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You are here: > News > August 13, 2013

First Interview with Geoffrey Miller of Energybat Labs

You would think that with all the replicating and inventing of a wide diversity of exotic free energy technologies Geoff has done over the past 45 years, that he would be well known; but until now, he has stayed under the radar. Here is his first interview about these subjects.

The following text is a repeat of what I published at PESWiki yesterday, with the addition of the video I completed today, adding images to our audio interview. The reason for the reprint is that the PESWiki feature page is an active directory, which can be updated over time, whereas PESN is news site, where stories are archived as-is.

Geoffery S. Miller at Energybat Labs, October 2008

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Geoffrey S. Miller and his Energybat Labs in Philadelphia, PA, USA, has to be one of the best kept secrets yet in the world of exotic free energy. I was able to have a 2-hour interview with him on Saturday, and was stunned. It's part of our Free Energy Now interview series.

Before you read up, I'd like to take a poll.

Here's the video where I've added relevant images to accompany the topic of our interview as it progresses. While I don't expect you to pay rapt attention to the images, I do hope you'll listen in such a way that you can at least catch the images out of the corner of your eye. It took a lot of time to prepare this. I hope you like it.

Now 55 years old, Geoffrey has been in one laboratory or another working on exotic free energy stuff since he was 10 years old. Living near Philadelphia's Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Free Library, and Natural History Museum, growing up, he spent a lot of time there, absorbing as much knowledge as he could, like a sponge.

When the Franklin Institute library closed down, he was able to get many of their books. His own library in his lab contains around 10,000 books and papers.

Speaking of a personal library, he said he has fourteen computers full of video footage, both of his own stuff, as well as of things he's collected over the years, including all the original TeslaTech conference videos when there were on VHS.

He loves electricity, and like Tesla, when ideas come to him, they come in 3-D, and he is able to work them out completely in his head before building them. At age 5, he was helping his electrician dad wire houses.

He is not just a theoretician; he thrives in experimentation and in building things. On his website that he finally put up not long ago, he lists 20 projects in which he's involved. But he told me that there are probably closer to 100, including: cold electricity; crystal batteries; centrifugal energy amplification; Tesla experiments, including a Tesla turbine; magnetic rail; Bedini energizer; Energybat alternator, Newman magnet motor; Searl motor; Hull's fusion; Joule ringer; and the Energybat rotating solenoid motor. The one that first caught my attention, when Deggory brought it to my attention on Friday, was the Energybat Labs Household 10,000 watt Generator, which, from what I can tell, could be another instance of the self-looped motor-generator (or Q-mo-gen) class of devices we've been tracking for about a year now.

He made an 8-foot-long replica of Joseph Newman's motor that produces a net 10 kilowatts. When he showed it to Joseph, Joseph gave him a license, saying "You're the first one to actually build one exactly like I do."

He also duplicated some of Eric Dollard's work back in the 1980s.

One of his most remarkable accomplishments is that Geoff says he has replicated Nikola Tesla's work at Colorado Springs lab for transmission of electricity using no wires. This involves resonant pulses (non-limited-propagation) with the earth. You don't get any more out than what you put in, but supposedly, a receiver could pick up the power from anywhere on earth.

In terms of practical power devices, Geoff has come up with a generator that involves centrifugal force, a turbine, pressure tanks, and a generator to turn the rotation into electricity. If I understood right, this could be made into a self-looped system to provide continuous electrical output. Also, it is simple enough that people could download plans, go to their hardware store, and build one.

The catch is that presently he is cramped up, having had to consolidate three buildings into one, so he has a logjam in productivity. He said he has videos of all this stuff.

The lab he rents, with dimension 25' wide x 25' high x 40' long, is powered by one of his devices. He also has two 40' shipping containers filled with equipment.

Geoff has been awarded two US Patents, with international patents as well, on what he calls a "Pull-Out", which is basically a truck bed size tool chest that one person can pull out the back, onto legs. It has received best of show awards at exhibitions and has been featured on television. He said he has large orders from Home Depot, Lowes, and others; with expected retail price of $3500. He needs just $1 million USD to launch manufacturing, with SolidWorks drawings ready to be manufactured by the world's largest blow molding company. Revenue stream could be coming in within 6 months. A conservative financial projection puts profits at 1.7 billion in sales. This could be applied to a wide range of industries: construction, catering, emergency responders, farmers markets, outside and indoor expo booths.

The tragedy is that he was very close to launching this, when his investor pulled out, turning what could have been a huge windfall into a huge financial burden.

He doesn't have an apartment, stays with his girlfriend, who had a nervous breakdown when the Pull-Out investor pulled out, and he works a $5/hour job in the morning to cover gas, food, and other menial expenses. He's 5 months behind on his lab rent.

This was when he decided that maybe it had come time to let the public know about what he's been working on.

So don't ignore that "donate" button on his site. He's got $0.47 in his bank account, and $1.00 in his wallet until Friday, when he'll be getting $97.00. You can send donations via PayPal to

Despite all these negative things that have happened to him, I found him to be very upbeat, inspiring, and enjoyable to talk to.

His life-long primary goal has been "to unveil and deliver a commercially viable 'new prime mover' that will be able to run a compact home generator capable of sustaining a household’s electrical requirements independent of the established energy grid regardless of night or day."

I know we see a lot of claims come and go, but it seems to me that Geoff has a lot to offer, and whoever ends up going into business with him is going to be in for quite the exciting and fulfilling ride.

Not only has he replicated Tesla's Colorado Springs wireless transmission of power, but he thinks he can implement a Wardenclyffe type of system that could power the planet.

I've already introduced two investor/incubator type groups to him. Hopefully someone will be able to help him soon. It will have to be someone with a lot of vision and patience due to Geoff's present disarray.

# # #

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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