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You are here: > News > November 14, 2013; 10:45 pm Mountain

Why I'm Destined to Become the Richest Man in the World -- for Good

Yes, I'm involved in what is sure to be the next huge thing: exotic free energy roll-out worldwide, but that's only part of the reason why I believe I'll become the richest man in the world. And it's not about ego, but about lifting others to also be successful in filling their God-ordained missions in life.

To understand this article will require that you be in a spiritual (right-brain) and concentrating (left-brain) mindset.
I would like to give special credit of inspiration to Dr. Claudia Pacheco of STOP the Destruction of the World organization out of Brazil. She also serves as my analyst, and November 14 is her birthday. So, given my level of respect for her and the work her group is doing, I thought today would be a good day to finish up this write-up I've been working on and stewing over for several weeks. Also, today being the second of the two-day GridEx drill, simulating a 100% grid power failure in the U.S. gives me yet more motivation to publish this with today's date. I would also like to thank the New Energy Systems Trust. This morning's weekly meeting was the most amazing meeting I've ever been part of in my entire life. (Had nothing directly to do with the theme of this article, but everything to do with exotic free energy roll-out.)

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I know; that's quite the precocious story title, and it's sure to evoke quite a few snickers and snarls, especially since in the 11½ years that I've been running this exotic free energy news and networking service, I've had the "donations" hat out quite often. Even now, we still need the augmentation of donations to get by.

So what makes me say that I'm destined to be the richest man in the world, and to say it with conviction? Why would I make such a statement at this time? Of course, some of you think that obvious answer to that is that I'm completely out of touch with reality.

I believe that exotic free energy will be the next huge wave, and I'm in a leadership position in that movement. But my thought of becoming the richest man is not within the present context of rich vs. poor, but in a future context of a more ideal world, where there are no poor -- in large part because of the arrival of these exotic free energy technologies that will bless and lift all mankind.

Up until recently, I've seen my mission to be a revolutionary of the martyr type, putting my life on the line for a good cause, not likely to become wealthy any time soon, but probably later, when Exotic Free Energy technologies begin to emerge into the marketplace, certainly not anywhere near the top of the heap -- no desire for that, nor did it even ever cross my mind. 

But thanks in part to taking some amazing classes by Kirk Duncan of 3KeyElements, I've had a paradigm shift, and now I see things very differently. And it's not about ego or seeking to be better than others.

My Vision of "Richest Man"

First, let me qualify that statement: To become the richest man in the world -- and good.

I believe the world is going through a major transition right now. Everything is up-side down. Here's how David Icke puts it:

"Just Look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information, and religions destroy spirituality."

If none of that makes sense to you, then you have some waking up to do. For example, NIST, who is supposed to be the epitome of standards and excellence in science, played a total cover-up role for "explaining" how World Trade Center building 7 came down. (Info) They prostituted themselves. Doctors prescribe drugs with a multitude of side effects, but they are generally clueless about prevention and facilitating natural healing. The third leading cause of death in the U.S. is doctor-induced. (Links)

Everything needs to be overturned so it is right-side-up again. This is another word for "revolution".

Presently, those who are ultra wealthy very often have done so at great detriment to many, via sweat shop labor, polluting the planet, turning people into slaves, gambling with taxpayers money, mortgages, and bank accounts; buying up nations through debt financing, etc. It's corruption at its height.

No, I don't want any of that.

I believe I will become the wealthiest man on earth by helping everyone to become wealthy and responsible (Thrive), while cleaning up the planet, providing clean energy, fixing the corruption, getting into sound monetary policy, enabling the rollout of healthy solutions, and open commerce with our extraterrestrial visitors, etc... -- all without force, all within the framework of freedom and goodness.

So we're talking clean money, not filthy lucre.

And no, I'm not Don Quixote, tilting at windmills. I honestly believe I have a destiny to become the richest man on earth -- the new earth that is coming; and I think I have some good reasons to support that position, some of which I'll be presenting here.

Do you want to hear my reasons? Is it okay for me to explain why I think this is possible?

First of all, I'll tell you this, it has always been my nature, that as soon as I get a little spare money, it is spent on something worth while. I don't see this changing. I want to see my money turn around and do good. So as soon as I get some, it will be used to lift others, in the spirit of "teach a man to fish", not "give a man a fish."

If I do become the richest man in the world, the difference between my wealth and the "poorest" person will not be that great. In fact, the world I see coming will not have any poor. Nor will there be any wars. No exploitation.

I'm thinking it will probably take 10-30 years for me to get to that point (richest man), though I see the transformation of the planet to that better realm happening sooner than that.

According to prophecy, the coming world is not going to have any evil people. They will have killed each other off, been destroyed by calamities, or they will have gone through a mighty change of heart so they are no longer evil.

Many prophecies, from many traditions, describe such a world to come.

So when I say that I see myself becoming the richest man in the world, please know that my vision for that wealth isn't in the present frame of reference of corruption in the world, but in a new world where the difference in wealth will not be that great. No longer will wealth be used by one to be able to look down at others, but we will see all as equally precious in the sight of God. Furthermore, the present "scarcity mentality" that says the only way one person can become wealthy is at the expense of others, because resources are limited -- will be replaced by an "abundance mentality" that says nature provides more than what we need, and as we live responsibly on the earth, no one needs go without, but all can thrive, without polluting or raping the earth. See 

So, that said, let me briefly tell you the story of how I came to this belief that I am destined to become the richest man, in that context. I say "briefly", because there is much more to this story, but I'm going to just cover what has transpired in my life over the course of about one week, which brought me to this conclusion. 

And I share this, not to draw attention to myself, but in hopes that it will empower you to awake and rise up to your full potential. We're all in this together.

A world of abundance is coming, and you can shift your thinking now to being manifesting that in your life now. The more of us that do this, the sooner that new world can arrive.


"Ah-Ha" Moment at 3KeyElements Art of Mentoring

A few weeks ago, on October 24-26, I attended a course called The Art of Mentoring by Kirk Duncan of 3 Key Elements in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. As I've reported several times in our news, by attending his courses and listening to his CDs, I've learned a lot and have been given many tools for success in life.

On the morning of the third day of this seminar, a lady got up in the audience during a Q&A session and said something to the effect: "Kirk, may I have your permission to bypass you?" He replied, "Good luck!", and they then went into some fun banter, after which he told the story of how he did the same thing with one of his first mentors. He told him that he figured out a way to bypass him, and a year later he did. Kirk then genuinely stated that nothing would please him more than if someone he touches ends up being more successful than him, though he doesn't think it's likely.

As that percolated near the end of his explanation, I had a flash of inspiration, so I stood up to make my statement, without mulling it over and talking myself out of making so bold a declaration. It felt right to me at first glance, so I went with it.

Sitting near the front, I turned to face the audience, and said, with great conviction, something to the effect:

"I'm going to one-up, by quite a bit, what this brave lady just said. And given that for the past eleven+ years I've struggled just to maintain a survival level of existence, this may sound quite preposterous. 

As a leader in the exotic free energy sector, I can tell you that free energy is going to be the next big wave of the future. Everything in today's world is energy. Your house, your businesses, your transportation, your appliances, your portable devices -- they all run on energy. If those can be disconnected from the polluting grid, and powered from an infinite energy source in an affordable way, that is huge. 

Free energy is all about freedom and empowerment of the individual -- power to the people. 

It is therefore not inconceivable that in playing a key role in helping bring free energy to the planet, that I could become the richest man on earth. I dare any of you to surpass me, and I welcome your involvement in bringing about this vision of the empowerment of humanity."


Then Kirk said something to the effect, "Do it!!" [My wife, who was sitting next to me, has a very different read on what took place. She's an empath and picks up on what people are feeling, and she said people were thinking I was seeming a bit like a lunatic, and Kirk was trying hard to be diplomatic.]


The next day being Sunday, I slipped into my spiritual-reflective mode, and wondered if there might be anything to corroborate my bold declaration in the Alphabetics code I discovered, based on the alphabetical sequence of words, and the numbers associated with those, which correspond -- due to the principle of resonance -- with modern people, places, phone numbers, dates, etc. I've looked up thousands of numbers, and was quite sure that this one would have a hit, if there was indeed anything to it. Things of the same frequency vibrate together.

First, I went to Strong's Concordance to look up "richest", presuming there would be no such word.

