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You are here: > News > September 8, 2013

More on the NSA and code cracking

Paul Noel exposes how with the NSA demanding a backdoor to all communications, that PGP encryption has become like being forced to lay our money on the counter, open to criminals and identity thefts, while not protecting us from the alleged terrorists; even while treating us all like criminals with no way to clear the record.

Preface by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

In the last couple of weeks, I've received three story submissions from  Paul Noel for Pure Energy Systems News regarding the NSA. I've finally gotten around to posting them, along with a little editing. The have the following titles:

September 9; 5:25 am Mountain [GMT-6] update:

I had a dream that presents an example of the kind of out-of-control oversight from the police state that is becoming the reality in America today. In the dream, I was traveling, and was being pulled aside to be questioned about the "livestock" on my property. 

I live in a rural Ephraim neighborhood subdivision, and some cameras, whether satellite, drone, or drive-by, or other surveillance technology had seen "livestock" on my 1/4-acre lot.

The neighbor across the cul-de-sac from us has a few sheep, turkeys, chickens, and geese. Occasionally, they will grace on our lot, maybe 5-10 minutes a day.  In the dream, the government cameras had seen them on our lot, and ascribed them as being our livestock.

I don't mind the neighbor's animals walking across our property. I don't plan on making an issue about it. But thanks to the government's "Big Brother" snooping camera capability, in the dream I was being harassed about this "livestock" on my property. Crazy.

Here are Paul's stories:

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Arthur Noel" 
To: "Sterling D. Allan" 
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2013 10:03 AM [Mountain; GMT-6]
Subject: More to publish

Data Security Privacy and Forgetfulness

Paul Noel

Most Americans have only recently learned that the NSA was reading their data. The issue is pretty confusing for most people. Here is what is going on. 

The NSA intercepts nearly 100% of all telephone and internet traffic. They record and store this data forever. It isn't purged; it is just kept forever. The NSA cracks nearly all (PGP, AES etc) encryptions in real time so the "security" you thought you had does not exist. The NSA also can, and from time to time does, invade through "back doors" (private keys) any computer system practically anywhere on the planet. 

It is argued that this is for our protection. It isn't. The bad guys out there already knew this and they locked up their data using different methods. The NSA cannot read a private courier letter that is encrypted by a private key. Al Qaeda has been using this method prior to 9/11/2001, so this program was never for use against Al Qaeda and it is a lie to say so. The black market bankers and money men have been using photo private key encryption, which even when intercepted doesn't yield its secrets. Again, the NSA is worthless in this area. You see, private keys, unless you have the key, are hopeless to crack. 

AES, PGP, RSA, etc., are all cracked. Yes you're SSH and bank transactions are read in real time. The entire AES 128 bit (FIPS 140-2 encryption standard) is owned by the NSA. They have every sum possible already factored. All they have to do is look up the sum and presto, they have the keys. There are algebraic cracks for PGP and RSA. NSA has these too! All of the major key systems are cracked. 

I know the arguments about difficulty to crack certain codes. Modern computers have laid these to child's play. There is no (Non-Private Key) working encryption available at this time. The arguments about their security are put out by the NSA types to fool you. You can rest assured that if it is the latest and greatest encryption, they already broke it. If you marketed a key in the USA that worked, the US Government would put you in jail! They classify such as munitions, and if you send a message using such a method you would be "trafficking in arms." This is the test of any commercial encryption. If it can be sold in the USA, it is already broken. 

The basic problem, and this shows up in the programs such as Common Core in education, is that vast amounts of personal data are being stored and shared. The data will build a lifelong dossier of a person. Worst of all, due to the insecurity of modern computers, it will not be accurate. Identity theft will taint the data. But it will not be forgotten.

During World War II, the SS and other agents of the NAZI German Government kept massive files of information on people. This suffered from the fact that files were not convenient to be sent and someone had to remember to look for the data. These limited the police state effectiveness, even as it was most terrifying. 

Today, nothing is forgotten and it doesn't require you to remember something to find it. Even today, those of us who are older still assume some degree of having been forgotten, etc. It just isn't so. 

The really grave danger of the system arises from errors, misrepresentations and such, as well as this perpetual memory. I, for example, have a diagnosis of Asthma at the MD. Asthma is not, and never has been, one of my diseases. I was sick and asked for Albuterol to resolve a bad cough from the flu once. To prescribe, the MD listed the Diagnosis. Persons suffering Identity Theft also suffer such errors, which never go away. In this case, it affects everything from Life Insurance to health issues. Soon, it may effect to limit my rights even to get care. 

