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You are here: > News > August 3, 2013

Rasa Part III: The TMR Effect -- Tunnel MagnetoResistance -- A New Source of Clean Energy

A theoretical physicist and networker in India, Rasa Viharii, describes the scientific basis for his Magnetic Tunneling Generator which has an alleged COP of at least 10x. He says there are three sizes for the market: units that produce a net 5kW, 10kW and 15kW, which are solid state, work 24/7, do not wear out, and are cheap to build.

For an introduction, see:

Rasa Viharii talks about his solid state THR-Effect generator at time stamp 6:55 in a recent overview video.

By Rasa Viharii
for Pure Energy Systems News

The mathematical probability of Quantum Tunneling was discovered in 1927 by Friedrich Hund. By 1928, the theory was applied to alpha decay by George Gamow, Ronald Gurney, and Edward Condon. 

One of the first practical devices whose functioning could only be explained through the theory of Quantum Tunneling was the “tunnel diode” invented in 1958 by Leo Esaki. Finally, by 1973, Esaki, working with Ivar Giaever and Brian Josephson, were awarded a Nobel Prize for their work in Quantum Tunneling. (Editor's note: Many of you are familiar with Josephson for his support of LENR [colloquially and inaccurately called "cold fusion"] in general, and Andrea Rossi's E-Cat in particular.)

The most commonly heard of device which utilizes Quantum Tunneling is called the STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscope), invented in 1981 by Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer.

Despite these other uses of Quantum Tunneling, the effect which has lead to the actual production of energy is known as “tunnel magnetoresistance” or “the TMR effect”. Another name for this TMR effect is “overunity” which means that the efficiency can reach over 100%, or “more energy coming out then what is being sent in”. (Editor's note: Systems whose point-of-obvious-measurement input/output efficiency is less than 100% can be considered overunity if their gross output is above what can be considered plausible, when other losses [electrical resistance, friction, etc.] are taken into consideration, which account for the total output, when properly accounted, making the gross output go above 100%.) 

The history of this discovery went through 3 stages. Initially, the discovery of Magnetoresistance is accredited to Lord Kelvin back in 1851. Later, the effect which Lord Kelvin had discovered became known as the AMR effect, Anisotropic Magnetoresistance, since its effect was very small, 1% - 2%.

The next step was known as the GMR effect, Giant Magnetoresistance, because it deals with an efficiency range between 5% - 15%. The discovery was made simultaneously by Albert Fert and Peter Grünberg in 1988, for which they were awarded a Nobel Prize in 2007.

Finally, when the TMR effect was discovered, it was shown that it has already been done back in 1975 by M. Jullière. However it was achieved at extremely low temperatures and only reached an efficiency of 14%.

The next step towards developing and understanding of the TMR effect occurred in 1991 by T. Miyazaki, and although it only reached an efficiency of 2.7%, it did so at room temperature. Miyazaki pushed ahead, however, and finally reached an efficiency of 18% at room temperature in 1991. When J. Moodera joined in the research, the efficiency reached up to 70%.

In 2001, Butler and Mathon independently made the theoretical prediction that tunnel magnetoresistance can reach an efficiency of several thousand percent when using the proper materials. In 2004, Parkin and Yuasa were able to make an MTJ (Magnetic Tunnel Junction) that reached over 200% TMR at room temperature. In 2009, TMR effects of up to 600% at room temperature and more than 1100% at cold temperatures were reached.

Despite the verification for using TMR effect as a potential source of clean energy, the scientists working in this field began receiving funding only for the development of a new type of computer memory known as “spintronics”. Therefore, the development of this new source of alternative energy was left to the “backyard inventors” such as myself and others.

Our team has gone ahead with this research and developed a new type of generator which can function as an extremely practical alternative source of energy for homes, electric cars, or hydrogen production. The efficiency is well over 1000% at room temperature, and already we have developed 3 different sizes available for the market: 5 KW, 10 KW, and 15 KW. 

However, before going into the practical explanations of how this device works, I would like to quote a few relative scientific journal entries to further elaborate the point.

A Few Scientific Journal References

This article from 2009 shows how astounded researches were when they discovered how much efficiency a TMJ could produce, but it was also the last article where they were able to mention it as a potential source of new energy. From that time [forward], all researchers switched to only talking about developing a new type of computer memory. 

From this article in 2011, it can be seen that the same quantum effect can be applied to the development of new solar cells which can be more than 100% efficient. 

This third article from 2012 shows that LED’s can also be coerced to behave in a way which is over 100% efficient. 

In very simple terms, when most people think of alternative energy, they think of things like “solar power”, “wind power”, “hydroelectric energy”, "thermoelectric energy”, so in keeping with this spirit of simplicity, a generator which derives it energy from a magnet could be termed as either “magnet power”, or “magnet energy”. So, how does this “magnet energy” work?
A quantum particle of solar energy is known as a “photon”. A quantum particle of thermal energy is known as a “phonon”. And in the same way, a quantum particle of magnetic energy is known as a “magnon”. The Quantum Tunneling of electrons occurring in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions which results in the excitation of the magnons, is similar to the way a photon is responsible for the electron diffusion which occurs in the P-N Junction of a solar cell, or a phonon is responsible for the electron diffusion which occurs in the P-N Junction of a TEG (Thermal Electric Generator). 

Quantum Tunneling is a bit of a mysterious thing to explain, but I will try to make it as simple as possible. Basically, there are two ways an electron can move from one electron shell to another electron shell. The first way is called “Absorption/Emission”. In the case of a solar cell, a photon is absorbed by an atom causing the electron to move to a higher energy level, and in order to compensate, an extra electron is emitted. 