The closest thing was "richer", which word appears in one verse in all the Bible: Dan. 2:11 "shall be far richer than they all." Having a word have only one instance in the Bible like this, can be a way of placing an explanation mark next to it.

As I post this photo of the page, I notice that on the next column over is the word "riddle", which is germane to the idea of solving word puzzles through Alphabetics.

Word 6238: Richer

That phrase, "shall be far richer than they all" seemed relevant, even though it was talking about a corrupt king of Persia; so this made me even more curious to look up that word: 6238. (For those who are curious, here's a link to a photo of the whole page 660 of Gesenius, where that word is found.)

Raphial Morgado and Myself with his 14" engine.

It turns out that this definition (shown to the right) is an amazingly positive portrayal of riches in a good sense, while the words around it, especially before it, depict the negative associations of riches (we'll cover those below). It starts: "to prosper, to be happy, specially to be rich." It then goes on: "to build up, to erect," which brings to mind the idea of embodying or manifesting what you envision, which in my opinion, is the quintessentially positive meaning of riches. 

It then gives the specific example of "Jehoshaphat built ships", which for me immediately brought to mind Raphial Morgado and the flying ships (that could traverse from continent to continent in 2 days rather than 2 months) that he envisions being possible because of his MYT engines, so I wrote "Morgado" in the margin next to that.

In a wider sense, the phrase "build ships" ties into the new industrial revolution Raphial wishes to launch with JetPacks, VTOL craft (including flying cars and flying ships that have the cargo of a ship and the speed [500 mph] of a plane). See that I grabbed following my recent trip, which epitomizes the wealth that is in store for me because of what I'm doing. Raphial has told me many times: "My success is your success".

I love that definition 6238 includes the phrase: "thou greatly enrichest it (the earth), thou endowest it and adornest it with most beautiful gifts", because so much of wealth today is used at the expense of the earth, raping the earth, exploiting its resources.

I should note that the last word of that string, "gifts" also happens to be definition of the very last word of the Old Testament lexicon -- the omega word, in the spirit of alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. This puts a huge exclamation point next to that word, which I pointed out in my lecture in Boulder last month is also a synonym of "free" as in "free energy" -- it is a "gift" from God, or from nature: "harnessing the wheelwork of nature" as Tesla put it.

You'll notice that following the "built ships" section, I also underlined the phrase: "to put together, to join together." This, in my opinion, is very significant because it ties word-for-word with the definition for word 260 in the Old Testament lexicon ("join together") as well as word 260, "together" in the New Testament lexicon. This is significant because there are 260 chapters, total, in the New Testament; and the phrase "join together" in that context brings to mind Ezekiel 37 that prophesies about the stick (record) of Judah and the stick of Joseph becoming one in the hand. That verbatim phrase, "join together" also comes up next to word 1580 in the OT lexicon. There are 1580 total chapters in the Mormon "quad" which includes the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. I don't think this word association should be brushed aside as insignificant, but rather, should be seen as another way of saying: "All the scriptures teach you how to be rich and good, if you will implement their teachings in their true essence."

Dansie Again

Those of you who regularly follow my news, will also know that I recently wrote an article in which I pointed out that my nemesis, Mark Dansie, who has totally trashed Raphial Morgado, and killed any momentum there was for people to support his Aviation 2.0 project, has a cell phone number whose last four digits have the following definition in the OT lexicon.

1688 to join together, to press together into a mass, especially a round mass, hence ball of dung, dung...

The "join together" word string hence ties him into the above scenario as well, as a negative voice against these positive dreams. I hope he changes. He has no compunction against jumping to the "its a fraud" conclusion without adequate evidence for that. With him it's "guilty until proven innocent" when it comes to any exotic free energy claim. He sees no problem with that attitude and is actually quite proud of it as the basis for his skepticism. His living in the Philippines seems to be softening him, so maybe he'll turn over a new leaf.

Rossi's E-Cat Tie-in

But while I'm on the subject of "join together" and word 260, I'd like to show you that definition from the Old Testament, because within it is embedded a very obvious prophecy about Andrea Rossi and his "cold fusion" or LENR technology (which Dansie has been brutal on) that has been in my Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing nearly the duration that I've been running that listing.

Not that the definition just prior to it specifically mentions Ezekiel 37:17 "and they shall be (the two sticks) joined in one".

the image for a whole-page photo.

Andrea Rossi and myself after his October 28, 2011 demonstration of his 1 MW E-Cat in Bologna, Italy.

You see the string "to join together" near the bottom. But up above it, you see underlined "Rossii" which the name of an etymologist. (Gesenius wrote this book in 1847). Just below it is underlined "Water", and below that is underlined "Celsius". Then, in the right column, you see underlined: "the west" and "latter time, the future". And in the top right, you see "hinder, rear, end", which is the antonym of "Top 5". In the context of Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat, these phrases can be interpreted:

  • Rossi - name of the inventor
  • Water - is heated by his LENR process; and the process involves hydrogen, which is usually extracted from water.
  • Celsius - heat, temperature, LENR process
  • join together - fusion (actually, its probably transmutation)
  • the west - Rossi moved from Italy to Florida to do this work
  • latter time, the future - now

Note also, near the beginning of the definition, is underlined "Hebrew" and "Greek" which tie to the idea of Alphabetics studies using the lexicons and their alphabetical sequence of words. "Wisdom" which is also underlined, ties into this as well.

I didn't notice this when I prepared this for the October 10 presentation in Boulder, but the etymologist name, "Jerome" is a play on the name "Jeroen", who was the conference organizer.

It's all resonance.

The reason I bring this up is to point out that the string "join together" for the word for "richer", also ties into this definition 260 and its link to Rossi and the other exotic free energy technology inventors -- its part of the wealth that is coming to a planet that will shift from a scarcity mentality to an abundance mentality, per the excellent documentary.

Words Before 6238: Bad Side of Rich

As mentioned above, the words before word 6238 give the negative side of riches that we often think of when we think of wealth. These are the things I DON'T want to become, and these are why I've not wanted to be wealthy, until 3KeyElements talked some sense into me about using wealth for good.

One of the methodologies of alphabetics is to consider the words before and after a word in its alphabetical sequence, to see what commentary they might lend to the word in question. To use a resonance analogy, it's like tuning a radio (when they used to have dials, not "scan" buttons). While the best signal is in the middle of the frequency, as you approach the channel, you begin to hear the channel, and can get a fairly strong signal before and after the exact frequency. The stronger the signal, the more this holds true. This phenomenon of resonance is very true of alphabetics as well.

So let's look at some of the words in vicinity of word 6238, first going backward, then going forward.

To the right, you see the words just prior to definition 6238. (Bear in mind that in Gesenius, he used a slightly different method for sequencing the Hebrew words than James Strong did, so his numbering sequence isn't always the same. You can see from the photo of the full page that the image at the right indeed comes immediately before definition 6238.) I'll list the definitions in sequence of nearer to further away.

6234 oppression, which anyone suffers; hence anguish, distress

6233 (1) violence, injury, especially oppression of the poor, as shown in defrauding, extortion, spoliation. (2) something taken away by force, or fraud; unjust gain. (3) anguish.

6232 oppression

6231 (1) to oppress, to act towards, or treat any one unjustly or violently, e.g. the needy, helpless. A victor, the vanquished. (2) to defraud, any one, to extort from him by fraud and violence, "who extort the wages of the hireling." "they oppress a man and west away his house," i.e. act both with fraud and violence. (3) to be proud, insolent. (virgin) violated forcibly, metaphorically of a captured city.

That definition 6231 brings a lot of modern counterparts to mind: the mortgage scandal, the world bankers buying up and subjugating nations by getting them into debt.

Now, let's jump to the top-left of this page, where we see another cluster of similar ilk definitions.

6216 an oppressor

6217 oppressions, injuries


6223 from root: rich and frequently -- (a) in a good sense, honorable, noble; but -- (b) in a bad sense, haughty, impious, inasmuch as riches are the fountain of pride

And there, tucked between is a word that comes back to the concept of manifesting our intentions, but in the context of evil, these would be wicked manifestations.

6219 fabricated, wrought

Then follows a set of words having to do with "smoke" that also ties into this process of manifesting our thoughts.

6225 to smoke, this appears to correspond [to] mind (properly: breath, spirit), used of the anger of God.

6226 smoking

6227 (1) smoke, used of the anger of god.

Interesting that this notion of the wrath of God is tucked between word definitions about oppression and bad uses of riches.

