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You are here: > News > November 7, 2013

LENR-to-Market Monthly -- November 7, 2013

Highlights this month include: Unusual gamma rays in MFMP; Defkalion's Kim and Hadjichristos paper; musings about E-Cat; Italian Senators Call for Celani Support; McKubre interview; Piantelli forms Protium Srl. to Sell Shares to the Public; Ugo Abundo's Open Power Association; Coherence 2013 and ICCF-18 reports/videos

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

We've gotten a bit behind from our weekly compilation, so that this particular set covers the past month of various news items about the various LENR companies since our October 3 compilation. I must give kudos to Frank Acland over at E-CatWorld. He's doing an excellent job of reporting on LENR developments -- has been for a couple of years now. Keep it up! We're almost to the point where rather than me doing this compilation, I could just refer you there and you'll get the most important LENR info. He posted 40 LENR stories since October 3, and about five non-LENR stories. I always go there first when doing my LENR compilations, since he does the best job of reporting the news as it happens. Some of the others are good at in-depth reporting, but no one comes even close to Frank when it comes to keeping abreast of and reporting on fresh news in the LENR sector.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • New Website:
  • New Book:
    • Steven B. Krivit LENR Review Published by Elsevier - I am pleased to report that Elsevier has just published my most current and comprehensive technical review of LENRs in its Reference Database of Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Engineering. The 56-page, 94-image report, “Review of Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions,” provides a broad tutorial on all the primary aspects of the field. This review supersedes all of my previous technical reviews and encyclopedia chapters, including the previous Elsevier and Wiley and Sons chapters. (New Energy Times; Nov. 5, 2013)
  • LENR Companies
    • Brillouin 
      • asdfsd
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • Elforsk Magazine Features LENR/E-Cat - An article in Elforsk Perspektiv, a trade magazine published by Swedish energy R&D organization Elforsk takes a serious look at LENR, and Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat in particular. The title of the article is “Unknown “nuclear” process can revolutionize the world’s energy”, and it provides a comprehensive overview of the topic.… (E-CatWorld; October 23, 2013)

