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You are here: > News > April 25, 2013

Yildiz Entertaining Manufacturing Licenses, But...

Yildiz announced today that he is opening for manufacturing licenses for his all-magnet motor technology. In my opinion, this is premature. He needs a business team around him first, to come up with reasonable terms and strategy. Maybe Chava Energy could fill that role?

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

This morning, I received a Skype message from Halil Turkmen, who is Muammer Yildiz' associate and translator. He wrote:


BSMH is proud to announce Worldwide Licensing

License for manufacturing will be granted in 5 different power ranges:

1 - 0,5 HP - 1 HP
2 - 1,5 HP - 3 HP
3 - 3,5 HP - 4,5 HP
4 - 5 HP - 7 HP
5 - 7,5 HP - 15 HP

To apply for a license, please use the contact form on our web page, send in “Letter Of Intent” along with documentation describing your company. [Or you can reach Halil through our contact info for him.]

Meetings will be arranged according to applications order.


Open License

He also told me: "The open license will be done for the simple designs. Not industrial types" [which the above refer to].

The open license would basically consist of people being able to download plans for the motor, and if they are successful in building a company or product around that, they would remit a royalty (e.g. 5% is what I'm recommending) on all commercial sales.

And "simple" in this context is relative. From what I can gather so far, this system would not be very easy to replicate. But at least it can give the scientists something to grab onto.


I have mixed feelings about this announcement of receiving manufacturing license inquiries.

It's premature for several reasons:

  • Hasn't been scientifically proven.
  • PCT hasn't been filed yet.
  • Hasn't been engineered for reliable running.
  • Don't have a production prototype.

As I've reported previously, I have many reasons (35+) to believe that Mr. Yildiz' magnet motor is for real. If you've not already taken our poll in response to that story, feel free to do so now over on the right. Here is the tally from the first day, which ratios have held pretty constant since then.

I want him to succeed.

But along with that perception, one of the things that has become very clear to me is that the primary reason Mr. Yildiz is not in the market yet, even though he's had a prototype to demonstrate the principle for at least 15 years, is that while he is a brilliant inventor, he is not a brilliant businessman.

In my immersed exposure to the exotic free energy world for the past 11 years, over and over again I have seen situations where the inventor becomes his own worst enemy because he thinks that he can also run his business successfully.

Inventing stuff and running a business are entirely different skills. There are a few rare exceptions of people who actually have both skill sets. Mr. Yildiz is not one of them. That is pretty much the sentiment that is shared by everyone I have spoken to on the subject (around 20 people, who want him to succeed).

Some of the untenable numbers I've heard from people who believe in what he has and want to work with him are along the lines of:

  • $100 million for a license for a country (e.g. in Europe. Not sure if there is a per capita rate.) More specifically, they are saying that they want 1% of the total costs of energy used per year in a certain country, which actually runs into the billions of Euros.
  • 25% royalty per unit sold
  • No major share in the company ownership

And so far, after 15 years, understandably, he has NO TAKERS. 

Halil says that the numbers are flexible and that those huge numbers are not something he has witnessed being discussed since he's been involved for the last three years.

One thing I've said in Yildiz' defense when I've heard numbers like that is that perhaps sometimes he throws out numbers like that to get rid of people he doesn't want to work with.

Yildiz has had a lot of bad experiences with people he thought he could trust trying to steal the technology from him, including a government that tried to reverse engineer it, and when the motor self-destructed during the attempt, they actually had the gall to ask him to reveal the missing information.

However, the reality of life on this planet is that teamwork is essential to success. You have to be able to find people you can trust and entrust them with what they are good at doing. 

I predict that if he continues to not trust anyone else, and instead tries to run things entirely himself, he will continue to repeat his experience of the past 15 years -- NO TAKERS.

The fact that he didn't have a back-up motor at the Geneva demo, so when the primary failed he had nothing to run continuously, shows that he doesn't think like a businessman at all. He's supposedly built 58 motors. He could have had a back-up, but didn't. That is so typical of an inventor, and not at all typical of a businessman.

What Yildiz really needs is to find a trusted company that he can hand the business aspects of his company over to, who can handle all the licensing terms and negotiations on his behalf. Such a team should be able to handle such things as:

  • Proper license terms, whether territorial, or per application, or both; whether for manufacturing or distributing, etc.
  • A workable strategy given the dynamics of new exotic free energy technology finally arriving on the scene.
  • Intellectual property issues.
  • Business plan development.
  • Media interface, media kits, press releases.
  • Optimizing the design, and engineering for production.
  • Testing and certification process.
  • Website development.
  • Financing.