I would argue that in terms of opposites, that God's pleasure would probably be highest when wealth is used to bless others, not curse them.

Words After 6238: Thoughts

Now we're ready to turn the page, to look at the words that come after word 6238 (richer). (You can download this photo of the entire page, in case you'd like to see it all in context.)

Here are the definitions that follow word 6238 (richer). They also seem to carry on the theme of the typical negative connotations of wealth:

6239 riches

6244 to fall away -- (a) used of clothes falling to pieces from use, and from being moth-eaten -- (b) used of the face, as having become lean through sickness or care

These two definitions, combined, conjure the scripture that basically says, "you can't take it with you". What comes of our soul through the use of our wealth is the ultimate issue -- a choice we make. Will we use it to bless or to to curse?

Next comes a set of definitions that I see as conveying the idea spoken most concisely by the title of the book: "Think and Grow Rich." But I much prefer the way 3KeyElements teaches it. That we first focus on the condition of ourselves and our walk with God, then we can become a creator through envisioning something (thoughts / subconscious) and tapping into God's power to bring it into fruition.

6245 (1) to shine, (2) to make shining, to fabricate, to form; (3) it is applied to the mind which forms anything in thought; to recall to mind

6246 to think, to purpose

6247 (1) something fabricated, workmanship. (2) thought, opinion "as to the opinions of him who is in prosperity"

6249 (3) of the same word; denotes eleven, also eleventh, i.e. a number to be conceived in though, or in the mind, while the preceding numbers have been counted on the fingers.

6250 thoughts, consels

That brings new meaning to seeing 11:11 on the clock all the time. Now we can see that it also conveys this idea of the imaginative thought process by which we bring ideas into reality.

Kirk Duncan has a series of CDs and lectures along the lines of "Minds of Steel", in which he gives tools by which you can eliminate the negative chatter that tries to tear you down and keep you from accomplishing good, and listening instead to the positive guidance and inspiration from God and guardian angels. 

Ultimately, by using these tools, you become a creator, to "fabricate" or materialize your dreams into form. A corollary of this is becoming wealthy, in which case wealth is used to bless others, not build your own pride while destroying others.

Sterling David Allan

Next comes a set of word definitions numbered 6251-6255, based on the proper noun: Ashtareth.

From a search I did in 1997, I had noted in the margin that the etymology of the word "star" is also the etymology of the English word "Sterling" [comes from Starling]. And in the next line, I circle the word "love", noting that this is the etymological meaning of the word "David" in Hebrew: beloved. So there you have my first and middle name.

The next word definition, 6256, is spelled with the Hebrew letters ayin, teth, which in this sequence could be pronounced "Oath", so I note in the margin that this ties in to my last name, "Allan", which inserted alphabetically, transliterated into Hebrew is in the vicinity of a word with that meaning. So there you have my last name.

To further cement the association, my Dad, David W. Allan, is world famous for his work with the atomic clock in Boulder. His website, for which I serve as webmaster, is Note that the main meaning for word 6256 is "time".

He has probably influenced my life for good probably more than any mortal.

Note that the last word on that page is from that definition explanation, and is the word: "perpetual".

If there is a single word that epitomizes the most common perception of "free energy" is that it is "perpetual". And those of you who have been following my news for the past 11.5 years know that I'm a chief advocate of these exotic free energy technologies. Take a look at our kudos page, and the dates of the kudos over the years.

Therefore, I think a pretty good case could be made that we're not just talking about any Sterling David Allan, but me in particular, son of David W. Allan, proponent of harnessing the wheelwork of nature, also known as free energy, sometimes call perpetual motion, though I don't like that terminology because it doesn't acknowledge the source of the energy: nature / God.

Furthermore, looking at the word number 6256. It is the number "25" (my favorite number, and the number of David) nestled between 6's. My parent's address in Fountain Green is PO Box 66, and their solar home is 66 feet long.

So at the top right of that page I wrote: "Sterling David Allan" -- there on the page facing the word for "richer". It's not immediately next to it, but pretty close.

Riches in the New Testament

There is a similar clustering of word definitions surrounding a group of words for "riches" in the New Testament lexicon, complete with tie-in to Raphial Morgado's ships, the Spirit of God, and my tie in to all this. (p. 1179 | p. 1180) But there is a lot of other stuff, too, so bear with me. The evidences and tie-ins are infinite, so we could go on forever in such analysis. I'm trying to keep this as concise as possible.

There is a grouping of words, from 4145 through 4149 that all pertain to riches. But in this case, most all the meanings are mostly the positive attributes of wealth, which should be sought, not shunned.

4145 Rich, wealthy, figuratively meaning happy, prosperous, lacking nothing

4146 Richly, abundantly, largely

4147 To be rich, become rich. [-] "not rich toward God," meaning laying up no treasure in heaven. [+]...personal enrichment by appropriating Christ's principle of sacrifice. in gifts and spiritual blessings toward all

4148 To make rich, enrich, bestow richly, supply abundantly, meaning in everything, in every way

4149 Riches, wealth, goods. (I) material goods "the deceitfulness of riches", Metonymically as a source of power and influence; Metaphorically, the rich gifts and blessings imparted by God, good welfare, happiness. (II) figuratively, meaning riches, abundance... the abundance of His goodness, "the riches of his glory", "the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge".
Syn wealth, affluence, possessions, self-sufficiency, money, riches, bounty, overflowing, abundance, treasure
Ant poverty, lack, famine, state of need, quandary, nakedness, need, lack, distress

Like with the "richer" cluster in the OT lexicon, note that one of the words that comes up twice in those definitions is "gifts" [free (e.g. free energy, gift from God/nature)], which, again, ties into the last [omega] word of the OT lexicon.

The words right before that?

4142 A small vessel or boat

4143 A ship, vessel

4144 Sailing, navigation, voyage

What does that have to do with riches? Can you say "Aviation 2.0" and the MYT Engine? Do you think that re-doing the way all motors are made will impact transportation of all kinds, including land, sea, and air vessels, so they 1) are far more efficient, 2) can even run on the solar energy latent in air, 3) are many times more powerful and hence can be smaller. Do you think there might be some wealth involved in bringing that forward?

"The MYT™ Engine features 40 times higher power-to-weight ratio, low parts count, low maintenance, high mechanical efficiency, and low pollution. It is poised to benefit applications including airplanes, ships, 18 wheelers, SUVs, passenger cars, and even down to carry-on power generators. The MYT™ Engine, as a pump/compressor, also exceeds existing pumps/compressors in providing massive pressure, volume, and flow; all in one unit."

Does that have anything to do with freedom? Wouldn't you say freedom of travel is one of the most important components of freedom?

Hence, I wrote "Morgado" in the margin next to 4144.

LDS Zip Code

The word immediately after this cluster of words having to do with "riches" in the NT is 4150 -- the last four digits of the LDS Church Headquarters zip code (84150). 

Before I give you the meaning of that word, let me first jump over to the Old Testament lexicon for word 4150.

That number might sound familiar to some of you who follow our news. I published the following story last January:

Here is an excerpt from that report:

Bear in mind that the LDS Church headquarters has its own zip code [84150], on which are found the following buildings:

  • Salt Lake City Temple
  • Mormon Tabernacle
  • Assembly Hall
  • LDS Church Office Building

[One of the key tenants of the Mormon faith is that they have modern prophets and apostles, like in ancient times.]

There are only 8674 words in the Old Testament lexicon, so let us take the last four digits, which are the most specific to that location: 4150.

Word number 4150 in Gesenius' Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament, which is based on James Strong's numbering system of the alphabetized words of the Old Testament, includes the following phrases:

  • (1) a set time; "the vision belongs to a time (somewhat remote)"
  • (2) an assembly
  • the holy tabernacle
  • (3) the temple
  • holy places
  • seats of the prophets
  • (4) an appointed sign, a signal

These are direct quotes. You can see for yourself in a photocopy I've made of that page.

I can't imagine a word definition having more direct, encompassing, and specific relevance; and it happens to have the same number as the last four digits of the zip code!

That's probably one of the best examples of a spot-on resonant definition that I love to share when talking about Alphabetics. It is irrefutable. No one can honestly say there is no correlation on one extreme, or that this is purely coincidental on the other extreme.

So, now let's go back to the NT lexicon and see what definition is there for word 4150. Let me quote from which I wrote in 1997.