      • Report?
        • Rossi: Publication ‘Surely Within 2014′ (Maybe first half) - E-Cat watchers are always wondering when the next shoe is about to drop. A comment of Marco Serra on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today expresses feelings that are probably typical of many people hopeful for good news from Rossi and Co. We all know that a long-term test on… (E-CatWorld; November 5, 2013)
        • Vattenfall Rumor — E-Cat Report in 2013? - Thanks to an alert Swedish E-Cat World reader for the following post which he found here on the Swedish Energikatalysatorn web site posted by someone with the name ‘dave333′. The original was in Swedish, but here’s an English translation: “I had last week an interesting discussion with a woman employed… (E-CatWorld; October 22, 2013)
        • On the Eventual Press Conference - Andrea Rossi has mentioned that at some point, once the internal testing of the E-Cat that is apparently currently ongoing, there will be a press conference held. I asked a few questions of Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, and followed up with an email for some more details about this event, and got… (E-CatWorld; October 17, 2013)
        • References To E-Cat ”Results Good Or Bad” - News in the E-Cat community is painfully lacking, these day. Andrea Rossi’s technology is undergoing further testing, after the very successful testing reported 6 months ago. This new testing is supposed to last upwards of a year, and considering the secrecy and lack of any information surround third party testing, it is a virtual drought for those wishing for things to move forward. (ECatReport; October 14, 2013)
      • Science
        • About the secret catalyzer used by Andrea Rossi in his E-cat reactor - Science Dr Peter Gluck writes (Ego Out): Dear Readers, Hundred years from now it will be obvious how deep it was/is the creativity crisis and productivity crisis of the contemporary theoretical physics and actually how easy it was to radically change the situation. (ZPEnergy; October 19, 2013 / EgoOut; October 17)
        • Rossi Details Invention of Rossi Effect and ecat R&D - Andrea Rossi has detailed the origins of his Rossi effect low energy nuclear reaction phenomenon. The effect is the basis of Rossi’s ecat LENR technology. The Italian-American inventor stated that he invented the effect in Manchester, New Hampshire, in 1996. (ColdFusion3; October 13, 2013)
        • Rossi Positive about Meeting on ‘Theoretical Issues’ - On the Journal of Nuclear Physics today Andrea Rossi commented in response to a question that a meeting he said would take place regarding theoretical issues ‘has been made’, and that he is still confident in his theory — but that ‘now it has to be passed through the process of validation and R&D that… (E-CatWorld; October 11, 2013)
        • Rossi Stays Scientific in Predictions - Many people have been noticing that any time Rossi talks about the testing that is underway he mentions the long term testing that he says in ongoing, he mentions that the results of the reports will be reported whether “positive or negative.” A poster today brought attention to this point… (E-CatWorld; October 31, 2013)
        • Rossi: Theory has ‘Acceptable Level of Experimental Confirmation’ - Here’s another comment from Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in response to more questions about his theory. There has been some more probing there from readers trying to understand how his theory ties in with astronomical observations. It sounds like he his chomping at the bit to… (E-CatWorld; November 4, 2013)
        • Rossi: E-Cat Secret’s in Space - Andrea Rossi is famously reluctant to say anything about his theory about how the E-Cat works, so it’s a bit of a surprise to read the following exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today: Joseph Fine November 1st, 2013 at 5:27 PM Ing. Rossi, Robert Curto and Readers, Dark… (E-CatWorld; November 2, 2013)
        • E-Cat to Hydrocarbons? - There has been some discussion over on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about the use of E-Cat technology for transportation with Steven Karels suggesting using the E-Cat for the production of electricity or hydrogen, and Pekka Janhunen proposing liquid hydrogen vehicles: . . . with a small continuously running E-cat… (E-CatWorld; October 29, 2013)
        • Cold Fusion: still testing the E-Cat. New parliamentary questions - Cold fusion, not only E-cat, it is a fact, or rather, it is a fact that in many try to replicate it and then make it a reality. And while Andrea Rossi, again pressed on his blog, continues to deflect questions, there are those who want answers in Parliament. (; 14 October 2013)
      • Business
        • Communication from Elforsk - I recently wrote to Magnus Olfsson, President of Elforsk, the Swedish energy R&D institute, to see if he could provide any further information regarding the current status of testing of the E-Cat, and the level of interest in LENR at the company. (E-CatWorld; October 29, 2013)
        • To Andrea Rossi’s Partner Company: Roar! - The following is a guest post by Rick Allen. The opinions expressed in guest posts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of E-Cat World. To Andrea Rossi’s Partner Company: I’ve been following the progress and development of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology since it was… (E-CatWorld; October 30, 2013)
        • Rossi Now in Florida Real Estate Business - It appears that Andrea Rossi is branching out in the business world. He is named in a filing on (the state of Florida’s register of corporations) as an officer/director of REFC Real Estate Corp — with the address listed (1331 Lincoln Rd, Aprt 601, Miami Beach) being the same as the one for Leonardo… (E-CatWorld; October 16, 2013)
      • The E-Cat as a Solution for Pro-Nuclear Environmentalists - Below is a letter released today that has been written by four top climate scientists who are very concerned about the impact that climate change could have upon the planet, urging policy influencers to embrace nuclear power as a way to deal with the issue of ever increasing greenhouse gas… (E-CatWorld; November 3, 2013)
      • Applications
        • Rossi: No Industrial E-Cat for Pizza Ovens - On the Journal of Nuclear Physics Steven Karels recently suggested to Andrea Rossi that a the E-Cat would be a suitable power source for commercial pizza ovens which he says typically run 12-16 hours per day at temperatures of around 350C, consuming 6 kW of electric power. Karels suggested that this kind of application would… (E-CatWorld; October 7, 2013)
        • E-Cat: a pizza with cold fusion is possible? - You can cook a pizza with the E-Cat? If they ask the fans of Andrea Rossi on his blog. (; October 14, 2013)
      • New Poll — Confidence Level in Rossi Effect - For a bit of fun and instruction I thought I’d put up a new poll to look at readers’ confidence in the reality of the ‘Rossi Effect’. The question is simply: How confident are you that the Rossi Effect is real? I will go on record in saying that personally,… (E-CatWorld; October 24, 2013)
      • New E-Cat Fans More Patient? - Those who have been following the saga of the E-Cat for the last few years are sometimes quite impatient to see a final flow to market for the E-Cat and Hot Cat. Andrea Rossi is still working 16 hour days in his labs in the United States as his inventions are being tested by a third party. (ECatReport; October 13, 2013)
      • Rossi Reveals more Details about Work before ecat - Andrea Rossi is revealing even more details about the origin of his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology and the work he did before he developed ecat. In a response to an email from somebody named Brian, Rossi described some of his previous work. (EnergyCatalyzer3; October 20, 2013)
      • Report of Rossi Sighting in Sweden - There is such a scarcity of information coming from Rossi and Co., so it’s refreshing to get a short but interesting report posted on the Swedish forum about an independent sighting of Andrea Rossi. English Google translation reads: “Restaurant Sven Duvfa in Uppsala (2013-10-04 12:55) Saw first Giuseppe Levi, then after a while, also… (ECatReport; October 4, 2013)
    • Defkalion - Hyperion
    • Fleischmann Memorial Project,
      • MFMP Report Detection of Unusual Gamma Rays - There is a new blog post on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s site titled “Gamma” reporting on an interesting development in their experimental work. In the course of one experiment, Mathieu found something interesting as he refilled a leaking cell: Adjacent to the cells he had placed an unshielded… (E-CatWorld; November 7, 2013)

