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You are here: > News > May 2, 2013

Roberts Rotary Noble Gas Engine Debut

Robert Rohner has built a rotary noble gas engine design by Dannel Roberts, and uploaded a video showing it in operation, demonstrating for the first time this new method of harvesting the noble gas plasma effect. Though it doesn't show power in:out, they do disassemble the engine to show its simplicity. 

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Wednesday, a milestone was reached in the world of exotic free energy.

ParticleMechanics channel on YouTube posted a video titled "Roberts Rotary Engine" that shows, for the first time ever, that we know of, a demonstration of a rotary noble gas engine. Piston versions have been demonstrated, primarily four decades ago by Joseph Papp, but never a rotary version.

The engine was designed by Dannel Roberts and build by Robert (Bob) Rohner, the mutual-nemesis brother of John Rohner, whose website I just happened to be checking in on, for the first time in maybe 1.5 months, at the time my friend sent me the link to this new video. John's lab was raided by the FBI recently, primarily due to selling stock not registered with the SEC, and he seems to be blaming me, in part, for his demise.

Bob Rohner has been working on noble gas engine research and development for years, dating back to the day when he and his two brothers hung out with Joseph Papp, the original pioneer of the technology, beginning in 1967. 

Bob has posted a number of demonstration videos over the years. At the TeslaTech conference nearly a year ago, I witnessed him demonstrate his "popper" effect to the audience there. And last month, we reported on his "Twin Engine" video.

We therefore have reason to have a high degree of confidence in Bob's ability to demonstrate what he is talking about with the noble gas engine technology. It makes sense that Dannel Roberts would approach Bob about working together on building his rotary design.

Though the Roberts video doesn't document input versus output energy, it does do a fairly convincing job of demonstrating that rotary motion is achieved through the noble gas plasma input. This is a relevant question since it takes energy to create the plasma state for each cycle. Furthermore, the output is only shown in terms of Volts. Amps are not given, which makes the volt reading nearly useless, since watts = volts x amps.

After demonstrating the engine turning, they disassembled the engine so you could see the simplicity of the design. One rotating vane -- a simple turbine; a housing to aim the plasma pulses to cause rotation of the turbine; and a firing assembly.

In comparing it to the early days of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, I think he downplays too much how far along they are, or are not. They're further than that. Nevertheless, to their credit that make the distinction that even though they have something running, it is yet a long ways away from being ready for robust commercial deployment.

Nevertheless, they do indulge in some dreaming about what might be coming down the road with this technology, envisioning that something the size of the prototype they demonstrated could output 200 HP. And the beautiful thing about this technology is how simple and low-maintenance the design is: no need for a crank case; no valves; no exhaust; no cooling system. And the fuel costs are essentially negligible, since we're talking about ubiquitous, inexpensive noble gasses that are barely consumed in the process, if at all -- replenishment needed only to keep within the range of gas ratios required.

Dannel also sets forth his theory of how noble gas plasma can provide expansive force to drive an engine. His theory is set forth in detail in a book he wrote: Particle Mechanics: The Theory of Energy States.

At, Dannel's website showed up for the first time on December 31, 2004, featuring his book by that title; so from that, you can see that he has been publicly promoting at this for nearly a decade. The book is listed at as being published on December 31, 2004.

Now, here is the video of Roberts Rotary Engine -- a play on names since it involves both Dannel Roberts and Robert Rohner.

A year ago, he published, with Bob, this introductory video to the Noble Gas plasma effect.



A guy who loaned us $2k last December, and who I paid back Monday from my tax return, is the one who gave me the link to the "Roberts Rotary Engine" video. 

On the side, I might mention that though I spent my entire personal tax return on paying back loans two people made to PES, we've only pulled in one $10 donation in the recent fundraiser that suggested the people might dip from their tax return windfall to help us out.

# # #


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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Mar. 15, 2010
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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