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You are here: > News > July 20, 2013

Part I: Own Worst Enemy syndrome epitomized in recent Eric Dollard clash

Once again, interpersonal conflicts succeed in being the number one obstacle to progress in bringing exotic free energy technologies forward. Why can't we utilize tools to deal with our personal pathologies so they don't persist and keep us from accomplishing our divine missions in life?

See also:
- Part II below: "The Tragedy of Eric Dollard"
- Part III below: "Dollard's History Remembered"
- Part IV below: "EPD Associates Defend Him Against 'Meth Head' Portrayal"
- Part V separately: "Report on Eric Dollard's first webcast"
- Part VI separately: "Shredded Messiah -- To Save the Work of Eric Dollard"

(L-to-R) Aaron Murakami, Eric Dollard, and Ray Savant (Techzombi).

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

For years, I've talked about the pie chart showing the major obstacles that need to be overcome in order to bring an exotic free energy technology to market. And the take home message of that pie chart is that while suppression is indeed an element to dealt with, the most difficult obstacle by far -- more than twice that of any other obstacle, is "interpersonal conflicts" -- people can't get along with each other, inventors with eccentric personalities, ego, pride, paranoia.

Over and over again, a technology is held back for these "own worst enemy" factors -- the infighting. In my experience, over the past 11+ years of being immersed in this arena, the pie chart below is a fairly close representation of what I have observed repeatedly.

Part of that is because people who are mavericks often have not developed social skills needed to get along with people. They have been outcasts of society, and hence are not social butterflies. So while the outside-the-box thinking serves very well in coming up with great ideas, it can be a show-stopper when it comes to actually getting those ideas into practical use -- a process that requires civil interaction with other human beings.

Trilogy Tools

And that is the primary reason why I have become so enamored by the whole Keppe group down in Brazil (actually, their influence is worldwide). Their "Analytical Trilogy" provides practical tools for identifying and dealing with our personal pathologies that otherwise sabotage our divine mission in life. We really are godly beings cloaked in animalistic tendencies that are not part of our core essence but stand in the way of who we really are. 

Usually, we don't want to see these attributes in ourselves, and we censor any illumination that might help us see clearly. We can see fault in others very readily. And often, the very faults that trouble us the most in others are reflections of the tendencies in ourselves that need to be addressed.

The Keppe group has books, videos, TV shows, radio shows, tutorial websites, therapists, group therapy, and other tools to enable those who want to pursue this self-improvement to do so; with the objective of becoming productive human beings that can contribute to the betterment of mankind through their service.

As most of you know, I just got back Thursday from spending two weeks down there with them. So all these things are fresh on my mind and in my heart.


So when Gary Hendershot sent me a link Thursday to a video featuring Aaron Murakami's interview of Eric Dollard, talking about some recent allegations that have been flying around about Aaron and "Techzombie", my heart sunk as I was witnessing human pathology derailing what had been turning out to be a great glimmer of hope, both in the life of Eric as well as for the free energy community. It is a classic illustration of the very things that the Keppe group talks about routinely.

Techzombie (aka Ray Savant) is the guy who launched the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that raised over $36,000 for Eric to get in a lab, thanks to help from the promotion by others, including Aaron, Adam Bull, Stefan Hartmann, myself, and others in the free energy media network. Ray also runs which looks like a great blog by someone who has a passion for the subject and for helping Eric. Aaron Murakami has been working in the Bedini/Lindemann world, helping write, publish, and disseminate ebooks; and he runs EnergeticForum. Eric Dollard was described as "Tesla II" in Techzombie's fundraiser. I interviewed Eric about a year ago for the FreeEnergyNow series, but I didn't publish it because it was so dark. It would not have helped Eric's image or reputation. That's why I personally was so glad to see the Indiegogo campaign, not just to raise funds for Eric, but to raise his spirits, and it seemed to work. However, now all that is crashing down.

My purpose in writing this article is not to finger-point at Eric, Aaron or Techzombie, but to make a case for how damaging it can be if we don't seek personal improvement and to overcome our junk.