      • MFMP Tease about Gamma - The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s website has been a bit quiet recently and I’ve been wondering what those guys have been up to.… (E-CatWorld; November 6, 2013)

      • MFMP Hypothesis: Celani Wire Splits Hydrogen - There’s an interesting document published on the Martin Fleischman Memorial Project’s site in which they propose experimental analysis the Celani wire which is made of a nickel-copper alloy called constantan. They say that some observers of their work are proposing that the excess heat they are measuring in their experiments is caused by the… (E-CatWorld; October 15, 2013)
      • The thud / stench of Sylvie Coyaud aka Ocasapiens - by Andrea Rampado - [includes info about Celani, near end, showing cell set-up.] (22Passi, November 4, 2013)
      • Parliament
        • Italian Senators Call for Celani Support (Restoring Funding, Lab) - There has been some activity in the Italian political and scientific communities recently over the funding of Francesco Celani, research in the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics. Apparently funding for his LENR research has been cut, and he has also been forced to leave his laboratory where he was carrying out his research. Not… (E-CatWorld; October 5, 2013)
        • At the Parliament pleads the cause of Celani
          SENATE - 17th Legislature - Judicial Inspection Act No. 3-00406
          Posted October 3, 2013, at its meeting no. 118
          GIROTTO , SERRA , MOUTHPIECE - The Minister of Education, University and Research. -
          Given that:
          for about 25 years they conduct experiments with the electrolytic cell of Fleischmann and Pons or with reactors based on transition metals (for example in Italy the reactor to titanium-deuterium Scaramuzzi, the reactor nickel-hydrogen Piantelli-Focardi the reactor the constantan, nickel-copper, Celani) (22Passi; October 4, 2013)
        • Search: too many laws (non-physical) ruin science - Lately, Parliament is affecting another issue that will have no authority: that of the so-called "low-energy nuclear reactions" (which includes the infamous "E-Cat" by Andrea Rossi). This story is the physical equivalent of that of the "Pipers" mentioned Medbunker for medicine. (; 7 November 2013)
    • Piantelli, Metalenergy / Nichenergy
      • Piantelli forms Protium Srl. to Sell Shares to the Public - is reporting the formation of Protium Srl, by Francesco Piantelli and his associates. The following is excerpted from a Google translation of the article on Daniele Passerini’s site. The “front” of LENR research headed by Professor Francesco Piantelli has returned to give news of him after several months of… (E-CatWorld; November 1, 2013)
      • Protium Srl: at the start of the shareholder for cold fusion Piantelli - The "front" of LENR research headed by Professor Francesco Piantelli has returned to give news of him after several months of silence. He did it two days ago, a mailing list of known energeticambiente forum to which they had entered anyone interested in receiving news sull'azionariato linked to LERN Piantelli reactors (22Passi; November 1, 2013)
    • Ugo Abundo, Pirelli High School
      • Useful information to all investigators LENR - Last week, the engineer Ugo Abundo, on behalf of the entire research group to which it belongs, I was informed of the implementation of "one composite radiation shield for the reactor Hydrobetatron, in order to intercept not only alpha rays, beta , xe range, but also any flows neutron, thanks to a layer containing boron, adapted to convert the latter into secondary radiation from the slab lockable cylindrical lead. (22Passi; October 31, 2013)
      • Open Power Association
        • Q&A with Ugo Abundo on newly forming Open Power Association - Ugo Abundo is one of the teacher’s at Leopoldo Pirelli Instruction Institute in Roma, Italia that initiated an investigation with students on cold fusion. Watch their activity at This release […] (ColdFusionNow; October 7, 2013)
        • Ugo Abundo on Open Power Association - A few days ago I mentioned that I had been given honorary membership in the newly formed Open Power Association, founded in Italy which is committed to exploring LENR technology in an open manner (similar to the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project). I decided to send some questions to Ugo Abundo, president of the organization to… (E-CatWorld; October 8, 2013)
        • The Open Power Association - This morning I received an invitation to become an honorary member of the Open Power Association, which I was happy to accept. The association is the sponsor of the web site which is building on the work of Ugo Abundo, the Pirelli High School professor who started an open source cold fusion project with… (E-CatWorld; October 3, 2013)
  • General Cold Fusion
    • Conference Reports / Papers
      • ICCF-18
        • Robert Duncan at ICCF-18 (Video) - Many thanks to Ruby Carat at Cold Fusion Now for making available videos of the ICCF-18 conference this summer at the University of Missouri.… (E-CatWorld; October 31, 2013)
        • ICCF-18 Presentation Videos for Thursday and Friday July 25 and 26 - Videos from the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion ICCF-18 Thursday and Friday sessions are posted on the Cold Fusion Now Youtube Channel and linked below. (ColdFusionNow; November 5, 2013)
