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You are here: > News > July 23, 2013; 6:00 GMT

Pre-Sentiments about Defkalion's "Cold Fusion" Reactor Demonstration on July 22 in Milan

Monday morning, Luciano Saporito sent an email to me with this story, written in Italian (PDF), with permission to publish it, as long as it is done so in full. I used Google to translate it, with some minor editing (needs more). Bear in mind that it was composed prior to the actual event, and it was anticipating what might transpire.

To see what has transpired, see our blog at Event:2013:July:Defkalion_Demonstrations 

Federico Pedrocchi and Luke Gamberale describe the Defkalion reactor.

July 22 in Milan:

On the reactor to "Cold Fusion"!

(LENR: Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) live streaming edited by Radio24 and Triwω

"Defkalion EUROPE"

economic energy, inexhaustible and clean!

by Luciano Saporito


New Era, Era of 'Aquarius

Among the main features of Aquarius, who find themselves in the current era, there are: solidarity, democracy, brotherhood, the search for a way of life while respecting the environment, humanitarianism, openness of ideas, and the development of new technologies (see in this regard the revolution "democratic" and "technological" occurred and is occurring in recent decades as a result of the advent of the personal computer, and even more, of the Internet).

Similarly, the open-mindedness and without prejudice sees the failure of old patterns of social or religious and cultural trends for constraining the freedom of choice of the individual. They are typical of the Aquarian Age also the search for alternative treatments, homeopathy, oriental disciplines and the return to meditation as inner search of themselves and rebellion, understood as the search for new and unconventional.

All these features are typical of the present era, leading astrologers to consider the imminent arrival of the era of 'Aquarius ...

Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons

I believe that the current turmoil that we are seeing in the 'field of new energy technologies, which began its proceedings in 1989, by the experiments of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, from the "Cold Fusion" (LENR), you can also frame in the context of this '"was of' Aquarius" or "New Age" ...

World Peace

Certainly the discovery of a source of energy, economic, inexhaustible and clean, it would be a solid premise to build a better future, wellness and prosperity for all the peoples, and also for the very survival of the planet Earth ... And it would be framed in features that should have the much desired and expected, "New Era of 'Aquarius', as described above ...

It's just good wishes or reality? E 'is undeniable that we are living in an' era of great discoveries and technological innovations that are changing the lifestyles of the people. Unfortunately, however, not always these "technological advances" have resulted in positive effects, and actually liberated individuals. Indeed the 'excessive dependence on the objects, consumerism, and materialism, as a whole, tend to alienate the' individual, rather than to "liberate" ... Not to mention the fact that certain technology, the military, for example, has made wars even more bloody and cowardly than in the past (think of all 'use of drones, etc.). Then there are also the negative effects of technologies, in particular those based on energy 'use of fossil fuels, on' environment, etc.. Not to speak of 'aggression of' indiscriminate looting of the natural environment and the planet's resources for economic purposes ...

E-Cat/Hot E-Cat

On October 6, 2011, we witnessed the presentation of the energy technology Bologna E-Cat (now named Hot E-Cat), as part of 'Mr. Andrea Rossi. Many know that I was one of his most enthusiastic supporters soon after the presentation held in Bologna ... Unfortunately, after many months we only know that the E-Cat reactor (Hot E-Cat) is an exothermic reaction, through the reaction of hydrogen gas and dust nano metric Nickel, and we know also that there is in the E-Cat reactor (Hot E-Cat) is also a "catalyst" secret that it would be essential to activate the reaction itself ... Now I understand the caution related to the protection of the " trade secret "but frankly, after so many months the competitive advantage it is already consolidated, and would come forward to reveal the scientific community (already quite annoyed by this too late and this excessive secrecy), all the details of the ' invention of 'Mr. Andrea Rossi!?

Recently, Andrea Rossi revealed that the U.S. partner has produced a form entirely by himself, following his advice, but without that he himself was involved in the implementation, developing a fully functional device and with the same results obtained by him same previously.

"This event means that for the first time an E-Cat is not built by me, not checked by me, not loaded by me and not tested in my factory, but assembled by third parties with our instructions and knowledge, it worked properly, "he wrote in fact the inventor Italian on his blog. We'll see ...