As it is, this fiasco is bringing out the worst in Eric, Aaron, and Techzombie. It's not my place to try and analyze who is right and who is wrong. But it is clear in listening to the 1-hour interview between Aaron and Eric that they all have made some serious errors in how they are handling this.

All three are giant human beings in their own regard, who have so much to offer. (This is a true statement of all human beings, who have each have unique divine missions to fulfill, but who too often allow their own pathologies to get in the way of that mission.) To see them tearing each other down and making crazy allegations about one another, with physical and legal threats, is very sad. And if you were to ask any of them where the problems are, they would be pointing away from themselves. (Until we realize that when we point, there are four fingers aimed back at us, and take introspection about what we might be doing amiss, then we will continue to be part of the problem ourselves.)

How long are we going to allow this "interpersonal conflict" component of the pie chart to get the best of us -- especially when we have tools, such as what the Keppe group offers, to remedy ourselves so we don't get into these kinds of situations?

433 people contributed $36,161 to the Indiegogo campaign to get Eric into a lab; and others donated the building, equipment, books, and other supplies. Now the entire operation is in jeopardy because of the in-fighting. When I say "in-fighting" in this case, I'm not necessarily meaning "within a business", but "within the industry", where we should be friendly to and supportive of one another.

I've not probed deeply into the situation, but as far as I can tell from listening to the Aaron-Eric interview, the whole thing started about when Techzombie and a friend went to Eric's lab to help him. They were moving some things around, but Eric was growing frustrated because they were not moving things in the right direction, and were damaging the equipment. He lost his patience and yelled at them. They got upset for the words he said, and responded with some unkind things in return. There's about a 2-minute excerpt in which Eric describes what happened, 32:45 minutes into the video. He takes no responsibility at all for how his behavior effected Ray and his friend. Anything going wrong is everyone else's fault.

When your child is trying to help by loading the dishwasher, and breaks a bowl, do you yell and scream at them? I hope not.

As another brief sampling of the sentiments being exchanged, go to 27:15 minutes in, where Eric refutes Techzombie's allegation that Aaron has been brainwashing Eric. Eric responded by saying that anyone who would try something like that would have his teeth marks all over his face. Ugly stuff. This is not the way people talk when they are speaking rationally.

If, after this intro, you are still wanting to view the whole 1-hour interview, here it is:

Again, in my opinion, it is classic "own worst enemy" behavior.

Just because you are a genius does not mean you can be lazy in your personal life. If anything, that is all the more reason to seek personal improvement so that you don't trip up your mission in life by your own unresolved pathologies.

Even with full endeavor, it will take quite some time for Eric to get to the point that he can work productively with other people. Until he does, he is the one holding things up, much more than any other obstacle.

Come on Eric, please get your act together. Gratefully, you're not the only ray of energy hope for the planet. There are many others. But for your own sake, I hope you can rise to the level of personal improvement needed to carry out your mission for humanity. We need you. Humanity needs you.

# # #

Relevant Web Links


Part II: The Tragedy of Eric Dollard

TecZ has posted a rebuttal video to Aaron Murakami's interview with Eric Dollard, providing video and audio substantiation that portrays Eric as an alcohol imbibing meth addict that they tried to help become a scientist again, but who, with Aaron's prodding, turned on them.

Eric Dollard

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
July  21, 2013; 9:45 am Mountain

Last night, TecZ (above referred to as Techzombie and Ray Savant) posted a rebuttal video to Aaron Murakami's interview with Eric Dollard, which was the subject of the above story. He titled it The Tragedy of Eric Dollard and the Greed of Aaron Murakami

He indeed made a solid argument, with video and audio evidence, regarding the tragedy of Eric Dollard; but in my opinion, his case for "the greed of Aaron..." was weak and was coming primarily from a vindictive place of wanting to get back at Aaron for attacking him publicly.

Since he sent me the link saying: "Here is a Rough Cut," I spent several hours last night providing line-by-line editing suggestions, to both correct little things such as missing commas and periods, but more importantly, to suggest alternate wordings and removal of inflammatory and unsubstantiated statements. Having taken three days continuous, without sleeping, to make this video, he expressed his sincere gratitude for my efforts, and said he would get to it when he got up from his rest.

