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You are here: > News > March 28, 2013

LENR-to-Market Weekly -- March 28, 2013

Highlights this week include: Rossi's third party testing is completed, results positive, report pending; Military E-Cat 6x run-time accumulates 8,000 hours; household E-cat years away; Miley's LENUCO nearly wins Future Energy contest; Ugo Abundo Demonstrates Simple Experiment; LENR CFLs?

Ugo Abundo demonstrates his LENR set-up

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again, we bring you a compilation of various news items about the various LENR companies since our March 7 compilation. This particular compilation covers three weeks.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

See also Cold Fusion Times.

  • LENR Companies
    • Rossi, Leonardo Corp - E-Cat
      • Military Customer Update
        • Rossi: E-Cat Ran 8,000 Hours out of Possible 8,760 With COP 6 - Andrea Rossi commented recently about his satisfaction with the performance of the 1 MW plant that was purchased by a military entity. Today he provided some more details about its performance in response to questions. 1. What level of availability did you experience? A. The availability is about 90%, since the plant works about... (E-CatWorld; March 16, 2013) (And
        • Cold Fusion, E-Cat 1 MW works 8,000 hours in a year - The world of cold fusion technology that promises to revolutionize the energy is always in turmoil and come from different parts of interesting news. Pending the publication of the independent test, Andrea Rossi, in response to some questions, he said on his blog that the 'E-Cat 1 MW, which sold a few months ago at a (International Business Times; March 16, 2013)
        • Rossi on the Military Plant - Someone today asked Andrea Rossi about how the 1 MW plant that was delivered to some military entity was doing. It's a good question, since apparently this military customer is so far, according to Rossi, the only one he has with a working E-Cat. Here are the questions and answers. 1. We wonder if, after delivery, your customer has remained in touch with you: if requested technical informations, expressed his satisfaction or his complaints. A. Yes... (E-CatWorld; March 14, 2013)
      • Positive Third Party Test Results
        • Andrea Rossi Claims Third Party Tests Completed - Andrea Rossi has claimed on his blog that the independent third-party tests have now been concluded, and that the results will be published soon. We still don't know anything about who conducted the tests or any details of the results, but hopefully this will help to remove the mystery surrounding Andrea Rossi's E-Cat.  If true,… (LENR-ColdFusion; March 25, 2013)

        • Third Party Tests Are Complete – Looks Good - Andrea Rossi announced just yesterday that the third party tests are finally completed. While he does not have access to the report, yet, he anticipates that it will be released to the public by the middle of April. (ECatReport; March 27, 2013) (And; and; and | 2 | 3)

        • E-Cat/Hot-Cat: finally we? - I decided to re-publish on these pages, the last announcement that Andrea Rossi has left yesterday on his Journal of Nuclear Physics.
          Why am I doing? Because I think he is well aware that every ad-surprise, that does not occur at the end announced, the backfires like a boomerang exponentially. And therefore, if Andrea Rossi launches "scoop" like yesterday, the cases now can only be two: is totally in good faith and safe technology that has developed; is crazy! (22Passi; March 25, 2013)

        • Your Predictions — How Will the Report be Received? - Assuming the 3rd party report is issued, and it contains the positive confirmation that Andrea Rossi has reported, it will be interesting to see what impact it might have on the world at large. Certainly it will be received with interest and perhaps with much celebration by people who have been paying attention to... (E-CatWorld; March 27, 2013)
        • Thoughts on the Report - Yesterday's posts by Andrea Rossi have certainly caught the attention of many E-Cat watchers. It's always interesting to watch traffic patterns on the site, and over the last two or three months the average number of page views has fallen to its lowest level in the last 12 months — until today that is,... (E-CatWorld; March 25, 2013)
        • Rossi on the Third Party Tests - No, the test results have not been released, but there are some people (including myself) who have been peppering Andrea Rossi with questions about the tests that are supposed to wind up within a few days. He has been opening up a bit about what is going on; it seems that if you ask... (E-CatWorld; March 23, 2013)
        • Andrea Rossi Talks About E-Cat Production and Third Party Report on Tom and Doug Radio Show - I have just been contacted by Tom Florek of the Tom and Doug Radio Show who have recently conducted a new interview with Andrea Rossi. In the portion of the interview that can be viewed below, Andrea Rossi talks with Tom about the current situation with the production of the E-Cat. The show also... (E-CatWorld; March 10, 2013) (And

