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You are here: > News > September 17, 2013 [~0:00 am Mountain]

Z Power Energy Demo: "It's an Empty Metal Box"

Shalender Singh has invited me to Silicon Valley to see a demonstration of his "zero point energy harvester" that outputs in the milliwatt range to light an LED; as well as creating a shocking sensation when you come within the field of the unit, which is an empty metal shell of an old electronic gadget.


September 17, 2013; 2:45 pm [Mountain GMT-6] Update
It would appear that the scope readings Shalender is getting are merely electronic smog, and not indicative of ZPE or any other exotic energy input. With that "AC" component ruled out, it would seem that the energy that lights the LED is merely from the metal battery effect, which is seen in all kinds of combinations of metals. In the demo I saw, you could barely see the LED with the lights turned out (inside a building with no external lighting coming into the room). It was tiny.
Shalender has responded to these questions, but it is over my head. I'm waiting for those more qualified to weigh in.
Also, what is still unsolved in my mind is why they would get the shocking sensation when near the box. But I don't yet have a good description of that, so it could be classic static electricity discharge.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On Saturday, I posted a feature page at PESWiki with the following bullet:

Monday morning, Shalender Singh sent me an email with the message:

"A few minutes back we picked up our box for creating a demo for the naysayers to super charge it. Surprising it was a kind of cold. So even before super charging it we connected it to the oscilloscope probes again, just to check. To our shock, it still has the same potential and can still generate power. Can you come for video chat tomorrow and I can show this to you. Its great!

Monday afternoon, he gave me a brief demo of his Z Power apparatus via Skype. 


Simple Box

Talk about simple. 

Usually, when you see any kind of sold state energy device, you expect to see circuits, many wires, maybe some coils, some magnets, perhaps a plate or two or more; and maybe some exotic materials. But this unit consisted of the empty metal shell (~12 x 9 x 5 inches) of some kind of blue, rectangular electronic device they found in a dump. It was completely stripped down and empty inside.

He had a couple of wires hooked up to it, linked to an LED light and to an oscilloscope.

He turned off the lights in the room so I could see the LED luminescing (not very bright).

It was only milliwatts of power.

September 17, 2013; 8 am [Mountain GMT-6] Update
The following comment was received from Phil by email:

The blue anodized "empty box" is actually a very special box with enhanced thermal conductivity. It has a pyrolytic graphite plate or core buried in the base which has a thermal conductivity anywhere from 4X to 8X that of the aluminum. The sandwich of pyrolytic graphite and a metal can have tunnel junction properties. These started to become commercially available in government electronic equipment, maybe as far back as 2005 or so. Most aluminum boxes are either black anodized for heat dissipation, or iridited/alodyned which gives them a slightly goldish/greenish tinge and gives a stable contact resistance for bolted connections. The PG cored boxes are anodized blue to help identify them. Some of the PG core boxes are magnesium shelled instead of aluminum. Since magnesium cannot be anodized, they are left in natural finish or painted. Even though it is difficult to find anyone to admit to it, pyrolytic graphite is very close to single crystal. A special form of pyrolytic graphite called highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) is so close to a perfect single crystal that it is used to calibrate x-ray crystalography equipment.


He said there is another effect that is unexpected. When a person walks by the box, they receive a shock, like a strong static electrical discharge. It is not a subtle thing. Not very pleasant.

I pointed out that this could provide a significant impediment to release of higher power versions; and that extensive health ramification studies would need to be conducted. He agreed. And explained: "The field is observed around the box itself. It's in the air."

Junk Science

He told the story of how they came upon this discovery. They were just milling through an old and used components store in San Jose looking for some possible components they could use in their R&D. Once back to the lab, on a hunch, they hooked up the wires to the empty shell of one of the things they brought back, and discovered this effect. It surprised them all, and they've been wrestling with it ever since, even though it apparently works.

They've been sitting on this quietly for several months and only in the past few days finally decided to open it up to the public.

