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You are here: > News > July 18, 2013

LENR-to-Market Weekly -- July 18, 2013

Highlights this week include: Defkalion to hold a live, streaming broadcast of a demonstration in Italy on July 22, noon; a year in review; E-Cat Factory Will Supply Its Own Thermal Energy; Nanortech, Inc. launched; the "cold fusion" term has to die; US Navy's LENR patent.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again, we bring you a compilation of various news items about the various LENR companies since our July 11 compilation.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Defkalion - Hyperion
      • Live Demo July 22
        • Webcast Links
        • The most recent experiment of cold fusion will be streamed on Triwù. Monday 22 (12:00 pm) - Triwù in collaboration with Moebius , transmission of Radio Science 24, Il Sole 24 Ore., offers direct from the laboratories of Defkalion Europe, in Milan, where you set up what can be called the experiment most advanced cold fusion. (A side of this article you will find some insights drawn from Moebius audio and Smart City, Radio 24). The event will be streamed conducted by Federico Pedrocchi and Maurizio Melis. (; July 16, 2013)
        • Cold Fusion: July 22 live streaming 12 hours - Monday, July 22, 2013 at 12 will be visible online streaming on Triwù, web TV Innovation ( ), a direct from the laboratories of Defkalion Europe, in Milan, where he set up what can be called the experiment most advanced cold fusion. (22Passi; July 17, 2013)
        • Cold Fusion: E-cat of Defkalion officially announced at the end of the month? - While the 'E-cat by Andrea Rossi continues its march with updates from the U.S., the Defkalion seems to be on the starting grid for the market. Technology Greek, in fact, should be officially announced later this month, in the course of '18-ICCF (International Conference Fusion 18 Cold), which will be held July 21 to 27 at the University of Missouri. (; July 16, 2013)
        • The Cold Fusion live streaming - Monday, July 22, at 12, streaming on , cold fusion laboratories of Milan Defkalion Europe. If everything worked, the cold fusion energy revolution would change the everyday life of all of us, and fairly quickly (; July 17, 2013)
        • Defkalion Public Demonstration - Hello Everybody, Next week is the International Conference on Cold Fusion 2013 (ICCF 18) We wanted to participate but do not have the time to go to Missouri. Fortunately www.ColdFusionNow.Org will cover the event on site. (DrBoblog; July 17, 2013)
        • E-Cat of greek Defkalion: it will be shown in Milan on July 22 - The Defkalion is working on a streaming presentation of their cold fusion reactor from the city of Milan: expected, perhaps, a projection all'ICCF-18.  (; July 16, 2013)
      • Defkalion Demo During ICCF-18 Rumor - I thought people here might be interested in this post by Akira Shirakawa on the vortex-l list. He writes: Akira Shirakawa Mon, 15 Jul 2013 07:16:12 -0700 This is unconfirmed news, but it seems there will be a Defkalion GT demo in Milan, Italy on July 22nd which will be live streamed on... (E-CatWorld; July 15, 2013)
      • Tonight Defkalion guest Moebius - Tonight from 20:00 to 21:00 on Radio 24 , the transmission Moebius talk about cold fusion and in particular the last claims of Defkalion . Podcast: PS It will also discuss Bunting, Celani and more ... (22Passi; July 13, 2013)
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • A Year In Review - July of 2012 seems like generations ago. At the beginning of July of last year, many people who had been following the story of Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat lost interest, and became downright skeptical of his skills and of his intentions. (ECatReport; July 6, 2013)
      • More On Rossi's E-Cat: Ericsson And Pomp Rebut "Independent" Test - The querelle on the device patented by Andrea Rossi, the E-CAT, which allegedly produces heat from nuclear fusion processes inside a small cylindrical reactor fueled with Hydrogen and Nickel powder, continues to draw the attention of the gullible as well as that of the knowledgeable. (Science2.0; July 12, 2013)
      • Rossi: E-Cat Factory Will Supply Its Own Thermal Energy - Andrea Rossi has described the E-Cat manufacturing plant as “magnificent” in statements he has made on his blog, the Journal of Nuclear Physics. He has also told the E-Cat community that he and his U.S. partner are working on a robotized manufacturing process that will place more E-Cats on the market than would be possible with only human work. (AndreaRossiECat; July 15, 2013)
      • The Pace of Change - I’m still travelling and am able to catch up a little here. Going through some of the comments here I was interested to read one by Guliano Bettini who noted a few comments by Andrea Rossi where he mentioned that he is now deeply involved in R&D involving the E-Cat — and since he... (E-CatWorld; July 13, 2013)
      • Christos Stremmenos remembers Sergio Focardi - "For twenty years we shared the same hopes ..." 
        Dear Vincent,
        I hope I still have time to send my partial testimony to the memory of Sergio Focardi . always will be for the reference of conduct and professional ethics for all of us. (22Passi; July 16, 2013)
    • Mitch Swartz, JET Thermal Products
      • [No permanent link provided for this update posted in the updates at]