          Includes a new E-Cat song by Tom and Doug
      • Cold fusion, an E-cat food for electric cars. The experiment started - Cold fusion is a hot topic can literally split in two public opinion.'s World of cold fusion is always in turmoil and come from different parts of interesting news. Yesterday we gave the news that Andrea Rossi, pending the publication of the independent tests, in response to some questions, he said on his blog that the E-Cat 1 MW, which sold a few months ago at a secret military agency, functioning properly. (International Business Times; March 17, 2013)
      • E-Cat: the first took charge of reactor sold - The continuous exchange of data between the customer first and Leonardo Corporation open to positive scenarios, but doubts remain as always. (; March 14, 2013)
      • Rossi: Lack of Funding No Problem - It's been over two years since Rossi and Focardi came forward with their claims about the E-Cat, and we're still waiting for a commercial product to show up on the market. While some are eagerly or anxiously waiting for more evidence of this technology, there are some who have given up, and concluded that... (E-CatWorld; March 19, 2013) (And
      • E-Cat household: we have to wait years according to Rossi - Andrea Rossi interview with a U.S. radio back on future development of E-CATM particularly the home. ( March 11, 2013) (And
      • E-Cat: Rossi ready to produce thousands per day - The net production set in motion by Andrea Rossi was already considerable potential, reaching even to build thousands of E-Cat day. ( March 8, 2013)
    • Defkalion - Hyperion
      • Situated in Vancouver and back in working order. Took longer than expected. But busier than ever. Interview and video pending, hopefully. -- Sterling
    • Fleischmann Memorial Project,
      • Hunt Utilities Group – Current Progress and History - Many who have been following LENR-related developments are familiar with the Hunt Utilities Group.  HUG along with the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project have been working to replicate Francesco Celani's finding of excess heating with his specially made nickel-alloy wire.  Recently, a very interesting story about HUG was posted on, a website of the Minnesota… (LENR-ColdFusion; March 18, 2013)

      • MFMP Prepares for New Test With New Calorimeter - It's good to see that the folks involved with the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project are continuing to put lots of work into their open science project with the aim to conclusively demonstrate LENR. I keep my eye on their activities and was interested in their most recent test run of the 1.1 cell which... (E-CatWorld; March 15, 2013)
      • MFMP Kickstarter Rewards Proposal - The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Fund team at are gearing up to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their goal to demonstrate the "New Fire" of LENR in an unequivocal way. As part of their preparation they have posted a blog in which they are seeking comment on some of their ideas... (E-CatWorld; March 8, 2013)
    • Dennis Cravens 
      • Fusion Powered Car 2 - I Recently found a movie on about a retired Scientist who recently started a Crowd Founding project for a Fusion Powered Car. We Love the idea of putting Cold Fusion to the test and creating useful applications so we decided to promote the project. Before investing any money we wanted to learn a little bit more about who this Dennis Cravens is, his background and his motivations. Why is that Dennis who have finally... (DrBoBlog; Mar 23, 2013)
    • George Miley, LENUKO
      • Crowdvoting not enough for LENUKO - Graphic: Temperature (oC) vs. Time from Nuclear Battery Using D-Clusters in Nano-materials … by Miley, Yang, and Hora. New energy advocates rallied behind George Miley's LENUCO at the Future Energy site, but it wasn't enough to put the LENR-Gen module (Cold Fusion Now; March 16, 2013)
      • Future Energy Contest Thread — Last Day of Voting! - Since lots of people are commenting on the tight race in the Future Energy online contest, I thought it might be good to have a thread where people can keep readers updated on the present state of voting. It looks like George Miley's LENUCO LENR project has been moved in to second place, and... (E-CatWorld; March 15, 2013)
      • Voting Tightens in Future Energy Competition — LENR Still Leading - As the Future Energy startup contest enters the final days of voting, there seems to be more attention being paid to the various projects listed on the site, and more projects appearing by the days. George Miley's LENUCO LENR power units project is still in the lead with 372 votes of last count, but... (E-CatWorld; March 13, 2013) (And
      • Dr. Graham Hubler Appointed Director of the U. of Missouri's Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance - Thanks to Gerrit for pointing this important appointment out. I think this press release from the University of Missouri deserves a thread of its own. Graham Hubler seems like a top-notch scientist with an impressive set of qualifications, experience and awards. COLUMBIA, Mo. ­— University of Missouri Vice Chancellor for Research Rob Duncan has... (E-CatWorld; March 12, 2013)
      • Aneutronic Fusion Spacecraft Architecture – LENR Cold Fusion - George Miley is poised to harness electricity from LENR without a Rankine or Carnot cycle and utilize it to power Aneutronic Fusion Spacecraft.  Coincidentally NASA released its latest posting about LENR technology on its Climate Change site. NASA sees LENR (…) (Cold Fusion Now; March 21, 2013)
    • Mitch Swartz, JET Thermal Products
      • Cold Fusion 101: Introduction to Excess Heat in the Fleischmann-Pons Experiment at MIT (pdf) - "The introductory cold fusion course offered at MIT during its Independent Activities Period (IAP) in 2012 returned for its second consecutive year recently with much anticipation. ... Prof. Peter Hagelstein began the first two-hour class with an overview of how cold fusion began—its science, the structure, materials and output of the Fleischmann-Pons (F-P) effect, and skeptics' arguments. (Infinite-Energy; March/April, 2013)
    • Ugo Abundo, Pirelli High School
      • Ugo Abundo Demonstrates Simple Experiment (Video) - Ugo Abundo is the instructor at Pirelli High School in Rome who became well known in the LENR community for leading a student project in building a cell designed to demonstrate cold fusion. In this video, Abundo demonstrates an experimental setup designed to demonstrate an LENR phenomenon. I'm not exactly sure what this experiment... (E-CatWorld; March 8, 2013)
      • Simple LENR Experimental Setup - Ugo Abundo of the Pirelli High School in Italy demonstrates a simple electrolytic cell setup for conducting LENR experiments in the following video.  It is really not at all clear that LENR is taking place or that it could even be achieved with this setup, but it is interesting nonetheless. As this author has conducted… (LENR-ColdFusion; March 15, 2013) (And

