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You are here: > News > September 7, 2013

TurXotor® Free Energy Demonstration Scheduled for Electric Vehicles in Istanbul

On around October 23, the Turkish government will be holding an event to feature leading Turkish technologies, including two from the Alperen Group and their TurXotor® that will power an electric vehicle, thus making the plug and large battery pack unnecessary.

For updates on this, see (forwards to PESWiki). He cancelled.

The Alperen Family crest and Alperen™ Group logo

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News


It's been three years since we've done a story on the Alperen Group in Turkey, with their TurXotor® motor and TurXator® generator technology.

In June of 2010, we broke a story about The Alperen™ Group of Companies saying: "A Turkish inventor, Attila Alperen, and his group who have been developing an over unity motor/generator technology for over a decade, having built some 100 prototypes, are now saying they are ready to license the technology for production. Electric output ranges from several watts to megawatts. Motor output targeted for electric vehicle market."

We're talking electromagnetic renewable energy that doesn't depend on the wind or the sun or other intermittent sources, but harnesses electromagnetic phenomenon in the tradition of Nikola Tesla in his later years. This is energy that is available constantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. 

What came next was such a big disconnect for me, that I just presumed that this was an extreme case of exaggeration, when Mr. Alperen claimed that they were contracting 85 gigawatts of power installations with several governments. (Story) Hence the long silence.

Belated Update

On Wednesday, Mr. Alperen contacted me by Skype to give me an update. He had also contacted me last April when I was in Geneva with the Turkish delegation at the World Inventor Expo (where Muammer Yildiz demonstrated his magnet motor) to give me an update, but I was distracted with travel and getting caught up when I returned, so that update didn't happen.

This update is of such a nature that I would have expected something like this three years ago, to follow up the previous claim. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you what Mr. Alperen told me.

Turkish Government Featuring TurXotor®

Mr. Alperen told me that starting on October 22 or 23 the Turkish government will be holding a two- or three-day event in Istanbul (details pending) featuring the best Turkish technologies of the year, and that two of the Alperen Group technologies will be among the three on display. 

He said he thinks their TurXotor® motor is in first place and that the Turkish government wants to create a large electric car industry in Turkey around this invention that will enable electric vehicles to never have to be plugged in, and to be able to operate with only a few batteries on board, because the power source is onboard, pulling energy from the environment somehow -- harnessing the wheelwork of nature, as Tesla coined it. 

TurXotor® is a motor that works as a generator at the same time -- the only system like this in the world, as far as Mr. Alperen is aware. So the TurXotor® motor powers the wheels of the electric vehicle -- and produces electricity at the same time, both to replenish the source battery and provide extra for the other electrical needs of the vehicle such as lights, radio, heat, windows, etc.

The Alperen Group doesn't describe their technology as a "free energy" technology. They shy away from words like "overunity" as well. They depict it as merely an efficient regeneration of the used technology. But obviously, if they are propelling a vehicle down the road, they have to be harvesting energy from somewhere beside the battery, if they don't have to ever recharge the battery from an external source.

Mr. Alperen said this will solve two problems presently associated with electric cars: range, and battery costs. The range will become unlimited, and the battery costs will be significantly reduced, because the vehicle will only need enough to serve as a buffer for acceleration input and deceleration harvesting of regenerative braking. They won't be needed for storage for duration travel. You'll be able to travel as far as you want without ever stopping for fuel or to recharge your batteries.

This will be the first time the TurXotor® will be publicly demonstrated. The event will enable interested parties worldwide to see the technology demonstrated as well as discuss licensing the technology. Normally, Mr. Alperen is not very accommodating for people to come and see the technology demonstrated, so this will be a rare opportunity.

At the event, the TurXotor® motor-generator will probably be demonstrated in isolation, showing its attributes of torque, electricity generation, and efficiency. It will also be open to inspection, not concealed in a "black box" of any kind.

Though such a technology has a myriad of applications, at present, the only application that is being licensed is for manufacturing the motor to fit electric vehicles.