Meanwhile, by this morning, the number of video views showed "301+", so rather than wait for his edited version to appear, I'm going to go ahead and provide this report on the "rough cut" video as it was first posted last night.

Before I dive into this, let me first give the good news that yesterday, a friend of Eric's told me: "Luckily, the lab is not lost. David Wittekind has very graciously agreed to keep the lab open for another year despite all the recent turmoil. Hopefully, we can make some great things happen in the coming year."

The first few minutes of the video very solidly establishes the first portion of his title: "The Tragedy of Eric Dollard." It shows Eric admitting to Methamphetamine (Meth) usage, as well as being a heavy drinker, who was living in the desert, working menial jobs, because he had reached rock bottom in his addictions. Yet it seems to me that Eric has not recognized that he is an addict, nor has he sought recovery. At least nothing along those lines was depicted in the video.

The team that pulled him out of the desert and raised the money for his lab and spend 7 days preparing the lab for Eric, realized these things about Eric, and saw themselves as helping him get his life back. TecZ made the following comment to his video: "If every shill on the planet went around dedicating 6 months of their life to helping rehabilitate fallen scientists so they could aid humanity, then the world would be a lot better than it is now."

What they didn't realize was how strong the addiction's hold was on Eric. They wondered why he needed to take three months off to prepare for a lecture, when all these people had just raised money for him to get working in a lab; and Eric basically (in more crass terminology) said, "screw them." When they questioned why he would go climbing telephone poles in the desert to repair an abandoned line, he got defensive and said it was none of their business how he gets his exercise. 

Here's the video. It isn't something you can just listen to while working on other things. You need to read the text the TecZ posts as commentary on what is being said.

In the video description, TecZ says: (slightly edited)

The dream to resurrect the work of Nikola Tesla has been hijacked by greed. Aaron Murakami, known suppression agent and misinformer, has turned Eric against the team that built his lab. Eric has declared all of us "enemies" of the lab on Aaron's order. Aaron Murakami is a pathological liar that lured Eric Dollard into a trap.

He had Eric Dollard defame and attack the entire EPD Labs team, with a special focus on me. Aaron forced the professor to lie and make a fool out of himself, knowing he will be humiliated when the truth comes out. Let's expose Aaron Murakami for Hijacking this entire operation.

We are seeing the fall of Eric's latest lab now in real time.

"Actively and intentionally seeking to make conflict with the EPD Labs group in an attempt to use Eric as a means to make profit, at any cost to Eric and his research." --Garrett M

In my analysis of the video, the only thing that was established was that Eric is in a tragic place right now, in need of some professional intervention for his addiction(s). 

There were two strong cases made regarding Aaron. One is that Aaron was urging Eric on in his diatribe about the people trying to help him at EPD Labs, which statements were obviously exaggerated and lacked noting the position the people at EDP Labs who were sincerely trying to help. The second is that the very things Aaron was saying about the people at EDP Labs seemed to be applicable to Aaron. It's the "projection" phenomenon in which what we think we see in others is a reflection of what is wrong in ourselves.

The video did not provide any evidence that Aaron is a suppression agent and misinformer. Nor did it provide evidence that Aaron is "lying", which is defined as an giving an intentionally false statement. Aaron could just be seeing things differently from his limited vantage point, like in the parable of the blind men and the elephant. Nor did it provide evidence that Aaron's driving objective is to profit financially from the sale of materials related to Eric's work. Aaron is very good a promotion and sales; and that talent should not be held against him.

In my suggestions to TecZ about his video, I urged him to stay away from making any statements as if they are fact unless he provides evidence to corroborate the fact. I also urged him to stay away from using vindictive language against Aaron, who attacked him, but to let the facts speak in his defense. I urge him to not stoop to name-calling.

It will be interesting to see if the EPD Lab can be salvaged, complete with Eric working there.