Under this situation, if the US Government turns out against some perceived threat and patterns your purchases, health records or even your emails and phone calls forever (!), You will fit some crime. 

Welcome to the state of absolute tyranny. 


Suppose you buy some rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries at Sam's Club in the big package. Then you buy some Iodine one day for fixing an infection. Then another day you buy some Lye for making soap as a kid's craft or personal hobby. And finally, you happen to buy some pseudoephedrine for a cold. You just marked yourself as making Methamphetamine. Say hello to the SWAT team for me if they come! 

Try doing electronics experiments with your kids, and you buy a pressure cooker. You risk being treated as a terrorist. Once marked a terrorist, all of your rights are gone. You can be held without bond or charge -- and indefinitely. Anyone who tries to help you, even legally, can be arrested too! 

These examples are now and today. Wait until a government comes under severe pressure of a genuine civil unrest situation with or without just cause by the citizens. Then you will surely be swept up. All political freedom dies under such data stores. Justice disappears! Freedom isn't even a memory with this. 

We must have the following things happen:
(1) Governments must be forced to purge the records frequently.
(2) Governments must be forced to compartmentalize the data they store. No, they must not be allowed to "mine" all the data or share it agency to agency. 
(3) You must acquire effective encryption methodologies such that you can communicate without the knowledge or invasion by the government. 
(4) The right to be "forgotten" must happen 
(5) Commercial Entities must be forbidden to be agents of collection of Government data without public search warrants according to US 4th Amendment and 6th Amendment. The rest of the world needs to get our Bill of Rights and force it into their lands.
(6) The use of foreign national espionage teams to avoid domestic controls must be forbidden.
(7) Private commercial entities need to be revoked of their "user agreement" terms and be severely limited in what they collect by law. 

Those who defend this system are either ignorant fools or they are enjoying the control of others it gives them. 

Never forget that in the lands that have already tasted this evil, they were always enticed to accept it in order to prevent terrorism. It was the Liberals and the Press who the leaders used to accomplish the effort of gaining acceptance of the people. 

Then, on ascending to power, it was the Liberals and the Press who got murdered first. (Check out the history of the NAZI Brownshirts!) I am not representing any Liberal as bad, nor the Press. I am only pointing out that you don't get a chance to learn by having this get much further than where we are now. If you are liberal or in the Press, you cannot afford to apologize or accept this nonsense anymore. This gets to the very heart of whether we can seek redress of our government. This is at the very heart of if we can even disagree about issues. If you are more conservative, this should be obvious; and if it isn't, check your history and Constitution. 

The USA was not new to terrorism on 9/11/2001. If you doubt me, read our Declaration of Independence -- the last charge against the King. It is the defense of rights that prevents the anarchy of the state. 


The issues at the table on the War resolution with Syria are simple: 
(1) The war resolution completely eliminates any oversight and controls by the citizen’s with regards to the NSA and other spy agencies.
(2) The war resolution completely upends the budget discussions in Washington DC with the intent of making it impossible for the citizens to control national spending through action of the Congress.
(3) The war resolution completely negates the discussion of, or resolution of, issues regarding the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). Need I say more on the issues? Would it be piling on to suspect the cause for this war resolution? Would it be foolish to believe that the war resolution is not related to the stated cause for which it is being brought forward?  

I, for one, have extreme revulsion against the Syrian use of Chemical Weapons. Sadly, both sides in that war have used chemical weapons, and frequently, at that. Worse yet, if the Assad government falls, it is most likely that the chemical weapons stockpiles will fall into the hands of several desperate warring groups in the Middle Ease and likely could be disbursed throughout the world. 

It is extremely likely that unless the USA was to invade and secure these poison gas arms, they would in fact be used in the USA against American Citizens in the near future. The situation is quite like blowing on a dandelion tuft: it [just] spreads the seeds. A strike on Syria will speed the poison gas around.

[Editor's note: The whole chemical weapons thing is a false flag issue, facilitated and framed by the black ops in the West in order to foment this war footing, which they have been planning for years, to bring Syria into the New World Order. -- SDA]

Passage of the War Resolution will: 
(1) Completely fail the domestic control of our government by the citizens.
(2) Completely unfetter the surveillance state against us.
(3) Completely fail the budget constraints of the USA.
(4) Most likely it will cause us to suffer poison gas attacks within the USA borders.