Mr. Alperen said that they have found a company in the U.S. that they are likely to give a license to for manufacturing for the U.S. and Canada.

Another thing Mr. Alperen said he would be glad to do is to provide business advice to other free energy technology companies so that they can be successful as well.

Other Technologies

The Alperen Group has many other technologies they are working on, one of which will also be featured at the October expo by the Turkish government; but Mr. Alperen wants to keep the nature of that technology a secret for now.

Another technology they are working on is for home heat and electricity. It will take a while to get the necessary testing and certifications for that to be released to the market. But they may be able to sell to off-grid users earlier. When they do open up for regular customers, rather than sell the technology outright, they would lease the units, and the customer would pay them a monthly amount much less than what they might pay for grid-based power.

Looking for Manufacturers

September 8, 2013 Update

In talking again to Mr. Alperen, he said that right now they are primarily looking for two types of manufactures for their two types of products. One is motor manufacturers who can do high volume. The other is boiler manufacturers who can produce their heater technology, which also has the co-generator electricity output. He would prefer that the manufacturers be in countries where intellectual property can be properly respected.

Similar Development

On Sept. 6, Thane Heinz sent out an email linking to a mainstream news article from InsideOttowa that was published about his technology. Here is an excerpt of that article:

Planes, trains, trucks and automobiles don't get very far without fossil fuels. But if Thane Heins has his way, all those vehicles will continue to travel great distances, but without gas and with new technology developed by the Renfrew native. Heins says he is forming a partnership with a Turkish company to form a spin-off company called Poetry In Motion, for the commercialization of Heins' own company, Potential Difference Inc. If contract milestones are realized, Heins says his company stands to make $12.5 million.

The plan is for Poetry In Motion to commercialize PDI technology for electric vehicles, wind turbines, hydroelectric generation, and other motors, generators and transformers. [...]

Heins signed a contract with a Turkish company, which wishes to remain anonymous for now, while working to develop prototypes Heins expects will be able to run 450, if not 900 or more, kilometres on Heins' regenerative acceleration generator (Re-Gen-X) Technology. [...]

One of the first milestones of the contract is to deliver a working prototype within six months. A prototype has already been developed in a scooter, but it has only 1/30th of the kilowatt power of a car. [...]

Re-Gen-X Technology, says Heins, now allows electric vehicles to partially recharge their batteries as they drive without the decelerative effects associated with regenerative braking. The exact final magnitude of recharge capability has not yet been determined, but he says 76 per cent recharge capacity has already been established. [...]

The technology, if it becomes a mainstay in the car and truck industry, will mean the end of fossil fuels as a major energy source for cars and trucks, and maybe trains and planes too. [...] 

Electric cars now on the market rely on a rechargeable lithium battery that depends on an unsustainable resource, says Heins.

"Our technology allows for conventional batteries to be used."

The plan is for the Re-Gen-X motors to be manufactured in Almonte, and other locations, and for the electric vehicles to be built in Turkey.

Meanwhile, Heins says interest in his technology has been expressed by such organizations as NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the Russian Academy of Science, the National Research Council, the United States Air Force, and the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Science.

I asked Mr. Alperen if this company has any connections to his project, and he said it did not. However, it does seem to corroborate what Mr. Alperen said about the Turkish government's interest in creating an electric car manufacturing industry as well as their being willing to consider what most would consider "too far out there", or "exotic free energy" as we call it.

Word on Kapanadze

Mr. Alperen also chimed in on his assessment of Kapanadze, saying:

From what I can tell, this technology can't be industrialized.

Some time ago, a big group bought his tech. They paid around 8 million Euros; got all the rights to it. You can see them in the videos that Kapanadze shows on his YouTube channel. 

However, when the company decided to industrialize it, they realized that they couldn't make product for customers with the technology.

The take-home lesson is: It's is okay to have some working concept; but for it to be useful, it has to be able to be made available to the people. 

# # #

Official Website:

  • - forwards to their YouTube channel presently.

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