The definition of word 4150 (Zodhiates) is:

4150 pluno To wash, as garments.
  Deriv.: apopluno washing out
  Syn. nipto, to wash; louo, bathe; aponipto to wash off; baptizo, to baptize, dip; katharizo, to cleanse; kathairo, to cleanse, purge.
  Syn. rhupoo, to become dirty; spiloo, to soil; moluno, to defile; koinoo, make unclean.

I think of Isaiah 52:1 "Awake, awake, put on thy strength, O Zion. Put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city, for henceforth there shall come no more unto thee the uncircumcised and the unclean." That theme is repeated in the very last page of the Book of Mormon: "..awake and arise from the dust, O Jerusalem; yea, and put on they beautiful garment, O daughter of Zion..." (Moroni 10:31). The verse before admonishes: "lay hold upon every good gift, and touch not the evil gift, nor the unclean thing." Remember the significance of the word "gift".

How awake are the Mormons presently? The area code for all of Utah used to be 801. Here's what I wrote in another article:

Bearing in mind that 801 is the telephone area code along the Wasatch Front in Utah (Ogden, Salt Lake, Provo Valleys), consider word number 801 in Zodhiates' New Testament Greek Dictionary. My comments are enclosed in [small brackets].

801 asunetoV asunetos Without insight or understanding, unintelligent, foolish. [Ouch. This word comes up again in the words around "Mormon" in Greek, mentioned below] In Matt. 15:16, Christ characterized Peter and the other disciples [those clued into the new ministry] as being asunetoi, since they were unable to reason out the practical application of His parabolic teaching. [That wasn't very complementary either.] [Now, in contrast,] In Rom. 10:19 [post crucifixion / resurrection], the believing Gentiles [today: the "remnant" who will overcome] were considered by the unbelieving Jews [today: Gentiles] as being illogical, and thus accepting Jesus as the Messiah [today: David servant ministry].

Antonyms [i.e. what Mormons think of themselves] sunetos (4908), able to reason logically and arrive at the proper conclusions; sophos (4680), wise, able to regulate relationships with God; nephalios (3524), circumspect, sober, free from the influences of intoxicants and avoiding them.

My Birthday

Now, let's get back to 4150 in the NT lexicon, and take a peek at a couple of things just before that word, from the Antonym of word 4149.

Antonym 5532, chreia means "need, lack", and it so happens to be tied in very tightly with Christos, from a vantage point of how he was viewed in his day. I'll not belabor that one here, but will refer you to an article I wrote on that in October of 2000. Let me just note that a synonym listed for that word is:

dei (1163), necessary

The "day" I was born was in November of 1963. [No, I'm not saying I was Jesus Christ.]

Back to the word before 4150 in the NT lexicon, antonym 1132 means "nakedness, need". Word 1130 prior to it means "To be naked." 11/30 is my birthday, and in case you're wondering, yes, I was stark naked.

Therefore, you see within the definition of "riches" a pretty tight link to me, and in close juxtaposition to 4150, the quintessential alphabetics match for the Mormon church, which excommunicated me (and over a thousand others like me) in 1993 for "apostasy". That will be relevant below.


Remember that in word definition 6225 above, prior to word 6238 (richer) from the OT lexicon, was as follows:

6225 to smoke, this appears to correspond [to] mind (properly: breath, spirit), used of the anger of God.

Now, look at word 4151 in the NT lexicon, just after 4149 (riches):

4151 to breathe. (I) Breath. (II) Spirit.


Except that in this case, as you read the five-page definition, it is definitely a reference to the indwelling Spirit of God that is to facilitate our mighty change of heart and guide us as our personal connection to God. Such is prerequisite to being good. It is not possible to be good without God, whether or not you acknowledge that.

So there, you have the baptism of water and of the spirit in two consecutive words, the first having the same number as the LDS Church headquarters zip code -- a church that is asleep at the wheel, who teach that you should receive personal revelation, but get really upset if you actually get some and start sharing it and acting on it.

In the context of the richest man in the world, the relevance here is that if we want to be rich and good, we must have the baptism of water and of the spirit -- or something close thereto from whatever your religious frame of reference happens to be. And, I would argue that we are going to see a Pentecostal type of mass-baptism-of-fire as the remnant wakes and arises and steps into their god-callings.

Let me also just point out that this 5-page definition includes page 1184, which talks about "the Day of Pentecost". 1184 also happens to be the number of pages in the Old Testament of the LDS Bible. Ironically, Zodhiates appears to be as daft about the importance of this as the modern Mormon church when ye says on that page: "The baptism with the Holy Spirit is not an experience to be sought by believers today." Then he pretty well contradicts himself, saying: "Joel, however, prophesied the outpouring of the Holy Spirit not only in connection with the first coming of the Lord Jesus, but also in connection with His Second Coming".

Rushing Mighty Wind

A few numbers later, 4157, is the house number of where I lived in Eagle Mountain for a few years, between living here in Ephraim. It means "Wind, breath, a rushing mighty wind". For what it's worth, I was fascinated by many different wind turbine technologies during that time. Bear that in mind as you look at this chiasm I dug out back in 1997, long before I heard of Raphial Morgado, and a few years before I moved to that address. (Pull up the following link at to satisfy yourself that this is the case.)

The next word is:

4158 A garment reaching down to the feet. Syn a long robe worn by people of rank as a mark of distinction.

Ties into "put on they beautiful garments", and in this wording elaborates that it has to do with wealth which comes from stepping into one's mission in life and not letting the negative, demonic voices dissuade you from doing what you were born/commissioned by God to do.

The next word definition addresses a question of this riddle that is Alphabetics:

4159 From where, why, how? Spoken in surprise, admiration. Implying strong negation.

And the next word again ties into the notion of us becoming creators by manifesting our dreams.

4160 To make, do, expressing action either as completed or continued.... spoken of God, to make, create; spoken of an inward act of the mind or will: to make, cause, bring about. Of mighty deeds, wonders, miracles...

4161 Something made, a work, workpiece, workmanship. It denotes the result of work.

As a tangent, I'll mention that the Synonym words listed for word 4157 [our Eagle Mountain address] include: "violent wind; storm, tempest; a hurricane, cyclone; earthquake, tempest." For what it's worth, I was deeply moved by Mark Dansie's recent account of being in the Philippines when the recent typhoon Haiyan came through, which is being estimated to be the largest storm to ever hit land in all recorded history. I can't help but think that there might be a correlation there. Maybe that is the event that has turned his heart, so he'll stop being my nemesis. And, perhaps, this report with all its irrefutable evidence, might help change his heart, but I seriously doubt that. He'll probably be giddy with glee that I could be so foolish to make myself such an easy target for his snide snickering chatter. But one thing is obvious in looking at the A-A pairing, Dansie/typhoon is put in juxtaposition with Raphial/ship, and he certainly has already shown his adamant opposition there.

The following also comes from 

It turns out that there is a chiasm formed from the words surrounding this one in the dictionary.  The following word definitions come from the words listed alphabetically before and after word 4150 in the Greek New Testament lexicon (Zodhiates)

A 4142-4 ([e.g.] ploos) A small vessel or boat; ship; sailing, navigation, voyage.
        [moved by the wind]

B 4145-9 ([e.g.] ploutos) Riches, wealth, abundance; material goods.

C 4150 To wash. [See Ezk. 22 Chiasm focal point structure]

B 4151-3 ([e.g.] pneuma) Spirit; spiritual; Holy Ghost; breath of life.

A 4154 To blow upon, as the wind.

I can see now that there is actually an A-1, A-2 structure to this chiasm, where A-1 is a parallel between word 4141 and 4155-4156 and ties to Isaiah 52:5,14; and what is shown above as A is actually A-2. 4141 refers to societal level calamity, and 4155-4156 to individual tragedy. (Incidentally, I should mention that Isaiah 52 came up a lot in the Alphabetics study I discussed on Oct. 10, 2013 in Boulder at the Global BEM conference.)

6238 / 2 = 3119 in the OT and NT lexicons

The last thing I looked up that Sunday, October 27, before making my way to church was 6238 / 2 = 3119 in the OT and NT lexicons. [I should mention that this was the third time I've attended the LDS congregation here since we moved here 1.5 years ago.]

Not far away from it in the NT lexicon is the Greek word for "Mammon", spelled nearly that way in Greek: "Mammonas".

I just thought of something "Mammon" and "Mormon" are pretty close, just as 4150 and 4149 are close. The question is, are we going to pursue wealth to trample on the poor or to bless humanity? But wealth is our destiny.

