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You are here: > News > July 31, 2013

Report on Eric Dollard's first webcast

Yesterday, Eric was featured in a live, 1.5-hour webcast, whose purposes were to review the lecture he gave last month at the Bedini-Lindemann conference and take questions from the audience; as well as to talk about some of the recent allegations and controversies.

This is Part V in a series commenced July 20: Own Worst Enemy syndrome epitomized in recent Eric Dollard clash

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Yesterday, A&P Electronic Media hosted a live, 1.5-hour webcast featuring Eric P. Dollard, with Peter Lindemann serving as host and Aaron Murakami monitoring the incoming questions, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

The objectives of the webcast were to review the lecture he gave last month at the Bedini-Lindemann conference and take questions from the audience; as well as to talk about some of the recent allegations and controversies.

In addition to the technology matters being discussed, two things stood out for me as themes of the presentation:

  1. Eric has a brilliant mind, and is articulate in explaining himself and in answering questions posed by the audience. When it comes to understanding and explaining electricity, he is deserving of the designation people have given him of "Tesla II". He embraced my suggestion that they hold a monthly Question & Answer session.
  2. You could see many indications that he lack the ability to interact with people in a team setting. He is a rough character with a very negative view of humanity, and is not easy to get along with. This reinforces what I wrote back on July 20 pointing out that he epitomizes the "own worst enemy" phenomenon. He is the one primarily to blame for dozens of years of interpersonal problems. He blames others for the sequence of lab situation failures, but it is obvious that the abrasive attitude he chooses to foster is the primary culprit. 

When it comes to interacting with Eric and his interpersonal issues, it seems to me that Aaron and Peter, are on the enabling end of the spectrum, ignoring and brushing aside these issues, thereby fostering them. And on the other end of the spectrum, TechZ is pointing them out with exaggerated, broad-brush strokes.

Neither extreme is helpful, in my opinion.

I was especially grateful for the question Boris Jovanovich asked: "Can Eric build a device that produces Free Energy?"

Eric responded that he does not have a perfected free energy device, but that he has had to distance himself from that. Rather, he feels it is his mission to lay a mathematical basis so others can build practical devices. In other words, his primary strength is in providing engineering tools, not in prototyping working devices that will power the future.

Shortly after the webcast, Aaron and Peter announced via email that Eric's lecture from last month's conference is now available. "You will learn about electricity in a way that has never been presented before in textbooks or by any other expert. Eric's Presentation will teach you that a spiraling electromagnetic field is actually moving down the power lines just like a driveshaft and more!"

Here's a video recording of the interview, posted by Aaron on August 1, 4:30 pm PST.

We posted video recording (audio only) earlier, while waiting for Aaron to get his up. Gary Hendershot of the SmartScarecrow Show provided it. Now, Eric is scheduled to come on Gary's show Thursday night after my "This Week in Free Energy" rundown around 9:20 pm Eastern.

Here are some rough notes I took during the webcast, cleaned up a little, but not completely.

Notes from Yesterday's Presentation with Eric Dollard

11:00 am Pacific  
Production: A&P Electronic Media
Peter Lindemann the main interviewer

- Talking about conference lecture at Bedini-Lindemann conference a month ago
- New book Eric has developed from that subject matter
- Taking questions on content of lecture
- Address some of recent allegations and controversies
- Where you can go to find info on this

Put questions in chat

- - - -

Peter: Conference was an amazing experience.
Eric was the final speaker ~3 hours.
Four Quadrant Representation of Electricity
Telsa's concept of how electricity works.
In 1893, Tesla said it would be greatest day in history when we understand what electricity is.

Eric: People don't care about what electricity is.
Has been debased and perverted.
My aim to bring it back...

Peter: Eric's lecture is a great place for people to start; will be covered in book.
Gives a tremendous overview: what, why, how nature does it.
Teased the truth out of the hidden corners.
Electricity has been used in superficial way to provide power.

Eric: Society not interested.
When you analyze wave forms and signals, like I do, from inside the earth; [perceived as] danger to public.

Peter: Back to roots of all this: Tesla's vision for real way for producing and transmitting electricity.

Eric: Started 4-phase, changed to 3-phase, which uses least amount of metal; natural form is 4-phase.

Peter: Eric's lecture is about helping you understand the root, in natural world of where electricity comes from;
and Eric knows most about this. We have to know these things. Gives good introduction to material.

Eric: 4-quad theory, highly mathematical, post-graduate mathematics, how to explain this to public?
geometry and groundwork, shape of electrical situation; abstract nature.

