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You are here: > News > June 16, 2013

Ask Alex Jones to Amp up the Solutions Rhetoric

Action item: Send suggestion to Infowars: Besides documenting and elaborating freedom-related problems in society worldwide, the Infowars team should have a "Solutions" index page on their site where people can get ideas of what they can do to turn things around and support good alternatives.

Alex Jones leading protest rally at Bilderberg.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News


We've been able to make some inroads into the Infowars team, getting them aware that free energy solutions exist and are in process of emerging, which will help empower humanity and disempower the corrupt powers that be.

Free energy is all about freedom.

Supporting free energy is a peaceful act of defiance against the new world order, which doesn't want an empowered population, but an enslaved one.

Last October, Rob Dew interviewed me on the Infowars Nightly News, and he mentioned that there was at least one other person besides him on the Infowars team that was looking very seriously at the free energy solutions emerging.

Nevertheless, other than a few rare mentions, the topic of free energy rarely is brought up on Infowars programming.

The Infowars team, now exceeding 50 personnel, are excellent to discuss the problems, and wake people up to how corrupt things are, especially in government and major corporations colluding to bring about the police state New World Order tyranny, which will make those power-brokers even more astronomically filthy rich and powerful -- an addiction that is to the point of climax that makes them reckless, perhaps even wanting to get caught, as their conscience nags at them about what they are doing to the planet and humanity.

However, one area where the entire Infowars team (except maybe Mike Adams), really needs to improve their act is in identifying and discussion hands-on solutions. Information without action is just hypocrisy. Furthermore, by primarily just addressing the problems, to a certain extent, the Infowars team actually plays into the hands of the conspirators by stirring up fear rather than resolve, which comes when clear solutions are presented. For the New World Order and the many false flag events they have orchestrated (including USS Maine explosion, fake invasion at Gleiwitz, Reichstag fire, Pearl Harbor, Operation Gladio, Lavon affair, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, War on Drugs, Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11 attacks, 7-7 London bombings, Underwear bomber, Aurora Colorado theatre shooting, Operation Fast & Furious, Newtown Elementary shooting, Boston Massacre [To get more than ample evidence on each of these, just search "false flag" and the name of the incident.]), the primary purpose of these incidents is to instill fear -- the primary tool of any terrorist, of which these conspirators are the quintessence, cloaked behind their suits and ties and titles. They then manipulate that fear in people to accept measures that the people in their rational mind would not accept. 

If you have no fear, the bully loses his power.

And theologically, is not fear (and hate) the primary tool of what people call Lucifer or the devil? Whereas on the opposite end of the spectrum, the enlightened sages down through time, epitomized by Jesus, have admonished that the most important attribute to which we should aspire and implement the best we can, with help from God, is love, and its attending peace. "Perfect love removes fear" (1 John 4:18).

On a tangent, speaking of "hate", I really think Alex needs to stop using that word in any context except hating sin, never the sinner. "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" (Matthew 5:44) is Jesus' Sermon on the Mount admonition.

Back to Alex and free energy, I was very encouraged last month with a dialogue Alex had with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. In hour three of the show, time stamp 22:24.

George: What do you see, with everything we've talked about, with every thing you've talked about as our single biggest concern right now? As a people, what should we be concerned about?

With that question, and with Alex' expert knowledge on so many problems in society, its surprising that he did not take that question as a question about problems, but he transposed it as a question about solutions. And what is even more surprising is what he pinpointed as the best solution -- free energy and its ilk. Here is Alex' answer.

Alex: You know, there's a lot of news that comes out about If someone can get a carburetor that can get 100 miles to the gallon, it gets suppressed because it's called a "disruptive technology."

George: Or it gets bought out and buried.

Alex: It gets bought out and buried like in the Raiders of the Lost Ark, put in that warehouse. 

I don't see that as the real disruptive technology. I think that's the empowering technology that is our hope, that despite the systems' push to suppress humanity, to suppress patents, to suppress ideas, to suppress innovation and ingenuity and rugged individualism; that will only make it come out that much stronger, George.

But my concern, really is, that the nanotech, the genetic engineering, the move towards robots, this whole technocracy that will follow globalist orders and wont question things like our own military has done -- the fact that everything is so automated is going to bring about a cascading event that is uncontrollable, and even the establishment will lose control of; just like the legends of Atlantis in every culture, talk about the technology got to a level that it got out of control and basically caused massive calamity. So I think that out of all of that spectrum of Pandora's box type of technologies, the most dangerous is probably genetic engineering, cross-species splicing; and then after that, computers. (24:28)

I've been meaning to put that excerpt in our news for some time now, because it illustrates that deep down, Alex knows that free energy solutions are fundamental among the solutions that can defeat the New World Order. 