The words in vicinity of 3119 tie into "ancient of days" including that exact phrase.

Then I headed to church.

At Church

I wept while singing the sacrament hymn. Then, as the prayer was being offered, I had a flash of insight: "...And keep thy commandments, which he has given them" also includes personal revelation as confirmed by conscience. I showed the two awake lady friends sitting on either side of me, who also sing in the choir, and they nodded. One said: "That's big."

Later, during sacrament meeting, someone was giving a talk on "perfection", and he made a comment about how he is the slowest driver on the road, being passed by grandmas, just to make sure he doesn't bypass the speed limit. That obvious fallacy spurred me to ask the question: "What is 'perfection' from an alphabetics point of view?" And though I didn't have my lexicons there with me in church, I could begin by looking at the words surrounding it in the LDS Topical Guide, which I had in my quad with me. (See photo of the page.)

The word immediately before "Perfection/Perfect/Perfectly" in the TG is "Perdition". An obvious opposite. This is made more poignant to me since I discovered about a month ago that the word for "perdition" in Greek is the exact same word as "lust". I tried to find it again the other day, but for some reason, Google doesn't show the exact same word any more. Here is what the present search pulls up:

You can see that two of these options are very close. The first of the two options for "perdition" is what is used in the Greek NT (word 684).

Giving into lust and letting it rule is in the same ballpark as becoming a son of perdition! Holy crap!

That's my addiction! I know what a demon it is, and how hard it is to rise above. (And I'm guessing that it afflicts between 70 and 90% of males today). It was my struggling with this addiction over the years that made it much easier for me to listen to the negative voices in my head (reinforced by people close to me, who it upset) that said I was no good. That is why alphabetics and all things religious were put on Sabbatical for all these years. Who am I to preach?

Kirk Duncan helped in a major way for me to come out from under that cloud, pointing out that "your mess should become your message". As we overcome our challenges, it can be inspiring to others who have similar challenges. And God is sufficient to empower any of us to overcome anything.

The page number, 364, is highlighted because that was my license plate number in '98. Then next page number, 365 is circled, being the number of days in a year.

The word following Perfection is "Perform", drawing attention to the value of good deeds and living what you know: "keeping the commandments, including what God reveals to you personally". Aka. follow your conscience, and repent when you goof up. Pretty straight-forward.

Note the word before that: "Perceive", and I wrote on Sunday: "/ Awake". It is the first word in Isaiah 52: Awake, awake, put on thy strength, O Zion".

In the margin, I had noted in 1998 that "Satan" is on page 656 of the TG. Actually, it's the word "Devil" and it's the Bible Dictionary at that point. 656 is the Theomatic value of Messiah (numeric value of the Greek letters that spell it), so this is an opposite manifestation.

So I flipped over to page 656, and here is the tight cluster of short definitions, the first coming on the previous page, hidden. (Photo of p. 655 | p. 656)

Demetrius: (1) a silversmith
Demoniacs: See Devil
Denarius: See Money

My PESWiki username is "SilverThunder", a name I was given by a Sioux medicine man / chief, Carl Waln [a rare instance of one person being both (and I ended up gifting him that car that had the 364 license plate)]. So, there I had my name now tightly intertwined, right next to "devil" [I'll claim, in opposition to evil] and "money."

Now, unintentionally, the same morning, I had stumbled into my name right next to "money", providing another Alphabetics witness that I am destined to be "The richest man in the world -- and good."

Just in case you're still puzzling about this whole Alphabetics thing, let me remind you that the very first word in the New Testament is ab which means "father". It is spelled "alpha, beta" -- or, if the second letter is given in its Hebrew equivalent: "alpha, bet" -- AlphaBet, from the Hebrew and the Greek. I'd say that's a pretty strong endorsement of the term. The first messianic advent was focused on the son -- the spotless sacrifice for sin. The second messianic advent is the work of the father among his latter-day fold -- primarily the Mormons, illustrating: "inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me," since ultimately we all are gods in the flesh. And word 656 (the Theomatic value of Messiah) in the Greek NT lexicon means "excommunicated" -- which is typically how those who wake up and put on strength are treated. The Jews, anciently, rejected their own, and thus has it been in these end times (fullness of times) as well. And out of that rejection will come an awakening, by which a remnant will then finally put on strength and build the kingdom of God on earth, which will encompass not just the principles of the gospel (first coming) but also of freedom and government (second advent) -- and free energy!

I was so filled with love that Sunday, October 27, it reminded me of the good ol' days back when I belonged in the Mormon world and adored everyone I met, and didn't recoil in pain for them treating me like a snake. I smiled with a huge grin and gave everyone a hearty handshake, as I walked in and left. This feeling of what it would be like to be the richest man in the world because I help everyone become wealthy just felt very good. That fruit of the spirit was yet another ratification to me that I was on the right track in my thinking.

Perdition vs. Sterling in the Greek NT

As I prepared this report, I came across more stuff that ties into evidence that I'm destined to become the richest man in the world. Just as we saw a grouping of three words on page 656 of the LDS Bible Dictionary: Demetrius: (1) a silversmith; Demoniacs: See Devil; and Denarius: See Money; there is a similar ilk grouping, but more spread out and detailed, following the word for "perdition" in Greek, which once again links to my first, middle, and last name, tied to the idea of money, for good.

The word for perdition in the NT lexicon is 

684 the losing or loss, intrans. perdition, ruin. In the NT, apoleia refers to the state after death wherein exclusion from salvation is a realized fact, wherein man, instead of becoming what he might have been, is lost and ruined.  ...The word olethros and apoleia occur together, referring to those who determine to be rich. In this instance, olethros refers to the actual physical death of those who desire to be rich by any means such as Judas, Ananias and Sapphira.

The word before it, 683, means "To thrust away from oneself, cast off, repel, reject," which is pertinent to the idea that those who becomes sons of perdition are cast off from who they were supposed to be, having rejected the god that is within them, and choosing instead to follow the negative chatter in their heads: "you're no good, you'll never amount to anything, God doesn't want anything to do with you, you're nobody, who are you to think you could do something great, etc."

And a couple words prior to that is:

681 To handle an object so as to exert a modifying influence upon it, to fasten to. As a trans. verb when spoken of fire as applied to things, it means to set fire to, kindle, light.

In the context of perdition, I think of the baptism of fire, by which one's life becomes Spirit-directed, to step into one's godness, instead of stepping away from one's godness by hearkening to the negative chatter.

Now, going the other direction from the word perdition...

685 Originally it meant prayer, but came to mean more often an imprecation, a curse which the diety was to execute, the opposite of euche, wish, vow. Finally the word came to mean the evil invoked, the mischief itself, the realized curse.

Note that "prayer" when tuned to the wrong channel (listening to the dark voices), leads to the curse.

686 Then or therefore... marking a transition to what naturally follows from the words preceding. (II) "Who now?" "Who then?" or simply "Who?"

So, according to the Alphabetics riddle, we can expect that we're going to be identifying someone who is either the same as, or opposite to, or otherwise tightly correlated to perdition. The next word makes this even more obvious.

687 Whether. A question to which a neg. answer is required. As an interrogative, ara at the beginning of a clause, serves merely to denote a question and it cannot be expressed in English. It requires the answer to be negative, as in Luke 18:8 "Nevertheless [ara], when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" The answer must be "no."

Then come a set of 8 words that all tie to my name through a play on words, and not so remote sometimes.

688 Arabia, meaning arid, sterile. [Sterile was a derogatory nickname occasionally put to me when I was a kid.]

689 from the Hebr. Ram, meaning high. A man. [Word 5945 in Hebrew, shown in the photo at the right, is one loose spelling or transliteration of Allan, and it means "high". (Dated: 4/16/96)]

691 To do nothing. ["nothing" is one of the antagonistic chatter words put in our heads by the enemies of all righteousness.] Ant to work, to complete a work, to complete fully, to serve, minister, to produce, make, to perform, accomplish

This ties to the idea of perfection -- doing what we're here to do, our life's foreordained mission. See the series of Greek NT word definitions having to do with perfection from 5046-5056, which happen to be fairly close to the transliteration insertion point of the name Tesla (between 5061-5062). I'd elaborate on this, but I think we're already way too long in this report.

692 Not at work, idle, not employed, inactive. .."idle words," insincere language of a person who speaks one thing and means another ["sincere" is one of the meanings of the English word, "sterling".]