Peter: Doesn't mean people can't get a general understanding.
Society's use of elec. is exploding...

Eric: also disruptive...
being rewired in way that is destructive.

Peter: Future publication in detail; what's going on with power grid.
I had opportunity to edit the film, almost no editing.
I was astonished at how much I learned I did not know about electricity.
One thing he talked about was how the 4 waves create the "mechanical shaft of rotation down the wires...

Eric: [they] act like a guide shaft...

Peter: Large spiraling electromagnetic field.

Eric: AC is a shadow of rotation, like sun rotating around earth.
Magnetism spirals; works like a rotational coupling.

Peter: Other aspects to lecture I was amazed at [was how Eric intertwined metaphysics].

Eric: Clearly metaphysical

Peter: [You] did not come across as mystical, directly related to topic; was amazed at how coherently it came together.
Tesla said electricity works like [electrical spool?]; you've looked at electricity in the earth.

Eric: I figured out a way to tap into one flow, involved in earthquakes.
I don't know how to get that all together again.
For example, one earthquake was there at Landers, high-frequency wave. Current was so high, some TVs with tubes; top notch electrician analyzed all this, senior repairman at the time; permanently magnetized several TV sets in the area; had never seen anything like that. 5 mA in ground, completely natural; then magnetic storms.
This stuff is going on all the time.
Earthquake comes about;
Ionic scatter, could see earthquake in Japan 2 days before it happened.

Peter: [To audience:] Any questions?

Prodigal Wizard: Someone wishing to pursue work of Tesla, should you study physics or engineering?

Eric: Engineering.

Peter: Where rubber meets the road; physics in theoretical.

Eric: Physics: antagonistic religion, denial; engineering more practical level.

Peter: If you think of it as "getting a degree"; nature's secrets are vast; lifetime of study...

Eric: ...and the lifetimes of those who went before.

Peter: Elephant in the room: physics and bankers have overlaid on top of ... Don't want us to understand how nature really works.

Eric: They hate / despise nature; don't get into Rife.

Peter: Hands on experimentation.

Eric: Get a hold of Faraday's experimental research: best place to start.

Peter: Wilhelm Reich, duplicate, don't read books about them.
Newton wasn't scientist, was natural...; alchemy...

Eric: immense paranoid; schitzophrenic

Peter: loner.

Eric: Newton was biggest suppressor of his own work; said other ideas came from his; was a logjam to his own progress.

Q. Evan Gray: Is it your opinion that Tesla was extracting energy from vortex around earth; same energy that makes tornadoes spin? tendency to synchronize...

Eric: Tesla didn't talk about vortex.
hurricanes and earthquakes use similar;
volcanoes and [?]...

Q. Prodical Wizard: expand what you mean by displacement current

Eric: ?
aether current, not electronic current.

Q. Vast Hashem: said that Tesla tower propagated through Earth, not air.

Eric: Exactly, in Tesla's own words.
He built a 300 foot cubed grounding under tower.

Peter: Ground propagation system

Q. Tim Gross: Analogue electrical computer; network system to resume true...

Eric: Yes, allows you to synthesize wave forms;
analogue device would duplicate Tesla's transformers without windings [?]

Q. Sebastian Bowl: Is the Tesla transformer important for replicating?

Eric: Yes, it's the key to all Tesla's work; from dielectric field.

Q. Summit Hobs: Is solar flare the reason UK grid getting so many faults?

Eric: Sun has actually been in a low cycle. Scary how dead the sun is getting.

Peter: High voltage and low voltage; destabilizing system. May well be good reason...

Q. Boris Jovanovich: Can Eric build a device that produces Free Energy? What is the probability of doing that?

Eric: I don't have a perfected Free Energy device; have had to distance myself from that; have seen a demonstration of a rotating apparatus; borderland videos; had every indication of invalidating...[?] 
I have this voltage converted thing on my car; have been times I can turn it off, will run small unit, 200 mA; has seemed to power it.
My idea is to lay a mathematical basis for this, so others can build practical devices.

Peter: Tesla never said his devices created energy. He adhered to 2nd law.
Vast amounts of energy everywhere: harness the wheelwork of nature.

Eric: 1890s American Institute of Electrical... had quite a party; Anthony was master of ceremonies. Said that by the end of the year they would have free energy -- a self-sustaining electrical system.

Peter: Idea that you can create a device that appears to produce energy from nothing, doesn't mean that is what is happening -- coming from somewhere.

Q. Tim Gross: Any plans for course to deprogram those who have been trained to think in calculus?

Eric: That is what the lecture is about.

