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You are here: > News > August 3, 2013

Rasa Part I: Magnacoaster Update: Six units out the door, ramping up production

Rasa gives an update on what is going on with Magnacoaster, who has been taking money for exotic free energy units for about four years, and for the past year has allegedly been finally shipping a few of those out the door.

See also:

5 KW Magnetic Tunneling Generator by Magnacoaster.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

This story started as a brief intro to an article Rasa Viharii wrote for us, The TMR Effect -- Tunnel MagnetoResistance -- A New Source of Clean Energy; but by the time I got a bunch of updates and answers to my questions, I ended up with a very full story about Magnacoaster and (Part II:) the many other projects in which his Zero Point Institute is also involved.

I'm calling this first half of the intro: "Part I", because it gives an update on what is going on with Magnacoaster, who has been taking money for exotic free energy units for about four years, and for the past year has allegedly been finally shipping a few of those out the door.

"Part II" is the second half of what began as an introduction to The TMR Effect. It gives you an appreciation of the scope of who Rasa and ZPI are, being involved in 10 breakthrough renewable energy generation technologies, 7 energy storage technologies, 4 types of transportation solutions, and 3 energy saving technologies. If you are looking for something interesting to do, you might consider hooking up.

But you might want to read Part III :The TMR Effect first, because Part II ends up being kind of like a fire hydrant treatment, given the volume of rich material and claims being made. If these guys (ZPI) are for real, they are something we should all at least be fan club members of, if not directly involved in using our talents to move these things forward to help humanity and the planet.

We've been covering Rasa's work since February, 2010.  I posted a relevant excerpt below [at least in the original draft, it was "below", now it's at the bottom of Part III] from a report of an interview I had with him last year where he described some seminal papers about quantum phenomena.

I should mention that Chuck Pierce, who I just posted a feature page about at PESWiki, who claims to have a self-looped motor-generator system, thinks that quantum effects might be involved in his device as well. He made the comment: "Cell phones would not work if it were not for quantum effects." 

On a tangent, I should also mention that Chuck, who is a PhD nuclear engineer, cautioned against working with Rodin coils because "they create little black holes; and the magnetic field they generate is really dangerous." That would seem to contradict what Roland Gregg said about feeling good while working around the coils. They do emit a huge magnetic field that pegs the analogue Gauss meter as far as 25 feet away.

By way of update, in a Skype conversation today, Rasa said that one of the companies he has been working with is Magnacoaster, and they have shipped out 6 of their units so far. It has been a slow process. 

I asked him if he can provide photos or witness/customer statements. He responded: 

"It is part of the customer confidentiality agreement. We can not release names and stuff. But I am going to have my Magnacoaster soon enough, and I will post videos showing all the parts and how the generator behaves under load and off load, etc. Magnacoaster is agreed to keep their client's names secret, but the clients are not bound to keep any secrets themselves.

"Right now, there are only 2 or 3 people assembling them by hand, so it takes them at least two weeks to produce one generator and test it. But they have already trained an assembly group and have located a warehouse for them to start producing them in larger volume, just depending on how smoothly things go with this new group of assemblers.

"Zero Point Institute is separate from Magnacoaster, so for now, the only people I know selling such a device is Magnacoaster. People are welcome to get on the waiting list for one (keeping in mind that there are no guarantees on any delivery date at this early state of the game). I feel optimistic that they will be able to step up production soon and be able to catch up on the long waiting list they already have."

When I reminded Rasa of what I wrote about this last year: "Rasa said he got one", he responded:

"I have a generator that is similar to the Magnacoaster (you could call it an earlier prototype), but I don't have my finally assembly model yet."

By way of clarification, I asked Rasa if the statement below is in reference to Magnacoaster, he replied in the affirmative: 

"The efficiency is well over 1000% at room temperature, and already we have developed 3 different sizes available for the market 5 KW, 10 KW, and 15 KW."

Then, he added:

"...or various versions like the Magnacoaster. Different configurations result in different effects. The Magnacoaster [versions have] a transformer which is very small in size, but it requires cooling.

"Zero Point Institute is working on different configurations that might be able to produce the same results more cheaply."

I then asked him: "Does Magnacoaster know about that? Would they feel threatened by that?" 

He responded:

"No threat. Magnacoaster is also developing what they call a 'portable model'. I think we all benefit from new developments in this field."

I also asked him when we might expect ZPI's variants to be ready or available for purchase.

He responded:

This is difficult to say, as it is not our main focus now. We have developed a new technology called Vanadium Fuel Cell. It's a great way to convert hydrogen back to electricity without the need for expensive platinum cathodes.

I then asked: "Are you open to people offering to join your team to speed up development and enable you to pursue different directions with proper focus?"

He responded:

"Yes. I have several teams in several countries working on different projects, and they are at various stages of development."

I then asked: "For the audience, in gauging feasibility of cooperation based on location, could you give us an idea of what teams are doing what projects in what countries/regions of the world?"

He responded:

"I would rather not go public with all that information yet. But if people want to contact me personally, I can tell them more details about various projects in various locations.

"We are starting a center in Denmark to train people how to get off the grid (both for home and vehicle). It will include: how to install solar panels, how to build your own windmills, how to desulfate old lead acid batteries, how to store energy as hydrogen, and also gas-to-electric or gas-to-hydrogen vehicle conversions."

I then said: "I think we're ready to go. Anything else you want to add?"

That's when Rasa casually gave me a link to an overview video he produced giving an overview of Zero Point Institute, briefly touching on what they are involved in, including: 10 breakthrough renewable energy generation technologies, 7 energy storage technologies, 4 types of transportation solutions, and 3 energy saving technologies.

For my review of that overview, go to Part II: ZPI Overview. If you want to save that one for last, then you can go to Part III: The TMR-Effect.

I should mention that with this updated information, I'll be moving Magnacoaster up in the Top 5 Runners Up.

# # #


Rasa's contact info can be found on our feature page about Rasa's Zero Point Institute. On August 10, 2013, Rasa said: "My only reply to people who want to ask me about what I have and when will I be revealing how to build etc. is....: "Just stay tuned to my youtube channel... Eventually all things will be revealed.""


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