693 Made of silver. [Sterling silver] 

694 Silver, a piece of silver.

This definition spills onto page 250 in Zodhiates, which has the number "25" in it, which is my favorite number, and is the number of David. The word "silver" appears on that page at least 12 times. Also, at the top of that page, I have notated that the Greek equivalent letter values for the name: s (200) + t (300) + e (5) + r (100) + l (30) + i (10) +n (50) + g (3) = 698, which word number appears on the page and will be shown below.

695 Silver; silver money. Figuratively meaning good works such as will endure the fire of God's final judgment. Deriv. made of silver, silver, money, one who cuts or makes silver coins, a silversmith, lover of money or silver.

Then come these two words, including 698, which is the numeric value of "sterling" mentioned above.

 697 Areios Pagos Mars Hill. This was the supreme tribunal of justice instituted by Solon. Today the Supreme Court of Greece is called Areios Pagos.

698 Areopagites A judge sitting at the Court of Aeropagus. Occurs only in Acts 17:34. Mars Hill.

699 An endeavor to please. In a good sense, to please God.

And not too many words thereafter are the words:

705 arithmeo: To number, reckon by number.

706 arithmos: A number.

Which ties to Alphabetics, which applies the numbers assigned to the alphabetical sequence of words from the Old and New Testament to modern people, places, times, etc.

If there is nothing to Alphabetics, then none of this means anything. If there is something to alphabetics, then the vicinity of these words is yet another witness to my reasons for saying I'm destined to become the richest man in the world -- and to help the rest of the Earths inhabitants step into their godhood as well, so there are no poor and no wars, etc.

Let's go to word 4157 [my Eagle Mountain address] in the Old Testament. It means "a heavy weight". The next word listed by Gesenius gives this definition:

4159 a miracle, a prodigy; ...and properly means a beautiful or splendid deed... (2) a sign, a proof; (3) a sign of a future event, a portent, i.q. Isaiah 8:18 "behold I and the children whom Jehovah has given me (are) signs and portents in Israel," i.e. with our ominous names we indicate future events.  Zec. 3:8 men who in their persons shadow forth future events.

That's pretty much another way of describing Alphabetics, except that it is the entire collection of names and words combined that present the solution to the riddle.

P.S. Alphabetics & Birthday

(I was going to include this up above in the Birthday [11/30/63] section, but it got too long, and kind of requires the context of the whole write up to be properly appreciated, so I appended it here at the end.)

On November 15, 8:45 am MDT, after publishing this article, I calculated "Alphabetics" in its ASCII code numeric equivalents. A (66) + l (109) + p (113) + h (105) + a (98) + b (99) + e (102) + t (117) + i (106) + c (100) + s (116) = 1131, which word in the NT lexicon also means: "Stark naked;, uncovered, manifest", and is the root of word 1130 and 1132. And I think you will agree that my approach with alphabetics is very transparent, putting my life out in the open, as opposed to what is often found in the world where everything is cloaked behind secrecy.

Also, I just looked up 1130-1131 in the OT lexicon, again: 

1130 "son," i.e. "worshipper of Hadad" or Adodus, the greatest deity of the Syrians [Hey, Dad!]

1131 building

...the idea of creation, as being presented as a theme here in this article. By recognizing our godhood, and stepping into our creative destiny, we become expert at realizing our dreams to make the world a better place. That is what Alphabetics is about at its core. And speaking of ASCII, word 1130 in Gesenius appears on page 127, and 127 is the highest number of the binary, ASCII code. The first word on that page is "greater", which is the key word in my website where I feature Alphabetics:  Here is more of what appears in the opening of page 127:

greater likeness to the divine nature... (b) to kings (not those of the Hebrews only, but foreign ones also, as being the substitutes of God on earth, taught and aided by the Divine Spirit; thus also in the Greek poets: "the Lord said unto me, thou art my son, this day I have begotten thee," i.e. constituted kind... "I have said ye are gods, and every one of you children of the Most High."

Now, maybe, you can see why I'm going to be calling the Alphabetics show that Producer, Lisa Clapier tentatively has asked me to do for ThePeoplesVoice.TV: Alphabetics on Gods Incarnate, to show from the code how we all are gods, and we can do great things if we step into our godhood and stop listening to the negative chatter that tries to tear us down.

After writing the above, I realized that my ASCII code table, at least in the Firefox browser I mainly use, had an error such that every other column was displaced down one position. This was due to a <p align="right"> code in the 1, 3, and 5th columns that was absent (no <p> command). I was able to fix it by putting a <p align="left"> code in the 2, 4, and 6th columns. The result of this was that the ASCII equivalent I gave above is off by +1 for each letter, so the actual value of Alphabetics is 1120. It's been like this, probably since I created that page, not showing up until the Firefox browser of this version.

My first impression was that this misalignment, though making the code technically incorrect, was nonetheless intentional from a higher-purpose vantage point -- a sort of present to me, to pat me on the back and show me I'm on the right track, by aligning my birth month and day with the text "Alphabetics".

Here is the actual line-up (including definitions before and after 1120) in Zodhiates' NT lexicon:

1117 gomos The burden or load of an animal; a ship. Merchandise brought by sea. [MYT™ Engine, Aviation 2.0]

1118 goneus A parent, whether father or mother.

1119 gonatos The knee.

> 1120 gonupeteo To fall down on the knees or kneel before another in supplication.

1121 gramma That which is written, a letter of the alphabet, a book, letter, bond, and so forth. Ta hiera grammata describes the letters of the alphabet as used in Scripture as the object of study or knowledge. [Emphasis added]

1122 grammateus A scribe or writer.

1123 graptos Written, inscribed

1124 graphe Used in the plural in the NT for the Holy Scriptures. [1124 is the numeric sum of the Greek letters that spell "Mormon"]

Therefore, we see that the word number corresponding to the ASCII value of the letters that spell "Alphabetics" come one prior to a word that includes the word "alphabet" in its definition and a description that is a close analogue to my definition of Alphabetics. It also ties in the fact that the primary subject of alphabetics is to reveal the work of the father/mother incarnate in these end times, who are but a symbol of each of us, as we all are gods in the flesh. I'd say that is a pretty solid confirmation or proof that there is definitely something to all this. 

P.P.S. Show Name Change: "Alphabetics Incarnate"

November 16, 2013; 10:30 am - 12:40 pm [Mountain]

Last night, I looked up the ASCII number (2751) for the proposed show name: Alphabetics on Gods Incarnate, and didn't get any resonance there. It could be a big turn-off to religious people, sounding blasphemous.

After sleeping on it, and pondering about it this morning, I thought to shorten it to simply: Alphabetics Incarnate, which comes to 2069 in ASCII. That number gives total resonance. Here is a link to download a scan of the relevant pages from Gesenius and Zodhiates. Words Before and After 2069 in the OT and NT Lexicons (PDF).

I love that in the NT lexicon it comes in the vicinity of words these words (in case you're not familiar with the scriptures, these tie into Christ's declaration: "I am that I am"; and Jehovah's statement to Moses: "I am"):

2070 We are

2071 I shall be

2072 A looking glass, mirror

2075 You are [x2 = 4150, the LDS headquarters zip code]

2076 He (she, it) is

2077 Be thou, let them be

That's a profoundly tight correlation to the idea that all of us are gods in the flesh, and that it is up to us individually to step into that. That's what David Icke is all about. I've not read it myself yet, but from what I understand from when he's talked about it in different interviews, his most recent book, "Human Race, Get Off Your Knees" is all about admonishing us to stop being subject to the corrupt powers that be; and to step into our godhood (this is my vernacular to summarize his sentiments).

Word 2069 itself means "Reserved by Jehovah," so I hope David Icke, who is having some last minute struggles with the finances, show names, etc. (so both of my invited slots by Lisa Clapier are up in the air presently), will pay attention.

The word prior to it is a very profound link-in to another study I did earlier this morning, which I'll be doing a separate story about. It's gigantic, and has to do with a dirty little secret of how the "power elite" have been sending and receiving money under the table "legally" without having to report it or pay taxes on it. The antonym for that word, which is the closest line just prior to word 2069 is 3522, "to fast" (link IRS 3520). You'll appreciate the significance of that when I publish that report.

Word 2068 is the antonym: "To eat," and ties to the idea of -- we're shifting from a mentality of scarcity to one of abundance.

The two words before that, 2066 and 2067, mean: "A garment", which brings to mind the Messianic prophecy in Isaiah 52: "put on thy beautiful garments..." In other words: step into your godhood.