Peter: To be published shortly.

Q. Steve McKennan: What do you think about Keely and virbratory physics?

Eric: Not a lot; I go back to Helmholdt.

Q. McNania B.: What is the highest COP you know of from circuits in public domain?

Eric: No knowledge of that.

Peter: Electrically, COP of circuits just coming out, close to 2, lighting controls, Flyback Inc.; just starting to hit market now; induction collapse. These things are coming: COP of 1 are about to hit the market.

Q. Simon Davie: Does Eric recommend building TMT for 1860 [??] exact end operating frequency with extra coil?

Eric: 1860 is 100 frequency of [//]; licensable frequency in Ham radio.

Q. Adam Bowl: can Eric talk about 1917 global readjustment of radio; longitudinal waves; what part did Marconi play in faster-than-light...?

Eric: Lengthy, complicated question. Is subject of my RCA Book.

Q. Mike Goldman: Would you consider making an analogue computer course?

Eric: not at that point; struggling to do anything.

Peter: Easier to put out book, to teach what to buy and how to make it.

Eric: Info at end of RCA Book.
Some people on Energetic Forum are playing around with this.
I'm struggling to keep projects; keeping head above water.

Peter: Probability of kits is low; info on how to do this is in process.

Eric: Borderland video shows the systems.

Q. Ted Sultenburg: Would you like a Spectrum analyzer 1980?

Eric: If it works; prefer older Backman; tend to stay away from modern: too difficult to repair; don't really need complicated stuff. Do need spectrum analysis stuff. Wanted to expand in lab.

Q. Roger DeWitt: 72318 a: method of signaling; is it really flying saucer?

Eric: don't know of any connection to flying saucers.

Q. Jeff Habel: Good to see you two working together again. Is there a specific book for helping to understand transformer?

Eric: Not really. It is the least understood and most misrepresented. Pretty much everything is misleading.

Peter: Europe [?...], not how T did it.
There are a number of threads on Energetic Forum talking about it.

Eric: Faster than light range; important to understand.
There is no velocity: another dimensional...
Tesla points out in diagram, earth as balloon; velocity is different in different places. I wrote about this analytically in RCA book; length multiplied by time [..?], not related to speed; not faster-than light; time shift.

Q. Sterling Allan: It seems that this forum of Q&A is very helpful for people. Would you consider doing this on a weekly basis? Or at least a monthly Q&A.

Eric: Could maybe consider. Live 500 miles from here.

Aaron: Eric doesn't own computer. When he is back down south might be able to do over conference.

Eric: That works. We could do that once/month. Good idea.

Shift to Recent Controversy

Peter: Thanks for interest and support.
Another topic: allegations
All the allegations against Eric and Aaron have been demonstrated to be false; have done some damage. We appreciate your support and ability to see through.
You can see that Eric is healthy, lucid.
Allegations of drug-use: debunked by people closet to him; they are bogus.
We put all that info in previous videos, with links
Really a distraction for Eric doing his work; doing everything we can put a stop to all that.
New website: is the new central website; hosted by us; trusted by Eric.

Link to this interview will be made available.
Links to lecture at conference.
Eric gets largest percentage from proceeds if you use that link.
We want you to learn as you help.

Donations directly to Eric is address at
He will also use that money for projects.

Peter: Lab is moving forward; most people trying to disrupt are marginalized, hopefully permanently; relieved of involvement. We would appreciate your help in seeing the site go viral.

EPD Labs: 
Peter: ..building and process still ...
Want to buy out previous partners.
Costs associated with material upgrades.
People who put in those funds to be compensated, so they can step away.
Sufficient funds in next 6 months, would clear the way for Eric to work undisturbed at the lab.

Aaron: Will probably launch campaigns to continue the work.

Peter: Presently, we're not involved in the lab.

Eric: This has happened repeatedly; I'm the fall guy.
Normally, I have no recourse, end up destitute on the street.
This time, it worked out a little differently. The plan to do this to me was disclosed to someone;
got associated with Aaron.
stuff has been dug up;
some for 20 years;
have a defense force;
[the opposition] cook up whatever they can.

[They] want to make me go off into bushes; never to talk to anyone again.

Peter: Take a breath, look at whose actions are supporting Eric, and whose are disrupting; then you'll see the truth.

Eric: Problem is that when info comes out...
The second wave [will be] even more severe.
Presently, the disruption is live for everyone to see.