The President of the United States' own words were that the issue was not "time sensitive". Without urgency of time, where is the cause for war at all? I think he impeached his case altogether with that one statement. 

In order to go to war, one needs to have just cause to kill his adversary. The reasons here are open, such as self-defense, etc. Once that has been decided as proper, the issue then becomes, can the enemy be brought to terms without complete destruction of him? If he cannot be brought to terms, then he must be killed. If he is brought to terms, then the final condition is that he must be given a way to live peacefully. 

Careful observation finds that this war resolution may in fact have just cause, but it has no proper laid out way to bring the adversary to terms or to destroy him. As such, it will fail to achieve because it has no objective. 

With the requisite objective missing, we then must conclude that the objective is unstated. Observing the obvious and certain effects domestically of this effort, we see clearly that this is a war resolution against the people of the United States of America by the President and Congress of the USA. Any party voting for this resolution or coming out in support of it is clearly either a fool or up to no good. Either way, the persons who vote for this resolution should be removed from office and never trusted with public charge again. 

This war resolution should be called the NSA and Imperial Presidency Protection Act

Paul Noel 

From: "Arthur Noel" 
To: "Sterling D. Allan" 
Sent: Friday, September 06, 2013 2:34 PM 
Subject: More on the NSA and code cracking 

More on the NSA and code cracking


Today I thought I might drop people a hint on just how easy it is for the NSA to crack codes. I am going to address the fact that encryptions are not necessarily cracked in a fashion that is directly the reverse of the original process. 
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy [as it is humorously called]), also known as Public Key/Private Key encryption has been the gold standard for allowing "secured communications" over the internet. Without its security, we could not even safely do banking over the internet. Electronic commerce would come to a halt without such encryption being effective. 

A Math Lesson: (Very Simplified) 

PGP codes are produced by producing a Sum, literally Prime #1 and Prime #2 multiplied. Without going into the process deeply, the methodology here requires the ability to generate prime numbers, which is difficult, and then to factor backwards to the primes to get the keys. It is considered very difficult to do this factoring and is very time consuming. It isn’t impossible, but the time, using a fairly common computer, is so long as to make it hardly practical. The factoring process can be broken down into small parts and handed to thousands of computers to work, arriving at the answer fairly quickly. With the rise of cloud computing, this isn’t hard anymore, though it does take some time.

The real problem here is to find a more direct way to get to the answer. It turns out to be pretty simple. Because prime numbers are always odd, there is a difference between them that is divisible by 2. This means that there is a number exactly ½ the way between the two numbers in the Center. So let’s call that number (Center). One of the prime numbers is always the High one, and one is always the Low one, so let’s call them P-High and P-Low.

P-High = Center + Difference and P-Low = Center – Difference. 

Algebra factoring can now be applied to reduce the formula:

(Center+Difference) * (Center-Difference) = Sum. Reducing… 
(Center*Center) + (Center * Difference) – (Center *Difference) – (Difference * Difference) = Sum 
(Center*Center) – (Difference * Difference) = Sum 
Where Difference can never be larger than ½ of Center, and Center is always greater than the Square Root of the Sum. 

I will skip some of the process and just tell you that the calculation of the formula (above) can be reduced by simple progressive addition and subtraction. Computers add really fast! 

This is pretty simple stuff here. Computers can take this and reduce it in near real time nowadays. A 1000 digit decimal number sum here should be able to be cracked in a few minutes using modern computing machines. 

This provides a linear solution to the problem of cracking a PGP sum. Sorry folks but PGP, the "Gold Standard" of codes, is long broken. The NSA knows this. The real crime here is that they left us liable to having our money stolen (Identity Theft) so that they could read our secrets. This is like the government making you leave your money on a public counter so that they can see how much you have. 

We must have privacy against intrusion. Allowing the NSA or anyone else a "back door" or a faulty algorithm pattern is to leave the door open for us to have our lives looted. Criminals will use these back doors. By demanding that they be able to intrude, the US Government is accomplice to every crime that occurs that uses these means. 