Gary Hendershot of SmartScarecrow Show aptly summarized it thusly:

"I sorta figured there were two sides to the story … chances are, the truth is somewhere in between … but one thing is very clear … genius or not, Eric Dollard is his own worst enemy and has indeed brought most of his misfortune on himself … 

If there is a “hero” in all this, it has to be David Wittekind … he has been horribly wounded by this episode and may face financial ruin because he really, really thought he was fighting the good fight … if there is one character in the whole saga I feel sorry for its Wittekind … he took a leap of faith, put his fortune on the line and is now left to bleed while the egos jockey for position …

Use my name and or quotes as you see fit … I am not one to hide from controversy … though I have no idea why my opinions should carry any weight … I am just an old southern boy with straw for brains watching the soap opera play out … "

Here are some of the changes I suggested to TecZ.

0:24 should change "Country" to "World", as money did come worldwide.
7:54 This statement, at this point, seems like opinion, and could be called libel or slander without substantiation. 
8:11 very serious allegation; I hope you have support for it
13:16 I would change the last sentence from being attacking (stay away from possible libel) to just saying: "This is a groundless accusation." Or, if there is anything to it, say something like: "These issues are under control." or "I'm in a program of recovery. Nobody is perfect."
16:29 I'd delete that last sentence. It's inflammatory speculation. Could be true, but it's flaming.
19:59 That is a heavy statement. ...That one could be a target of a libel claim; and then you'd have to prove that it is well-founded, including hiring psychologists as professional witnesses.... I'd recommend dropping that slide.
20:04 I'd seriously consider dropping or rewording this statement so it doesn't look like two people name-calling, trying to outdo the other in portraying them as bad.
29:26 I think you should drop this slide. It's too accusatory and opinion-based, unless you can show that they actually rehearsed it, like you show so many other things in this video. My understanding of why he was he asked if this happened before they met was to establish the case that he was not manipulating Eric, that these problems were independent of his involvement.
30:17 Careful on this accusation. I think you're going overboard here. There is a disconnect in the logic. You should at least soften it from being dogmatic to being speculative: "I think" (add that as the first line); or "It seems to me that"
30:24 I recommend that you soften this one as well with a preface: "It seems to me that"
30:58 Once again, you are making a libel case by asserting that Aaron is using mind control and meth, unless you can prove that. If you don't have that evidence, I'd back down from making such accusations. You should at least soften it with "it seems like", rather than stating it as fact. If you're going to state it as fact, you had better be armed with facts to back it up.
31:28 [after saying you would like to remember Eric in the desert, you suddenly jump to "Around Aaron, Eric becomes a pathological liar and sociopath..."] There is a major disconnect here. You have just made a case to show that Eric was a sociopath around you guys too. We've just seen footage of his verbal abuses and admitting to using meth, and his probable alcoholism; and you go from the extreme of your initial experience in the desert, to now suddenly he's not showing bad characteristics until he goes to Aaron's house. This is an obvious pendulum swing where now you are obviously making unfair accusations against Aaron. Careful. Try and stay neutral and not so emotionally charged. Presenting facts is the best defense.
31:31 I'd delete "If this is a legal document". Don't energetically invite this becoming a legal dispute, because it has all the makings of leading to one, either from Eric or from Aaron, or from both. And where you go overboard sometimes, they may have some grounds to stand on against you. ...
I don't get why you describe their wrongdoing as "perjury", which is defined as 
I'd delete this slide
31:41 I don't think you've made a solid case about Aaron in the video so far. You've made a definite case about Eric being one sorry guy, who has let addictions take over his life. I doubt there will be anyone who will want to work with Eric after this. But Aaron could be perceived as blind to Eric's pathology, seeing the world from his vantage point, wanting to believe Eric's story, to get back at you, because he feels attacked by you; and he wants to put you in your place. The evidence against Eric that you present is solid, but not against Aaron.
> somewhere in here you suddenly used "we", as if you are speaking for the others, and unless they have reviewed and approved this text, I don't think you should bring them into this. Keep it as your statement only.
33:32 Here you use the tentative phrase: "this may have been". Before, you said it was rehearsed. I think you need to be very careful about using dogmatic phraseology unless you have facts to back it up. You should change the first instance also to "may have been", and should likewise tone down the rest of the text so that you don't state things as facts unless you have the evidence to prove it. I seriously doubt that Eric is capable of rehearsing something like this. It's both not in his personality, nor in his impaired talent set. I'd remove that phrase.
33:52 Yes, you tell some truth, but also, you give a lot of opinion without backing of substantiation. 
Referring to Aaron as a "reptile" is totally unnecessary and only reflects poorly on you.
I'd remove this slide, or change it out to something like: "I, like the others, just wanted to help what we thought was a genius inventor with some rough edges. We did not realize his rough edges were show-stopping. Nor did all those others who chipped in to help out."
34:18 You need to remember that in their interview, Eric claimed that you had offered to send hit men (or something along those lines). You don't need to live in the same country. I would recommend replacing your statement with something along the lines of: "I do not believe in violence. Also, I no longer live in the USA."
34:34 Consistent with "projection" where what a person says about another person is actually true of themselves. 
34:50 I would add: "I've provided much evidence here."
34:52 I'd delete this one and (especially) the next slide. They don't reflect well on you. Let the facts speak, not opinion. 
35:03 I'd replace the word "Lie" with "misstatement". A lie implies that he knows otherwise, and we have no evidence that he knows to the contrary. You've not given it. If you have copies of emails in which you've informed Aaron about these things, then you have evidence, and you should produce copies of those in this video.
37:10 I would take out "as a pathological liar" Avoid name-calling.
40:05 I'd remove this slide. I don't think you've proven any of those points. No evidence that he's a disinfo agent; ..."liar" means stating something contrary knowledge, and you did not establish that he had knowledge. You might not like Aaron because of how he has treated you, but from an observer point of view, he's just acting from his vantage point, per the blind men and the elephant parable.
41:40 I see no purpose for this slide. I'd delete it. Name-calling ... doesn't reflect well on you, and will weaken your case. Tone it down.
41:44 In an email to me today, John Polakowski said that EPD labs may be salvaged: "Luckily, the lab is not lost. David Wittekind has very graciously agreed to keep the lab open for another year despite all the recent turmoil."
42:00 ... You don't know that his next target is AetherForce. He took pretty solid aim at it already in his interview with Eric, urging people to boycott all your sites and videos, listing them by name.
42:05 I'd drop this slide too. It seems to me that Eric is the primary wrongdoer here, not Aaron. Furthermore, a good case could be made that at this point you have "betrayed" or "exposed" Eric -- what you are accusing Aaron of here. Remember Karma. Don't put out there something unless you're comfortable with it coming back to you.
43:05 Again, stay away from name-calling for the reasons given above. I'd delete this slide. Remember Karma. Instead, I'd say something like: "Remember karma, and think of Aaron's call to boycott all my work." You might [play a recording of] Aaron saying that.
43:13 He made it personal to you, and to the lab team, but not to everyone else. I'd delete this slide, and let my above statement say this in a more elevated tone.
43:30 I'd delete this slide. It's too vindictive and doesn't reflect well on you. Things should go viral on their own merit, not because someone calls for it to be so. You should not be delighting in his fall. Remember the admonition: "love your enemy."