And the word before that, 2065, has the same number as the ASCII value of my email address: is where my Alphabetics studies are housed. As you look at this meaning, ask yourself if it has anything to do with the sending-receiving of correspondence by email.

2065 To ask, with an acc. of person and also acc. of thing... (I) To ask, ...inquire of; (II) To request, intreat, beseech; (III) Eratao provides the most delicate and tender expression for prayer or request with the one asking and the one being asked being on an equal level. Ant.  to answer.

I LOVE THAT!!! We all are gods, and praying to God is no more a big deal than talking to your best friend. We all are peers on this level. So when you send me an email, me being God in the flesh, it's not like you're sending from your lowest level to the highest level possible and are not worthy to do that. Ironically, about the only email I get on that address nowadays is tons of spam.

The word prior to that, 2064, begins two pages prior, on page 656. Remember, that 656 is the sum of the letters that spell Messiah in Greek. Here's an excerpt of that definition:

2064 erchomai To go, to come (II A) Especially in the phrase ho erchomenos, the coming One, i.e. the future One, He who shall come, the Messiah; the one who came; "he came and dwelt"; (II B) In the sense of to come forth before the public, to appear, make one's appearance. (C) To come again, back, to return.

I might mention that the definition for word 666 in the NT lexicon is "absence", which is a pretty good opposite.

The first word on that page is:

2062 herpetou A creeping thing, animal, reptile. Syn a serpent, worm, animal, fourfooted beast, domestic animal, wild beast, huge fish, fish, little fish, bird, birdling, youngling.

Being on page 656 which is the numeric value of Messiah in Greek, the first impression for that word might be that it stands for Satan - depicted as a serpent in Genesis. However, since in this case it covers all kinds of creeping things, what I would like to say about this is that the animals are also part of God. All things are part of God, and all things are in a state of spiritual advancement, gradually increasing in wisdom and knowledge and experience with each incarnation, moving forward in their progress. Humans are just and advanced version of animals, having progressed further.

The word that comes between these two is:

2063 eruthros. Red. Syn red, fire, crimson, scarlet

"Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow" (Isaiah 1:18), through baptism of water and of fire or of the Holy Ghost -- a crucial step in coming into our godhood. That is what differentiates an enlightened human from an animal-human or reptile.

So those are the words surrounding 2069 [ASCII number value of "Alphabetics Incarnate"] in Zodhiate's New Testament lexicon. 

The words in Gesenius' OT lexicon are pretty awesome, too, but not as diverse. In the way Gesenius lists them, basically, from word 2061 through 2080 are 10 words that all have the word "gift" as part of them, per the Hebrew prefix with that meaning. Remember, "gift" is the very last definition in the OT lexicon -- the omega definition. It ties in integrally to the idea of "free energy" -- a gift from nature/God. Gesenius actually lists two entries, one right after the other, for word 2069 itself, which I don't think I've seen anywhere else in his lexicon (same number listed twice right next to one another). The word means: "the gift of Jehovah". Right after that set of ten words, Gesenius lists this one:

2073 habitation, residence, especially of God

The next word he lists, 2074, similarly means: "habitation".

Then comes 2076: "to slaughter animals, (2) specially to slay in sacrifice, to sacrifice, to immolate"

What comes to mind for me in our present context of considering this set of words together, in the context of "Alphabetics Incarnate", and the fact that animals are sentient beings who have not yet matured in their individual soul evolution to the point of human-hood, is that we really need to stop this whole thing of sacrificing animals for religious purposes. That was given anciently because the people were at a low vibration, and were not ready to treat animals as their brothers and sisters, with respect. They wanted rituals, so God let them choose rituals, but it wasn't a high program, but very low -- barely above the heathen and their human sacrifices. I'm not vegan for dietary purposes alone. I'm vegan to protest modern factory farming practices that take no thought for the sentience and feelings of the animals, but treat them like the Nazis treated the Jews in the concentration camps.

Interestingly, I have noted in the margin next to word 2076 that it is related to word 801, which used to be the only telephone area code in Utah, but now is just of the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys.

801 a sacrifice, so-called from the fire by which it is burned, as if the food for the sacred fire, to be burned for God. It comprehends all kinds of sacrifices...

After I was excommunicated from the Mormon church, for three years I felt I was supposed to try and reconcile myself with them and try to get back in. I actually was recommended for rebaptism by my bishop in Fountain Green, but then I wrote a letter to the editor in which I pointed out: "The Word of Wisdom [scriptural health code] calls for us to eat meat sparingly. Why, then, does Utah lead the nation in meat consumption? A person who smokes a cigarette is banned from the temple, but a vegetarian is hard-pressed to find something to eat in a temple cafeteria."

Over that letter, my stake president, Welby (Kim) Aagard and his counselors went around to every ward in the stake (about 6 local congregations) and warned them that because of this letter to the editor (the specifically mentioned it) that I wrote in the Mount Pleasant Pyramid, they felt the needed to warn them that I was excommunicated and not authorized to speak on behalf of the church.

Can you believe that?!!

Don't forget that the main industry in the valley is Turkeys and Sheep. Sounds like something out of the Salem Witch trials.

I've told that story many times, and never once has someone thought the Church was in the right for censuring me in that way over that letter. My point was a valid one, and was written tactfully.

Because of that, I threw up my hands and quit trying to reconcile myself with the Mormon Church. I concluded that "new wine cannot be put into old bottles," and I've been independent, ever since. I don't answer to any man. I answer directly to my conscience and to God.

Such hypocrisy and duplicity is rampant, not just in the Mormon church but all organized religion. They need to be set in order, as is prophesied in their own scriptures. Meanwhile, people like me are not welcome to say: "But, the emperor has no clothes!"

I believe that the "Church of the Firstborn" prophesied to come will be a collection of people from all denomination who have likewise outgrown their church and learned to walk independent with God. One will not have to be baptized by a Mormon to become part of this order. 

But I do believe the Mormons were set up as God's special people to do a particular work (to promulgate the principles of freedom as vouchsafed in the Constitution of the United States to all the world), but instead they have gotten in bed with the very conspiratorial beast they were supposed to oppose. For example, after Steven E. Jones pinpointed Dick Cheney as the most culpable politician responsible for the inside job that brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11, the Mormon Church invited Dick Cheney to be the commencement speaker, which killed the momentum that was gaining ground to impeach him. Steven was "retired" from BYU. This is one of a zillion examples of religious treason that could be cited. Generally speaking, instead of being a light to the world and the savor of men, they have become as salt that has lost its savor. Those who say too much get kicked out or at least marginalized. That is no less severe than the Jews of old rejecting Jesus and his message. It is the Mormon's rejection of the latter-day, again the second time, Messianic mission in their midst, being carried out by many, like myself, who are among those considered Ones Mighty and Strong. There will eventually be 144,000 of them, and that is just a quorum number, not a limiting number. And no, they're not all going to come from the Mormon background.

P.P.P.S. "Alphabetics Incarnate" Offset ASCII

November 16, 2013; 2:00 - 4:00 pm+ Mountain

After writing the above, I remember that I meant to also look up the "offset-ASCII", in which you add +1 for each character, including spaces. So the Offset-ASCII for "Alphabetics Incarnate" comes to 2090. And, as expected, there is a lot of resonance there as well, that builds on what I wrote above. Here is a link to download a scan of the relevant pages from Gesenius and Zodhiates. Words Before and After 2090 in the OT and NT Lexicons (PDF).

Word 2090 in Zodhiates' NT lexicon is on page 666 [in juxtaposition].

2090 To prepare, make ready. (I) metaphorically of the Messiah; (II) Of God as having his counsels prepared...

The first phrase on page 666 is "(A) Spoken of the present time..."

The words following it are:

2091 Preparation or a basis, foundation, firm footing.

2092 Ready, prepared

2093 Ready, in readiness

2094 marking a period in or during which...

2095 Well, good, "Well done!"

The next word definition is at the bottom of the page facing page 666, and it is:

2096 Eve, meaning life

One of the big surprises of this second Messianic advent is that there is going to be a Heavenly Mother in the flesh incarnate who, like the Father incarnate, will appear like any other female, being one of them, experiencing mortality, with all its doubts, fears, foibles, successes, challenges, triumphs. And the honoring of the female will be finally enshrined to where it should be, bringing balance between the yin/yang, right/left, male/female, intuitive/cognitive, etc.

