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You are here: > News > May 23, 2013

LENR-to-Market Weekly -- May 23, 2013

Highlights this week include: E-Cat 3rd Party Test Results Published; E-Cat&Mouse, and Tiger; Interview with Roger Green (E-Cat); SVT E-Cat documentary translated; MFMP Presents Experiment Overview; Upcoming Events: June 3: Fleischmann Pons Effect; ICCF-18 July 21-27; New Institutes: LENR Institute, LENR-Invest, LENR Cities.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again, we bring you a compilation of various news items about the various LENR companies since our May 9 compilation. We skipped the Weekly round-up last week, so this compilation covers two weeks.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • Technology
        • Third-Party E-Cat Test Results Published - The debate about whether or not Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology really works are put to rest with a definitive, third-party test report having been released today stating that at the most conservative, the Hot-Cat technology showed at least a ten-fold increase in power density over what could possibly have been ascribed to any presently-known chemical process. (PESN; May 20, 2013)
          • Reports - Includes a section compiling the coverage of this development from around the web. 36 Stories, as of the time of this writing on May 23, including 6 from mainstream sources.
          • Comments - Includes a section featuring a representative sampling of the plethora of comments that have been posted around the web.
          •  "Even by the most conservative assumptions as to the errors in the measurements, the result is still one order of magnitude greater than conventional energy sources." -- Report Abstract
            "The results obtained indicate that energy was produced in decidedly higher quantities than what may be gained from any conventional source." --  Report Conclusion
          • E-Cat Validation Creates More Questions - The Energy Catalyzer has been tested, successfully, yet again. However, the report has created more questions about the enigmatic technology, such as how can the E-Cat melt ceramic -- with a melting point of 2000 degrees C -- when the fuel of the E-Cat, nickel, has a much lower melting point? (PESN; May 21, 2013)
          • New Poll: Your Estimation of the E-Cat Following the 3rd Party Report - Someone suggested we have a new poll following yesterday's publication of the report and I think it's a good idea. Have your thoughts about the E-Cat changed since the publication of the report? If so, how? Please feel free to explain your position in the comments. (E-CatWorld; May 21, 2013)
          • Help Wanted With Summary of the E-Cat Test - I would like to request the help of E-Cat World readers with a task I have set myself. I have been trying to put together a digest of the recent E-Cat test that might be more easily digestible for the non-expert reader than the full document. I hope this could be a useful resource... (E-CatWorld; May 23, 2013)
        • Rossi: A COP of Not Quite Infinity - There's been a lot of discussion of what might be the COP of the new 'cat and mouse', or 'rat and tiger' E-Cat designs. Andrea Rossi has today made quite a provocative comment on the topic in which he give a calculation of the COP of the new configuration: Dear Ron Stringer: The Activator... (E-CatWorld; May 12, 2013) 
        • What's the Most Compelling Evidence for the E-Cat? - Here's a thread that I hope will help newer visitors to the site. I think there are a lot of E-Cat veterans here who have been following the story from the early days, but I can see from my visitor logs that there are quite a lot of newer visitors coming here these days,... (E-CatWorld; May 17, 2013)
        • Eliminating Hot Spots - Here's an interesting exchange from the Journal of Nuclear Physics today on a topic that I don't think has been acknowledged very much by Andrea Rossi. 1. Have you finally found a way to supply additional heat to specific regions of the E-Cat, after these last few years of trying? A. Yes. 2. Are... (E-CatWorld; May 18, 2013)
      • Cat & Mouse / Tiger
        • On the Purpose of the Mouse - Thanks to E-Cat World reader Omega Z for sending me this comment, which I thought would be a good starting point for a new post. For newer readers here, when we talk about the 'mouse' we are referring to the first stage in the new configuration of the hot cat reactor which, according to... (E-CatWorld; May 15, 2013)
        • A Correction Makes A Difference in Cat and Mouse Discussion - Here's an important correction, I think, that pertains to the discussion we have been having about the cat and mouse. On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi wrote to Joseph Fine: Our basic module is made by an apparatus in which we have 2 components: an activator, which consumes about 900 Wh/h and... (E-CatWorld; May 14, 2013)
        • Andrea Rossi On The (E-)Cat & Mouse - Sterling Allan and Frank Acland recently interviewed Andrea Rossi about his E-Cat and Hot Cat. Mr. Rossi talked about the first E-Cat delivery, the newest delivery, not being shipped, safety concerns, and direct current electrical production. (ECatReport; May 10, 2013)
        • Activating The E-Cats - The addition of an activator to the functioning of the E-Cat has stirred even more interest than ever. Part of the interest over this device, referred to as a "mouse" by Rossi, in keeping with the "Cat" theme, is the fact that Mr. Rossi is quite forthcoming with information about the activator. (ECatReport; May 13, 2013)
