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You are here: > News > August 31, 2013

Weight-Change Shown in Keshe Spaceship Program Video Just Due to Poor Tare Protocol

On August 28, the Keshe Foundation posted a video showing what appears to be a 2 kilogram difference in weight of an 18.5 kg plasma apparatus. However, as you watch each time he does the tare procedure, you can see that they are not taking proper care.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News


Four years ago, we began reporting on Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his Keshe Foundation with the following news bullet announcing our PESWiki feature page:

That one was immediately followed by this one:

Then a couple of years later, we reported:

Then that December, we reported:

The Keshe Foundation posted that article, along with an article about an interview I did with Mr. Keshe; and that news article on their website has maintained a first or second place ranking in overall popularity on their website from that time until now.

Thereafter, we posted a few stories about their initiative to open this technology to all nations on Earth, and the subsequent signing up of various nations for that program, culminating with this story:

A couple of weeks later, we posted this story, which ended up being a bogus video, though it does illustrate the alleged principle.


Then, a year to the day after the first drone incident there was another drone interception incident, which I went on Coast to Coast AM to discuss:

Not long after that, we linked to this story, which voiced a frustration held by many.

  • Anti-Gravity / Propulsion / Plasma > Keshe >
    Keshe: so many words, no facts (Part II) - Luciano Saporito bemoans expectations versus reality in some recent presentations he attended by Keshe "believe me, despite the many theatrical elements and picturesque offered, but I thought, 'Sooner or later we will see something 's interesting ...' I hoped so, but unfortunately it was not so, at least for me!". (22Passi; December 17, 2012)

I think it was around this time that Keshe decided that he would no longer be communicating with me.

Composite image from video.

First "Spaceship" Video Ever

Now, four years after we began covering the Foundation, and after all these announcements and developments, the Foundation has finally posted their first ever video demonstrating the alleged gravity-negation effect from their "plasma" process. It allegedly shows a 2 kilogram (~4 pounds) difference on the device that weighs around 18.5 kilos (about a 11% weight difference).

The video doesn't contain any explanation, but I was able to get some clarification from Mr. Keshe by email; and he posted some clarification on his forum where this test and video are announced. He told me: "The weight change has been-due to interaction of the internal magnetic fields forces of the system."

Here is what he stated in his announcement to his forum: (slightly edited)

Keshe Foundation spaceship program enters a new Era

As we promised, we have released today the first weight reduction video from the Keshe Foundation lab and its team. 

System weight reduction through development of new technology.

For the first time in its history, the Keshe Foundation releases live laboratory video of how its newly developed technology can be used to reduce weight of systems without burning of any fuel and only by using combination of Magnetic and gravitational (Magravs) field forces developed in a small reactor.

With the release of this video by the Keshe Foundation, Space technology has entered a new era, and space travel takes a new dimension -- and in the reach of every man on this planet.

We welcome humanity to the world of spaceship program.

M T Keshe
The Director of the Keshe Foundation

The video description states essentially the same thing, with the following links added:


Here's the video embedded:

Time Weight (kg)
0.24 17.45
0:48 16.21
1:10 16.21
1:41 tare
1:58 16.61
2:47 16.60
2:58 tare
3:17 18.54
3:55 tare
4:15 18.51
5:16 tare
5:29 17.24
5:54 tare
6:10 18.54
6:26 18.48
6:34 tare
6:49 18.51
7:14 18.52

Video Analysis

A spherical ball spins at a continuous ~500 rpm for the duration of the 7:17 minute video. The apparatus is suspended by a cable from an inexpensive ($3.20 wholesale) yet fairly accurate scale (Youzhisheng, model number H168). 

Periodically, Keshe takes a lever to lift the cable so it isn't pulling on the scale, and he presses the tare button on the scale to reset it to zero.

The weights shown during the video, in sequence, are shown in the table at the right.

Most of the time, the cameraman does not show a clear view of the registered weight just prior to taring. One of the exceptions is at time stamp 2:47 where he shows the weight as 16:60, then the taring is done, and at 3:17 the weight measures 18.54 -- nearly a 2 kg difference. Because the spoken language there is not English, I don't know what was being said.

Watching that segment a few times, it seems to me that it's possible that they did not have all the weight off the scale when they tared it. At the various times when the taring is done, the scale is still registering weight when Keshe first presses the taring button. 

Report of Tare Values

The readout is not visible during the first taring at 1:46. At 2:56, the scale registers "0.36" when he presses the tare button. At 4:02, the scales show "0.02" when he presses the button; and the before/after weight differs by 0.03. At 5:58, the scales shows "0.17" when he presses the tare button. At 6.01, the scale registers "1.31" when he presses the button; and the before/after weights differ by 1.30. Only at 6:41 does he wait for the reading to be "0.00" before he presses the button, and the weight difference before and after that is only 0.05 kg.