        Nanortech, Inc. To Focus on Dry, Preloaded CF/LANR Platform 

        On July 1, 2013, Nanortech, Inc. was launched to solely focus on advancing and producing the NANOR®-type LANR quantum electronic component, a revolutionary, extraordinary energy production platform. Nanortech, Inc. is at the cutting edge of advanced energy production components using preloaded nanostructured materials as base platforms for a new spectrum of efficient heaters, cleaner water, cheaper electricity, and specialized products for propulsion and medicine. Nanortech, Inc. is a spin-off of JET Energy, Inc., which has developed and acquired successful aqueous and nanomaterial LANR IP and technology since 1989, and has openly demonstrated the "over unity" NANOR®-type LANR component at MIT in 2012 over several months, during its second open demonstration of LANR technology.


        Everyone wants a better source of energy which is clean, non-radioactive, and plentiful to power homes and cars. If not for nanotechnology and the Nanor®-type LANR, the outlook would indeed appear darker because people also want less dependence on oil, even as alternatives like wind and solar, remain unreliable and relatively low efficiency. Nanortech, Inc. components have an incredible advantage over other products because of their energy gain and the fact that they are among the most efficient cleanest energy production systems that exists. The present NANOR®-type LANR devices and systems are solid-state, dry, and contain palladium nanoparticles embedded in zirconium oxide insulation, preloaded with deuterium, and fabricated to greatly enhance repeatability and deliver significant excess energy gain. The NANOR®-type LANR device demonstrated at MIT ran at the MIT Energy Production and Energy Conversion lab between late January- May, 2012 and generated excess energy, with 7 to 20+ times input instantaneous electrical power (energy gain). And the carbon footprint is zero. 