The second way an electron can move is known as “Quantum Tunneling”, where, basically, the electron blinks out of existence and blinks back into existence, but at a higher energy level. Taking advantage of the quantum potential for electrons to blink in and out of existence is the same effect which is used in Scanning Tunneling Microscopes and Resonant-Tunneling Diodes. However, the trick to using this effect to generate electricity is learning how to coerce the electrons to Quantum Tunnel in the direction you want them to tunnel. 

Magnetic Tunneling Generator

On a practical level, our Magnetic Tunneling Generator works similar to the way that a solar cell works, in that it sits there and charges batteries, with the advantage that it can work 24 hours a day, since it is not dependent on energy from the sun. And neither does it depend on any fluctuations in the room temperature. Basically it works the same, whether the room is in a warm climate or a cold climate. Also, unlike solar panels which have a limited lifetime, the Magnetic Tunneling Generator will not wear out over time. [Editor's note: Most materials degrade over time, get brittle, etc.]

Another huge benefit of the Magnetic Tunneling Generator is that it is extremely cheap to build. Unlike solar cells or TEG’s, which require precise conditions for growing their crystal junctions, the Magnetic Tunneling Generator is made from a simple magnet, some copper coils, a few capacitors, and some other readily-available electronic circuit components.

Since there are no moving parts, it is also quite portable, such as in the case of an on-board battery charging system for an electric car. Also, the technology is rather easy to “scale up”. It can be scaled up from the size which is suitable for one house to a size which is suitable for an entire city. The only limitation is the size of the magnet, but that can be overcome by simply adding more magnets.

# # #


Rasa's contact info can be found on our feature page about Rasa's Zero Point Institute. His email is, and his Skype username is the same as in his email address. On August 10, 2013, Rasa said: "My only reply to people who want to ask me about what I have and when will I be revealing how to build, etc., is...., "Just stay tuned to my youtube channel... Eventually, all things will be revealed."

More about Magnetic Resonance Generator

Here is an excerpt from a story I posted June 11, 2012, regarding an interview I had with Rasa. -- Sterling

The Science

The first fifteen minutes or so of the interview entailed Rasa going through a series of scientific articles from the mainstream that support the theory that is fundamental to these devices, the Magnetic Resonance Generator in particular. I remember linking to several of these articles in our Free Energy News as they came along.

The first is an article, published in 2001 by the American Institute of Physics, titled: Proposal for a spin-polarized solar battery, which put forth the theory that by polarizing the spin of the electrons you can get more energy out than you put in.

The second article was published in 2002 by Cornell University, titled: Spin battery operated by ferromagnetic resonance, which was when they started building "a spin battery" that takes advantage of spin polarization using ferromagnetics.

The third article was published in the flagship journal Nature in 2009, reprinted by Science Daily, titled: Electromotive force and huge magnetoresistance in magnetic tunnel junctions, reporting that physicists had develop a battery using a new principle, naming it a "spin battery", based on the scientific principle called tunnel magneto resistance. So, in 2009 they built what is called a "magnetic tunnel junction," which is clear evidence of tapping into the quantum tunneling effect, calling for a new type of spin battery that will power electric cars in the future. It describes the science of this quantum tunneling effect from the N electron shell to the P electron shell; and this is where the energy is coming from.

Rasa pointed out that once they proved so much overunity energy, big corporations jumped on them, paying them a bunch of money to develop a new computer memory: M-Ram or Spintronics, which then became their focus, rather than the energy applications.

The fourth article comes from a 2011 article at PhysOrg, titled: Scientists report first solar cell producing more electrons in photocurrent than solar photons entering cell. Rasa said that he spoke to people there in Colorado. "Very interesting, to see more proof of how this quantum tunneling effect can be tapped into."

Also in 2011, this one from ScienceNews, came an article: Trilayer graphene exhibits quantum effect, which describes how to tap into quantum tunneling action, which happens whenever resonance happens in the system. This trilayer graphene is a new type of nano coil in which the atoms are aligned in such a way that you get this quantum tunneling effect. Nanocoils are not new, but this nanocoil itself produces overunity. Possibly dropping a hint as to what might be going on in the solar and wind systems they are involved in distributing and installing, Rasa continued: "If you put this nanocoil inside of a motor or generator, like in a windmill, or whatever, the amount of energy you would get out would be overunity, just due to the [nano]coils. This is all due to the atomic arrangement...."

The sixth article, published this year by the American Physical Society, is one we also linked to in our news. How could I have done otherwise, with so many of our readers sending us links to it? Synopsis: Optical Device is More Than 100% Efficient. In Rasa's perspective, the article pointed out that "basically, any LED is overunity", explaining the physics of it. And he chuckles as the article admits: "We've known about this source of energy for a long time," but I'm not sure if he was chuckling at them admitting that they knew, since at least 2001, or that Rasa's team has known about it for a long time; perhaps a little of both.

For you free energy skeptics out there, this is some pretty "in-your-face" vindication of overunity principles from peer-reviewed scientific journals.

"We've captured quantum tunneling."

Following his review of the scientific literature, Rasa states: 

"Now we've gone ahead, and we have several variations of how to capture this quantum tunneling effect, just by using copper and some type of magnetic material. Usually, we prefer sintered iron, which, when it melts back together, the atomic lattices are aligned magnetically. We make a special kind of sintered iron.

"This is a way to channelize the two magnets at a 90-degree angle from each other. Basically, what it comes down to is, the larger the sintered iron magnet is, and the larger the copper windings are that you have around that thing, the more energy you can create from it.

"You have to tune your system in. You have to get a high frequency digital oscilloscope -- up to 2 GHz range -- to find these huge spikes that come when the quantum tunneling effect happens. And then it's just a matter of catching it in a series of batteries and capacitors."



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