        • ICCF-18 Presentation Videos for Wednesday, July 24 - Here are links to video presentations from Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18) held at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. All currently available […] (ColdFusionNow; October 22, 2013)
        • ICCF-18 Presentation Videos for Tuesday, July 23 - Available videos of Tuesday’s lecture presentations from the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18) are posted on the ColdFusionNow Youtube channel. Switch quality to “720P” for HD quality. ALL slides from […] (ColdFusionNow; October 7, 2013)
      • Coherence 2013
        • Report of Coherence 2013 LENR Conference in Rome - Daniele Passerini has a report on his site of the proceedings of the 2013 Coherence conference that was held in Rome recently which included many presentations on LENR-related topics. Presenters included Christos Stremmenos (talking about the contributions of the late Sergio Focardi, Francesco Celani, Ugo Abundo, and Ubaldo Mastromatteo (of STM Microelectronic) A Google… (E-CatWorld; October 20, 2013)
        • A dip in the Coherence 2013/3 - It was held today in Rome at the CIRPS of Wisdom, the third conference Coherence of 2013. I can not tell you about it in person, because work and family commitments have prevented me to get away from Perugia. But thanks to the report (see parts inverted commas in the following text) and materials sent by Vincenzo Valenzi, a tireless organizer of this event dedicated to frontier science, I can provide a summary of the interventions of the day and especially to make available to all the slides of many of the featured speakers. (22Passi; October 16, 2013)
        • Twenty new on frontier science - The day of the Coherence 2013, in Rome - At 10 o'clock it was entered into the heart with the intervention of Cristos Stremmenos who told the last twenty years of Cold Fusion Bologna under the guidance of the former Dean of the Faculty of Science Sergio Focardi, until the transition from Watts to Kilowatts created by the duo Rossi-Focardi Via electrician. (; October 16, 2013)
      • Toyota
      • Mechanical causes of so-called cold fusion: Hydrogen embrittlement, microcracking and fission reactions at the electrodes piezonucleare - Alberto Carpinteri - I received via email a few hours ago, the latest version of a scientific paper signed by the research group led by Prof. PoliTO Carpinteri, derived from the work presented in English to ' ICCF-18 - published under the title Mechanical Conjectures Explaining Cold Nuclear Fusion - now translated and available free to all readers of the Italian language. (22Passi; October 29, 2013)
      • Global BEM
        • Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference Starts Today (Live Streaming) - People interested in LENR and other new energy technologies might be interested in tuning into the proceedings of the 2013 Breakthrough Energy Movement conference that starts today in Boulder, Colorado. The conference runs for three days and will feature speakers on a variety of new energy technologies. The program of presentations can be found here,… (E-CatWorld; October 10, 2013)
        • Breakthrough Energy Conference LIVE STREAM - The 2013 Breakthrough Energy Conference in Boulder Colorado just announced that they will live stream the event starting tomorrow morning, October 10th. Cold Fusion Now’s Ruby Carat will be the first speaker […] (ColdFusionNow; October 9, 2013)
        • Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Rising Up - Video: Global BEM ’13 Outdoor Impressions - Interest in the new generation of breakthrough energy technology is broadening with a surge of participation from young inventors and engineers, artists and writers, […] (ColdFusionNow; October 19, 2013)
        • BEM Conference - The Global Breakthrough Energy Conference have just started in Boulder, Colorado. Its being arranged by the Global Energy Movement, an important organization promoting and supporting alternative energy technologies. I would not vouch personally for all these technologies because I do not have enough knowledge about them but I am intrigued by a lot of the observations and claims coming from many of the researchers behind them. (; Oct 10, 2013)
    • Overviews
      • LENR, Cold Fusion: Executive summary for policy maker [Updated 2013-10-29] - This article is an executive summary which gather the key information on LENR industrial development, with the various actors and their history. (
      • Cold Fusion Energy: What to Expect and How Close We Are - by Dr. Stoyan Sarg - What are the expected major advantages of the new energy of cold fusion? One, obtaining cheaper and small nuclear energy reactors; and, two, avoiding the hazardous radioactive waste. Achieving the first one without solving the second will be a problem. (ForeignPolicyJournal; October 30, 2013)
      • McKubre Interview
        • New Michael McKubre Interview on LENR - Here’s another by John Maguire of the J.C.M. Blog with an eminent cold fusion figure — this time electrochemist Michael McKubre of SRI International, one of the pioneers in the field of cold fusion experimentation. The interview covers a wide range of topics, from McKubre’s early days working with Martin Fleischmann, to discussions of cold fusion… (E-CatWorld; October 6, 2013)
        • Michael McKubre: A Comprehensive Dialogue on LENR - Interview with an LENR pioneer who likely needs little introduction: Dr. Michael McKubre. Dr. McKubre is an accomplished electrochemist who has been working in the field of Cold Fusion for over 20 years […] (ColdFusionNow; October 5, 2013)
