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You are here: > News > September 16, 2013

Brillouin Interview on SmartScarecrow Show

Last Thursday, Brillouin Energy Corp.'s Founder, original inventor and CTO, Robert Godes, and its CEO, Bob George did a live interview on the SmartScarecrow show. They explained some of the LENR principles of their technology and how they compare to competitor technologies; and gave some updates.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Last Thursday, Robert Godes, President, and Bob George, CEO of Brillouin did a live interview on the SmartScarecrow show.

They explained some of the LENR principles of their technology and how they compare to competitor technologies, done tactfully. They also gave updates on where they are at in the process of bringing the technology closer to market.

A bit of information I got prior to the interview is that they are working on two versions of the technology. The WET Boiler (Water Electrolytic Tube) is being done at their lab in Berkeley. The HHT (Hydrogen Hot Tube) is being worked on at SRI International in Menlo Park. They recently had a lengthy meeting with the scientists they are working with at SRI, going over test data and suggestions for the next set of tests. They also recently met with a group from LENR-Cars and LENR-Invests, primarily of Switzerland, including my friend Nicolas Chauvin, who were impressed with the technology.

In the interview, they said that it is conceivable that in a year from now, they will have a technology ready to begin licensing out to manufacturers to do the needed engineering for production.

Another highlight from the interview is that Dr. David Sloan, their patent attorney, who is a top physicist, decided to take equity in their company in order to file for their utility patent. That is very unusual for patent attorneys to give up their fees. You can be very sure they will write a good patent with that investment.

They're not sure whether the WET Boiler or the HHT will be first to go to market. "It's a 50/50 coin toss at this point."

They also said we'll probably never see Brillouin advertising. "We'll probably be more like 'Intel', staying under the radar, not looking for fanfare."

I have since been informed that they have actually raised over $4 million in seed and venture capital to date, plus received contributions of more than that amount in sweat equity, have 12 senior employees or consultants working at or close to full time, more than a half dozen part time (most of these individuals are senior engineers or technicians, plus business, financial, legal and patent), plus more direct assistance with the LENR senior technical and scientific staff at SRI.

Here's the video. The portion with Robert and Bob begins at timestamp 29:45, following my segment on "This Week in Free Energy."

If one of you is willing to do a transcription of the interview, I'd love to post that so that people who frequent our news from other languages can translate the text. In the past, Hank Mills has been good to do these for us, but presently, he has limits on his internet access so he's not able to access the YouTube interview to do a transcription. It will be nice when we get a little more money so we can provide him with the funds he needs to resolve problems like that.

Brillouin is a very interesting development-stage venture, which appears to be making steady progress at the highest levels of LENR technology. The Company is privately-held and prefers to stay low profile on purpose. However they have actually posted quite a lot of information on their website, which gives you their basic picture anyway (so start your review there). They have also done a few Internet radio interviews in the past two years, which are telling. 

Beyond this, they rarely announce current news to the public unless they are really ready to do so for any information that is useful or truly warranted or furthers the cause. 

However, in my experience, they are not hard to reach or approach privately for any seriously interested parties who have real due diligence questions, or who may be able to add to or collaborate with their efforts. 

Even though we don't hear a lot about them in the various news sites covering LENR developments, we might end up being surprised by them. If they are not first to market for residential products, they are likely to overtake whoever is first, by the volume and quality they're able to provide given their good science and business practices.

As I understand it, all serious inquiries made through their website are routed through the CFO, who screens all initial business, financial or investment requests, or further refers serious technical inquiries to the CTO and CEO, in the best interests of managing everyone's time efficiencies. They are a dedicated group and will respond. They do keep us posted at PESN, and we will do our best to in turn keep you posted when we think it's worth mentioning.


Here are some images of relevance, most of which Gary displayed during the interview.

This is the HHT (Hydrogen Hot Tube) being worked on at SRI International in Menlo Park. 

Robert told me by phone that the HHT is a lot more complicated to control and run. It will require a technician, at least for the first several years, to keep an eye on it while running, which is fine for power plant applications. It would be ideal for repurposing coal power plants that have had to be shut down due to pollution compliance issues. Ditto for nuclear plants that are in more unsafe areas, such as in flood planes and earthquake- or tsunami-prone areas.

This next image shows the WET Boiler (Water Electrolytic Tube) being done at their lab in Berkeley.

This next image shows the set-up, dated April 9, 2007.

Here's the graph they discussed near the end of the interview.

This is an equation version of the process they described in the opening of the interview.

Here's an image of how they envision the HHT being fit into existing power plants.

Here's a photo of what happens when the reaction is uncontrolled. It just stops. It will not continue.

Here is a graphical representation of the process, with a description we gave from our coverage last year:

"One of the intellectual property methods claimed in Brillouin's Patents, and being used in both systems, is designed to aid stimulation of phononic activity by introducing Q pulses. These are high current pulses through the lattice of our CECR reactor. The Q pulses cause electromigration, which means the nickel atoms and the hydrogen ions get moved by passing electrons. In other words, electromigration causes the creation of cold neutrons, which is an endothermic reaction. The cold neutrons accumulate on the hydrogen nuclei, from 1H to 2H to 3H to 4H then to 4He in milliseconds (see "step" block diagram below). Each time a neutron is added to the hydrogen nuclei it is an exothermic reaction. Unlike plasma physics, where high-energy particles would be emitted, this binding energy is released as pure heat."

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated October 27, 2013 




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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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