The argument that we need to know to catch the bad guys is not only foolish, it is just plain a lie. The bad guys already know this stuff. They have been evading the NSA and the like for a long time. The only people affected by this spying technology are either the most foolish of crooks or decent citizens of the world who didn't know about this. The demand that we must give access to the NSA to our electronic communications is as indecent as the request for them to sleep with your spouse would be. This is one of the many reasons I have demanded the disbanding of the NSA

Paul Noel 

From: "Arthur Noel" 
To: "Sterling D. Allan" 
Sent: Saturday, September 07, 2013 2:28 PM 
Subject: Death Threats 

Death Threats

Well it has begun; the NSA cowards are calling my phone with "out of Area" calls saying: "You Die." My family got the calls.

To the NSA cowards, You lack even the decency God gave to a worm. You demonstrate at every move your evil, desperation and depravity. 

This is why I told people they [NSA] deserve to [be disbanded], but nobody should give them a fight. They want blood. They want me to lash out and act crazy. They are the crazy ones. 

This is to be expected. If I die, just let it be known that freedom is worth the price and folks [should] carry on [in this pursuit of justice]. 

We all die. Some get to die for something. My father got nothing less when he fought the issues with civil rights and the monsters of the Old South. I would dishonor my family and all my ancestors who brought mankind freedom and prosperity if I cowered against the likes of these miserable creatures. The God of Heaven will have the vengeance on them. 

I am not daring them, because I know that they kill. I knew that before I went public with their evil behavior. I am hoping that if I die, others will bravely hold onto the effort for human freedom. The issue is very much a losing cause for the NSA types. This is why they are getting desperate and awful. Their behavior is similar to a snake with its head chopped off. Its coils still threaten and its fangs still have poison. Hang in there people, and keep fighting for your freedom. 

Remember, when the Revolutionary War was over and the Treaty of Paris was signed, the American Patriots paid the British for every flint, ounce of powder and all arms they took from British forces. 

Americans are not terrorists, and we are not criminals. We are honorable! We will see only agony and anarchy if we surrender that. 

Make no mistake; these insane terrorists among us who claim to be the "National Security Agency" must be brought to justice. It is peace, honor and justice we seek, and not terror. They resort to seeing you as being terrorists! 

This isn't their first swat at Americans. If you want to read about the first time this crowd of State Sponsored Terrorists came at America, read the Declaration of Independence. It states their behavior all too well. Written in 1776 "In Congress", it tells line by line the behavior of these monsters then, as well as now.

I just want it known that I am a strongly loyal American and have been all of my life. I have never done anything against my country. I think I should tell a few of the things I have done so that you know a bit more of who I am. 

(1) I helped cut the cost of building US Government Warships to 1/5th of previous cost. (Bonus $3250) Savings to taxpayers: over $100 Billion. 
(2) I helped the US Government Save over 180,000 MRAP vehicles being able to bring them home from Afghanistan. This was a software diagnostic issue. Savings to taxpayers is at least $900 Billion. 
(3) I helped the soldiers by getting the US Army to put G-Shock Stickers in the helmets of the soldiers, thus detecting the injuries for treatment after bomb blast. This last one is progressing into civilian vehicles and in the War has saved about 10,000 men and saved the taxpayers over $100 Billion. 

--- I have done more but it isn't important what a man does only what he is for. I am for the USA not as it has become (A NAZI or Stalinist State), but I am for what it was and must be. 

I don't say these things to brag, as I am only proud to help. I just wish that the facts be known, if and when they kill a patriot. I don't think they have the bravery to commit murder in the daylight. If they do, then let them face trial in the daylight. But remember, if they do kill me, they believe that they are following the law! The trial must be that no man can follow orders and do that.

Paul Noel 

Here's a follow-up email from Paul:

Possible Errors, Etc.

From: Arthur Noel 
To: Sterling D. Allan 
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 9:26 AM
Subject: Possible Errors Etc

I only used information given to me to make the data on MRAP changes. If it is in error, well, do the math and fix it yourself; but more than 1/2 of the MRAP vehicles in the field were involved. The totals are not really relevant, as the numbers still are so big as to scare off just about any claims that I didn’t make big differences for the US Army, etc.

As to the US Navy, the program was LPD-17, which was over-budget in 1999 when I came into the effort. What I did was very simple -- almost too simple -- but it made building warships and maintaining them afterwards a whole lot easier. The technology now applies to all US warship developments. I haven't worked on it since 2001, but the effect is there and is probably a lot more than I proposed. Again, the numbers are not important. The US Navy probably wouldn't be able to keep building ships without the savings. It is total life cycle cost savings. The process allowed the trades and crafts persons to secure those items they needed and get their work done properly and promptly. Until this, all CAD and Database stuff didn't support the actual building parties in their work.