I asked Shalender if he was sure that the effect they were seeing was related to the zero point energy quest he has been on. He said that he was sure of it; that it fit the model, albeit in an unexpected way.

If you click on the images, you can get the full-resolution, 2 Mb image, which will show you the scope settings.

Metal Battery?

As I mulled this over, pondering the possible explanations for what he was describing (minus the shock effect), the first thing that came to mind for me was that there might be some kind of metallic battery effect that occurs when you have different kinds of metals.

He ruled that out by pointing out that the current is not DC, it is AC, with a frequency in the Gigahertz range. The voltage of the set-up he showed me was around 8V, peak to peak; rms 3.22.

The wave form on the oscilloscope was a sine wave with some shape to it. The frequency range display went up into gigahertz. He described its fluctuations as resembling "Brownian motion". He said he needs a 100 GHz oscilloscope so he can characterize this more accurately.

More Scope Shots

If you click on the images, you can get the full-resolution images.

On September 17, 2013, around 10:30 am Pacific, Shalender posted more oscilloscope screenshots in the comments below, saying:

As I caught your attention on the oscilloscope stuff, here are the pictures from the earlier experiments. I hate to give them out but I am posting for the clarifications:

1. In the field with a battery powered one -- Passive with the same box. -- The output is driven at 2.66 MHz.

2. In the lab with higher power one -- First charge of the box but without the battery -- Around 600 ns dip time. -- zoomed in, zoomed out.

I cannot reveal more than that in the public forum. You will need to sign an NDA and also have very very tight lip after you visit my lab.

He also posted this comment, I guess in response to the various comments/questions posted by others.

The questions are perfect and thanks putting all the time for the observations.

BTW I will do a better demo with 1000 Vp-p next time.

Responses in a different order :-)

--- Trivial section ----

1. There is a color transformation in the camera picture. The channel is perfect.
2. For the sake of picture the scope has to stopped.

--- Important from observation point of view ----

3. The clipping is because of LED lighting at 2.2 Volts.
4. I admit that the oscilloscope is 1 G/s so above 500 MHz there is Nyquist aliasing and the Fourier transform is not reliable over 500 MHz.

--- Critical ---

5) Its actually not hum, You MAY NOT BE ABLE TO look closely at the picture here but its a series of discrete impacts. The Vp-p is 16 - 20V. These are completely non-biased, non-photo shopped results because I wanted to show the correct thing. ( Else there are hundreds of techniques with oscilloscope like changing the probe multiplication factor from 10x to 100x)

5.1) The ideal place to do this demo and other things is a open field with a battery powered oscilloscope.

6) The lowest frequency varies from 58 -62 Hz because the electricity in wires/sockets nearby do a force oscillation and synchronization.

7) The discrete impacts are forced into shaping up almost like sine wave (but its not sine wave). The un-clipped p-p is 16 - 20V.

8) The ideal place to conduct and show this experiment is outfield with a oscilloscope driven from a battery because then there is not local inductive or capacitor effect from the lines.

9) With my high power experiment I can take it to 500 - 1000 V p-p. Will publish that soon here.

--- Some clarifications ---

10) The signal We are at a good business center like Regus so there is not so much EMF in the air. If do have EMF meter.

11) This is actually the passive mode. I have the active mode, where I use a 6V, 0.5 A battery, derive much more power and charge another battery. Once the second battery is charged we do a hot swap.

Left-Hand EMF

He said he would try to write up a description correlating his theory with this unit, but first he need to finish working it out in his head. He said he has ~100 notebooks with equations pertaining to these things.

He Skyped me:

The problem is this: If the radiation is left-hand EMF, it cannot be shielded by metal because the EM wave itself can travel inside metal! Left hand EM wave travels inside the metal. It does not follow skin depth. Check the terahertz waves in metamaterials! In that sense, nothing is radical here. It's just that people have not connected the dots.


I asked him if he had tried to replicate the effect with another unit. He said they had.

I asked him if he had taken a unit apart to try and figure out what is essential and what is not. He said they had.

