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You are here: > News > August 11, 2013

US Govt. Employee Bravely Calls for the Total Abolition of NSA

These programs have only one objective, and they cannot be reformed or "controlled" or otherwise fixed. Their objective is to reduce the people of the whole Earth under absolute tyranny.

Camp Williams NSA Facility in Utah, for which Sterling's wife's cousin was a general contractor, and is now being hounded by them since he quite for conscience' sake.
From: Paul Noel
Sent: August 12, 2013 12:30 PM [MDT]
Subject: My Employment

I need to clarify one point, I work as a contractor for the US Government though I work directly on base for the US Army. However, I am proud to do a good job for them and I can actually say that I have saved the US Government Millions of dollars. (though I may never get formal credit) 

I am not disloyal in any way to the USA. The people of the US need to understand that these monsters in the Intelligence community always shout down people who speak up as disloyal or endangering the country. These people are the greatest threat on earth to our freedom. 

by Paul Noel
Pure Energy Systems News

I am extremely concerned that people are still not understanding the extent of the NSA scandal and its import to the people of the USA.

I had occasion when I worked at a company called NeoTek in Huntsville, Alabama in 2003 to see the Requests for Proposal (Not one bit secret here!) regards the various NSA programs you now see exposed. These programs are substantially more extant then people have been led to believe. 

They were so significant of violation of the US Constitution that I would not bid on them and suffered unemployment as a result. 

Our friends in the world need to understand that we are in a fight for our very survival as a free people here. These programs have only one objective, and they cannot be reformed or "controlled" or otherwise fixed. Their objective is to reduce the people of the whole Earth under absolute tyranny. They target the USA more than anywhere else. People need to understand that I am risking my life in writing this and that of my family. This is a fight I do not fear but is most serious. The people running these programs are the ultimate terrorists and murderers. They know no law!

These programs do the following things with the data:

  1. They intercept all electronic communications.
    -Included are all Phone calls World Wide including automatic voice transcription and translation.
    -Included are all Emails world wide.
    -Included are all Internet Banking and Commercial Transactions.
  2. They process all of these communications in real time with "Bots".
  3. They include back door access to OS such as OSx, Windows, Chrome etc.
  4. They include the ability to spoof all transactions on the internet.

The purposes of these programs has nothing to do with terrorism. In fact the US government has demonstrated a callous disregard for the rightful demands of the citizens to protect them from such and has in fact refused to assent to standard international cooperation to deal with such. The claim of "terrorism" as a purpose here is absolutely denied by the very scope and nature of their information requests.

Here is what they are doing now:

  1. The US Government is conducting disruption of political forces that threaten the ruling parties control of our government and denying us the proper natural formation of political parties and alliances to resolve our problems.
  2. The US Government is in collusion if not out-rightly conducting identity theft against individuals for political and economic control and gain.
  3. The US Government is in collusion with about 15 different major Internet and Computer firms to conduct industrial espionage against all peoples on the earth. This means that if you have a great idea, they will know and use it with their resources before you can earn your way on it. This is a massive economic suppression of technology and economic freedom.
  4. The US Government is using this data access to destroy persons and create false impressions in public of persons whom they seek to oppose.

Remember, with a back door to every computer on earth, and with you being able to be sent to prison for sending an email or doing a commercial transaction, they have life and death control over you and your reputation. They can use this to destroy persons who get successful against their purposes of control.

Imagine for a minute that you find one day that your bank account is gone, your credit is destroyed, and the police are at the door arresting you for child porn. You get to the court and find the public defender is stuck with negotiation over how many days you get in jail and even your friends are afraid to deal with you. That is the world we live in right now.


The people of the world need to understand the CIA / NSA types and their modes of operation. These secret types will do the following things to fight you.

  1. If you come up against them they will deny their actions. We have already seen this with Mr Snowden whom they attempted to deny that he was telling the truth.
  2. Then facing the facts will admit to "disinformation" in this case they admitted to getting "metadata" and for much of the press that allowed them to ignore the fact that they were sweeping 100% of all data. It was a distraction.
  3. Then facing the fact that it was out and the man was telling us the truth they tried to tell us he was a traitor and a fool without any credentials. Remember the stories about him being uneducated? Mr Snowden is probably one of the very smartest people ever to live in the USA. 
  4. Then they unleashed the armed secret forces to try to kill Mr. Snowden and rest assured they are still hunting now. They even forced down the Bolivian Presidential airplane -- a war crime and violation of diplomatic immunity to try to kill Mr. Snowden.
  5. Mr. Snowden found refuge in Moscow and then they tried to taint his reputation with the "Russian" label like as if this proved he was a traitor. They still are trying to resurrect the "cold war" thinking just to stop this man.
  6. They are still out trying to deny and humiliate anyone who stands against them. I would not be surprised if they try to claim I am disclosing secrets when what I know was published in public by them in 2003. 
  7. Now we see the President of the USA trying to claim he will "reform" the NSA etc. This also is a damned distraction. It is a lie. Government programs like these have eternal life unless they are disbanded.


  1. We must stand firm. This is a world wide crime that is going on. We need world wide help in this matter. Every person of every nation needs to peacefully stand up and oppose this with all vigor, including insisting that all persons have a natural right to privacy!
  2. Nobody should allow any violence against these awful people. Make no mistake, these awful people deserve more than anyone in all history to die. But the situation requires us to be peaceful and smart. Get your brain out and fight smart. These bad people would celebrate if they had a war. That is what they live on. Peace is what they cannot abide. Without a war these people wouldn't be able to have any money or power.
  3. Find every means to make your data private. This is an eternal job, so don't think it stops when this dies from the press. This is a matter of human freedom forever. By God! Never use the cloud for your personal data. (You should get the US Government OPSEC briefings I get! They would make clear the level to which you need to be careful. I have to do this for my job.)
  4. We must insist that the NSA must be disbanded. Make no mistake I know and support the USA having adequate intelligence services. But this organization is rouge and it must be taken out. It will only regrow worse than it is now if it is not rooted out completely. The leaders of it need to be jailed under the same standards and laws we executed the NAZI war criminals. (There is a high personal relationship of the NSA to the NAZI movement) The NSA staff needs to be banned from government service for life.
  5. There are about 50 such agencies, and they all need to be taken down. 

If we do not succeed in taking these agencies down, all human freedom will be ended from the earth. This is everyone everywhere. 

Yes you may and must publish this letter.

Paul Noel

# # #


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