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You are here: > News > April 10, 2013

Report on the Yildiz Magnet Motor Demo in Geneva, April 10, 2013

The motor ran for 4.5 hours at ~2600 rpm before malfunctioning. Plan to repair it this evening to resume demo tomorrow. Duarte said he saw inside the motor and can vouch that there are no batteries inside. Technical problems with internet being resolved.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

PESWiki (which is where forwards) seems to be down presently [up again as of 9 pm GMT], so I'm sending this report out by email to our mailing list. I've sent a notice to our server provider to inform them of the outage. Hopefully it will be repaired soon. Meanwhile, the live stream can be found at  

We've had a lot of internet connectivity problems here at Palexpo [low-quality, expensive internet service], so most of the morning the feed was not going out. That is in process of being resolved with a Cat5 connection with 1 Mbs upload speed (cost $432 to set that up for the remaining 4 days, beginning April 11). I forgot that internet is not nearly as robust in Europe as it is in the US, and I expected that the Expo wifi would be adequate.

This morning, when Mr. Yildiz went to start the motor at around 10:05 am, shortly after the conference opened, it didn't start. He pulled it into a closet at their booth for about 20 minutes, then emerged. Then he started it by the way you've seen on the web.

The motor ran from 10:28 am to 2:50 pm GMT, nearly 4.5 hours.

It started at 2600 rpm, then went up in speed to 2673, then down and up that range for about 3 hours.

Then, a magnet was "loose", and the motor began to slow. Then, he said that the magnet alignment malfunction began to cascade so that 3 were out of line. By 2:21, the speed was 2064. A noise could be heard from the motor, so he turned it off.

Then, at 3:10 pm, he turned it on again, and it went to 1930 rpm, then began dropping rapidly
1734 rpm at 3:12
1522 at 3:15
He stopped it at 3:16 pm

The temperature was around 23 degrees on the front and back bearings, just 1 degree C above room temp: 22 C

So presently, the motor is off.

He plans to work on it this evening, then run it again tomorrow, hopefully all day (and hopefully through the night too).

Assistant professor Duarte of Eindhoven is present. Last night he openly stated to the group of about 12 people assembled in a villa in France, that he has seen inside the motor and there are no batteries in there.

Also, yesterday, Yildiz demonstrated an effect in which copper coins (which normally are not attracted to magnets) stuck to the outside of the magnet motor, while silver-colored coins (which normally are attracted to magnets) drop off the outside of the same motor body -- the opposite of what you would expect. This illustrates that there is something very unusual going on.

Duarte also points out that with magnets rotating around in vicinity of aluminum that there should be eddy currents and heat produced; but that is not observed in this set-up. (Remember, he saw inside and saw the magnets.)

The booth has been busy with observers all day up until about 4 pm. Now that the motor is stopped, the walk-by interest has dropped significantly, as could be understood.

He hasn't run the smaller motor at all today yet. When I get free here, I hope to ask him to run it. I want to burn my hand on the shaft trying to stop it with bare hands. That motor has no control, so it has to be stopped by gloves on the shaft to prevent it from speeding to destruction.

Rene and his film crew have been here all day, including for about an hour after the motor was stopped.

I had to fork out $34 SF (close to USD) for lunch. Crazy expensive here. The airport next door will be much cheaper, and you all know how expensive airport food is.

Having a great time. Thanks for enabling me to come here. I think it will be well worth the trip.

I've shot a lot of photos and video, and will be getting some of that up soon, hopefully.

Postscript / Temporary Blog

The 2nd device needs the controller from the 1st device, so they can only run one or the other. Hence, Yildiz did not run the second motor during the expo on April 10. The second one is there partially as a back-up in case of significant failure of the first.

# # #


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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated May 02, 2013 




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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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