  • General Cold Fusion
    • Overviews
      • LENR, summary for policymakers (translated to English) - Includes discussion of what LENR is; its potential impact; the companies involved, both as creators and startup companies wishing to use LENR reactors; large companies such as National Instruments that are involved; a look to the future. (; July 17, 2013)
    • "Cold Fusion"
      • Why "Cold Fusion" Has To Die - Having followed the antics of Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat system for the last couple of years I’ve read a lot about how this device might work. I’ve also read about a lot of other related systems and I’ve come to a conclusion: Whatever the principle is behind how these devices operate, the way people talk about them needs a new name. (Forbes; July 15, 2013)
      • LENR, not just Cold Fusion - The meeting "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions" will not only be a discussion on nuclear reactions at low energy, but it will be an opportunity to gauge the degree of ability in the world of Italian research for discussion of the theories rather than on prejudice. The program and summaries (; July 11, 2013)
    • US Navy Patent
      • Transmutes Radioactive Wastes Now – U.S. Navy and LENR Energy - The United States of America Navy LENR energy patent is noteworthy. The transmutation of radioactive waste to benign elements through LENR low energy nuclear reactions is of global importance. With the […] (ColdFusionNow; July 11, 2013)
      • U.S Navy Received LENR Patent - The U.S. Navy has, for years, experimented with cold fusion, or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. Just this year, on April 16, according to Cold Fusion Now, the Navy has received a patent for a LENR device that helps to eliminate nuclear waste. (ECatReport; July 15, 2013)
      • US Navy has been granted an LENR Patent - The rumors of the demise of the US Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command or SPAWAR’s low energy nuclear reaction research program appear to be greatly exaggerated. The research organization is not only still actively working on cold fusion, it’s been granted an LENR patent. (EnergyCatalyzer3; July 14, 2013)
    • Politics
      • Connect DOE Department of Energy LENR Cold Fusion - This is the connection I have been looking for since I became interested in LENR.  The article is about DOE or so it says and it […] (ColdFusionNow; July 16, 2013)
      • Babylon The Ring City - To: The Leaders of the G20 Nations; Copies to: the worlds media corporation; In order to eliminate urban sprawl and to avoid the use of personal transportation from all areas […] (ColdFusionNow; July 11, 2013)
      • The Streetlight Effect and Cold Fusion - Sometimes an iconic article is written that makes a change in how our society views important issues. One possibly iconic article is that published in Discover Magazine in […] (ColdFusionNow; July 16, 2013)
      • Coal for Construction, Not Energy - If we are facing a future powered by LENR — or any non-carbon-based fuel — there are obviously going to be impacts on existing energy industries, and in that light I found an article entitled “Coal Doesn’t Have To Die – We Can Make Furniture Out Of It” by James Conca at Forbes interesting.... (E-CatWorld; July 15, 2013)
    • Open thread July 11th - I’m on vacation at the moment and am without normal internet access, so it has been a bit more difficult for me to give the site he normal amount of attention. I’ll put up an open thread today for peopl to postnews and views. I am trying to keep up with the latest topics,... (E-CatWorld; July 11, 2013)
  • Events
    • 15/07/2013: LENR to Wisdom - Remember the conference with Allan Widom at Sapienza University of Rome, scheduled for the morning of 5 June and was postponed a few days before ? Well, this time is scheduled for next Monday, July 15th, Classroom CIRPS, St. Peter in Chains n. 10, 10.30, and we hope the time is good! (22Passi; July 12, 2013)
      • The Umbria THIS TO THE CONFERENCE ON COLD FUSION TO ORGANIZED WISDOM OF ROME - There was more than a ternano present at the first official event organized by the University of Rome La Sapienza CIRPS, CIRPS - the Interuniversity Research Centre For Sustainable Development, which spoke of LENR, subject better known as cold fusion as one of the speakers there was an Indian nuclear physicist working for the University of Perugia.  (; 16/07/2013)
    • ICCF-18
      • Cold Fusion Now to report from ICCF-18 - The 18th International Conference of Cold Fusion (ICCF-18) begins Sunday, July 20, 2013 at University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. The week-long event brings condensed matter nuclear scientists together to exchange […] (ColdFusionNow; July 16, 2013)
      • MU snags worldwide nuclear fusion conference - In 1991, Mark Prelas, a professor of nuclear engineering at the University of Missouri, was forced to stop his research on low-energy nuclear reactions, also referred to as "cold fusion," after the scientific community deemed the discovery of the tabletop nuclear reaction was a fluke. Today, not only is Prelas revisiting the potential of low-energy nuclear reactions — or LENR — but next week, MU will host the 18th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Fusion. (Columbia Daily Tribune; July 15, 2013)
        • Columbia Daily Tribune Covers ICCF-18 Conference - The Columbia Daily Tribune, newspaper from the hometown of the University of Missouri is carrying an article by Karin Spory on the the upcoming International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18) which will take place at the University starting on July 21st. Key quotes in the article come from Mark Prelas, professor of nuclear engineering... (E-CatWorld; July 16, 2013)
      • ICCF-18 “Cold Fusion” Conference Begins Next Week - The 18th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science takes place next week at the University of Missouri. The conference is organized by Robert Duncan, vice chancellor for research, and his wife, Annette Sobel, assistant to the provost for strategic opportunities. (NewEnergyTimes; July 17, 2013)
    • Report on the conference on LENR held yesterday at Sapienza University of Rome - Hello everyone, I carry a report by Vincenzo Valenzi, and a bit 'of slides of the conference held yesterday LENR on 15 July at the Sapienza at a pitch of calendar from the French Revolution of July 14 of 224 years ago and a few steps from Via Panisperna , where the boys of the thirties gave way to the nuclear revolution, (22Passi; July 16, 2013)
  • Tangents
    • Tomorrow: 2001 Oak Ridge Bubble Fusion Confirmation Uncovered - Tomorrow, New Energy Times begins publishing the first of a 12-part series of articles that compose the New Energy Times special report “2001 Oak Ridge Bubble Fusion Confirmation Uncovered.” (NewEnergyTimes; July 17, 2013)
    • Plasma micro-reactor steaming ahead - Charles François of FuturProbable continues to develop his TMLECPW plasma micro-reactor for use as a steam generator. This technology is getting smaller and more sophisticated with François claiming 245% energy […] (ColdFusionNow; July 12, 2013)

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