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You are here: > News > April 11, 2013

Yildiz Magnet Motor Demo Report, April 11, 2013

Even though the motor was not continuously running, only occasionally for a brief demo, the energy of the people visiting the booth at the Inventors Expo in Geneva was still very high; and there were things observable today that were not noticed or addressed yesterday. The believers have more reason to believe.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Even though the motor was not continuously running, the energy of the people visiting the booth at the Inventors Expo in Geneva was still very high as they met other like-minded people, shared business cards, talked business, shared dreams about the future, and strategized about how to help Mr. Yildiz succeed, along with other technologies of promise.

As I returned to the Villa in France where the documentary film crew is staying (Ronny and I are parked out in front with the motor home Ronny rented for 550 Euros for the week), they asked me if I felt let down by today's lack of a motor running continuously. I told them that for me, I am glad that the motor was not running continuously, because I was able to see several significant things that I would not have seen otherwise. It makes it more real. I am even more convinced today than I was yesterday.

If it had just been a matter of the motor slowing down yesterday, before they shut it off, then I think the skepticism would have been higher, but because the noise increased, giving evidence that something had gone amiss, it was easier to believe Mr. Yildiz' explanation that some magnets had gotten out of place and could create a cascading, catastrophic failure if he kept it running continuously.

And last night, his showing Ronny, Halil, and me some of the magnet fragments he pulled out of the motor, gave physical evidence of what he was saying. And with that, it wasn't hard to imagine how some of the unretrieved fragments of the brittle neodymium magnets could be lodged elsewhere in the motor, causing problems and possibly instigating a major failure.

Actually, I was somewhat surprised that he was still willing to give the motor a run at various times throughout the day. And for me, watching the motor start and stop gave me even more confidence that it is indeed a magnet motor and not a motor powered by a hidden battery. It was obvious that the braking mechanism that caused the motor to stop, once released by Yildiz' use of the screwdriver, hit with a mallet, immediately, within maybe a 1/5 of a second, allowed the motor then accelerate to full speed. However, when he hit that mechanism in the reverse direction, to stop the motor through the brake, it took maybe 3-5 seconds to slow to a stop, which is consistent with a brake on a resisting force. 

So as I described the motor to curious passers by, I would tell them that as the motor is sitting there stopped, it is under tension to want to accelerate, which it immediately does when the brake is disengaged. 

There was no electric motor sound during that acceleration.

Another convincing demonstration that Yildiz did was to hold a coin perpendicular to the small motor as it was turned slowly. You could see the coin flop back and forth as the magnetic polarity passing by it changed. (Video)

Also, the behavior of that smaller motor was consistent with the concept of all-magnet power. With very slow rotation speed by hand, moving it maybe 2 rpm, you could feel a very strong cogging. It almost hurt your finger to push on the fan blade to get it past a cogging point. Yet if you pushed it a little harder, it would begin spinning for several revolutions. That behavior is completely inconsistent with how a motor would behave if there were some kind of hidden battery and motor. It is totally consistent with the notion of a magnetic motor. Throughout the day, people were toying with that propeller. That alone convinced a lot of people that there is something unusual going on here.

The closest motor that might have action like this is a stepper motor, but some of the action of Yildiz motor is not consistent with a stepper motor.

Meanwhile, the propeller on the larger motor that had the brake on it, did not turn, due to the brake, consistent with the idea of the brake holding it in place, and its release allowing its movement.


Several celebrities in the free energy movement visited the booth today and hung out for many hours. Adolph and Inge Schneider were there, and at least Adoph had shifted from his skepticism to a very definite optimism.

Giorgio Iacuzzo from Nexus Magazine was there, and I was able to do an interview for him.

The most surprising visitor and reaction, for me, was from a person who for now does not wish to be announced, but who is a very credible figure in the field, playing an incubating role. I thought for sure he would be among the most skeptical. But I heard him tell someone, in my presence, that he has been tracking the field of free energy for many years, hunting for legitimate technologies to assist, and of all the technologies he presently knows of, this one is the most promising.