      • Coming attractions Eng. Abundo - Four days ago the engineer Ugo Abundo wrote to me to say hello and confirm that the group of cold fusion research dell'IIS Pirelli Rome is more than ever committed to the continuation of experiments with Hydrobetatron and soon will be released a report update. Yesterday night he posted on his You tube channel this video ...  (22Passi; March 8, 2013)

  • General Cold Fusion
    • Volume 11 of the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science is now available (JCMNS Publications)
    • LENR CFLs?
      • Tiny Nuclear Reactions Inside Compact Fluorescent Bulbs? - Harmless low-energy nuclear reactions may be taking place routinely inside of compact fluorescent lightbulbs, according to a physicist whose theories have NASA researchers abuzz with the prospect of cheap, non-polluting energy. (Forbes; March 14, 2013)
      • Lewis Larsen Claims CFL Lightbulbs Have LENR Inside - Lewis Larsen, CEO of Lattice Energy LLC, and collaborator with Alan Widom on the Widom-Larsen LENR theory hypothesises that LENR reactions are taking place in standard compact flourescent lightbulbs (CFLs). columnist, Jeff McMahon, spoke with Lewis Larson following an article published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology reported on finding unexpected isotopes... (E-CatWorld; March 14, 2013)
      • LENR in CFL Light Bulbs? - Lewis Larsen of Lattice Energy, LLC and co-author of the Widom-Larsen theory of LENR, speculates that LENR may be taking place in compact florescent bulbs used in millions of households worldwide.  Forbes has an article describing Dr. Larsen's speculations on research finding unusual isotopic distributions of mercury in analyses performed on the bulbs after their… (LENR-ColdFusion; March 14, 2013) (And

