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You are here: > News > May 18, 2013

NEST Announces the Launch of New Crowdfunding Platform

NEST's new crowdfunding site has finally launched, featuring two excellent projects: Seward's Clean Fusion and Mitchell's Water Fuel Kit. Also cited are examples of past successful campaigns, advantages of crowdfunding, and suggestions for composing good campaigns.

by Ray Jennings
for Pure Energy Systems News

New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) is pleased to announce the launch of a new crowdfunding platform, New Energy Funding (NEF), at The platform will be focused exclusively on hosting fundraising projects for new and exotic free energy devices and projects related to exotic energy. 

By "free energy", we mean energy provided freely from the wheelwork of nature. By "exotic" we mean modalities that may appear to violate laws of physics as they are presently understood. These notions are reflected in the term: "New Energy".

The New Energy Systems Trust was formed in May 2012 for the purpose facilitating the emergence of exotic energy devices into the marketplace. with the mission of networking exotic free energy technology inventors with investors and professional help to assist them with getting their devices to the marketplace. To this end, NEST has developed a network of business professionals that provide services and expertise to inventors. In the process of servicing the needs of inventors, our NEST team has identified early stage investment as the major obstacle for most inventors. There are many researchers who have no real chance to get funds from traditional sources such as government grants or angel investors, or incubators. Inventors are also reluctant to give unfettered access to private investors for fear that their ideas will be stolen. NEST also has strategies to protect the work of the free energy inventor while moving his device to market.

The Advantages of Crowdfunding

Typically, inventors will simply use their own money or that of family and friends. Crowdfunding can be seen as augmenting that effort. For the inventor, the solicitation process becomes streamlined. All the information about their work is spelled out in the campaign description , so they can simply direct potential donors to their site. The inventor can carefully control the information that is revealed in order to balance the need for validation and protection of intellectual property.

Crowdfunding presents a unique opportunity to contribute directly to inventors on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s energy supplying technologies. Potential donors have the information clearly and concisely laid out for them, so they can take their time and consider the merits of their donation. Donors also have the opportunity to engage with inventors in a way that may otherwise be unavailable to them. The blog function allows donors to interact with the inventors directly. Presenting these new energy technologies to the public on a dedicated crowdfunding site also provides the potential investor a heads up on future investment opportunities.

Option: Crowdsourcing Platform

Some inventors may not necessarily be looking for funding at this point, but the site can offer them an avenue for widening their base of people power. They can find others interested in their technology and capable of providing valuable knowledge from the same or related fields of research.


Site visitors may communicate with the inventor through the use of the comment section and by direct contact, through the contact coordinated provided by the inventor or through a NEST administrator. For now, the comment function setting is on "moderated before posting", which limits lively debate, but prevents hurtful, non-productive criticism.

Successful Campaigns

The potential for public support of exotic energy ideas is highlighted by success of the Tesla Wardencliff Project, which, after struggling for 17 years to raise funds to preserve and develop a Tesla museum, raised $1.37M in a few months using Indiegogo. The first million dollars was raised in the first week, thanks to a brilliant campaign presentation by Matt Inman of The Oatmeal building on Tesla's esteemed reputation by Mavericks worldwide. (Story)

Another inspiring crowdfunding campaign was TeslaTronix. Boasting one of the most simple Tesla coil driving circuits ever, TeslaTronix makes wireless electricity simple, easy, and cheap for everyone. Their Kickstarter fundraiser sought $2,500 and raised $38,946 with 463 backers. One of the videos shows a 9-volt battery powering the coil during Hurricane Sandy aftermath, powering a CFL. (Story)

The "Tesla Round 2, The Mission of Eric Dollard" fundraising campaign sought to raise $20k by January 31, 2013, but actually pulled in over $36k, with many other in-kind contributions continuing to flow in, including a laboratory facility, equipment, and supplies. The outpouring has put a big smile on Eric's face, after living in the desert as an outcast. (Story

Another successful campaign stemming from a few years ago, that most of you have not heard the latest, exciting news on, is the Ultimate Energy Showdown reality series, which is poised to air on television fairly soon.

A less exotic energy campaign that has been hugely successful was the "$5 Lamp Powered Solely by Gravity". The $5 light requires no fuel or batteries, and it takes only 3 seconds to lift the weight which powers GravityLight, creating 30 minutes of light on its descent. They ended up raising $399,590 of their $55,000 Indiegogo fundraising goal. (Story

The New Energy Funding Crowdfunding Platform

The overall purpose of the New Energy Funding platform is to provide a funding resource for entrepreneurs, inventors and small corporations who are researching and developing exotic free energy technologies and devices. The need for this resource should be apparent to the PESN audience. There are many researchers who have no real chance to get funds from traditional sources such as government grants or more mainstream investors, incubators or other investors. 

We at at NEST believe it is time for free energy inventors to have a way to communicate their financial needs directoly to public donors and to potential investors. New Energy Funding now provides free energy inventors with their own niche crowd funding platform.

NEST is launching its NEF site with two projects, with two completely different approaches to energy generation. 

We invite other free energy inventors to submit their own campaigns to NEF to raise money for their projects.

