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You are here: > News > July 25, 2013; 14:45 GMT

Steven E. Jones not surprised by magnetic anomaly in Defkalion reactor 

Steven Jones gives a pan of the ICCF-18 audience at the University of Illinois during the webcast Q&A session of the Defkalion LENR Reactor 5 demonstration by John Hadjicristos in Milan, Italy. Steve didn't aim the camera low enough to catch the audience, but from what you can see, it appears to be a full auditorium of maybe 200-300 people.

Pons and Fleischmann competitor, Steven E. Jones, who is lecturing at ICCF-18, said regarding Tuesday's webcast of Defkalion's LENR device: "During this Q&A, the Defkalion spokesperson discloses that they have observed a huge 'magnetic anomaly,' which does not surprise me. I expect it." (Coverage Links Included)

See our blog at Event:2013:July:Defkalion_Demonstrations

Preface by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

My friend, Steven E. Jones, known primarily to other scientists for his work on muon-catalyzed fusion (now, more accurately referred to as "anomalous heat") as a contemporary competitor to Pons and Fleishmann (colloquially referred to as "cold fusion"), is one of the presenters at ICCF-18 (International Conference on Cold Fusion) this year at the University of Missouri.

Regarding Tuesday's live demonstration by Defkalion of their LENR technology, with a Q&A session primarily with ICCF-18, Steve sent me the following email:

From: Steven Jones 
To: Sterling Allan ; David Allan ; David E Jones ; Nathan Jones ; Chet Kremens 
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 7:47 AM
Subject: Video from Defkalion demo - Q&A

I did take some video from the very intriguing Defkalion demonstration and uploaded from the Q&A portion. I apologize for turning the video camera around at the start -- I was trying to catch a sense of the large size of the auditorium.

Published on Jul 24, 2013
During this Q&A, the Defkalion spokesperson discloses that they have observed a huge "magnetic anomaly," which does not surprise me. I expect it.

Hello. I'm attending the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion - ICCF-18 at the University of Missouri this week. Yesterday, a European company called Defkalion gave a live demonstration of their "anomalous excess heat" device via internet. They are using light-hydrogen (H2) and nickel in their apparatus, so this is NOT d-d cold fusion, but something else.

But as I have said repeatedly (including during my poster talk at this very conference), the anomalous heat can indeed be a REAL effect, but that does not mean that the source of the energy is necessarily nuclear. We were permitted to ask questions of the Defkalion staff. I asked what products and emanations had been looked for/observed, along with the anomalous excess heat. My question and their response begins at about the 3m 45s mark.
From my observations, this is a project well worth paying attention to - interesting work and the team is showing admirable courage to open the project to scientific scrutiny in this manner.

-- Steven Jones


Here are some of the news stories that have come in about Tuesday's demo:

  • Cold fusion conference demo raises hope for tabletop energy supply - A conference on cold fusion at the University of Missouri continues until 26 July but nothing in it is likely to top a live demonstration of a device apparently producing kilowatts of heat on 23 July. The flamboyant Andrea Rossi, who did much to revive public interest in this field, is conspicuous by his absence. (; July 24, 2013)
    • Covers Defkalion Demo and ICCF-18 - It’s good to see an article today by David Hambling in giving a positive and fair treatment of yesterday’s Defkalion demonstration, citing Swedish science journalist Mats Lewan as a reliable witness who had a generally positive response to the event which he participated in quite actively. Hambling seems to be open to the... (E-CatWorld; July 24, 2013)
  • Did You Catch Defkalion's Cold Fusion Demo Yesterday? - A demonstration in real time is almost exciting as watching grass grow. Defkalion demonstrated its LENR cold fusion device using two different gas inputs to show that the reaction occurring is not chemical heating. (World Future Society; July 24, 2013)
  • E-Cat of greek Defkalion: test succeeded, but doubts remain - After the introductory streaming of July 22 , the Defkalion responded the next day with a transmission much more detailed. Always transmitted from the Web TV Triwu, allowed everyone to observe a fairly accurate testing of cold fusion reactor Hyperion (R5 release, or the fifth prototype). (; July 25, 2013)
  • Defkalion Demo Boosts Case for Commercial LENR - I was impressed with yesterday’s demonstration of the Hyperion reactor by Defkalion. I thought the overall manner in which the test was carried out was clear and logical, and the end result was to me another strong piece of evidence in favor of LENR being a practical source of useful energy. I think Defkalion went a long way in establishing credibility for themselves as a serious and competent organization with good technical skills. (E-CatWorld; July 24, 2013)
  • Cold Fusion, here is the reactor Defkalion [VIDEO] - As expected, yesterday took place on the second live streaming organized by Defkalion to show the functioning of his cold fusion reactor. Played on the platform Triwù-La Web TV Innovation, the event was directed especially to insiders, unlike the first who addressed primarily to the general public. (International Business Times, Italy; July 24, 2013)
  • Cold fusion: in 20 thousand for the live streaming on Triwù - With a live stream of about 8 hours, yesterday, Tuesday 23 June, ended the two-day TRIWU 'devoted to cold fusion definition, the latter, which we were able to explain how inadequate compared to the experiments that you are making in this field. (; July 24, 2015)
  • Hydrogen and nickel to produce clean energy - A process developed by Global Defkalion Green Technology (DGGT), a Canadian company that takes some time for applications in the field of 'energy that is based on a nickel-hydrogen reaction. (; July 24, 2013)
  • Royal B - Other streaming from exciting lab engineer. Franco “ Raggio della Morte ” Cappiello. Franco " Ray of Death "Cappiello. None of the "expert witnesses" announced noted the kettle DIY , unless the journalist Mats Lewan - more prepared than Melis & Pedrocchi - which has suffered the loss of steam and measured by hand a temperature of 70 ° C (Ocasapiens []; July 24, 2013)
  • Defkalion Live LENR Test - LENR, otherwise known as “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions”, has set many energy enthusiasts around the world on the edge of their seats. Conflicting opinions seem to flare up more often than news updates; but one such update from Defkalion has peaked interest at an all time high. (Revolution-Green; July 24, 2013)
  • DEFKALION HAS KEPT ITS PROMISE - Many years from now, Clio (the Muse of history) will acknowledge this demo was an event of great impact. At the surface it was simple: Defkalion made a written promise-the Protocol and then made a demo keeping all its promises- brightly. (EgoOut; July 24, 2013)
  • Defkalion’s Demo Winds Down - DGT’s demo is in its final stages. I watched it from start to wind-down. This is simply a quick summary of my first impressions. I was surprised by the level of detail and the apparent freedom given to those present. That said, I was disappointed to see that only Mats Lewan stepped up to the plate to stick his nose in on our behalf. (ECatNews; July 23, 2013)
  • Defkalion Demonstrates LENR Live, Right Now - If you’ve been following the saga of what was called “cold fusion” but is now more generally called “low energy nuclear reaction” (LENR) you’ll be aware of one of the more convincing contenders in this market, Defkalion Green Technologies (DGT). (Forbes; July 23, 2013)
  • The experiment of Defkalion, still cold fusion - "Live from the labs Defkalion Europe, in Milan, is set up what is perhaps the most advanced experiment of cold fusion." The presentation in respect of ' company that was trading partner in the adventure of Andrea Rossi's cold fusion promised sparks. (; July 23, 2013)
  • Cold fusion of Defkalion today live streaming - The two most well-known protagonists of this scenario are two companies: the Italian Prometeon, with the reactor E-Cat engineer Andrea Rossi and the Greek Defkalion, to work on the device Hyperion. Precisely the latter will be the protagonist, Monday, July 22 2013 at 12.00 am, the live streaming on Triwù during which it will broadcast the first experiment on cold fusion laboratories Milanese Defkalion Europe. (; July 22, 2013)

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