One other thing you need to factor into the above report of weight measurements when the first button is pushed, is that the tare procedure apparently requires two button pushes, and thus spans a period of a second or two; and the setting on the lever holding up the apparatus off the scale is manual, not fixed, so it is conceivable that additional weight could be added/subtracted during that time, to further modify the tare reset.

Also, because there is no explanation to the viewer as to what is happening with any controls on the apparatus, but it sounds like everything is steady state for the duration, it seems to me that the variation in weight is purely a function of not properly taring the scale. If there is any negative or positive pressure on the scale, it will register that as the new "zero".

It seemed to me that all they show is a weight measurement procedure with error bars of +/- 5.5%.

Here is the explanation Keshe posted on his forum in answer to questions posted to the video:

some details about the test and answering some of the questions

starting weight of the systems: 18.55 kg

Sources of ionization: New space materials developed to create ionization condition using only one gas without use of any electrical or mechanical systems.

Speeds of rotation: about 500 rpm

Creation of plasma: uniform spherical

Temperature of operation: Room temperatures

Variation in weight during the test: 18.55 to 17.4, to 16.22, to 16.60 and then 17.4 kg and back to 18.55 kg.

Magravs level strength: 90% plasmatic atmospheric after 3 hours

Gas: Hydrogen at 1 bar pressure

Volume of gas used: less than 1/1000 mg

The Keshe Foundation team carried out the test in presence of physic professor for his independent evaluation.

Question/Answer with Keshe

Here are Keshe's responses to my questions by email to him last night. (Slightly edited.)

From: Mehran Tavakoli Keshe 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Saturday, August 31, 2013 1:53 AM [GMT-6]
Subject: RE: [SPAM] Q. about New Keshe Video

Dear Mr. Allan

As you know I have decided along time ago to cut any communication with you as journalist or a blogger and this stays the same.

In response to your question as man I respond to them as follows and you can do what you like with it.

Q. Could you please explain what settings are changing during the measurement of weight?

NO setting was changed, as one can see this is a contentious running video tape and it has not been edited, the weight change has been-due to interaction of the internal magnetic fields forces of the system.

Q. Audibly, it sounds like the same rotation speed during the entire video. 

Yes the speed as we reported and was kept at about 500 rpm.

Q. Furthermore, the weight changes down then up and down more times than what you report at:

We gave a general view for readers to understand what is going on as one can see as we did the whole process on the tape.

Q. It appears to me to be a function of friction and tare settings, not of increase/decrease weight on the scale. 

The system is the same and if it was friction, this would have been the same throughout the process, so it has been constant as no power has changed externally through motors and friction has nothing to do with it, as friction does not create weight changes in the systems like this. In our tests, we deliberately force friction through directional changes of motors and cores, and the weight is always untouched and constant.

Q. What did the Physics Professor report about the test? 

You hear his voice in the background. He was jumping and kissing the other members of the team saying that it is incredible as he was next to the member who was tapping. The person whom was tapping the session, by the way, is an international blogger and was there as independent observer when the changes happened. As you see I am not carrying the camera, but him.

He is under non-disclosure and we all will release our reports at the same time in the future.

Q. Does he have a statement?

Non-disclosure agreement will not allow this unless we agree to it and this will be done once the tests are completed.

There are more videos to be released in the coming weeks.

Yours faithfully
M T Keshe

I responded to that with the following simple question:

From: Sterling Allan 
To: Mehran Tavakoli Keshe 
Sent: Saturday, August 31, 2013 6:40 AM [GMT-6]
Subject: Re: Q. about New Keshe Video

Hi Mr. Keshe,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions. This is very helpful.

Would you mind elaborating on this explanation? "the weight change has been-due to interaction of the internal magnetic fields forces of the system."

Is that change something that is being controlled with knobs or switches or other manual controls, or is it a natural ebb/cycle up and down?


He hasn't responded yet, but that was only four hours ago. But above, he said: "NO setting was changed."

Tentative Conclusion: No Joy

Based on the tare observations I made above, it seems to me that the Physics Professor missed some really obvious measurement error problems that show that the differences in weight have nothing to do with a change in the actual weight of the apparatus, but from not properly taring the scale. He was blinded by exuberance for what was allegedly happening, rather than being a careful scientist.

Furthermore, even if the measurements were accurate, showing a 11% difference in weight in an 18.5 kg object is a pretty significant let-down when we've been told they have technology to levitate and propel flying saucers with the capability of intercepting and safely grounding drones, not to mention the alleged trips to the Moon and to Mars. 

From my vantage point, it doesn't even seem like they have achieved the 2 kg weight difference they allege in this video they title as if it were some huge breakthrough: "Keshe Foundation spaceship program enters a new Era."  Not.

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated November 12, 2013




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