        • Michael McKubre Interview - There is a very good interview with Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI posted yesterday. This is a broad ranging discussion starting with Dr. McKubre’s background, training, and experience in electrochemistry. He talks about what is known and not known in the field of cold fusion, and the history of experimentation at SRI. This is one […] (LENR-ColdFusion; October 5, 2013)
      • LENR 101 by Gordon Docherty - The following article is submitted by Gordon Docherty Introduction We still rely on fossil fuels and Uranium fission for much of our energy needs – all expensive, dirty, even dangerous. LENR is no longer a matter of “if” but “when”, and that “when” is sooner than most people realize – in one year the first… (E-CatWorld; October 12, 2013)
      • Clean energy from hydrogen and nickel - Take a steel container, similar in size to a common shoe box, and let inside the nickel powder and hydrogen gas at a pressure of 1 atmosphere. The reaction which is generated in the closed space produces more thermal energy than that required for the activation of the reaction itself. (; October 31, 2013)
    • Patents
      • Swiss Company has applied for LENR Patent in USA - Here’s an intriguing development the Swiss company Stmmicrolectronics S.R.L. has applied for a United States Patent on a low energy nuclear reaction process. On Feb. 25, 2013, the company filed U.S. patent application US20130243143 A1. (EnergyCatalyzer3; October 6, 2013)
      • Who needs the patent in the drawer - Stumble an article on those patents "strategic" and "dormant" years and years that remain in the drawers, published 21 October 2013 on the site of Bocconi by Alfonso Gambardella, Professor of Economics and Business Administration at the School of PhD University of the above. Alas, even the patents in the field of LENR seem to fall very well in these situations (22Passi; October 29, 2013
    • Wide spread - At the meeting of the fusionists during which colleagues Melis & Pedrocchi showed streaming the miraculous performance of the reactor Defkalion ("COP 4.5" according to Andrea Rampado and "1.6 Tesla" according to executives of Dekfalion), prof. Alberto Carpinteri the glorious PoliTo presented " Mechanical causes of so-called cold fusion ", an experiment in cold fission reactions to piezonuclear and financing of ENEA. (; October 30, 2013)
    • On Excessive Cold Fusion Safety Concerns - The following guest post was submitted by E-Cat World reader Rick Allen. The opinions expressed in guest posts are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of E-Cat World. The E-Cat represents a breakthrough cold fusion technology. By combining specially processed nickel powder, hydrogen gas, and… (E-CatWorld; October 25, 2013)
    • Commentary
      • Cold Fusion, the point of the situation. Commercial LENR : how many years will it take? - At a time when the energy sector is increasingly central to the political and economic debate , both in the cost of oil for the difficulties to develop (especially in our country) alternative sources can ensure a steady growth in demand , the theme of cold fusion is more than ever on and live. (International Business Times; November 4, 2013)
      • The commercialization of cold fusion is imminent - Norwegian engineer believe in "energy shock". Just kidding, says professor. by Sigurd Øygarden Flæten - Note this acronym: LENR. It stands for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, and the principle has been disputed since the late 80s. Cold fusion is another name for what most nuclear scientists have dismissed as theoretically and practically impossible. But some believe that this may be the solution to the world's energy challenges, and among them is the company Elforsk (Svenska elföretagens research och utvecklingsaktiebolag).  ( 5 November 2013)
      • The Cold Fusion wants to stay in the game and win - Decisive for our country to find new sources of energy and the possibility that Italy developments his great scientific and technological potential in the nuclear sector and remains entrusted especially to research on LENR / Cold Fusion, where Italy expresses leading positions that we can not disperse with impunity. (; November 2, 2013)
      • How Long will be before we have Commercial LENR? - Since there doesn’t seem to be too much happening the world of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) at the moment. I thought it would be a good time to ask the question: how long will it be before somebody commercializes LENR? (EnergyCatalyzer3; November 3, 2013)
      • Cold fusion, where are we? - Seminar in Rome to present the state of the art research on Cold Fusion, ongoing research and centers are following the evolution of these studies. There is no need to "lose the leading position in science and technology that we have done to Celani built by Scaramuzzi from Prepared to Srivastava, Stm by Pirelli to all engaged in these 20 years along with many others to develop cold fusion with the 'last shot with Rossi Focardi who has achieved the miracle of the jump from Watts to Kwatt (; October 28, 2013)
      • Zichichi and World Lab: What happened? - While the LENR deniers continue to find themselves in their blogs toying to invent non-existent scandals, let's deal with scandals that you think about who the real investigative journalism can do it seriously.  (22Passi; October 14, 2013
