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You are here: > News > September 3, 2013

GlobalBEM Seeking Exhibitors / Vendors for Boulder Conference

The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement is currently soliciting inventors who might want to exhibit their latest invention or prototype. Vendors are welcome to sell their health and free energy products at this October 10-12 conference in Boulder. Ed Mitchell plans to demo his water fuel tech. Clint Seward...

by James Schmidt with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (Global BEM) conference coming up in Boulder at the University of Colorado, Oct. 10-12 has a great list of speakers touting the latest findings and theories of the various modalities of breakthrough energy and how to harness the "wheelwork of nature", as Tesla called it, for use in the home and industry. (See

NEST will have three speakers at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference: Sterling Allan of PESN; James Schmidt, VP of NEST; and Mike Waters, aeronautical engineer. Sterling will speak about "Bringing Exotic Breakthrough Technologies to Market". James will speak about the end of Nuclear Energy as we know it and the need to begin transitioning from fission-based, polluting Nuclear Power to the emerging breakthrough energy production technologies, including LENR. Mike will be talking about "Breakthrough Energy and the Basic Physics of Global Recovery," including presenting the design of a more efficient wind turbine. Probably at least three other NEST members will be attending the conference as well: President, Ray Jennings, Jim Rodney, and Richard Berry.

GlobalBEM is currently soliciting those inventors who might want to exhibit their latest invention or prototype. Vendors are welcome to sell their health and free energy products with the purchase of a booth. GlobalBEM has an invitation letter (docx) and contract document (docx) for those interested in registering. (Update: as of the time of this writing, they only have 20 booths available, so you might not want to wait too long to decide.)

NEST will be supporting two inventors at the conference. Clint Seward’s Plasma Toroid Clean Fusion Energy Technology research information will be on display courtesy of NEST. Clint has demonstrated the ability to create and control stabilized toroids in a bell jar. Clint hopes to demonstrate the creation of clean fusion energy by colliding two toroids within the next two years. Clint has already achieved ion densities that are 100 times greater than that achieved by the multi-billion-dollar, multi-national Tokomak hot fusion project.

Edward Mitchell, owner of True Green Solutions, plans to exhibit several working prototypes of the Exciter Array, a replica of Stanley Meyers water-splitting technology. Edward has been working on Meyer’s technology since 2006 and now claims he has the science behind the patents figured out, and a working prototype would be good proof of that claim.

We encourage you to make plans to attend the conference and purchase your tickets online or make a donation to support the conference. (They are only 1/10th of the way to reaching their fundraising goal.) You may also support NEST and its mission to help free energy inventors get their ideas to market by networking free energy inventors and scientists with investors and manufacturers. You can also support NEST by making a donation.

In answer to a question that has been asked, GlobalBEM told us that the conference will go ahead whether or not fundraiser is successful, but of course they would appreciate it if the fundraiser is successful.

Thus concludes today's story.

For those of you who may not have already read our report of last year's conference, here it is reprinted from November 20, 2012.

REPORT: Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2012 Exceeds Expectations

The November 9-11, 2012, Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference in Holland has received a wealth of kudos, many calling it the "best conference" that they have attended over the years.

Noah Larsson, son of one of the Global BEM organizers, Sabrina Miklavcic, at the Tesla coil booth. (Photos by Sterling Allan unless indicated otherwise.)

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I need to apologize for taking so long to get this report out about the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Hilversum, Holland, from November 9-11. See 

The task of doing justice to that amazing event has been a bit overwhelming, so I've been procrastinating.

If there is any one thing that for me was the highlight, it would be the general sentiment that I and others shared about the event -- that it was a transformational event that galvanized a feeling of excitement about these breakthroughs being close at hand, and a shared sentiment of wanting to do what we can to help them successfully emerge into general use. I can't speak for everyone else, but I certainly can say that I am very glad I went; and based on the response from some email and other dialogue that has taken place between the speakers, I would say that this was the general sentiment.

