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You are here: > News > June 27, 2013

LENR-to-Market Weekly -- June 27, 2013

Highlights this week include: Sergio Focardi dies; Washington Post writes: "Wonkblog readers are really excited about cold fusion"; LENR censorship by NSF, Wikipedia, and Obama; Italian TV episode on E-Cat and LENR translated with subscripts.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again, we bring you a compilation of various news items about the various LENR companies since our June 20 compilation.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • Sergio Focardi Dies
        • Sergio Focardi — Top Witness of the E-Cat [Updated: Video of Rossi on Focardi] - I believe that one of the most compelling reasons for taking Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat seriously is the involvement of Sergio Focardi in its development. Focardi was one of the preeminent physicists in Italy, being a researcher, teacher and administrator at the University of Bologna. I have never heard anyone, even the most fervent critics... (E-CatWorld; June 24, 2013)
        • Remembering Sergio Focardi ... "There is a Cold Fusion"? - "Well, let's start with Piantelli this: load the deuterium in nickel.'s Build a little box, we put the nickel begin to make evidence - much empirical evidence - and find that when nickel is at 300-400 degrees absorbs significantly hydrogen ... much hydrogen. This is something not known in the scientific literature, as we discovered later. But we started by empiricists in this work, we later found out, talking with experts of cold fusion have said that national "but this is not what happens to anyone," but it happens. "But the books do not tell" and Roberto Habel rightly said, "but we do not we read." Luckily for us, the nickel had not even read the books and things have worked! "(Sergio Focardi, Cesena, 1994) (22Passi; June 26, 2013)
        • Sergio Focardi gave a decisive impetus to research - Sergio Focardi gave a decisive impetus to research. He died the stubborn researcher of Cold Fusion. His contribution to science was the primary and, before committing to the frontier of cold fusion giving decisive impact on the research in the field, was a number one in the classical physics is also the dean of the Faculty of Sciences of Bologna. (VGlobale; June 23, 2013)
        • Sergio Focardi Dies - This news was just posted by Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics: SERGIO FOCARDI, PROF. EMERITUS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA, IS DEAD . I RECEIVED THE NEW FROM ITALY TODAY AT 3 A.M., USA EASTERN TIME, FEW MINUTES AGO. We all have lost one of the greatest scientists in the field... (E-CatWorld; June 22, 2013) (And 22Passi | 2)
        • Cold Fusion: Say goodbye to Sergio Focardi, one of the fathers of the E-Cat - He passed away Saturday, June 22 Professor Sergio Focardi, one of the fathers of the E-Cat of Andrea Rossi and the greatest scholars of cold fusion. (; June 24, 2013) 
        • Sergio Focardi in Remembrance - Video by Sergio Focardi: This is an energy revolution, Physicist Sergio Focardi of University of Bologna has crossed over. He was part of an early group that included Fracesco […] (ColdFusionNow; June 22, 2013)
        • RIP Sergio Focardi - For the last 5 years, Sergio Focardi and Andrea Rossi have worked together to produce a science that few people would admit existed – the science of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. Just as this science grew a spine, became erect, and started walking, Prof. Focardi passed away. (ECatReport; June 26, 2013) (And coldfusion3)
      • Technology
        • Rossi on E-Cat Electricity Generation - Yesterday I put a question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics to Andrea Rossi regarding the production of electricity from the E-Cat. Rossi has talked a lot about using the hot cat to create steam at temperatures high enough to produce electricity efficiently, but as far as I could gather had not mentioned that... (E-CatWorld; June 27, 2013)
      • Italian TV Feature
        • Recent TV Feature on E-Cat with English Translation - Italian engineer Dr. Renato Estri has posted a new version of the recent video feature on the E-Cat which includes English captions. Dr. Estri works for Artech, an Italian company which designs software control systems, and has become quite an advocate for the E-Cat. The caption for this video states that the program was... (E-CatWorld; June 21, 2013) (And
      • Politics
        • “Dirt Plays” Reach Fever Pitch - Once the third party report on Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat was released, most people following the story speculated that opposition would increase. Apparently, this has been the case. Rossi is careful to avoid identifying anyone involved with his story, including entities from is still anonymous U.S. partner to the identities of those opposing him. But, in a recent post on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, he referred to threats to his own safety. (ECatReport; June 20, 2013)
    • Fleischmann Memorial Project,
      • Open Thread Jun 22 — MFMP V 2.0 Experiment - I will be traveling over the weekend and probably will not be able to update E-Cat World until Monday. Please feel free to contribute any news views, etc. in this thread. One thing folks might want to keep an eye on is the new Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project experiment over at There are... (E-CatWorld; June 22, 2013)
    • Ugo Abundo, Pirelli High School
      • Cold fusion. With E-cat back to the Hydrobetatron Abundo - Cold fusion. E-cat continues his march, and Andrea Rossi provides every day a little more detail. But while the Italian inventor working on a technology designed for the business, back to give him the news of the open source philosophy. The site Hydrobetatron, the device Ugo Abundo, is in fact online, and announces the creation of Open Power Association, open to all who share in this setting "free." (; June 24, 2013)