    • Low Energy Transmutation of Carbon in a Microwave Oven? - A friend brought this video to my attention, and it show something people could try at home. This video shows an experiment in which a powdered carbon material (charcoal) is exposed to microwaves in a conventional microwave oven, and after 3 minutes or so demonstrates that it contains magnetic properties it did not have... (E-CatWorld; March 24, 2013)
    • Android Controlled Spark Plug Driver: Universal LENR Reactor - I have built a spark plug driver circuit designed by Dale Basgall to work with my Android control system.  This circuit will be part of the control circuitry for the Universal LENR Reactor–invented by Mr. Basgall and his team.  Mr. Basgall's design calls for the use of a deep cycle battery, which I will be… (LENR-ColdFusion; March 26, 2013)
    • Will Future Cars Pay for Themselves as Power Plants? - By Mark Goldes - The answer is a resounding YES! Revolutionary technologies will soon be able to demonstrate that cars, trucks, and buses can be manufactured as mobile power plants. When suitably parked, they will be able to sell electricity to utilities. Large parking lots and garages could generate multi-megawatts of electric power. (OpEdNews; March 26, 2013)
    • From the Archive: Eugene Mallove on Cold Fusion - I thought this video I just came across of excerpts of an interview with Eugene Mallove was worth sharing here. I'm not sure of the date, but it must have been 1991 or later as he holding a copy of his book Fire from Ice, which was published in that year. Mallove was the... (E-CatWorld; March 22, 2013)
    • The Future of Desalination: Graphene and LENR? - Many people who have high hopes for LENR see one of its major applications being a cheap source of power to make possible widespread desalination to provide fresh water in many arid parts of the world. Currently, while desalination is certainly an effective way to make seawater potable, it is an expensive process, mainly... (E-CatWorld; March 22, 2013)
    • Politics
      • Swedish Government Reveals Cold Fusion Research - A government agency connected with the Swedish military has revealed that it is conducting low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion experiments. The experiments reportedly involve nickel and hydrogen reactions similar to those in Andrea Rossi's ecat device. (ColdFusion3; )
      • Sky 'To Be Dark' With Unmanned Aircraft? - I know that the subject of this site is cold fusion, but I sometimes take the liberty to discuss other issues and technologies that I consider to be significant, interesting and potentially disruptive, especially when contemplating them in combination with an LENR energy source. We have talked about 3D printing and robotics here recently... (E-CatWorld; March 18, 2013)
      • New Obama Energy Policy and Energy Secretary no help for Cold Fusion - There seems to be little or no help for low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion research in President Obama's new energy policy proposal. This is surprising in light of all the recent progress in the field. Some of which has even come from a US government agency NASA. (ColdFusion3; )
    • LENR Researcher Biberian Has Limited Answers About Cold Fusion - New Energy Times interviewed LENR (low-energy nuclear reaction) researcher Jean-Paul Biberian by e-mail between Jan. 13, 2013, and Feb. 1, 2013. He has written a new book, La Fusion Dans Tous ses Ιtats (Fusion in All Its Forms). Biberian is one of the most senior researchers in the field and has a long history with "cold fusion." Biberian is reluctant to abandon the term, identity and concept of "cold fusion" and, in its place, recognize the research as LENR. In this candid scientific discussion, Biberian explains why. (New Energy Times; March 22, 2013)
    • Arthur C Clarke on Cold Fusion - Sir Arthur Charles Clarke was a British Inventor and one the most known Science Fiction Writer that have ever lived. Not only did he Release Scientific based Futuristic Space Novels but he als invented the Satellite Communication System. This is a rather old clip as you can see on the picture quality and the way people where dressing. I am often meet with the following proposition: "Cold Fusion have never been... (DrBoBlog; Mar 26, 2013)
    • Media
      • Son of cold fusion: returns attention to low-energy nuclear reactions - Spirited interest from two NASA scientists leads to new information about an old controversy. At NASA, two scientists' enthusiasm for research on low-energy nuclear reactions (LENRs) has led to the production of public-relations materials. (PhysicsToday; March 19, 2013)
      • A "reactor" in every home in the world, the dream of LENR generators between doubts and hopes - The world is hungry for energy, and today more than ever demands that the same be achieved through green technologies, safe and accessible to all. Oil has had its day, and while it has allowed our company to grow more quickly, it is also what led the man to cause more damage to the ecosystem (; March 26, 2013)