There was an especially strong spiritual tone to the conference. Though the theme was "breakthrough energy", there were a lot of other "breakthrough" companion topics addressed, such as alternative monetary systems, alternative political systems, enlightenment, as well as alternative healing modalities. One of the themes that seemed to come up several times was that, in response to the fear that the powers that be seem to want to instill in the population, our antidote needs to be to get out of fear, and to proceed with courage. In the panel discussion on Nov. 9, I pointed out that "perfect love casts out all fear", so ultimately, the antidote is based on a spiritual foundation.

Mitchell Rabin was the master of ceremonies.

Audience at opening of conference.
(Photo by Sabrina Miklavcic, Global BEM)

Mark Dansie demonstrates water-alloy flashlight.

Moray King

Judy Wood

Sterling Allan touches on Cognitive Dissonance
(Photo by Sabrina Miklavcic, Global BEM)

David William Gibbons "chats" w/ Brian O'Leary.

Native-American modern hybrid performance.
(Photo by someone else via Global BEM)

(Photo by Sabrina Miklavcic, Global BEM)

Tesla coil demo booth.
(Photo by Sabrina Miklavcic, Global BEM)

Todd Ridolph recently joined our New Energy Systems Trust (NEST). He stayed nearly an additional week in Holland to network with the organizers.

Sterling with Dick Korf in the dining hall. See:  

Major kudos are in order for the event organizers and volunteers who pulled off such a successful undertaking, headed by Jeroen Van Straaten. They didn't come across as harried but made people feel welcome.

"It was amazing to see the energy that was present the whole 4 days we all hung out together, because it felt like hanging out with friends. Everybody was very relaxed and cooperative. We got so many compliments from guest that this was the most special conference they ever attended and that the quality of the presentations and panel discussions was so high." -- Jeroen Van Straaten

Saturday evening, they threw a surprise birthday party for Nick Begich in the hotel lobby -- a very welcome gesture for someone who had to be away from home for what is usually a family event and celebration. Instead, he got to be honored by his extended family.

No only did they have a great collection of speakers, topics and booths, but they set a new standard of excellence and service for exotic free energy conferences. Their glossy printed program was well laid out. The "Breakthrough Energy Conference" banners and logo were tastefully and boldly displayed all over the facility. The shuttle vehicle even had the banner and logo attached on the side door. The people running the myriad of camera and lighting equipment seemed well qualified. They even held a press conference in which the various alternative media personnel in attendance were able to ask questions of the speakers in a panel setting. In addition to the continental breakfast, both lunch and dinner were catered meals, allowing for more mingling among the attendees.

Each day's lecture set began with a phenomenal musical performance. These were unique showcases of brilliant talent from around the planet. On the first day, for example, one guy was elaborately dressed in Native American dιcor, with dozens of feathers. Also on the stage was a guy with some kind of light instrument. Their combined performance, titled "Bluezone" was an amazing mixture of old and new. The next day featured a guy (Valekriy) playing a set of gongs. On the last day was a lady, (Dafne Delamar) who did a dance and singing routine that involved an "Earth" prop of maybe 4 inches in diameter, which she rolled along her arms and body in an extremely masterful and seemingly effortless way. I thought I had recorded her performance, but it turned out that my camera was "off" when I thought it was "on".

Of course, all the presentations from the conference were recorded by the conference and DVDs will be available from the website.

They are also launching a new magazine to feature current affairs. "In this publication, content from well-known authors will be featured alongside submissions from unknown writers looking to share their ideas and theories." They intend to publish a magazine quarterly. See  

I think one of my favorite lectures was the first presentation by David William Gibbons, featuring what seemed like a "live" Skype interview with the late Brian O'Leary, astronaut and founder of the New Energy Movement. His interaction, using recordings of O'Leary's conversations and lecture snippets, was so convincing that there were many in the audience who thought it had actually been a live interview. For props, he had a table, with a lamp and a computer, with the house lights low; which made it more intimate. I was deeply moved. There was actually a time about four years ago that my wife and I were considering moving to Vilcabamba, Ecuador, with Mike Adams and Brian O'Leary.