Aaron: Two interviews on YouTube; available at

Peter: We don't need to go over that again. Everything put out by these sources (Aaron) is what Eric wants done. We're just trying to play a supporting role.

Q. made a donation last day of conference.

Eric: I lost control of all this.

Q. Jason Potis: purpose of lab?

Eric: Lab was not supposed to be made public; [I wanted things to stay as] confidential projects. Now the whole security situation has been crashed. 
The public wants a 200,000 Watt device. It's an expensive project.
Large donations and equipment canceled.
private donations paying for ? project, appropriate governmental support; materials available...
wire insulators pulled.
I can do this without a building. I'll just have to build out of a car in the desert, like I've done for the past 30 years.

Q. Gary Hendershot: principle fundraiser; and revenues from speaking engagements for personal support; what source for EPD Lab? any plans .

Eric: Certain projects could be developed. Energetic Forum: Tesla work; cosmic ray detector, making available to public; parts hard to find.
Bell Telephone experience...
Cosmic Induction Generator: public side of EPD Laboratories...
Maybe later: analogue computers, like in Bordland video; public service aspect..
Being tricked into public videos has been deleterious.

Peter: Bottom line is that the problem isn't funding for EPD Labs; because there is so much interest in this community from professional clientele. Once disruptions go away, EPD Labs can settle into stable business interaction. Main thing is to stop the disruption and get people in corporate structure who are supportive of Eric's agenda.

Peter: We appreciate your interest and support and participation in this live interview.
Link will be on website.
Link to purchase conference film (2x 1.5-hour download)
Complete, uncut presentation; takes questions during lecture; a lot at the end. Everything is there.
Definitely the beginning the understanding of the material that is in the book, by end of summer, early fall, probably two other publications will be made available in that time frame. They are in post-production now.
We hope to be able to create [library of] the best material, so people can learn this science as quickly and correctly as possible.

Aaron: [Since Eric doesn't have a computer or do computers, you can be assured that] any representation of Eric as Eric in these venues is bogus.

12:30 pm [Pacific] Ended

With a little grin, I must notate that the communications regarding this conference call with Eric were delivered most probably from Aaron, the gifted marketer, via an email in the name of Eric P. Dollard. 

Input from Borderlands Associate

On July 29, 2013 at 11:36 AM [Mountain], Thomas J. Brown wrote, with preface: "Here's a brief write-up, hard to put into a sound bite, don't have much time as getting on plane in 24 hours and may not have internet for a few weeks:"

One of the great privileges in my life was the opportunity to work with Eric Dollard. I met him in 1986 at the Integratron and we went on to film some of his brilliant, groundbreaking experiments in our Borderland Labs videos.

What I learned from Eric has been essential to my education and scientific philosophy. He is definitely one of my great teachers and I recommend his papers and videos to anyone who wants to understand the truth about Tesla technology. Eric is the best and the brightest in that field.

But I also encountered difficulties with Eric's character. He packed up and left our labs without notice and started spreading fictitious tales about how we were screwing him over after all we did to help him keep it together. I forgave him as he has had a difficult time in life and has lost significant laboratory setups and continued to promote his work. But I was naturally hurt and disappointed in one I trusted as a brother and a friend and opened my home and life to.

Years later I started working with him again. I stepped in the breach of his problems with Marin County California over his Bolinas lab. I stood up for him in abatement hearings, and full commissioner hearings. Eric was uncooperative with people who were no doubt out to destroy him and refused to do anything to try and come into the ordered compliance, which is totally understandable and I had no problem standing up to the corruption there for him. 

I finally filed an ex parte motion for an injunction to stop the destruction of his outdoor lab there, as I was walking into the scheduled court hearing I was surrounded by uptight Sheriffs deputies with hands on guns. Eric had called the sheriff and made threats of violence, I guess his way of backing me up. The judge wasn't very happy, and of course we lost, and the lab was destroyed. I became the enemy again and Eric made up many lies about me to make it sound like everything was my fault. We haven't spoken since, that was in 1994.

Naturally I wish Eric well and hope he finds a place in his heart and mind where he can work with people without creating conflict, without accepting help from people and patronizing them and then turning on them as though they wanted to destroy him when the opposite is true. 

I've told only a very small part of what I put up with, and I know others have suffered the same fate. At the same time there have certainly been serious forces trying to stop Eric's work. One must make sure not to confuse the two parts as Eric often does.

I say all this only to provide perspective as Eric has a trail of conflict and lost labs following him around for decades. What is important is his research and I hope it goes forward as he has never had any problem showing the world what he knows, and that is far more valuable than most people realize.

# # #

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