Meanwhile Prof. Sergio Focardi, distinguished collaborator of 'Ing Andrea Rossi, has passed away. And this should make us reflect on how our lives are fleeting, and as sometimes certain important "secrets" maybe related to catalyst ingredients of LENR reactions, at worst, there could also lead them to the grave, removing them in this case the benefit of the whole 'Humanity ...
For science we mean a system of knowledge, gained in a methodical and rigorous, organized mainly through research, in order to arrive at a description, realistic and objective reality and the laws that govern the occurrence of phenomena. So Science and "truth" are closely related! And in the end what is presented as "real", real, functioning, scientifically speaking, it must be fully disclosed and revealed, otherwise it is not scientific!

Keshe Reactor

Then we had in Italy in 2012 the "presentation of the astonishing technology Keshe" on the part of 'Mr. Mehran Keshe. Illusion or reality? The 'Engineer was presented at a press conference in Montichiari with your reactor "mini Keshe", about the size of a few cubic centimeters in gloved hands (?) ... In your say that your reactor would, among other things, able to raise thousands of pounds ... But unfortunately the 'Ing Keshe failed to give on that occasion, and even up to this moment, details are convincing and exhaustive scientific community on the operation of your technology ... (Science = Truth!).

"At 17.00 hours on 21 April 2013 however, at the Congress Centre of the Fenaroli Palace Hotel in Brescia, eppena come from the laboratories, even in the case of transport, it was revealed the appearance of the state of the art Keshe Power Reactor: an apparatus of such dimensions as to be able to stand on a table that is capable of producing as much energy as necessary for a city, produce gravitational fields can lift thousands of tons, and allow all other applications in the different fields of technology Magrav " . Has anyone seen any real application of this technology? Has anyone been able to measure the 'energy produced by the reactor Keshe?

Open Source Philosophy

I must mention the other hand, in particular, at least the 'important work of Prof. Francesco Celani, and then also that of' Prof. Ugo Abundo. (I apologize to the other compelling researchers in the field if you omit to mention them, but the space available is small.) Francesco Celani (, is Senior Researcher of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Frascati (INFN), and Deputy Ch. International Society of Nuclear Sciences and Condensed Matter (ISCMNS). Ugo Abundo (, is Professor of Physics at the 'IIS L. Pirelli to Rome. Both of these two researchers instead, as they are animated by a spirit and a vision truly Scientific Democratic transparent and "open source" of Science, have published all the data on the operation of their respective research reactors to "Fusion 3

Cold ", LENR, that perhaps in the near future, I hope, will also practical and commercial applications Democratic and shared?! I think it would be desirable 'public aid more attentive to these promising research in progress, in the' interest of the community and the country Italy.

Defkalion Europe

The good news however is that today, 22 July 2013, it is on the experimental reactor demonstration in Milan Defkalion Europe! It overlooks officially in Italy, thanks to a farsighted entrepreneur: the 'Mr. Franco Cappiello, and also at the Experimental Physicist Dr. Luke Gamberale, (responsible for Technical and Scientific), a' business: "Defkalion Europe", that too 'it promised us energy: economic, inexhaustible and clean!

This is essentially the first real competitor to the E-Cat technology (Hot E-Cat), with ambitions worthy of note, and with a presence of such corporation. In particular, the "Mose" Ltd., of 'Mr. Franco Cappiello, a joint venture with "Defkalion Canada" ltd, set up the company, "Deflkalion Europe", and are licensee for Europe' s energy technology "Defkalion."

Said Luca Gamberale: "The difference of 'R5, this is the name of Their reactor, compared to' E-Cat (Hot E-Cat) of the Leonardo Corp. and 'radical. In fact, while the exothermic reaction in the E-Cat (Hot E-Cat) is controlled by the presence of a catalyst, nell'R5 the reaction is triggered and modulated by a plasma discharge with very particular characteristics. It is precisely the presence of this download that allows a 'smooth and stable control of the reaction. The R5 (which will be soon replaced dall'R6 ​​a reactor that is substantially equivalent R5 but with improved performance) can easily be made to work in parallel so as to achieve the desired power, up to a few megawatts. The estimated cost of a kWh is less than any primary source currently available. "