After posting the above, "Part II," and sending him a link, on July 21, 2013 11:50 AM MDT, TecZ wrote: (slightly edited)

Wow Allan, [my first name is Sterling, last is Allan]

This is awesome. Thank you so much!

I am finally up now and rested. Trying to plan phase 2 of this. Many people are coming forward against Aaron now. We're gonna compile all this and put it all into the Final Cut. God willing, the case shall be air tight and the people shall be set free.

Thank you again for the amazing list of corrections.

Also Allan, my name isn't Ray Savant. Nor do I want my real name ever getting out, consider the elements that are now targeting me. I hope you understand.


# # #


Part III: Dollard's History Remembered

Aaron files a copyright violation complaint and gets both of TecZ's sites taken down, then claims TecZ took them down to "hide his tracks." Meanwhile, Gary Hendershot remembers Eric Dollard from 2-3 decades ago, and remembers a guy who showed up, got people excited with wild claims, then skipped town when things got hot.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
July  21, 2013; 9:00 pm Mountain

This afternoon, I received the following email from TecZ, alleging that Aaron Murakami had brought about the shut down of his websites: both and 

From: TecZ anon 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2013 3:54 PM [Mountain]
Subject: Re: The dream to resurrect the work of Nikola Tesla has been hijacked by greed.