He spent several hours with Mr. Yildiz last night, was at the booth much of the day yesterday, and almost all day today. He and Yildiz' team have a very good chemistry. He is going to be arranging a laboratory testing of the motor near the end of May, which will pass full scientific rigor. They plan on testing a motor with a 5 kW load, with all necessary observation, measurement, and protocol to fully vindicate the motor. Then, he plans to help them get the engineering needed to improve the reliability of the motor and to help bring it to market.

I talked with an investor with a European company that has annual revenue of 1.5 billion, who is visiting Defkalion next week. He's also interested in the Yildiz motor, and had dinner with the above-mentioned guy, myself, and several others this evening. Fascinating conversation enjoyed by all.

One of the guys at the table also doesn’t want his face/identity to be published, but he goes by YoungTesla  at YouTube, and upon hearing his many accounts, the name is quite fitting. While still at the expo, he showed us a "superbowl" video he posted to his channel, which shows a pot of water in an 800-year-old bowl he got from India, being brought over a stove. The water vibrated instead of boiling, and raised to 160 C and never boiled. 

His theory about how it works is that "boiling" in the traditional sense is a function of restrictive properties with in regards to the geometry of the vessel itself. In our modern society, we define "precision" with 90-degree angles and straight lines. From a linear standpoint this might seem to be technically correct, however [more]

He said he also has built a working magnet motor
but put it on hold... 

He explained how he thinks the Yildiz motor works. He said that what the motor does is forward the eddy current to an advanced magnet to cause it to change properties. So instead of creating heat, the eddy current enables to motor to operate. This is consistent with the measurements we took yesterday that showed that while operating at around 2600 rpm, the motor did not heat up at all. Maybe 1 degree C above room temperature at the bearings. Normally, magnets passing by aluminum (which is what the motor walls are made of) creates heat. But no heat is created in Yildiz' motor.

Another highlight from the day was meeting with a group of four guys from Slovenia who drove 8 hours to see the Yildiz motor. They have created a company, ENSTROJ, bringing forward a super-efficient, high-power motor/generator, which is now in production, recently finishing a batch of 20 motors. It was measured by Siemens to have an efficiency of 96%, with power output from between 5 kw and 100 kw. It weighs 2-3 times less than competing motors, and costs 2-3 times less. It is a great technology to pair with something like the Yildiz motor. I shot a video interview with them.

One of their scientists is also involved in LENR research, and has ideas about how to create high torque in a compact package.

I also spent time visiting with a couple of businessmen, including Dr. Ing. Mihai Sanduleac, who came from Romania to see the demonstration. We hope to drive to France either tomorrow or Saturday to visit the guy who has the Kapagen motor there, if we can contact them and make an appointment.

Coming Sunday

Update: Friday, April 12, 5:45 pm GMT: Himansh Not Coming Sunday

Himansh was not able to get his passport in time to come for Sunday. He won't have it until Monday, so he could be here Tuesday, if Mr. Yildiz is still here. We don't yet know the plans of Mr. Yildiz, so that is an unknown. Won't know until Sunday some time.

Today has been much like yesterday.

April 15, 2013 Update:

On Sunday, Himansh Verma from India is flying in for the demo. He asked me today what I thought about it, and based on my recommendations, he's making the trip. We helped him get his visa last week.

Who is Himansh? He's the guy I've been talking about from India who is serving as free energy scout for one of the leaders in India. He's the one with the self-looped motor-generator technology that is now going into production. They are building manufacturing plants; and they are entertaining licensing for this technology.

This is why I have been listing that technology as #1 in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies for a few months.  The down side is that they are still many months away from these products actually being available for customers. It takes time to ramp up the manufacturing plants.

You might ask: "If they have this self-looped motor generator technology, using off-the-shelf motors and generators, at a low cost, why would the even bother to look at other technologies?"  The answer is that they want a diverse portfolio and more than one solution. Hence, he is coming to Geneva to meet with the Yildiz magnet motor team.

Magnicoaster Update

On April 9, Rasa wrote: "The generator for the 2nd customer on the waiting list is being shipped out the door today (party). I have photos from their shop...; and as soon as I can get back to Canada, I will be making my own videos of it charging batteries. Could be another month. On my part... a bit busy now."

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