      • NYT: Energy Miracles Wanted - Justin Gillis, an environmental reporter at The New York Times has begun a monthly column dealing with climate change-related problems. His first piece is entitled "In Search of Energy Miracles", which takes its title from a TED talk by Bill Gates in 2010 where he was calling for breakthroughs in energy technology and specifically... (E-CatWorld; March 12, 2013)
      • Cold Fusion, as well as the buffalo's more? - I listened to an interesting and curious intervention of a senior player, who qualified as a nuclear engineer and collaborator of the CNR (National Research Council), which has criticized the skepticism expressed in the book about cold fusion, representing the science laboratories are working on this type of research and that there is good news on the air which is the closest reserve. (giornalettismo; March 26, 2013)
      • Cold Fusion: A Big Idea for Minnesota Energy Research! A Better Comet: Post Bulletin Beats New York Times - That was a nice comet last week… a more spectacular one is due to appear in December "Cold Fusion: A Big Idea for Minnesota Energy Research" Friday, February 8, 2013, by Tom Robertson, Post Bulletin. (view) The Post-Bulletin is the largest  daily (…) (Cold Fusion Now; March 16, 2013)
      • CBC Investigates Former LENR Researcher Russ George - On Friday evening, Darcy Russell George, a former LENR researcher, will be featured on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.'s "Fifth Estate" program. The program is an investigative news show similar to CBS's "60 Minutes" in the U.S. CBC will be focusing primarily on George's latest attempts to sequester carbon in the ocean. (New Energy Times; March 26, 2013)
      • LENR the topic of Patrick Timpone's radio show - THE MORNING SHOW with Patrick Timpone Brad Arnold Cold Fusion NOW!   Cold Fusion Now says no to dirty hydrocarbon fuels and their environmental pollution; no to today's dangerous nuclear power plants creating radioactive waste with no disposal plan. (…) (Cold Fusion Now; March 25, 2013)
      • Tomorrowland: Resource Wars or Cold Fusion? - "Giving society cheap, abundant energy . . . would be the equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun." –Paul Ehrlich An Ecologist's Perspective on Nuclear Power May/June 1978 issue of Federation of American Scientists Public Issue Report That (…) (Cold Fusion Now; March 23, 2013)
      • links COT and new energy breakthrough - In Why Are the Big Financial Institutions Selling Oil BIG?, author Torkel Nyberg links oil and low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) in his analysis of a recent Commitment of Traders (COT) reports. It is a provocative thesis of his that (…) (Cold Fusion Now; March 8, 2013)
      • Hypnotic & Crew On LENR - "Study the sun to become a scholar of the moon" Muzzammil Abdur-Razak, also known as his pen name Hypnotic, is a Canadian born lyricist. Hypnotic now attends the University of Toronto in Mississauga, studying Life Sciences. He hopes to pursue teaching biology in high school where he can relive his memories of lyricizing and rapping in high school through his students. My best advice to you my brother is to keep is real and take... (DrBoBlog; Mar 18, 2013)
  • Events
    • Registration Opens for ICCF-18 at the University of Missouri - The 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion will be held on July 21-27th at the University of Missouri, in Columbia, Missouri, and registration for the conference is opened on March 15th. The theme listed on the main conference page is "Applying the Scientific Method to Understanding Anomalous Heat Effects: Opportunities and Challenges." MU is... (E-CatWorld; March 17, 2013)
      • Cold Fusion: E-cat Rossi prices and possible uses - From 21 to 27 July 2013 there will be the Congress: "Applying the Scientific Method to Understanding Anomalous Heat Effects: Opportunities and Challenges" at the University of Missouri in Columbia to celebrate the 18th edition ICCF (International Conference on Cold Fusion). The title of the conference scorgersi can not recall the successes of the Italian inventors Andrea Rossi and Francesco Piantelli. (; March 20th, 2013)
      • Details of Important Cold Fusion Conference Available - Details of the most important conference on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) of 2013 are now available. The official website for The 18th Annual International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18) is now up and running. (EnergyCatalyzer3; March 18, 2013)
    • A MOTTO FOR ICCF-19 - Peter Gluck - "ICCF-19 will take probably in Europe, perhaps in Italy. If it will be the conference of paradigm change, a good motto will be: "Solving the useful heat source problem." (EgoOutPeters; March 13, 2013)
      • HOW LENR WILL PREVAIL - This inopportune happenstance is the ill-fated sense of competitive threat that LENR poses for the people who make their living from R&D and production of nuclear energy as well as the people who work to research the standard model of particle physics. (ZPEnergy; ‎Mar 16, 2013‎ )
  • Tangential

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