Hi Sterling,

The admin of just told me that Aaron got their site shut down for having a pdf file.

Aaron also just now got shut down because we had articles written by Eric.

All he did was file a DCMA copyright claim. How do we fight this? Do you have any attorneys you can recommend?

TecZ's service provider sent him the letter which "was signed by Eric P Dollard. Aaron filed it in his name."

Then, a few hours later, I got a link to a video Aaron has just posted titled: "Ray Savant - Tech Zombie - Pro Adolf Hitler Racist", even though TecZ stated in his rebuttal video above that he is 100% Semitic (Jewish) by lineage, and that in his conversation with Eric on the subject, he was trying to get Eric to calm down, which dialogue was misconstrued by Eric. TecZ emphatically states he is not pro-Hitler. The books the Aaron shows from an archive of TecZ's site are not pro-Hitler, any more than Alex Jones is anti-American. They are exposιs of conspiracy elements, some of which involved Jewish contributors.

In Aaron's new video, which was produced after TecZ's sites were taken down (not by TecZ, but due to the DCMA copyright claims signed by Eric and filed by Aaron), he accuses TecZ of taking his own sites down "to cover his tracks", even though in TecZ's video, TecZ stated emphatically that he will forge ahead with his sites.

Meanwhile, TecZ's site is back up, and he has a story posted about Aaron's attempt to shut his site down. At 8:31 pm MDT, TecZ wrote: "I had to delete the pictures of Eric that I took .... and two of his articles that can be found all over the web. We are seeing real time suppression here... just makes me sick."

Then, Gary Hendershot of the SmartScarecrow Show provided the following historical insight about this situation:

I recognize the name "Eric Dollard" as being a fellow from the late 80's and early 90's who was doing some unique and interesting experiments with a couple fellows named "Brown" and "Lindemann". I remember reading some of his papers and hearing some of his presentations. Some of what he had to say I found inspired, some I found to be speculation and much of it I found to be hog wash.

I have no firsthand knowledge of anything related to Dollard but have followed his story for a very long time. The tale told by many left in his wake is that Dollard has a history of latching onto well meaning people, taking from them with both hands, then heading for the hills when pressed for progress against stated goals. Others have reported that as a mentor, Dollard has been an inspiration. As with most of us, Eric Dollard has both a light and dark side. 

Is he a drunk ??? probably ... Does he like his meth ??? yes, by his own admission ... Is he a genius ??? probably, but most definitely an eccentric one ... Does he have any great hidden secrets of free energy locked up in that tortured mind of his ??? probably not ... 

But he could indeed provide inspiration for the next generation to continue the investigation of the unusual phenomena he is aware of. In that regard, he could be of great benefit to future generations.

I have no idea who "TechZombie" is and really do not care. I have no idea who "Aaron Murakami" is and really do not care. All I know about these two fellows is that they both appear to have huge egos and think that the proper format for a debate is throw poop at each other like chimpanzees in the zoo. Neither seems able to frame the real issues, let alone address them. They think debate is about seeing who can make the other fellow look like the biggest pile of poop. Sounds like politics in the US when the smallest pile of poop wins. 

1) Folks who consider this back and forth should always remember the Golden Rule ... no, not that one, the REAL Golden Rule ... "Those with the GOLD RULES" ... 
2) Those who came in with the cash name the board of directors ... not Dollard ... who Eric Dollard wants on the board of directors of EPD Labs is irrelevant ... 
3) Best I can figure, Dollard lent his name to EPD Labs and accepted advance compensation in return for future labors ... 
4) Contrary to his agreement, he took a 3 month sabbatical to contemplate his navel or whatever but did not engage in the labors as agreed ... 

If the terms and conditions were not clearly put in written form, shame on all involved. I come from a period in time when a handshake was a contract but that was the pre Bill Clinton days. Since Clinton, you even have to define what "is" is.