        • Enter the Tiger - Andrea Rossi has coined a new name for another reactor in the pantheon of E-Cats. Yesterday when asked by a reader on the JONP about the possibility of using larger e-cats, Rossi commented: Yes, we are working also on it, even if it is not easy: a "cat" that weights 200 kg changes name... (E-CatWorld; May 10, 2013)
      • Business
        • Interview with E-Cat Distributor License Broker, Roger Green - Roger has been arranging much of the distributor licenses for Andrea Rossi's E-Cat worldwide, personally investing $400k. He won't get anything for it until they start selling. Though the 1 MW plants have been on sale since October 2011, potential buyers seem to be waiting to see a continually-running demo unit first. (PESN; May 17, 2013)
          • Roger Green on E-Cat Licensing (PESN Interview) - Sterling Allan of PESN has conducted an interview with Roger Green of E-Cat Australia who has been working over the last couple of years to organizing distribution licensing for E-Cat technologies throughout the world. It's quite interesting to hear how the process has been going, with Roger Green explaining how he has been selling... (PESN; May 17, 2013)
        • LENR-Invest and LENR Cities Announce Partnership - Here's an announcement that was passed on to me by Michel Vandenberghe of LENR-Cities, an organization "working on an innovative open business model designed to tie LENR research to the early adopters in industries as parts of a business ecosystem" May 10th 2013 LENR-Invest and LENR-Cities tune their energies on LENR market. Their teams... (E-CatWorld; May 12, 2013)
          • LENR-Cities to propose it's project to Neuchatel (Switzerland) - On the website of LENR-Cities (, on the french version, a short notice explain in French that they are currently submitting this project to the city and district (canton) of Neuchβtel in Switzerland. (; May 13, 2013)
          • New leap in ecosystem development with LENR-Cities and LENR-invest! - Hi, I rely on lenr-news that business news around LENR-Cities team, that I just published on the forum : It is probably there the best place to discuss about that important event: "LENR-invest", an investment company in LENR and new energies, is joining the ecosystem recently announced by LENR-Cities. (; May 10, 2013)
        • How Does the E-Cat Pay For Itself? - There has been a flurry of Q & As on the Journal of Nuclear Physics since Andrea Rossi started to describe some more details about the 'cat and mouse' configuration of the new hot cat. Rossi has given similar results a number of times, and yet there still seems to be some confusion about... (E-CatWorld; May 13, 2013)
        • launches new website - has migrated over to a new and robust server in order to meet future demands. New visual design, updated content and integrated with social media platforms. We hope you'll like it! (; May 15, 2013)
          • Updates Website (New Hot Cat Info and Pictures) - This may not be the most incredible news out there, but it may have some significance in terms of what it could mean. is an 'official' e-cat site, because it is run by the Swedish Hydro Fusion company, who are licensees for E-Cat products in northern Europe. Today they updated their web site... (E-CatWorld; May 16, 2013)
      • Overviews
        • Energy: cold fusion arrives in the U.S. - Assigned by the patent license to a draft nuclear reaction to "particle generation." The theory of Focardi and Rossi the first official recognition. ROME (WSI) - Had to change name, such as inconvenient witnesses. But after 24 years of ignominy, cold fusion got his first official recognition by the U.S. government: April 16 the U.S. Patent Office has awarded the "United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy 'a license from the title" System and method for generating particles. " (WallStreetItalia; May 20, 2013)
        • Energy Revolution is scheduled for summer - Scientists who study the process called "cold nuclear transmutation," warn before the great energy revolution there were only two months. Once in the middle of this year to go mass market devices called heat generators Rossi (created in honor of their engineer Andrea Rossi), the world will never be the same again. (Pravda; April 26, 2013)
          • Pravda Covers Rossi - Pravda, the newspaper that was once the mouthpiece of the Soviet Union, and now a publication of the Russian Communist party, covers E-Cat technology and Andrea Rossi in an interview with Russian nuclear physicist Yuri Bazhutov. Bazhutov has himself done research in the LENR field, and in the interview talks about trying to get... (E-CatWorld; May 11, 2013)
      • SVT Documentary: Andrea Rossi E-Cat (video, from December airing)
    • Defkalion - Hyperion
      • Defkalion Europe - "I have great respect for Professor Christos Stremmenos and I noted that his confidence in Defkalion has dropped to zero for a long time. In two words, since the summer of 2012 to present Stremmenos has repeatedly stated that if Defkalion has something working in the hand would still result of the know-how to fraudulently snatched Rossi." (22passi; May 10, 2013)
    • Fleischmann Memorial Project,
      • MFMP Presents Experiment Overview - The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has put together a slide show that outlines all the experiments the team has done so far, those currently under way, and those yet to be done. They've only been working on LENR for about nine months and they have done so many experiments it can be a bit... (E-CatWorld; May 19, 2013)
      • NEW ENERGIES FOR A NEW WORLD ... - Regular readers know, willy-nilly, that this blog has generated a kind of network ortodossissimo doppelganger , the blog of Camillo Franchini, . (22Passi; May 14, 2015)

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