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You are here: > News > December 9, 2013; 8:45 pm Mountain

This is an actual US Intelligence Seal that was plastered on a spy satellite launched December 5, 2013. RT.

Grace Hopper vs. NSA, whose enemy is US

In contrast to Grace Hopper, who was a cyber pioneer and hero of early US intelligence war efforts to preserve freedom, the NSA, creating back doors to our computers that any hacker can exploit, has become an enemy of “we the people” and must be stopped.

by Paul Noel 
Pure Energy Systems News

In honor of Grace Hopper’s 107th birthday on December 9, Google did this Doodle on it's home page for the day!

Grace Hopper was a most astounding woman. My oldest brother retired as a Captain USN. In a meeting one day during his service, Grace Hopper came in. All of the old salts in the room immediately snapped to attention as the Admiral walked in and then in unison they all sung “Amazing Grace” to her. 

Grace Hopper has many honors in her history including having only once served on a commissioned warship in the US Navy and that was the day of her retirement on the USS Constitution. She is the mother of the modern computer. She developed Assembly, Basic and COBOL. If you use a computer, you owe a great debt to her work. 

She cracked the codes of the German Submarines and of the Japanese armed forces. She led the teams that literally won the “Battle of the Atlantic” in their code-cracking operations. Her work left a deep impression on the soldiers of the US Navy and its opposed forces. When you realize the importance of her work in code-cracking and the contribution that it gave to the USA, you know that being able to do this work is critically important to the USA. 

This having been said, no such value comes from the continual invasion of our privacy by the NSA. They are as decent as a “Peeping Tom” who has a pass key and force of law to invade our houses at will and immune from arrest. In their work these evil persons have endangered the right and decent efforts to secure the USA in the future. They have compromised our moral standing in the world as the guiding and strong force for freedom we have been in the past.

The NSA has holed the security of every computer. They used their “pass key” holes to come and go at will all the while leaving the door open for hackers and thieves of all types. This has not contributed to our security; it has endangered all of us by exposing everything we do, even our armed forces to anyone seeking to use these “back doors.” They endanger every level of US Security.

Everything we seek to do is in danger. We have to wake up and realize the answer to a question. Who is this dangerous army that the NSA was empowered to hunt down and destroy? Who is this army that the greatest spy engine every assembled in the history of mankind is hunting down? Some may wish to think that it is Al Qaeda. It is not! Some may think it is Russia or China. It is not. This terrible enemy deserving such continual attention is the people of the United States of America. Make no mistake, it is only an excuse to claim some foreign enemy exists to demand this attention. They share their espionage with these foreign powers on a daily and systematic basis. 

We are the enemy. War is being levied on us by the greatest and most astounding espionage machine that has ever been built. It uses its power to coerce and destroy. It uses its power to steal from us. It is working against us and is the greatest threat we as the American People have ever faced.

Make no mistake, it is also a threat to every freedom loving person on this earth. The goal of this machine is the absolute control over everything and everyone on this earth. This isn’t the fight of America, it is the fight for the very life of the human race.

We need to turn on this machine with all force and destroy it. No politician should remain in office unless he joins the fight to destroy this machine. No argument should be tolerated that “we need this,” because we need to get rid of this. Fixing it is only cover for it to remain in force and grow stronger. If we do not succeed in destroying it, it will destroy us. There is no freedom, prosperity or hope with this organization and its spymasters in power. 

In the loss of freedom the NSA seeks to generate, we will destroy not just human freedom but its very ability to survive. It must be ripped from the earth at every place it exists. Remember do it no violence; use the peaceful means at our disposal.

If you doubt the danger, it just came out from the Snowden disclosures that the effort to get a War going in Syria was under entirely false pretenses. Syrian Al Qaeda operatives did in fact make the Poison Gas that killed. The war was in fact being pushed by Saudi Arabia and they wanted the USA to provide air cover for their Al Qaeda teams. The Snowden reports pointed out that Syrian Intelligence intercepts had been lost a year before and that the USA had no [current] intelligence. Here. the NSA should be prosecuted for advising Congress that this was not so. The NSA was actively trying to deceive the people of the USA into a war! This is a War Crime. I have told you on many occasions that these people are war criminals!

I also told you that the only thing they could not abide was peace. Peace is a mortal threat to their very existence. With peace nobody can justify the war and the spending and the secrets! Let’s keep peace now at all costs because we know these people will gin up a war if they can. Let’s fight smart against this most cunning and evil force.

# # #

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