And he needs to have a scientific validation of his technology that all of his licensees can refer to. The scientific validation should pre-date the licensing, since all licensing will stipulate scientific validation.

Remedy in the Wings

While at the expo in Geneva, one of the things that gave me great hope for success emerging from the Yildiz magnet motor saga was seeing the number of very talented people and groups wanting to help.

Like me, they see a lot of reasons to consider that it is "most likely" that the Yildiz motor works. And they seem confident that a proper scientific test of the motor will vindicate it once and for all.

One of the people who arrived at the expo quite skeptical but who walked away quite convinced and wanting to help was Hagen Ruff, CEO of Chava Energy. He flew in from Miami; and this wasn't his first trip to visit Mr. Yildiz. He's been over to Turkiye maybe 1-2 other times. (Turkiye is the proper spelling, not Turkey; and the difference is very significant to the Turks.)

I witnessed quite a bit of the interaction between Hagen and Mr. Yildiz' team, both at the expo and on the evening of the first night of the expo, back at the villa that documentary filmmaker, Rene van der Woude of, had rented for his film crew. Yildiz had a motorhome parked out front, next to the motorhome that Ronny Korsberg had rented for him and me to stay in (we initially had planned on continuing the demonstration through the night at a local campground, then modified that plan to maybe hold the night-time demos at the villa, then...)

The chemistry between Hagen and Mr. Yildiz and Halil and Murat (Yildiz' associates) is very good. They like him, and he likes them, and they get along very well. The trust level from both sides seems to be excellent as well.

Hagen offered to set up -- free of charge, and with no strings attached -- a fully scientific vetting of the technology. This would be of the 5 kW system, complete with measurement of power, rpm, electromagnetic fields, temperature, vibration analysis, etc. I'm not sure if they will also do torque versus rpm measurements, since the purpose of this test is to just measure THAT it works, not necessarily HOW WELL it works. Hopefully there would be 2 or more units to be tested, so that the malfunction of any one unit would not prevent the test from being carried out successfully. A 24-hour test of such a system would be more than adequate to rule out any kind of tricks.

From what Halil was describing to Hagen at the expo, that 5 kW unit that Yildiz decided at the last minute not to bring to the Geneva demo but to keep back in Turkiye, is comprised of a rotor that is about 10 cm in diameter, maybe 30 cm long, and it has 6 discs around it, each of about the same diameter and length. Those stator discs rotate slightly forward or backward to increase or decrease the torque of the unit. And the system is transparent, so you can see the components in operation, in contrast to the 15-year old unit Yildiz demonstrated at the expo.

Hagen told me today that this test is now scheduled to take place on June 8 in Izmir, Turkiye. And if I understand correctly, both he and Yildiz are willing for that test to be broadcast live through web streaming.

Hagen also said that it is now okay for me to mention his identity. Up until now, I've been referring to him as "Mr. X".

From my vantage point, Hagen and Chava Energy would be a good candidate for Yildiz to consider as his primary, inside business team to work with all of the other international companies coming to the table. There are some other good contenders as well for that role.

Here's a video I shot of Hagen talking near the Yildiz Magnet Motor booth at the expo on April 11, 2013.

Johnny Come Lately

While I have mixed feelings about Yildiz opening up to manufacturer licensing discussion now, before having a full scientific validation; one thing that will be valuable for him will be to see who comes forward now, versus who comes forward later.

For me personally, I would favor those who believe in him now, when the evidence is good but not irrefutable. I would think he would prefer to work with people who are more forward looking and who don't have to be proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Those are the kind of people who will stand up against the powers-that-be and not bow to pressure to be bought out, or to soft-pedal, or to otherwise skimp.


If some of you business savvy people could chime in in the comments below, that would be welcome and appreciated, if your voice can be heard above the din of the usual skeptics who like to give all the reasons why the motor cannot work, forgetting that science has been wrong plenty of times in the past. 

The most important thing right now is to prove that it DOES work. Then, a new scientific and energy revolution can begin, answering the question of "how" it works, and what it means for modern civilization.

Hopefully, a professional business team can be wrapped around Yildiz before that proof takes place, because then everyone is going to want in, and someone who is able to handle the rush of interest should be already established, to handle it properly.

# # #

Yildiz's Site

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated November 27, 2014




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
   Second, it is violently opposed; and
   Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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