Dollard has let down his 400+ benefactors who chipped in hoping he would pick himself up out of the ditch he had fallen into and get some useful work done with what few years he has left to him. He has let down a handful of people who were willing to accept great personal sacrifices to help him. His response to all of them is "F*$# 'em".

Now then. Are we ready to get back to work yet "professor" ??? Have you finished your little temper tantrum ??? You owe a lot of people at least a small bit of consideration beyond "F*$# 'em" ... You have very little time left to salvage your legacy … Consider your next move very carefully … 


And to TecZ, Gary wrote:

What you did was destroy a legend … 

Many of us who have been around for awhile know the horror stories told by so many of Dollard’s benefactors … the broken promises, the failure to stay on task, the intoxication and what could only be interpreted by most rational people as being a “get over” … 

But of course these were just stories you heard … there was never any proof … and Dollard always claimed to be the victim … so it was always hard to figure out who was really to blame … best to stay neutral and maintain objectivity … 

I personally have only had the most meager of correspondence with Dollard … when the fund raising commenced, I contacted him to confirm that it was authorized and was indeed for his benefit … I was willing to take a “wait and see” approach … hell, I even made a small contribution through a pseudonym … yeah, I feared the worst, but was hoping for the best … 

But your latest video has pulled back the curtain and exposed the Dollard of my worst fears … I suspect the worst fears of many … it’s unfortunate you found it necessary to do this … I suspect that after some time has passed and all the dust has settled, you will understand what I mean … 

For many, Dollard was up there on a pedestal … what you have done is very close to showing Tesla as a child molester … true or false don’t matter if the argument can be made convincing a legend is destroyed … 

But you did what you thought was required under the circumstances … I am not qualified to judge for others, only myself … if had been me, a lot of that footage would still be [in] the can, not on YouTube … not out of any affection for Dollard, but because people need heroes … and for many, Dollard was a hero … 

As time passes and the dust settles on this mess, I would be pleased to talk with you … for the short term, I am in morning over the passing of yet another legend … 



On Facebook, Thomas Joseph Brown wrote:

At first I was against this video being done and told TechZ so. Now having seen it, it brings back memories of how much time and effort I put into Eric's work starting 1986 and how I was repaid via Eric's characterological distortions. I respect TechZ for providing his side of the story, which rings true from my perspective.

Eric is absolutely brilliant. He's been one of the great influences on my scientific education and philosophy. I really enjoyed working with him and glad we got the info out [that] we did. To me he was a much loved brother who I opened my home and life to.

But I suffered a similar fate as to what is seen on this video. I became the enemy and Eric had zero problem making up gross lies while distorting the history of events, which unfortunately people were too ready to believe. I put up with a lot more than people might imagine as I am thick skinned and know the value of Eric's vision. The more I did, the more evil I became in his mind. 

When TechZ & I first got in touch, I saw his dedication to making sure Eric was ok, getting life and work together. I never detected any selfish intent, rather the opposite. I was glad people were getting behind Eric.

I warned TechZ about a potential turn of events such as I had experienced, but when I saw the Indigogo campaign and EPD Labs coming together, I couldn't imagine Eric turning on such support, thinking he must have matured and become more pragmatic about carrying on his work these couple decades later.

When I saw Eric was going to speak at the Lindemann-Bedini conference I was both sad I couldn't make it and also I smelled minor trouble, as I figured Aaron would be making a pitch to bring everything under his marketing program; and I know Eric is a ship jumper who turns on his last line of support (and I know a lot more background than is said here).

I never expected this level of madhouse, but I didn't know Eric had become a meth head either. It's all very sad, but obviously a continuation of Eric's patterns now amplified and sadly public. Funny that when he bailed from Borderland Labs without notice in 1989, it was when the original cosmic induction generator was coming together, just like now.

What is important is focusing on the great output Eric has provided in electrical engineering. He's a human with problems as are we all. He deserves compassion and honest help in the personal realm, but he has to seek it out himself or there is no point trying.

Glad TechZ told his side using Eric's own words, but ultimately I'm just interested in seeing the real work continue.

My admonition to everyone at this point is to remember that we are all human and we all make mistakes. We also all have glory within us to shine in carrying out God's purposes here on earth. The good that we do really isn't because of our own greatness, but because we tap into something bigger than ourselves.