As for new information, I'd have to say that Judy Wood's presentation and my preparation for it has had the largest impact on me. A couple of weeks prior to the conference, she sent me a review copy of "Where did the Towers Go", and I was able to read about half of it prior to the conference. 

Her premise is that some kind of exotic technology was used to turn the buildings to dust, so that hardly any rubble was left (via Hutchison type effects). She presents a wide range of compelling evidence; and in her three hours of lecture, she also showed video footage. Her PowerPoint presentation is well formatted to highlight things in such a way that they cannot be overlooked any more. While there are some holes in her logic and contradictions, overall, I'm convinced there is something to the premise, which the controlled demolition model doesn't satisfy. 

I'm working on a story [1 | 2] about that, but it is not an easy subject. There are some strong points on both sides of the argument. But one thing they both agree on is that the government cover-up story is ridiculously erroneous and impossible -- that the buildings came down (in free-fall speed) because they were hit by jets.

There were several breakthrough technologies on display at the conference, two of them by Mark Dansie as I reported last week: Mark Dansie Demonstrates Solid-State Chip and Water Flashlight. The Tesla coil booth had some interesting stuff on display, as well. And down in the basement was an amazing demonstration of sonoluminescence in art form.

One of the most startling statements made at the conference was by Ralph Ring during the panel discussion on November 11, the anniversary of the launching of the Thrive documentary. 

We've built craft, have had them taken and destroyed.

We have them now, all around the world, in pods
waiting for human consciousness to raise.

We're [located] all over the world.

We're ready, willing, and able to produce these technologies.

Aether technology: infinite sources available beyond 5 senses. The craft works through consciousness, love for life and appreciation. 

When we get to the peaceful center, we'll be glad to bring them out.

The power source is magnetism.

No limits: far reaches of multi-verse; never run out of power.

I'm representing all the unsung heroes waiting in the wings, silently.

Another highlight for me was listening to a lecture by Dick Korf and Gerald Essing about significant players and developments in the LENR (colloquially called "cold fusion") field. It is thrilling to see new blood come along, enthusiastic about the possibilities, and dedicated to helping things materialize.

There were actually quite a few people who expressed sentiments about wanting to get involved full-time in advancing the breakthrough energy movement in some way.

Global BEM wants to do conferences like this in all countries, eventually. A delegation from South America is already making plans for the next conference to be down there in March, 2013.

On three of the four nights there, I held an organizational meeting to encourage the various organizations to work more closely together. We adopted a five-fold set of tasks to be part of the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement mission: Education, Vetting, Fundraising, Incubation, and Research. Dr. Thorston Ludwig, who founded a German scientific group, with around 500 scientists and enthusiasts, tentatively agreed to head up the "Research" function, helping to bring scientific rigor to the new technologies emerging. Mark Dansie had some excellent suggestions about having adequate rigor in the vetting criteria for identifying the best technologies. Todd Ridolph shared some ideas about how to enable people who want to help to make an income and not just work on a volunteer basis. Jeroen would like to see ten people working full-time to carry forth the Global BEM objectives. 


Here are some additional Kudos that came in by email: (slightly edited)

"Thank you for your quantum grace. The event surpassed many expectations - and its an honour to have collaborated with all of the remarkable speakers. Looking forward to surfing the new dawn with you all." -- Sacha Stone, speaker

"It was the best such symposium/conference that I have ever attended or presented at, and I've done many since the late 1980s. Everyone was wonderful, the quality of the presentations, the audio quality and video set-ups were the best and most professional I have ever seen and experienced. Due to this conference, and those I met there who were very interested, breakthrough energy is now going to happen for all of us very, very soon now!" -- Russell Anderson, speaker

