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You are here: > News > June 4, 2013

Calvin Hoogerhyde's Reciprocating Dual-Action Piston Magnetic Force Motor Allegedly Validated

We have been informed that the patented Hoogerhyde magnet piston engine has been validated by replication. Other news updates included.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

For 25 years, Michigan inventor, Calvin Hoogerhyde, has been working on a magnetic piston engine design that involves slight triggering via electromagnets, but otherwise is an all-magnet motor. He received a US Patent 8,058,755 on November 15, 2011.

This was brought to our attention a couple of weeks ago by an article at Revolution-Green. I put up a feature page about his technology at PESWiki last night.

Yesterday, I learned from some email chatter that Calvin's motor was recently validated via replication. Revolution-Green had said they were working on getting a group to go validate the technology, but they were not involved in this particular validation.

While I'm excited about the prospects of another scientific validation of the magnet motor concept, to me, this approach looks very expensive to build and maintain. But I don't know what the output power is, versus the cost of the equipment.


On June 05, 2013 8:01 AM MST [GMT-6], Alden Toles, an inventor from Canada, who has been in communication with me over the past year, who also claims to have a working magnet motor design, wrote:

Good morning Sterling. You asked when you would see my technology. Well, you have just seen some of it with the Hoogerhyde. The difference in his and mine is that mine has less speed restriction and no electromagnets. Mine has more moving parts, though. I look forward to finding out if the electromagnets cause any degaussing. I suspect they don't. I hope these guys quit demoing without a heavy acrylic shield to protect observers. Those magnets can kill a room full of people in a millisecond. This motor should be moved to #1 spot. 

- - - -

In other news, briefly...

  • Be sure to see our new feature page: Directory: (Calvin) Hoogerhyde Motors' Magnet Piston Engine 
  • The Yildiz magnet motor follow-up demo, originally scheduled for June 8, has been postponed. The results will be published after the testing is successful. Since the past few days, Turkey is now in a state of civil unrest, with an overwhelming response by the government to a protest spurring an uprising of the people against the tyrannical measures. This may complicate travel and other arrangements.
  • The Rosemary Ainslie demo that was scheduled for June 1 in Cape Town, S. Africa, was postponed because she was unable to find a qualified academic willing to attend her demo. Remember, she had stipulated that before she would agree to do the demo, she required that at least one qualified academic expert be present. There were quite a few interesting comments posted in response to that announcement. I've suggested that she
    1) do the test at her home, with a good write-up, witnessed by a few of her contacts down there;
    2) present that to academia;
    3) do a follow-up test on campus, per their specs.
    • She replied: "They already have the report of the tests done at the house. The BEST report is the paper. It's widely criticised but Horowitz - who writes the electronic text books for universities - has commented very favourably on those papers. It's been widely witnessed. Over 30 skilled engineers. We've even had top engineers at SASOL BP ABB RESEARCH SPESCOM ALSTOM (now something else - I forget) - ALL PUBLIC QUOTED COMPANIES - and not ONE of them could persuade the academics. A Mr Mariot from SASOL SA actually offered a bursary award to UCT Prof Gaunt - to take the study further. But UCT declined the offer."
  • In response to my question about how things are coming along, Chris Garner, CEO of MSVEX, which is listed on our self-looped motor-generator page, said today: "GGS now undergoing road tests...Fingers crossed."
  • Stefan Hartmann, owner of, is presently travelling in France and trying to visit Fabrice Andre and his partner at Verteole (the people allegedly making a kit that would cost 2000 Euros and produce 2 kW of power). I've created a PESWiki feature page about Fabrice Andre. I had not been aware that he had designed and implemented a 3D video system, proving that he is a qualified inventor.
  • Don't forget to consider chipping in to the two crowdfunding campaigns over at NEST's new site: There has been quite a bit of interesting commenting going on regarding those projects.
    • Featured: Nuclear > Fusion > Electron Power Systems >
      Clean Energy Fusion Crowdfunding Campaign - Could inventor Clint Seward's Electron Power Systems home laboratory kick Tokamak's butt? He claims a fusion process using controlled ball lightning via a toroid plasma process he has developed, that could create a home power system that would be 80% cheaper than conventional grid power. (NewEnergyFunding)
    • Featured: Water > As Fuel > Fundraisers >
      "Turn Water Into Fuel" Kit Crowdfunding Campaign - True Green Solutions is looking to fund the development of the second prototype of a "Water Fuel Capacitor©" by Edward Mitchell, who claims his gas has 13-times more energy content than hydroxy gas derived from other electrolysis methods. His device turns water into a monoatomic hydrogen-oxygen gas mixture using a high voltage, high frequency "Exciter Array". There is practically no current flow between the plates with the Electrical Polarization Process. (NewEnergyFunding)

# # # 

PESWiki Feature Page

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Last updated May 14, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

    "When you're one step ahead
of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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