      • Astrophysics and Cold Fusion - “Journal of Incredible Statements” is soon to venture out on deep water claiming that observations in Astrophysics have laid out the foundation for understanding the effects ONE would see in their devices. (E-cat) (; Nov 2, 2013)
    • Politics
      • An Open Letter to David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Regarding LENR - Dear Prime Minister, I am writing in response to the announcement made today by Ed Davey, UK Energy secretary, regarding the decision to build a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point. I certainly understand the rationale behind the decision to go with nuclear power — it is emission-free, has high energy density, and is…  (E-CatWorld; October 23, 2013)
      • Templates for LENR Outreach - Recently I’ve written a couple of posts about trying to ‘prepare the ground’ for the emergence of LENR in the world. I think there is some value in trying to get news about the topic out to people who might be interested. There seemed to be some interest in having something that could be sent… (E-CatWorld; October 19, 2013)
      • How to Increase Popular Awareness of LENR? - Since Spencer Blohm’s guest post about cold fusion in popular culture I’ve been wondering about the lack of discussion about the topic in the popular culture. Based on traffic to this site, responses to polls and comments here (and other places) I would estimate that in the world today there are fewer than 5000 people… (E-CatWorld; October 11, 2013)
      • Preparing the Ground - Thanks for the many interesting responses on the earlier thread about building awareness about LENR. The point about the need for a working LENR device for mass acceptance is a good one, and has been made many times, notably by Andrea Rossi himself. And for real popular acceptance — having Cold Fusion, LENR, E-Cat, etc.,… (E-CatWorld; October 14, 2013)
      • Shell Surveys Future — Oil Declines, but no LENR in Sight - If Royal Dutch Shell is anticipating the emergence of LENR as a new power source for the future, they are keeping it to themselves. The company has just published a forecasting document called New Lens Scenarios: Exploring How Economic, Political and Social Forces Might Shape the Global Energy System and Environment over the 21st Century… (E-CatWorld; October 15, 2013)
      • Cold Fusion Culture - The following article is a guest post submitted by Spencer Blohm Here are your two gigantic overstatements for today: science is highly politicized, and the public is, generally, resistant to change. Throughout history, there have been provocative ideas from the scientific community which ultimately became ubiquitous. While it’s interesting to think about all of the… (E-CatWorld; October 9, 2013)
    • Duncan Leaving U. of Missouri for TX Tech
      • Robert Duncan Leaving U. of Missouri for Position at Texas Tech - Dr. Robert V. Duncan, one of the most prominent members of the US Academic community to champion research in the LENR field, is leaving his position as Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Missouri to become vice president for research at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. The Missourian newspaper reports that Duncan… (E-CatWorld; October 12, 2013)
      • LENR Champion to leave Post at University of Missouri - The man who made the University of Missouri at Columbia a major center for low energy nuclear reaction(LENR) research will leave his job early next year. New Energy Times is reporting that Robert Duncan has accepted a position as vice president for research at Texas Tech University. (ColdFusion3; October 27, 2013)
      • Duncan Leaving University of Missouri and Nuclear Research - Robert Duncan, an outspoken advocate of low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research, is leaving his post as the vice chancellor for research at the University of Missouri, in Columbia, Missouri. (New Energy Times; no date)
      • MU Vice Chancellor for Research Takes Position at Texas Tech - University of Missouri Provost Brian Foster announced today that Rob Duncan, vice chancellor for research at MU, will leave his position to become the vice president for research at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Duncan will begin his position at Texas Tech on Jan. 1, 2014. (Hespanic Business; October 11, 2013)
    • Housekeeping
      • 2014 History of Cold Fusion Calendar Available Now! - You asked for it, and now it’s here: the 2014 History of Cold Fusion Calendar! Jam packed with lots of new info and quotes, this year’s must-have gift for your new energy […] (ColdFusionNow; October 21, 2013)
      • New Always Open Thread for E-Cat World! - I’m always grateful when readers here post interesting news and updates here on ECW, but sometimes those posts can get buried in posts where… (E-CatWorld; October 26, 2013)
  • Events
  • Off Topic / Tangent
    • BBC Reports (Hot) Fusion Experimental Success with COP >1 - An article by Paul Rincon on the BBC News web site is reporting a breakthrough in the quest to develop a working fusion reactor at the National Ignition Facilty (NIF) in Livermore, California. It appears that the BBC has been given some information from someone at the facility, because there has been no announcement from… (E-CatWorld; October 8, 2013)
    • Hans Blix Pushes Thorium as Future Nuclear Fuel - The BBC is reporting that former UN weapons inspector and Swedish foreign minister Hans Blix is urging nuclear scientists to explore the use of… (E-CatWorld; November 1, 2013) 