However, I would argue that the most important solution of all is that people need to return to God and goodness, because we get the government and the energy we deserve. As long as people are not good, in general, then they will attract corrupt governments and polluting energy. But when they turn back to goodness, then the corrupt governments will be replaced with good government; and then they will be also able to receive free energy technology solutions, without using them to further rape the planet and engage in wars and crime and oppression.

I would also argue that part of the "awakening" and returning to God and to goodness, entails getting involved in solutions. And the more people do this, the more we send a signal to God that we no longer deserve the many judgments of calamity and destruction that we presently face because of the extend of corruption of society.

Solutions: Alternative Everything

Here are a few solutions that the Infowars team could include on a page on their site. This is just a start, brainstorming. It would be good if they have at least one person on their team whose primary role is to maintain a "solutions" page and remind the other Infowars team member about these things, so that whey they are asked about solutions during interviews, they can give more concrete answers. This person would both identify, list, and prioritize the solutions according to their potential have an impact, recognizing that everyone has specific things that they are good at and which they are destined to facilitate.

  • Return to God and goodness.
  • Pass info on to friends, family, associates, etc.; enlarging the Infowars megaphone.
  • Support alternative solutions, websites, causes.
  • Get prepared for social meltdown.
  • Support the emergence of exotic free energy technologies (that harness the wheelwork of nature, and are not only clean but more affordable than grid-based power).
  • Go off-grid with a conventional clean energy tech: solar, wind, ground source heat pump.
  • Support alternative healing modalities.
  • Get healthy through natural remedies, including healthy nutrition, going organic, non-GMO; avoid high fructose corn syrup; use meat and dairy sparingly, etc.
  • Get hooked up with a local intentional community project.
  • Get involved in the Thrive movement's local grassroots action groups.
  • Home school your kids.
  • Support home birthing.
  • Support freedom-based candidates for office.
  • Communicate concerns with your elected officials.
  • Grow a garden.
  • Support local agriculture.
  • Support local businesses, especially organic agriculture, health food stores.
  • Group up with local activists to network and create a sense of community and support. 

Here is an excerpt of an earlier story I wrote regarding Alex Jones.

For those of you who might not be regulars to our news, by "free energy" I refer to energy that is available free for the taking -- ubiquitous and inexhaustible from the wheelwork of nature. The devices themselves are not free, but many of the breakthroughs now emerging look like they will be cheaper than grid power, with the advantage of creating independence from the grid, while being clean and environmentally responsible. See our list of Top 5 Free Energy Technologies Emerging.

These devices should be of keen interest to Alex and his crew for the following reasons that I've brought to their attention many times by email.

  • The emergence of free energy technology into the marketplace can mitigate the economic collapse by creating hope and jobs -- a cushion to soften the fall. One of Infowars' regular, and highly respected guests, Gerald Celente, of The Trends Research Institute -- on their show -- when asked by Alex what could keep the world from falling into total economic collapse, replied that the creation of a productive capacity would do it, and that he sees this materializing in the form of the emergence of a major energy breakthrough -- not something incremental like solar or wind, but something that would make distributed energy cheaper than grid power. (Story | Story)
  • Free energy technologies foster independence from the grid and the powers that be. It's truly "power to the people" in a literal sense, empowering people to not be slaves to the system because they are no longer dependent on the system.
  • The hope that free energy technologies provide gives us a major antidote to the fear that the conspirators are trying to instill in society in their take-over.
  • Free energy technologies provide a way to survive when things fall apart, even providing a level of comfort during what otherwise could be very disturbing and uncomfortable times. The more people and communities that have free energy devices installed, the more robust they will be.
  • Free energy technologies provide a way to rebuild after the collapse. They will be a major component of the phoenix that rises from the ashes -- the metamorphosis of society into something enlightened, rather than oppressed.

The conspiratorial powers that be, who are collapsing civilization by design, to turn us all into slaves, have everything to loose with the emergence of free energy technologies. Free energy completely disempowers them, and empowers the people. It is anathema to the New World Order.

Supporting the emergence of free energy is one of the most effective and peaceful ways to revolt against the New World Order.

So, as a point of action, please contact the Infowars team and encourage them to 1) do more to point people to solutions; 2) support the spreading of information about the exotic free energy technology solutions

# # #

What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  2. Click to tweet: 
  3. Send an email to the Infowars team to encourage them to wake up regarding the solution that free energy technologies offer. Phone their office. Mention it when you call into their show. Let's badger them until they finally wake up about this. They're presently fast asleep.
  4. Donate to PES Network to help us keep this news and directory and networking service going.
  5. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.

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Last updated June 16, 2013





"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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