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You are here: > News > June 6, 2013

LENR-to-Market Weekly -- June 6, 2013

Highlights this week include: EU Parliament presentation gives strong LENR thumbs up; more discussion of E-Cat third party test; Jeanne Manning's interview with Defkalion; MFMP data on water heating experiment; report on Galzignano, Italy conference; Nobel Laureate's letter to Nature.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again, we bring you a compilation of various news items about the various LENR companies since our May 30 compilation.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • Third Party Test Results
        • On Spreading Awareness (ECW Video Project) - Since the publication of the 3rd party E-Cat report I feel like an important milestone has been reached in the history of LENR/Cold Fusion. Not only have qualified and impartial scientists put a firm stamp of approval on the E-Cat, but they have validated a technology that is clearly able to produce energy in... (E-CatWorld; June 4, 2013)
        • Interest in LENR device resurges as independent report is released - Last year I wrote two columns about develop- ments in the field of low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technologies. After a relatively quiet few months, with no major news, May yielded a resurgence of interest with the publication of an apparently independent third-party evaluation of Italian entrepreneur Andrea Rossi's energy catalyser (E-Cat) device. (EngineeringNews; June 7, 2013)
        • Prepare yourselves - "Sit back, relax and prepare yourselves for the great news that the world's been told." "Sit back, relax and prepare yourselves for the great news that the world's been told." Cold Fusion Radio's James Martinez devotes a special broadcast to the recent third-party report on Andrea Rossi's E-Cat HT technology which confirms big anomalous heat from hydrogen-infused nickel powder. (LENRNews; June 2, 2013)
        • Andrea Rosi's "E-cat" Cold Fusion Device Really Works, Says Science Panel - Recently, the evaluation of Rossi's cold fusion reactor has been indeed verified by an independent group of scientists formed by Giuseppe Levi and Evelyn Foschi from the University of Bologna.... (GreenOptimistic; June 3, 2013)
        • Cold fusion: the E-cat really works? Interview with Andrea Rossi - Cold fusion. The 'E-cat, which still raises several concerns in the experts given the mysteries that revolve around this technology, however, could really be the key to the solution energy of the planet. Will it? To clarify other obscure points we contacted Andrea Rossi on his blog , and the inventor has agreed to answer some of our questions. (; Monday, June 3, 2013)
          • Rossi's Interview With NextMe.It - On May 30th, Roberta De Carolis contacted Andrea Rossi via the Journal of Nuclear Physics, requesting an interview for Redazione Mr. Rossi generously responded to questions left posted there. Here is a synopsis of the question/answer segment: (ECatReport; June 4, 2013)
        • DB & The Haunted Science Report - I understand that there is many people out there on the Internet being very stressed since the publishing of the report that validates Andrea Rossis Cold Fusion Machines. Personally, my conclusion after spending many hours being insulted on various forums and blogs is that the validation report is still very credible and holding water. I decided to put it to the ultimate test so I contacted the worlds best Fortune Teller and Magician.... (DrBoblog; Jun 6, 2013)
        • More Ethics Questions: Uppsala University Hides Failed E-Cat Test - On May 27, Alessio Guglielmi, a researcher in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath, in England, published an open letter that addressed ethical questions about Uppsala University researchers involved in the promotion of Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer (E-Cat) device. Today, New Energy Times reports additional information that raises more questions about the scientific ethics of the Uppsala researchers. (NewEnergyTimes; June 4, 2013)
      • Both E-Cats Are Entering Production? - Plans are being made for mass production of Andrea Rossi's E-Cats. His U.S. partner is developing robotized assembly lines to produce the thousands of units necessary to meet expected demand. (ECatReport; June 2, 2013)
      • Rossi: LENR Acceptable Term for E-Cat, Others Problematic - Thanks again to all who have contributed to the discussion around the new "What is LENR?" page (now posted). In the process of working on the page, and in the light of discussion about various theories I decided to put a question to Andrea Rossi about what term most accurately describes his technology. I... (E-CatWorld; June 2, 2013)
        • What is LENR? [Final Draft Posted] - Dear readers, I once again appeal to the collective wisdom of the E-Cat World community. I am wanting to put up a page with the title "What is LENR?" that people who are discovering this topic for the first time can refer to for a basic understanding of what we are talking about. I... (E-CatWorld; June 1, 2013)
        • A Language Upgrade Needed for LENR? - Right from the start, the field studying "cold fusion" has produced labels that have tended to increase skepticism among scientists. Personally, I can look past labels to realize that a real effect can exist behind potentially problematic labels. When we look at labeling a phenomena, we may take a few approaches. One approach is to… (LENR-ColdFusion; June 3, 2013)
      • Value of Good Partner
        • Rossi on the Need for a Partner [Updated Again] - Here's an exchange I had with Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about his partnership with the American company he has referred to so often. I know there are some who have been concerned that Rossi has 'sold out' by turning his technology over to external corporate interests, who may want to... (E-CatWorld; May 31, 2013)
        • E-Cat Andrea Rossi needs a U.S. partner to survive - According to Andrea Rossi, the enemies they would be trying to block the production of E-Cat resorting to every means. (; May 31, 2013)
      • Rossi Teases about 'Big Surprises' - Today is Andrea Rossi' birthday — he's sixty three years old today, and a number of people have been posting birthday greetings to him over on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. In response to some of these he wrote: Dear Friends ...Thank... (E-CatWorld; June 3, 2013)
      • Protection of IP - Protection of intellectual property, or IP, is crucial for most inventors. The processes of patenting alone can breach the security of an inventor's IP, making it accessible to anyone who knows how to access the patent. In fact, Andrea Rossi has been denied patents because he refused to include his IP, or the actual workings of his E-Cat and Hot Cat, in the patent application. (ECatReport; June 5, 2013)
      • The divine road ahead - I am a one- trick pony. OK. A three-trick pony then. I do not have the scary blades of Wolverine or Thor's mighty Hammer. And there is a lot of water between me […] (ColdFusionNow; June 1, 2013)
    • Defkalion - Hyperion
      • Beyond LENR (aka 'Cold Fusion') to Useful Energy (pdf) - We're in a time of big changes. The CEO of a new energy company developing a revolutionary product says, "If we had started this ten years ago, we'd be dead by now." Even a change for the better is not always easy. (Atlantis Rising / Changing Power; No. 100)
        • Changing Power Reports of Visit to Defkalion Lab - Jeane Manning of the Changing Power web site reports on a visit that she and three engineers made to the Defkalion Green Technologies (DGT) in Vancouver this April. There she met with DGT's Chief Technology Officer John Hadjichristos who showed them a demonstration of a Hyperion reactor. She reports: We observed their fifth-generation apparatus... (E-CatWorld; June 1, 2013)
        • Jeanne Manning on live demo of Defkalion's Hyperion - Jeane Manning, author of Breakthrough Power, has published an article in Atlantic Rising on her visit to Defkalion Green Technologies new office in Vancouver, Canada where she viewed a live demonstration […] (ColdFusionNow; June 2, 2013) (And
    • Fleischmann Memorial Project
      • MFMP Post Test Data on Water Heating Experiment [Updated with more data] - The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project team is reporting results of an interesting experiment comparing the ability of two cells — one active (using wire provided by Francesco Celani), and one passive (using NiChrome wire) — to keep water at a constant temperature. The idea is that excess heat from an LENR reaction in the... (E-CatWorld; June 6, 2013)

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated July 15, 2013




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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