Crowdfunding Project #1: Clean Energy Fusion by Clint Seward

Clint Seward is raising money for further research and development of his colliding plasma toroid energy demonstration. The end objective of this research is the completion of a controllable demonstration in which two plasma toroids are collided to produce clean fusion energy. 

He has pulled together a very concise, clear, credible, and compelling promotional video.

Clint is a serious researcher. He is a retired engineer who began researching ball lightning in the 1970’s. He has developed a laboratory in his home in which he creates stable plasma toroids, or plasma rings, which remains stable with no magnetic confinement. 

Recent breakthroughs have led Clint to believe he can produce a practical product. His goal is to produce a product that can heat and power a home using a low cost, clean fusion energy supply, saving 80% in energy costs. The unit will be the size of a 10kW standard backup generator. 

Clint is looking to raise $35K to purchase equipment for further testing and development.

We are very excited about this project, and hope you will join us in supporting this and in getting the word out about this campaign to your family, friends, social networks, and favorite news sources.

He could use a lot more money than that to do his research and development, so it would be awesome if we could far surpass his one-milestone goal, similar to what happened with the other successful campaigns mentioned above.

---> See Campaign 
(See also our feature page at PESWiki)

Crowdfunding Project #2: Turn Water Into Fuel by True Green Solutions

True Green Solutions is looking to fund the development of the second prototype of a "Water Fuel Capacitor©" by Edward Mitchell, who claims his gas has 13-times more energy content than hydroxy gas derived from other electrolysis methods. His Water Capacitor turns water into a monoatomic hydrogen-oxygen gas mixture using a high voltage, high frequency "Exciter Array". There is practically no current flow between the plates with the Electrical Polarization Process. The resulting gas mixture can be used as a fuel for heating, cooking, welding, fixed generators, and powering internal combustion engines with much greater efficiency. The Water Capacitor will be incorporated into a kit offered from True Green solutions to individual consumers. Those who donate to this effort will be offered future opportunities to invest in the technology and/or an actual kit at discounted prices. The goal of this campaign is to raise $25,000. TGS hopes to demonstrate the use of this technology in a running automobile with much improved fuel efficiencies over stock automobiles.

---> See Campaign

Welcome is open to anyone looking to fund a business or project that is related to breakthrough exotic free energy technology. There are some important criteria. For example: 

  • All campaigns must be related to new energy technology or energy amplification.
  • Campaigns must have sufficient documentation, including video, photographs and other written documentation, such that the campaigns are credible and campaign sponsors are accountable to their contributors. 
  • Campaigns must also be professionally written and presented. 
  • We strongly prefer campaigns for which working prototypes exist or have been successfully built in the past.
  • NEST may also require or recommend that campaigns with existing prototypes be third-party validated. 

Advice for Crowdfunders:

Although NEST is relatively new to the crowdfunding arena, we have learned a lot in the eight months we have been in the development process, so we would like to share some of that experience with the PESN audience. For those of you that may be interested in raising funds for your invention through crowdfunding, whether on our site or somewhere else, you would be wise to consider this sage advice: In our view, a successful crowdfunding campaign has two major elements: credibility and a solid marketing strategy.

Credibility. We have no intention to facilitate the funding of scammers, hoaxers or pretenders. We believe that the public will not be inclined to fund ideas that are purely in the theoretical stage, and we also think they should not be asked to. So, we have developed criteria to screen for projects that are the most worthy of funding. Those criteria are posted on the site.

For example, projects that involve a physical device must at least have a working prototype, some previous demonstrations, or proof of concept. The more information, the better. 

Project goals must also be attainable and kept realistic. It is better to have a smaller goal, reach that milestone, then follow-up with another goal.

Marketing. A good crowdfunding campaign starts with the creation of well thought out and designed campaign pages. If you don’t have previous experience with loading content onto a web page, or creating marketable prose with videos and photos, you may want to enlist the help of a friend with web design or marketing experience. NEST may also be able to assist you for a modest fee. Either way, the inventor/entrepreneur should create an attractive and compelling campaign, including the judicious use of videos and photographs. Again, the NEF crowdfunding guidelines and acceptance criteria are posted on the NEF site.

Campaigns also need to utilize creative rewards for contributors. Think about what people may want in return for their contribution. You might consider offering access to your work. You may want to browse successful campaigns for ideas, or ask potential donors what sort of reward interests them. The better the rewards, the more likely people will contribute. 

It is also very important to recognize that up to 90% of the donations will come from the sponsors' friends and friends of friends. In other words, except in rare cases, the vast majority of funding is likely to come from extended social contacts. So, the potential crowdfunder is well advised to rely on his or her own contacts and engage their social networks early in their campaign. Donors will be more interested in giving if they see that there are already contributions.

Give careful consideration as to whether you want to keep whatever is raised from the time-limited campaign or only take the funds if the goal is achieved.

If you are interested in raising funds for your exotic free energy device that will change the world, please visit and click “Get Started.”

# # #

Ray Jennings is a practicing Attorney in Massachusetts and President of NEST 


  • Crowdfunding Project #1: Clean Energy Fusion by Clint Seward
  • Crowdfunding Project #2: Turn Water Into Fuel by True Green Solutions

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