  • General Cold Fusion
    • Poll Results
      • CrowdSourced: Wonkblog readers are really excited about cold fusion - After four weeks of the first Wonkblog CrowdSourced, there is a consensus! Asked to explain what you view as the most promising energy source for America’s economic and environmental future, you favored one answer, heavily, above the others: Low energy nuclear reactions, or cold fusion. Nine of the top ten vote-getters favored this answer. (Washington Post; June 27, 2013)
        • Sterling's Comment: They obviously didn't even read the info they posted in the story very well because the reporter errantly said: "It’s also the case that there is no such technology on the immediate horizon; researchers are far from turning cold fusion from a conceptual idea into a workable energy source."
    • Technology
      • LENR Aircraft gets NASA research grant - The NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI) was established to pursue “deliberate investments in innovative, early-stage, and potentially revolutionary aviation concepts and technologies.” NARI announced the 2013 (Round 3) Seedling Fund Phase I […] (ColdFusionNow; June 20, 2013)
    • Overviews
      • Evidence that LENR is real [Updated-2013-06-26] - If you read that article, it is probably because you are aware of recent announcements by commercial companies that Cold Fusion is ready for industrial usage. This first Part is addressing the basic question, whether Cold Fusion, now named LENR, is a validated scientific fact beyond any reasonable doubt... (; June 26, 2013)
      • Explore an explosive new energy source - Negative words comprise a large percentage of the adjectives used in The Roanoke Times articles re: energy: expensive, depleting, exhausting, polluting, filthy, radioactive, etc. These negative words apply to petroleum, natural gas, coal, uranium, thorium (yep — thorium, too). How about a few positive words: cheap, endless, non-polluting, world-altering, safe, local (as in your basement or a closet). These words apply to LENR (low-energy nuclear reaction). It’s coming. Soon (Roanoke Times; VA, USA; June 27, 2013)
      • Cold Fusion E-Cat: outlook for companies - The reactor cold Andrea Rossi promises clean, low-cost energy supply: focus on a declination of Made in Italy in potential competition with the Renewables. (; June 21, 2013)
    • Censorship
      • The NSF Fails its Mission in Regards to LENR Science - National Science Foundation – "The National Science Foundation falls short. According to them, popular Cold Fusion – LENR Science does not even exist. In the age of the Internet this equates to search engine censorship. Last year the U.S. site revealed links to LENR. Furthermore, this year the DoE has recently revealed links to LENR science through their new Science Accelerator site. Yet the National Science Foundation site leaves one clueless, without any pertinent information on LENR science. This censorship is reprehensible." (ColdFusionNow; June ??, 2013)
      • ICCF page on Wikipedia considered for deletion - The Wikipedia page for the International Conference of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS) is being considered for deletion “in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy.” Generally called the International Conference on […] (ColdFusionNow; June 21, 2013)
      • Obama Unveils New Climate Change Policy — LENR Not Included - President Obama yesterday delivered a speech that set forward an energy policy designed to combat climate change and avoid condemning future generations to living on a “planet that is beyond fixing.” He charged the Environmental Protection Agency for the first time to impose limits on the amount of carbon power plants can emit. The... (E-CatWorld; June 26, 2013)
    • Politics
      • Swedish District Heat Is A Perfect Fit For Cold Fusion - Cold fusion is a technology that has arrived in practical form, and that practical form is simple district heat. It’s strange that so many people… (Atom-Ecology; June 21, 2013)
        • Swedish District Heat Is A Perfect Fit For Cold Fusion - Original article on Atom-Ecology here. Cold fusion is a technology that has arrived in practical form, and that practical form is simple district heat. It’s strange that so many people think of energy […] (ColdFusionNow; June 23, 2013)
      • National Science Foundation – Cold Fusion & LENR – Search Engine Censorship - The National Science Foundation falls short. According to them, popular Cold Fusion – LENR Science does not even exist. In the age of the Internet this equates to search engine censorship. […] (ColdFusionNow; June 21, 2013)
      • US Dept of Energy Provides $150 million in Funding for Small Nuclear Reactors - William Pentland of Forbes is reporting that the US Department of Energy has signed an agreement with Babcock and Wilcox for around $150 million in funding for the development of B & W’s modular small nuclear reactors run by its mPower subsidiary that provide about 180 MW of electrical generation that can run for... (E-CatWorld; June 20, 2013)
      • Global Rescue Plan - When the wealthy nations of the world meet as the G8 or in any other gathering, it’s interesting to imagine what they would do... Comment: "Or save the planet and super charge the world economy by embracing this new clean and very very cheap energy technology (nickel and hydrogen).  Instead, I bet they will fight it because it is destabilizing to the status quo. Check out this third-party verification of a LENR reactor that will soon hit the market..." (IEET; June 23, 2013)
  • Events
    • Future Energy eNews - June 2013 [Upcoming COFE, July 11-13; and TeslaTech, July 24-28] - Our third story has a wonderful artistic rendering of the world's most indefatigable reporter, Jeane Manning, author of Breakthrough Power (Amber Bridge Books) who has now tackled the Defkalion Green Technologies Hyperion LENR thermal generator right ... (ZPEnergy; ‎June 24, 2013‎)

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