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For those of you who live in Russia, here are a few Russian scientists studying LENR that may be worth getting in touch with if you are interested in pursuing this field.

Leonid Urutskoev – The Kurchatov Institute, Moscow

Irina Savvatimova – Scientific Industrial Association, Podolsk

Yuri Bazhutov – Moscow Technical University, Moscow

The names of many others can be found in the attached papers:

Organization, Current Status, and Main Results Russian Research in ...

Glow Discharge Experiments.pdf

Low-energy nuclear reactions and the leptonic monopole.pdf

Lattice Energy LLC-New Russian Data Supports WLT Neutron Production in Lightning-April 4 2012

by , President and CEO at Lattice Energy LLC on Apr 04, 2012

On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 7:27 AM, Doktor Bob <> wrote:

Hi Guys, 

Many of my projects are on a bit of hold or waiting for stuff soo since I have some time to spare I wanted to contact this company in Russia that I know Allan earlier mentioned on his blog.

I cant find any info about it and was wondering if someone could push me in the right direction.

I want to make a basic profile about their company - their technology and just have a basic understanding in order to be able to refer people their way in the future.

Love / DB


Do you guys know why if you search for beeki vendi OR purple ninja on google / picture A LOT of pictures from my webpage shows up? 

November will be a good month for me I hope, I will soon hand out more information.

# # #

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