Technology and Science

Now, in the present state of facts and experimental reactor on, (see also the presentation of the reactor Defkalion streaming on Radio24 and Triwω) from the point of view it would seem that this Scientific Society, the "Defkalion Europe", he is presenting to the community Scientific and also to potential industrial customers, with credentials series ... In fact you advise us first as the exothermic reaction takes place, it is always Luca Gamberale who speaks in a previous interview: "The reactor R5, using as active elements nickel and hydrogen appropriately treated, is capable of producing about 4.5 kW of thermal energy in a volume of a few cubic centimeters, with temperatures in principle may get to the melting temperature of the nickel (1453 ° C). " We are also told how even turns on and shuts down the reactor Them: "nell'R5 the reaction is triggered and modulated by a plasma discharge with very special characteristics. It is precisely the presence of this download that allows a 'smooth and stable control of the reaction "... Of course all that we have seen today is just the' beginning, and a path of further experimentation and scientific validation by third parties is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, the protection of trade secrets related to reactor technology Defkalion in this case as was done for the reactor Andrea Rossi, certainly will not encourage at least in the short term this essential process ...

New Commitment

In sum: thanks to the "New Age of 'Aquarius', or instead only because of the result of the tireless work of ingenious and industrious human minds, I believe that 2013 will be a' decisive year to finally touch with hand the applications of these promising new technologies energy, which so far they only gave hope to all those who, like me, since 1989, they believed that a 'cheap energy, inexhaustible and clean (from "Cold Fusion", LENR), could actually become a reality, and offer to 'well-being and prosperity of humanity, at least materials, and even salvation for Planet Earth!


Of course these advantages, this new progress and prosperity, and that prosperity potential, it will not in itself guaranteed if this new energy technology will remain in the hands of small groups of people, of speculators, who will only have to earn the monopoly on handsomely, as others already do with hydrocarbons, etc. ... "Give Caesar what is Caesar's", of course! But then I wish they would create the conditions for determining certain effects, rapid and positive, about the life of All Nations, their families, and for individual persons ... So I'd like poverty and hunger and malnutrition affecting millions of people, really was countered and would create the conditions for sustainable economic planetarium, more harmonious, based on the new clean energy technology, economic and inexhaustible! Like what today seems to become available through the work of Defkalion Europe, etc. ...

A Future of Wellness and Prosperity?!
You have to Change the Paradigm

If, for some Philosophy "Open Source", or that philosophy characterized by the sharing and dall 'altruism, also applied to new energy technologies, may appear utopian. I rather like to think it possible to create new production facilities for the production of new reactors LENR in every city to warm up, cool off, run the machines work and push the means of transport. I like to think that an energy revolution environmentally friendly and also a global cultural evolution are finally possible thanks to the internet. But I think even think of a 'public intervention intelligent nationalization / socialization (after appropriate remuneration to those who qualify for the work done so far) of these new energy technologies, (perhaps using precisely those insanely huge economic resources currently designed by the Italian Government as to 'purchase of new military aircraft F35), thus taking away from the hands of a few capitalists and private, and then making them available to everyone, it could be economically, politically, socially and environmentally desirable, especially given the fact that c 'who is still in Europe and in the world pushes irresponsibly, despite the well-known disasters that have already happened at Chernobyl and Fukushima, etc.. For the nuclear dirty ... You do soon! Because of the heating 5 mainly caused by global 'use of fossil fuels and the' greenhouse effect resulting, the polar ice caps are melting, and large and catastrophic climate change are upon us. We need to stop attacking the planet! To poison l 'air, l' water and even foods. That's also why the 'advent of new energy technologies LENR is vital: they are clean! And therefore do not pollute, and allow it to heal and save the planet from destruction by a likely part of the 'Man in the absence of a' positive intervention and fast!

For the moment, waiting for the positive values ​​of the "Perennial Philosophy" and "Philosophy of Open Source" succeed, and pending further practical developments and practical applications (such as boilers, engines, LENR, etc.), wish you good work to all those researchers who are working in the World for a cheap energy, inexhaustible and clean, and in particular wishes to: "Defkalion Europe", which went on today successfully and publicly its LENR reactor in Milan! How do you say? Last but not least!

Luciano Saporito  
July 22, 2013

This article may be reproduced and published, with an open source license, but only if full.

# # #


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