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You are here: > News > August 5, 2013

Planning Trip to See Chuck's Regen -- Live on SmartScarecrow

Charles Pierce claims to have a U.S. patent awarded for a 17 kW net generator (able to handle 40 kW surge) that runs in self-loop mode, using a drive motor, a flywheel, and two generators. I'm heading to Cleveland to see a demo which I plan to broadcast live Thursday 9 pm Eastern.

August 8 Demo Blog posted

Watch live
: August 8, 2013; 9:00 pm Eastern (GMT-4)

17 kW Regan unit with cover removed

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I've got a flight booked to Cleveland on Thursday to spend a few days with Charles (Chuck) Pierce to see his 17 kW self-looped motor-generator system. Last week, he told me he would build one for me to power my house.

I created a feature page about this the other day at PESWiki, but have been awaiting a video to post with it, and patent number before running it in our news. As we speak, he's trying to send me photos and video files; but as a typical inventor, these tasks which for many of us are easy, are like climbing Everest for them; while things that are Herculean for us, are more simple for them.

I call these "self-looped motor-generator with useful energy left over" types of systems "Q-Mo-Gen" (I've registered to forward to our PESWiki page about this, which is presently listed in #1 position in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing []) because the shape of the letter Q illustrates the concept of "self-looped with energy left over to use", because somehow the system is pulling energy freely from the environment. The three-part story (1 | 2 | 3) I published Saturday may explain how this works. 

After starting up from battery power, Chuck's Regen is alleged to be able to run continuously, and is load-following, meaning it adjusts the output in real time to handle whatever load you give it, up to 17 kW (probably a little more, as the generator actually is a 40 kW head). He said the batteries recharge in about 30-45 minutes, from the power being produced by the generator. The only time you need the batteries will be for start-up, if you ever turn the system off, or it shuts off because you put a load on it that surpasses the 17 kW limit. 

Here's the plan for Thursday.

On my way from the airport, I'll be picking up twenty four 500-Watt halogen lamps so we can demonstrate the system being able to power a load of 12 kW, plus some inductive loads (e.g. motors), during the duration of Gary Hendershot's SmartScarecrow show, which is live each week beginning at 9:00 pm Eastern time. We'll use a clamp-on amp meter to show the power going to each light. 

As the demonstration time approaches, I'll give updates on this page and on our Twitter account.

August 8 Demo Blog posted

We'll probably show the start-up of the system at the beginning of the show, after showing the starting voltage of the batteries. After the start-up, we'll check the battery levels. Then I'll do my weekly round-up of the news from the past week (This Week in Free Energy), and then we'll check the battery charge, which should be higher than right after the start-up. Next, Gary will do his interview with the feature presenters: Jeroen Van Straaten and Fernando Vossa of the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement, talking about the upcoming conference (October 10-12) in Boulder -- which you'll all want to attend, because I plan to bring one of these generators with me to demonstrate there (Chuck said he hopes to get a smaller version for m by then, so I don't have to haul the 1600 pound beast around). Gary will show a split screen, so in one corner you will be able to see the Regen running. Once the battery voltage is back up to the level it was to begin with (full charge), we'll briefly interrupt the program to show those readings. Finally, at the end of the show, we'll do a synopsis, if there is time, and once again show the battery voltage.

The trip is being sponsored by an investor friend I met at the TeslaTech conference in Albuquerque. He is also footing the bill for Chuck to build three 17 kW systems -- one for him, one for me, and one for Gary Hendershot, who said he'll buy it if it works. (Of course, that was before the full list of parts was assembled, when we thought the price was going to be around $5k. Now that the price for this beta unit is pushing $7k, Gary has lost interest.)

It will take 3-4 weeks to obtain parts and assemble the three units. Then I'll probably be heading back there to take one home, to save on shipping costs. The thing weighs around 1600 pounds. Chuck says he uses a fork lift to move his around.

For those not familiar, 17 kW should be more than enough to handle the peak load power demand of a home. 

For those familiar with electricity, the 17kw setup will have single phase (3-wire) 220v 60 Hz output, with true sine wave AC.

Chuck expects that once in production (actually "assembly" would be a better term, since most all components except the computer controller are off-the-shelf), the price for one of these units should be around $5,000 and likely to drop from there as economies of scale kick in.

Meanwhile, here is the pricing for building them one-off, for the three of us mentioned above:

$500 motor ($1500 for three)
$625 for one 25 kW generator head ($1875 for three; standard 3-phase water cooled generators; will let you surge to 50 kW, for when loads kick on)
$365 one 2-pole 10 kW generator 
$500 flywheel
$90 for two belts/pulleys, $45 each
$25 1" shaft (high tensile strength steel)
$120 bearings
$1500 drive computer
$160 control head
$200 frame
$120 casters: heavy-duty
$200 hardware
$400 power disconnect from grid (he makes this)
$640 for 8 batteries (1000 cranking A-h: $80-100/each)
$500 Labor (for help) ($1500 for all three units)
$500 10% buffer for unexpected price differences (the above are low estimates)
$400 Shipping for generators ($1200 for three)
$6845 SUBTOTAL for one unit

Building things "one-off" is always more expensive than when they are mass produced. But in this case, the price will not be dropping as much because most of the components are off-the-shelf and already optimized in their production.

Chuck said that his patent has enough information for someone to build a functional system, though it doesn't have all the optimal things he's come up with. 

The thing that is nice about this system is that the off-the-shelf generators it uses are already UL / CE rated and certified for home power applications, so that portion of taking things to market is already taken care of.

Anyone who goes commercial with the system needs to remit at least a 5% royalty to Chuck, at least quarterly. If you do so, there is a very good chance Chuck will send you info on how to improve the system. The U.S. patent, which has been awarded (Chuck just moved and hasn't been able to find the patent number), and which has a better embodiment, gives him the ability to protect his IP.

So ask for a license, and Chuck will send you the updates on how to get an optimal system; go build one, and start a business assembling them locally, and send Chuck a royalty to show your gratitude for giving you a job helping the planet be a better place, promoting freedom and personal empowerment.

The license will depend on how big, how many, how long you want it. Rights to sell, manufacture. Won't give exclusives.

He is willing to sell units now, building them one-off, at the above price. By the way, he has an order for 100 units for a housing development that he needs the funding to manufacture.

August 8 Demo Blog posted

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