Should we keep this quiet? Here's the next word:

2097 euaggelizo To evangelize, proclaim the good news, preach ....

Not too much further is 2106, which is the non-offset value of the ASCII code sum for ""

In Gesenius' OT lexicon, word 2090 is a long definition that spans two pages, ending on page 239. And that, 239, is the total number of chapters in the Book of Mormon. Here's an excerpt:

2090 This, ..."in this day", "this is the word", "who is this coming?", "this is the book of the genealogy of Adam"; here, now, already, just now, at present.

Remember that above, word 2090 in Zodhiates' NT lexicon was on page 666, which begins with the phrase: "(A) Spoken of the present time..."

As you can imagine, I have been getting quite the range in input regarding this report. One person, very close to me, thinks I have a god-complex, based in pride, that I need to deal with psychologically because it is sick and wrong. My rebuttal is that the reason they have such a hard time with this is because they are steeped in the traditional mindset that has God sitting on a throne at the center of the universe, untouchable, uncomprehendable, etc. But if you use the analogy of Santa Clause -- we're all Santa for our own kids -- and apply it to God -- we're all part of God's workforce, serving as guardian angels when we die, and serving as the guardians for those under our charge here on Earth -- then you might think I'm dethroning God. But in reality, I'm telling you the true nature of God -- so much more approachable. And when you realize that, then the task of stepping into our own godhood, and becoming ones mighty and strong, isn't such a leap anymore. If Sterling can do it, anyone can. And Sterling's not even there yet.

The reason I mention that is because of the words surrounding word 2090 in Gesenius:

2086 proud (properly swelling up, inflated), with the connected idea of insolence and impiety

2087 swelling, pride, haughtiness


2091 [T] to shine, be fair, also to be proud; splendour, beauty, especially that of flowers, to be bright.

posted November 5, 2013 as part of the story: Sterling's Trip to Visit Raphial Morgado, and Aviation 2.0™ -- in Alphabetics.

Gesenius puts this one clear near the end of the next page, but Strong puts it next:

2091 To stink, to become rancid, to be filthy; stinking smell; to regard with disgust, to loath, or to be weary of.

2093 loathing

"Nails on chalkboard" is the response a lot of people have toward this alphabetics stuff. The definition prior to 2086 above, is more where I'm coming from, and even includes a word that is one of the meanings of my name, Sterling in English: pure.

2085 [T] to be clear, transparent; to be pure; glass

And the word prior to that captures the idea of why I'm willing to put my life out there so transparently and vulnerably (do you think I enjoy being made fun of; and don't you think I know by now that reports such as these are bound to incite a bunch of negative chatter?). I want to see us evoke the repentance clause of prophecy. I don't want us to hit the wall as a society. We've got some pretty dark stuff coming our way if we don't choose to change our hearts soon. The wickedness we have reaped as a society will be sown in tyranny and destruction. The sooner we wake up to that as a society, the sooner we can turn away or at least mitigate how bad things get. That's been one of the reasons why I've been a proponent of exotic free energy technologies for these near dozen years: they provide a solution to empower the people and disempower the corrupt powers that be.

2084 to procure for oneself, to buy; "that ye will gain the time," i.e. ye seek delay

In other words: buy time.

And the word before that:

2082 (2) to inhabit (to dwell with)

Again, the idea of Immanuel.

And several words on page 239 mean "to shine, be bright": 2091-2094, and on the next page: 2096, 2099.

As a footnote, I should mention that on the next page is 2016 -- the ASCII sum of ""; and a couple of words prior to that is 2104: Zuzums, which is the last word in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (listed according to the English alphabet). And immediately before that is where the word Zodhiates' inserts alphabetically in Gesenius' OT lexicon. The word prior to that also means "applied to shining or radiating, hence to spout forth like rays.

So there, clustered together are:

  • last word alphabetically in English from the Bible
  • name of the NT lexicon I use most frequently
  • "shining" meaning associated with the insertion point of the offset ASCII value of "Alphabetics Incarnate".

I would say that "Shining" has to do with broadcasting (ThePeoplesVoice.TV), especially in the spirit of "let your light so shine". I've also been asked to do a weekly show called Free Energy Quest.

P.P.P.P.S. Presently-Richest Man on Earth = President of Mormon Church

November 16, 2013; 1:30 pm Mountain

I just received this email from Robert Fullerup, someone I've known electronically (but haven't met in person yet?) for maybe two decades. Given the corruption on the planet at present, that the Mormon President would be the richest man currently, is quite the commentary. For reasons stated above, I will take issue with his statement "will continue to be" because everything is going to be turned right-side-up that is presently up-side-down; and I think this qualifies as up-side-down:


NO - technically the richest man in the world at the current moment is, and will continue to be, the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As you may know, the LDS Church is a "corporation sole," meaning all assets are owned by a single shareholder. Granted that theoretically the President holds these assets "in trust" for the members of the organization, but he never-the-less has, at any given time, complete control over these assets. See Utah Code Ann. 16-7-7.

Indeed, the President of the LDS Church controls more assets than even the Pope. Most buildings in the Catholic Church are owned by the local diocese, and even on up to cathedrals. They are not owned in the name of, or controlled by the Pope. The Pope cannot order the disposition or sale of any of the local assets. But the President of the LDS Church owns and controls every single asset owned by the Church - all buildings, all temples, all chapels, all colleges, all ranches (the Church just recently became the single largest landowner in Florida - It already was such in Utah), and so forth. Yes - many of the assets are owned by the Corporation of the Presiding Bishopric, but it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporation sole, as is every other "Church owned" entity, such as Bonneville International, Property Reserve, Inc., Farm Management, Inc., etc.

In a little over 100 years, the LDS Church "Corporation Sole" went from being disenfranchised to the single "richest" entity on earth!

So, the President of the LDS Church is the "Richest Man in Babylon," and no other mortal will ever come close to "owning" or controlling as many assets. Cf. The Richest Man in Babylon, by George Samuel Clason.

# # #


A vast majority of the comments below are negative. Many think I've lost it. I think that's kind of funny, actually. Expected. This is not easy stuff to understand, I guess. I've had years of immersed time in the scriptures, and in chiasms and parallels and alphabetics. It is super easy for me to see these things. But I guess not as easy for others to see.

I did get a really nice comment that I'd like to post here:

From: David Haack
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 7:30 PM
Subject: Why I'm Destined to Become the Richest Man in the World -- For Good


No I don't think you have your head in the clouds on this one.  Far from it in fact.  First off as editor of perhaps the largest collection of free-energy articles of anyone in this business, you are better positioned to reap the benefits of the impending tsunami of business and various other spin-offs than anyone else will likely be.  Whether you are able to capitalize on your good fortunes will be up to you.  If you listen to the crowd in the comment section, you will not be able to reap the rewards -- I can almost guarantee it.  At last check, I believe there were 74, and it looked like the vast majority were negative, I believe.  I'm not sure because I don't waste my time reading such content.  How you restrain yourself from answering them back is commendable.

Andrew Carnegie , the steel giant, commissioned Napoleon Hill to research what was behind why rich people became rich.  His work took several years to interview  approximately 50 of the wealthiest people of that time, and a couple more years to compile the data and write the summary in the form of a book. Carnegie wanted the material to be presented in book form so the common man could learn the secrets of success. He was, of course also one of the wealthiest men of his time, so he well knew the way to make this information available to the public.  His personal philanthropy beyond commissioning this project awe inspiring in itself.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who aspires to be successful.  I have personally read this book several times. I am presently in my 4th reading of it.  There are the dreamers and there are the doers, but seldom do you get both in one person to the extent that they can put everything together to make a success of their efforts.  Inventors are by nature dreamers.  Many become doers in that they build prototypes of their dreams. Raphiel Magado would be an excellent example of the latter.  But, so far we may not have had someone who possessed the secrets in Hill's book to take it all the way.  William Alek would be someone who may come about as close to putting it all together as anyone I have seen so far.

That is where you come in.  You have already said that you and the Trust are there to help inventors get their product to market.  With the secrets revealed in this book, you will realize that you are not just a grandiose thinker, but rather someone poised to make a real difference in this world.  Such people are more than richly rewarded for finding themselves in such unique positions.  Andrew  Carnegie was a man who became rich -- FOR GOOD.  And through Napoleon Hill he has given us the blueprint to do the same.

Oh, by the way, the name of the book is "Think and Grow Rich".

God bless,
David A. Haack


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