Super-Inertia Paper

If you would like a copy of Shalender's paper that he submitted to Physics Review D, "Infinite conservation equations: Existence of Super Inertia," Shalender said I could make it available privately. We (and you, if you get a copy) just can't publish it on the web. Here it is in thumbnail view.

Here's the Abstract:

In the following paper, we demonstrate a very simple and important derivation of conservation of momentum from the conservation of energy. We further derive many more linearly independent conservation equations directly from the conservation of energy. In fact, the number of conservation equations turns out to be infinite unless the angles/directions of particles are assumed to be quantized, in which case the conservation quantities form a finite group corresponding to the roots of unity.

The above result means that all the earlier derivations and results assuming non-field elastic collision of particles need to be re-examined. One specific derivation of interest is Einstein's 1934 two blackboard derivation of energy-mass (Topper, 2007) is over-simplified and wrong.

The existence of many equations lead to extremely strict form of transfers of energy and momentum. It highly restricts the set of states particles in any closed system can assume without changing the overall energy of the system. This we call as the principle of Super Inertia.

Super Inertia also implies the generalized second law of thermodynamics. The following derivation is a precursor to the novel unification theory in physics that the authors have deduced. A few parts of the new unification theory have also been experimentally verified. Using this theory, the authors have been able to generate energy from empty space by splitting zero point energy.


September 17, 2013; 9 am [Mountain GMT-6] Update
With the likelihood that this effect is just a function of electromagnetic smog, I doubt I'll be making this trip, unless Shalender can give me a good rebuttal to these points that have been brought up.


While I've got your attention, I'd like to address some things that are coming up in the comments to the PESWiki page we posted about Z Point Energy.

People ask, "If Shalender has raised $500,000 from profit in his company he built to finance this technology, why does he need to do a crowd-fundraiser? Why doesn't he just raise the rest that he needs the way he did the first portion?"

The answer is that raising the kind of funds he needs takes time -- years. He would like to accelerate the introduction of this to the marketplace.

Others have said: "You live in Silicon Valley. Why don't you just walk down the street and find a VC. They're always looking for good projects."

The answer is that this technology is a bit of a stretch for most of them.

Others have criticized the video for having computer voice-over. But I will tell you that the computer voice is so much easier to understand than to try to understand Shalender's strong Indian accent. I'm starting to get used to it, but I still miss at least 20% of what he says. Also, the computer voice simulation is a demonstration of a technology they came up with. Once you hear Shalender speak, you'll be glad they did the computer voice-over.

So what if he didn't remember off the top of his head the exact name of the journal where he submitted his article. He can remember every single equation he has derived. Different people have different fortes.

# # #


Feel free to comment down below.

This one from Simon Derricut seems like it could explain the oscilloscope readings, and says that it probably has nothing to do with ZPE.

At the stated GHz frequencies, having long connection wires means that what you see on the 'scope is nowhere near what is produced at the source. Using unshielded wires, too, means that any RF or mains hum in the local area will be picked up and so the signal the 'scope is showing really doesn't mean very much. If this system is in fact doing what is stated, it would do it in a nice sealed Faraday cage, and this needs to be shown as being the case. I didn't know that 100GHz 'scopes were even available, and I was pleased the other day when I saw that 7GHz semiconductors had been manufactured. There was some talk of Graphene semiconductors achieving up to 100GHz, but they don't exist yet except as a thought-experiment.

The signal shown on the 'scope in the first picture shows the time scaling as 5ms/div. This shows around 17ms as the period of the wave, giving us approximately 60Hz for that almost-sine wave. Unsurprisingly, this is standard mains frequency in the States, and if you use long unshielded wires you pick up mains hum with anything. Is this at all unusual?

At the moment, I'd suspect that the HF energy being collected is coming from cell-phones and other RF signaling rather than zero-point. As such, scaling it up is not going to provide an endless source of energy and might annoy the cell-phone operators as all their transmitted power gets absorbed. As usual, I'd be happy to be proved wrong.

I would think that a good control experiment would rule such things out.

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