine history looks at a 2004 chapter when the MYT 14" engine was installed in a Honda Civic to run on compressed air. Not yet optimized in the pulse timing, it barely made it a few times around the parking lot on one charge. Second one didn't need compressed air.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Two and a half years ago, we ran this story:

  • Featured: Fuel Efficiency > Engines / Air Cars > MYT >
    MYT Engine on 2001 Ford Focus on Air - Prior to making a major announcement in the coming days, Angel Labs is releasing some archival photos and videos of a 2005 press conference and of a 2001 Ford Focus modified to run on their 14-inch engine in 2004, using air. That MYT engine had previously run on diesel. (PESN; April 18, 2011)

I intentionally wrote it in such a way as to let people assume that we were talking about on-board tanks of compressed air. However, in reality, that vehicle had no such tanks on board, but was running off the solar energy latent in the air coming into the engine from the front of the car, due to the displacement and efficiency attributes of the engine. They had to push it to 15 mph before the effect kicked in; and eventually got it to run nearly 65 mph. Once they achieved that, Raphial stopped work on it, valuing his life; putting that capability on the shelf until more a favorable breakthrough energy climate emerges.

In digging through some archives recently, Raphial was happy to stumble onto some old photos and video of something he had forgotten about. Before he did the Ford Focus, he first converted a Honda Civic to run on compressed air in April of 2004. They called it "Miti Air."

In that early, rough version, the engine was connected directly, without transmission or differential, to the wheels. It went through a lot of air, too, giving only about 5 laps around the small parking lot before running out of pressurized air.  The pulses had not been timed with the air supply at that time.

I didn't think we should publicize this phase of their development until after Raphial is vindicated by flying around in his jetpack powered by his 6" engine. But Raphial is so confident of the momentum he now has with several deals coming through that he wasn't worried about the likely skeptical comment: "If the 14-inch engine is potentially capable of 4,000 HP, why, then, did you have to push the car to get it going? The amount of power demonstrated in the video is probably in the single digits." 

After he's vindicated and has plenty of money, he doesn't plan on making life easy for some of the main people who have been giving him a hard time to get to that point. The saddest thing for him, is that the main support is coming from China. He so wanted the jobs to go to the United States.

Here's the video I pulled together, compiling his photos and video images of the Blue Honda.

# # #

Don't Forget

Just a few days left at the Aviation 2.0 fundraiser for Raphial. Unfortunately, the negative voices have prevailed on this one so far. This will be a sad commentary on our day.

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