The point is that I try to be a good citizen and try hard to make a difference for good. If you do the same, I have no argument with you.

The NSA guys and their fan boys are just plain wrong. I don't care if it was a "fan boy" or genuine intimidation against me; the game is up for these guys. They should be arrested for violation of the "Anti-Deficiency Act", literally the misuse of public funds. They should be arrested for using classification to prevent criminal prosecution. Their effectiveness is so low as to render them useless, and even dangerous, to the USA. They fly up to Capital Hill with their canned crap, and Congress buys it hook, line and sinker. The problem is that they simply don't work.

The Tsarnaev brothers were reported to us from Russian Intelligence. They were communicating with the top Chetchen Islamist Terrorist frequently by email. NSA intercepts should have picked them up (assuming any validity to the program). Their mother was in contact as well. The older man's wife ran around in a car with the license "Terrorista#1" on her car! This is about as plain as putting up a Xenon sign, and they didn't catch them. Even after the Bombing, they didn't catch them until citizens turned things over.

None of this Homeland Security and NSA stuff is working, folks. I have reviewed the 60 Terrorist events publicly noted in recent years, and most are either a police "sting" or something like the "dirty bomber" who couldn't have done anything because he didn't have the radiological material! This is a fraud. Every single actual event where someone got hurt is like the Tsarnaev or Major Hassan case where it was deliberate ignorance of the police and or NSA, etc., that they were not caught beforehand. The USA says Major Hassan's case was "Workplace Violence", and will not pay pensions and medical care to the appropriate parties. Even the 9/11 hijackers had 22 times that they were so in violation of US Law and in view of the FBI, that they should have been deported. The FBI wanted a sting, not to protect America.

Since 2000, Terrorists have killed in the USA less than 3500 persons (includes 9/11 events). At the same time, Lightning has killed about 15,000. More persons have died slipping and falling in their baths than from terrorists. Car Accidents have killed something like 700,000 or more. How about getting a bit of reality here folks? These numbers are important. The simple fact is that the NSA has been so ineffective that it has approached the state of being useless for any purpose. It is a case of watching too many spy movies, if you believe in them. Reality is far different than the movies.

I do not tell what I have done for any purpose but to say thanks for the opportunity to help. If every citizen does their part to make America strong and secure, then the USA will be a much happier and prosperous place. The most important duty right now is to get rid of this NSA snake in the grass. Then we can get back to enjoying life for a change. The good news is that they are losing. They are on the run and getting very much scared. That is very hopeful for our future. The NSA and similar types in our US Government have continually kept us at war for many years. Isn't it about time to give peace a chance?

Paul Noel

Cryptography stuff

From: Arthur Noel 
To: Sterling D. Allan 
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 8:03 AM
Subject: Cryptography stuff

Here is an article 

Supporting Document 

This is an illustration of how many of us who know computers already knew and publically that things like PGP and Eliptical Curve encryption were flawed deliberately by the NSA.

Rather than go deeply into the math that could fuzz the head of just about anyone, the issue is pretty simple. The NSA made sure that the algorithm that did this encryption could be DETERMINSTICALLY CRACKED. The processes were becoming all too openly clear.

What this has done is left the computer trade of information open to be stolen. This means the NSA was legally an accomplice to Identity Theft and many other crimes including Forgery and Theft By Device. This is the largest scale crime in history. No limit is known on just how big it is but it has been responsible for the stealing of many hundreds of billions of US Dollars. It has great potential to cause more damage in the future. 

This was done in the name of "Protecting National Security" and in doing so the NSA has become the greatest single threat there is to national security not only for the USA but for the entire world. It threatens the security of our power and energy transmission systems, banking and finance and much more. This sort of behavior is a threat to the lives and security of all people on earth. 

Recently the Micro-Code was published and the fact is that every Intel CPU made in recent years is completely compromised and this means that your computer can be hacked at will. It also means that all US Armed Forces computers can be hacked by the same unstoppable mechanism. This situation is most serious. 

US Citizens can be sent to jail for content and transmissions to and from their computers. Now we know that the NSA can enter and become the user. Who else is doing this? Are people able to be sent to jail on such insecure evidence? Has it already happened? 

If there is any doubt left that the NSA must be disbanded, this threat to us all has to trump any doubt.

Paul Noel

# # #

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