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You are here: > News > July 15, 2013

Keppe Motor Demonstrates Harmonic Electromagnetic Physics ("Magnetonics")

Motor inventors describe how simple the motor is, using principles of resonance, and demonstrate that it is 3x more efficient that comparable-size, conventional motors, and that how has much more torque. On the day of the presentation, the U.S. Patent was finally awarded.

Cesar (left) demonstrates the "tug-of-war" between the 3x-more efficient Keppe fan and a conventional fan, in which the Keppe fan prevailed, making the conventional fan stop, and reverse directions.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Last Thursday, co-inventors, Cesar Soos and Roberto Frascari gave a lecture in English about how the Keppe motor works, along with a demonstration of its capabilities and efficiency compared to conventional motors. 

I shot a video of their presentation, which is embedded below. (I apologize that the audio quality is not that great, but you can hear what they are saying.)

Cesar and Roberto invented the motor by applying Dr. Norberto Keppe's principles of Analytical Trilogy to the concept of motors. They studied motors for several years, looking at the works of Faraday, Tesla, Edison, and others.

On Saturday, Cesar shared with another group how the breakthrough came for him. After studying and pondering all these various motor designs, one night he woke up at 2:30 am and heard a voice in English say simply: "Try Pulse". And with that, everything gelled for him, and he knew what to do.

History is filled with such instances of sparks of inspiration. Tesla would get an entire blueprint download, which he would mull over until it was complete. Then, when he built it, it always worked as he had envisioned it. Mozart and Beethoven claimed to hear their music in their heads, complete.

Cesar compares the Keppe Motor working principle to pushing someone on a swing. "Traditional motors push and pull through the entire motion of the swing, when all you need to do is give just a brief push at the top of the pendulum motion. The motor has a resonance, and you just time the pulse to keep the resonance going.

Besides, in the meantime, between two consecutive pulses, by using a very simple, trick the motor can work as a generator with no back EMF. This is a unique feature of the Keppe Motor, called by the inventors EMTS (Electromagnetic Turbo System), which can supply free energy for external loads or enhance even more the efficiency of the system if used in a closed loop. 

You might think that this pulse motor sounds awfully simple, and if something like that were true, then surely someone would have thought of it before. However, such is not the case. Later in the day on Thursday, Cesar interrupted the person giving another lecture to announce that Dr. Claudia had told him that they had just been informed that they had been awarded their U.S. Patent -- a major milestone they have been awaiting for years. (Spirit urged me to take out my camera to take a picture of Alex, just a minute prior to Cesar making this announcement. Had I followed that prompting, I could have recorded that historic moment.)

This principle of resonance manifests in several useful ways. First, the motor runs cool, so the housing doesn't have to be something that can withstand heat. They use wood. Air blowing across a cool motor housing is always a plus when cool air flow is the objective. Second, the motor runs very efficiently, consuming about 1/3 the amount of electricity as monophase induction motors normally used to power conventional fans.

Cesar demonstrated that by having two fans that were identical in every regard except for the motor powering them. The fan blades were identical, with the same pitch, diameter, thickness, and material. The stands were the same, the protective screen on the back of the fan were the same. He then turned on the conventional fan to full speed, took a measurement of its speed, and showed how many volts and amps its was drawing. He then turned on the conventional fan to full speed, took a measurement of its speed (1,590 rpm), and showed it was drawing 206 Watts. He then brought the Keppe motor fan version up to the same speed, and showed that its power draw was only 68 Watts -- about 1/3 of the conventional motor.

But the most important benefit of running a motor by pulsing is manifest in health ramifications. Typical motors and electricity is not considered beneficial to health. However, my boy, Christian has had a significant diminishing of the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches he used to have, ever since he has been having the Keppe fan blowing at night in his room while he sleeps.

You can place a glass of water 20 centimeters away, and 45 degrees to the back of the motor, and the water will significantly increase "Bovis units" (inverse of wavelength in Angstroms), which is a measure of a health quality of water in what is called "radionics", or the study of microvibrations emitted by objects of different shapes and materials.

Norberto Keppe's new desinverted physics teaches that the basic principles of free energy apply equally to physics, biology and psychology, and when technology works in harmony with nature, mind and body have a lot to benefit from it.

When technology works in harmony with nature, there are many benefits.

Addressing another motor attribute, Cesar said: "Some people say that you can't get any torque with a pulse motor." Then he demonstrated putting the Keppe motor powered fan face to face with a conventional fan, and showed that it stopped and then reversed the motion of the conventional fan. It won the tug of war.

He also demonstrated the EMTS or simply "turbo" effect of the fan. He hooked up two banks of LED lights to the motor, and showed that the power draw by the motor did not increase by the 4 watts, nor did it slow, as you would have expected. He showed that by themselves, the two banks of LED lights draw 4 watts. "That's free energy," he commented.

The Keppe motor group is presently in negotiations with a company in China to mass produce the motor, but they will still continue to encourage groups to start up manufacturing operations such as what they have down the road from where the lecture was in Cambuquira. These motors will, of course, cost a lot more, but the hand craftsmanship and local production factors will hopefully continue to enable them to sell.

The motor and circuitry are so simple that the local people in Cambuquira, with no specialized training, have been able to learn how to build the motors.

Here's a video of the lecture in Cambuquirea:

And here is a video of a Keppe motor fan sales pitch that Roberto Silvano de Abreu and Cesar Soos gave on July 13, 2013 at the Millennial School in Sao Paulo. I also chimed in briefly regarding the health benefits that seem to accompany the fan as experienced by my son, Christian, whose migraine headaches have been significantly mitigated both in severity and frequency with the fan running next to his bed through the night. (My trip to Brazil was financed primarily by the 14th International Forum on Free Software, with support also from STOP.)


In a later lecture on Thursday, Cesar Soos and Alex Frescari described Keppe's new approach to physics that says that matter derives from energy, and that electromagnetisms derives from magnetism. It's a fascinating concept with some interesting support. I've not yet read Norberto Keppe's book: The New Physics Derived from A Disinverted Metaphysics. After attending this conference this past week, I realize I need to, and I'm looking forward to it.

Cesar read that book about seven times while trying to figure out how to build a motor using the principles of Keppe's Analytical Trilogy.

For what it's worth, one person who is not a scientist, but has interest in science, said that they have had a hard time comprehending science. "It just doesn't make sense." But when he read Keppe's book, he could understand, and "it made total sense."

Full Disclosure

PES has a business relationship with the Keppe Motor group, and stands to benefit from their success.

# # #

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