"As a consciousness-raising, broad-visioned, heart-and-mind-opening experience, your first conference was the best that I’ve ever attended (and that’s more than two dozen energy conferences). Professionalism and preparation was evident, in aspects ranging from entertaining MCs to smooth audiovisuals and, of course, including your amazing speakers. And thanks to filmmaker John Consemulder for his dedication also. I expect that many more volunteers will come forward now and lighten your load. Here’s to many more Global BEM events, all around the world!" -- Jeane Manning, panelist

"In the zone of 'Alternative Energy' - what was evidenced at zero point from your team was a gravity so profound that it brought souls from across the globe to [the] Netherlands! Well done for manifesting what is possible when we convene what must be." -- David E. Martin, speaker

"It was an honor to meet all of you and take part in what was without a doubt a truly historical event. I might add that this was just the beginning and I look forward to the unfolding of all we are all truly striving for. A new world. A better world." -- James Martinez, speaker

On that note, I remember the words of one of the greatest..."When in despair, I remember that all throughout history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers; and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end, they ALWAYS fall. Think of it always." -- Gandhi

"I wish I had you guys around back in 2004 when I was trying to figure out how to do New Energy Movement's inaugural guys are the pros.....awesome job! And thanks to Moray King for being a funny, philosophical, and easy-going roommate. Remember, no matter what the ultimate outcome of our work may be, if we make just one new friend along the way, it will all have been worth it!" -- Joel Garbon, speaker

"The conference was a peak experience for me. I am thrilled to have met so many enlightened souls, all dedicated to uplifting our planetary being. I am looking forward to our future interactions..." -- Moray King, speaker

"I am honoured to have participated in this historic event and I thank you for allowing me to be part of what was undoubtedly a huge energetic activation on our beautiful planet and beyond. What a great and unforgettable event that was organised so smoothly and professionally – well done to all who made it look so easy." -- Michael Tellinger, speaker

"Without exaggeration, Global BEM keeps buzzing in my head, every day I realize more how HUGE the convention was. The more than AWESOME line-up... It's going to be a hard job to equal or top that next year. 
The friendly, warm surrounding environmental atmosphere vented by all attendees gave the convention the added magic touch... I sure hope the next GlobalBEM attracts some more inventors, as well. The professionalism was blowing away most speakers, attendees and ME. I would really like to say the convention was a breakthrough by itself. EXCELLENT and way better than anticipated. Though nothing was really new, everything was new. New approaches, new angles of view, new insides... 
It's so surreal to meet all those awesome people all in one place." -- John Dow

"...his energy truly energized a left-brain conditioned human being like me. Furthermore, I would like to thank all you illustrious people, with great minds and even greater hearts, who were so kind to spend time with me. I can only articulate my genuine, profound and deep gratitude for this." -- Coos van Houts

A word of thanks to the primary sponsor

This conference would not have happened if it were not for one person, who asked to remain anonymous, who stepped forward at a crucial juncture and pulled out his wallet with a promise to back the conference, urging them to make it excellent. Jeroen said that they were in a crisis, having to make a deposit on the facility, and the ticket sales thus far had not come close to providing enough revenue. Then the donor stepped forward, and made it possible to continue with confidence.

Let this be a lesson to the many people like that anonymous donor. There are many people in our audience who are very wealthy, but they hang onto their money out of fear of ridicule, fear of failure, or maybe fear of being associated with "crackpots".

What is needed so much right now is people like that donor who will let go of their fear and move forward with courage and love, to make the world a better place. They just might also make a good return on their investment, but more than anything, they need to be willing to just do the right thing because it is the right thing, as directed by their own inner knowing -- not through the advise of their scientific colleagues (who are almost always going to give a thumbs down to any unfamiliar breakthrough that appears to defy known laws of physics).

Just as the Global BEM conference was a smashing success, thanks in large measure to the anonymous donor's generosity, combined with the amazing talent that showed up to help, so also are there a lot of other projects that could likewise shine if only they were financed.

In this case, I would dare say that a little bit of money will prove to go a very long way in making this planet a better place. Thanks, whoever you are. And thanks in advance to the others out there who, up until now, have been perhaps a bit too timid.


Here is a list of the videos I posted from this conference: 

# # #

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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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