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You are here: > News > November 26, 2013; 5:55 pm Mountain

Mehran Keshe Announces Spaceship Institute

Beginning January 14, the Keshe Foundation will be launching a 1-3-year long course for scientists from around the world who wish to collaborate in the development of knowledge required to build a fully functional space craft, complete with propulsion, energy generation, healing capability, food and water production.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

This last Saturday, I conducted an interview with Mehran Keshe regarding a number of things, including the recent announcement of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute in Bresciea, Italy, which will be a one- to three-year long course for scientists from around the world who wish to collaborate in the development of knowledge required to build a fully functional space craft, complete with propulsion, energy generation, healing capability, food and water production. 

I created a video to include photos and images relevant to the audio track of our interview. That video is embedded at the end of this page. I must apologize that I was not in best form doing the interview, but Keshe's content was great.

Spaceship Institute

Two weeks ago, the Keshe Foundation held a press conference in Italy, which was attended by some dignitaries including a member of parliament.

Click for enlargement.

The course will begin January 14 with 20-50 participants, then in March they will allow multinational companies to join in. The setting will not be a "classroom" with teacher and students, but more of a "round table" environment of peers, directed by Keshe. "Most of these people are high-level scientists. Titles get hung on the door on the way in. This will be an environment of peers."

One of the conditions for involvement in the institute will be that the scientists openly share what they are learning with their people back home, so that the knowledge reaches millions and cannot be stopped. "This way, no nation can block any other nation. This will be a collective, human race endeavor."

They want representation from a large number of nations, so no one nation will have more than 10 scientists. The course  language will be in English, so anyone needing translation will need to arrange for that.

Much of the €20,000 tuition will go toward materials for the participants to build a functioning energy reactor. They will begin making things after the first semester. "By end of the first year, they should be able to make an energy reactor, medical systems, and produce food from energy in space."

Keshe realizes that multinational companies will need to get involved in order to bring the necessary resources and capabilities to the table for producing these technologies with the quality and volume needed for humanity. But he is convinced that the intellectual property for this needs to be open source, comparing it to a spoon, which everyone needs and uses, and many companies make.

One of the conditions for participation is that the technology must only be used for peaceful purposes, for lifting of humanity, not for aggression. No patents can be filed on things learned in the course. It should remain open source. Keshe compares the knowledge gained and shared in this Institute to a spoon. "Something that is necessary for quality of life for every human should not be patented."

Interested individuals should send their CVs to as well as for redundancy. If there is enough support for this, we may do a fundraiser to raise enough money to send at least one person who wins a contest to attend. David Puchta and Peter Crunk have both expressed interest in being involved, though both of them have their own projects that ought to be funded so they can give those the attention they deserve.

Bresciea has plenty of accommodattions for children and families.

5 kW Generator

Keshe said that there is going to be an announcement coming December 19, 2013 regarding the generator technology.

They were supposed to have started delivering these last December to the near 100 people who had paid a €500 Euro deposit toward purchase. They were going to show that unit a year ago in November, but that plan was frustrated when the Belgium authorities confiscated it the day before the planned showing. 

That unit involved radioactivity and thus presented problems for shipping (not to mention other regulations). So they had to redesign the unit so it didn't use radioactive elements. "We spent months modifying [the design] to get a chain of events that worked the same as with nuclear elements."

He said they have now accomplished that, and are in process of testing it, though they have had some issues with stability. The design being
tested produces in the range of 3-10 kW. He did not give any assurances that the announcement on December 19 would be affirmative; but he did say that if it was positive, then he would be inviting those who paid the deposit to then pay the balance of the unit so it could be manufactured. He said that the manufacturing facilities are in place. If we cannot deliver, we will refund the deposit."

He said this technology could easily be scaled up or down. "There is no limit on output production because no fuel is required," because it is harnessing the wheelwork of nature via a principle of magnetism.

He also said that at the 7th workshop this Thursday, they plan to show what it is.

[December 20 Update: Keshe Announces Commercial 3-4kW Generator]

Won't be Participating in Evolve Expo Contest

When I asked Keshe if he thinks his generator will be ready to participate in the contest to power the Evolve Expo "Free Energy House" display (story pending), he told me that the United States has not been welcome at all to the Keshe Foundation, refusing to grant him a Visa.

"If we have to do a demonstration, we will do it in Europe. There are enough scientists clever enough in Europe."

Gravity Modification

Keshe also spoke about that weight-modification set-up we did a story about in August. From what I could tell, the change of weight read-out was a function of their not properly taring the scale to zero each time. He said that this was not the case, and that present at the testing were a professor, two engineers, and a physicist, who were observing very carefully; and that they have "thousands of hours of video" from the various tests that were done, showing a "2.5 kilogram reduction" in weight. Later, the data from those additional tests will be posted. 

He said that video we showed in our news was produced by an international blogger, who, in due course, will announce who he is. Achieve perpetual, sustainable propulsion, can create any amount of energy. Create magnetic field, depends on how much you pick up from that.

Headquarters moved to Italy

Keshe said that due to the problems they have been having in Belgium, with the government " trying to do everything to discredit us", they have relocated to Bresciea, Italy. 

He said the Belgium government recently stole 10 years of emails from their servers, looking for things they can use to discredit the Foundation. Apparently, he was able to pinpoint the source of the hack through their internet service provider. 

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

On the health front, he said that with the move, their clinical work has been put mostly on hold.

However, he said that they have been seeing very promising results in restoring patients who have ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), which until how has been a death sentence. He referred me to a video they posted about their work in this area, which he expects to generate a lot of interest worldwide.

One person they have been working with can now lift an orange, whereas two months ago, he couldn't lift a pen. And he can clothe himself.

Keshe wishes to emphasize that their work is not just about energy, but about the whole range of requirements needed for a space mission, including healing, food, water, and propulsion.

USB Drive Update

I asked him if he's received any updates from the many governments that he gave their USB drive with a full set of information regarding their technology. (Story) He replied: "We don't communicate with the governments; we don't ask. It was given as a gift. Some governments have already passed the key to research establishments."

US Drone Intercept Prediction

We've given coverage in the past about the two instances, exactly one year apart on December 6, 2011 and 2012, in which Iran intercepted and downed, in-tact, a US drone flying in their air space; and that Keshe claims that it was his gravity modification technology that made that possible.

In my interview with him Saturday, he said that last year, just prior to the second incident, he had announced to a group of 150 people he was speaking to on December 3, that "the power of the technology would be shown." He said that at that meeting was the first time he had shown the gravitational reactors for first time in public. He said: "This happened after our systems were confiscated, the Friday before, November 25, a day prior to their pending showing of the system in Holland for Elector Magazine.

He didn't think such an incident would happen yet again this year, and expressed his hope that the 5+1 peace talks then under way in Geneva would stabilize things between the US and Iran.


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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated March 13, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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When you're two steps ahead,
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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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