As for revealing major faults, I tend to be on the grateful side of what TecZ did. Eric needs to come to terms with his junk and seek adequate assistance (including from God) for recovery. I would be overjoyed if Eric pulled through, overcame, and ended up doing something great at the end of his life.


You can post comments below. These are being featured:

On July 22; 11:11 am MDT; Gary Hendershot of the SmartScarecrow Show wrote:

The problem with the fellows who organized the fund raiser and put together EPD Labs is that they went into it with a certain expectation. Dollard was initially grateful for the support and ego stroking but quickly realized that these folks were actually serious -- they expected him to perform on task, not just sit around and party with him. I suspect that came [as] a rude awakening for him.

It may turn out that he is better served by the Murakami model, where he can sell some mind numbing articles and make a few presentations each year to keep enough dough coming in so the beer keeps flowing. The EPD Labs model of busting yer butt every day to meet goals and deadlines is not the sort of pressure it appears Eric is comfortable with. Best I can figure, Eric don't handle pressure very well.

# # #


Part IV: EPD Associates Defend Him Against "Meth Head" Portrayal

Several people involved in EDP Labs have made statements saying that as far as they could/can tell, Eric doesn't show signs of being a Meth addict.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
July  26, 2013; 11:45 pm Mountain

I've been notified by a number of people with an update about the Dollard situation. Here is an excerpt from the Energy Times Newsletter that was sent out today. I've not read the linked/sourced pages, but I did get an email directly from John Polakowski stating something along the lines of what he is quoted as saying below.

I've omitted the statements/assertions about TecZ being a pro-Hitler, Jew hater. That would be like calling Alex Jones anti-American because of things such as his documentary The Obama Deception.

Sent: Friday, July 26, 2013 4:29 PM
Subject: !! EMERGENCY !! ERIC DOLLARD in * DANGER * The Tesla Wizard from Lone Pine Needs your help!

Hi Sterling,
You have a * VERY RARE * opportunity to ask Eric Dollard questions LIVE!
If you have been following the "free energy" community over the years, you know that Eric Dollard is considered by many to be the modern-day Tesla!
You also may know that he has had many labs sabotaged, equipment stolen, his information has been suppressed, and the list goes on.


Here is what Aetherforce's own team members are saying: President of Lab, Treasurer/Secretary of Lab and Apprentice of Eric Dollard their comments about these phony allegations that Eric is a drug addict (if you click the links - you can see their own quotes in full so you know they're not taken out of context):
"The entire 2 years I have known Eric I have never seen him do meth or have any behavior that suggests he is using meth." - John Polakowski, Eric's apprentice Eric Dollard

"In regard to Eric currently using meth, I have never seen him use it or had any indications of him being on meth in my experiences with him." -
David Wittekind, President of Eric's lab Eric Dollard

"I want to add my 2 cents to this idea that has been thrown about where Eric has been accused of being on meth. In the two years that I have been in contact with a very open and honest Eric Dollard, he has never said anything to make me believe that he was continuing to use meth after the Landers station was taken from him. I do not believe that Eric is currently using meth." - David Webster, former officer of Eric's lab Eric Dollard
Here is a comment from Aaron Murakami - "Not only was Eric not on Meth, he was cool as a cucumber while he was up here with me and this video proves it:"


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - On Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 from 11am to 2pm, Eric will be sharing some important information with you and you will have an opportunity to ask him questions live! To be invited to that special live-on-air broadcast, make sure you join the invitation list here:

# # #


Part V: Report on Eric Dollard's first webcast

Yesterday, Eric was featured in a live, 1.5-hour webcast, whose purposes were to review the lecture he gave last month at the Bedini-Lindemann conference and take questions from the audience; as well as to talk about some of the recent allegations and controversies.

July 31, 2013

Posted on a separate page

# # #


Part VI: Shredded Messiah -- To Save the Work of Eric Dollard

TecZ has posted an hour-long, final cut of his video response to an earlier video by Aaron Murakami that accused him of intentionally sabotaging the work of Eric Dollard.

August 2, 2013

Posted on a separate page


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