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You are here: > News > March 11, 2013

Yildiz Magnet Motor: Turning to Public Instead of Universities for First Major Validation

After 33 years of developing this "impossible" technology, Yildiz looks to the public demonstration of his technology at the Geneva Inventors' Expo for all the world to witness, to finally provide the simple vindication he has sought for so many years, but which universities have continuously balked at providing.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Yesterday I had an hour-long phone conversation with Muammer Yildiz and his associate, Halil Turkmen, regarding Yildiz' all-magnet motor, which all of science shouts is "impossible." The thing is, science has been wrong before on some pretty major stuff. Once academia becomes dogmatic, issuing decrees of what will or will not work, they stop being scientists and start acting more like knowledge tyrants, or worse yet, religious fundamentalists, who have already made up their minds about how things are and are closed to being told anything else.

This thing is about to be vindicated one way or another.

If the universities continue to balk on doing a proper test that meets with Yildiz' requests, then it will be the public -- anyone who wants to watch on -- who will vindicate the technology once and for all.

The only thing that is needed to prove that the motor works is time running, powering a load, to show that no known technology could possibly provide that much power that could be contained in the size of the apparatus. That's all. They don't need to look inside. That's protected information and will be until a PCT patent can be filed.

Why a Patent?

For those of you who don't regularly follow our news, let me recap why an international patent is so important in this case. (He has two Turkish Patents [showed them the working motor] as well as one for Germany and one for Switzerland).

It is true that once something is public information, no one can file for a patent anywhere in the world. However, the caveat is that once information is released to the public, there is a one year window of time for the inventor to file a patent. After that one year, then it is "public domain." However, now that the patent laws have changed in the U.S. and elsewhere from "first to invent" to "first to file," it's a matter of who has the "fastest car" (metaphorically) to get to the patent office, and those are the ones that get the patent, and can then dictate the terms for that technology in that country, not the person who invented it. This is what I learned from Tom Valone, Ph.D., who works at the U.S. Patent office.

Mr. Yildiz said he has been working on this technology for 33 years, building 58 motors, each of which has worked, and he has been fastidious about protecting the IP (intellectual property). According to Yildiz, he has even engineered in certain precautions so that when people who were supposed to be trustworthy tried to open the device, it self-destructed enough that they were not able to reproduce the engine they had witnessed run continuously for fifteen days. He's not at liberty to divulge the particulars of that situation.

Experience with Universities

The maddening thing is that when he has had universities test it in the past, they have been the ones to call for it to be turned off. It wasn't Yildiz shutting it off because he was trying to hide something. He wanted the test to go on, but the professors had seen enough. Then later, the skeptics balked saying that it didn't run long enough to rule out some kind of hidden energy storage mechanism.

I asked Yildiz something to the effect: "Of the approximate thousand people who have seen your motor in operation over the years, who has seen it run the longest, who is willing to go on the record?"

He responded that Assistant Professor Jorge Duarte has seen it run for more than five hours on two different occasions. And it was Duarte who said to turn it off. As Duarte emphasizes, there has been no heat development during the continuous operation period, the prototypes have no brushes for commutating current; and, moreover, the inventor has no idea (no technical expertise at all) on how to handle (alleged) electronic circuits aiming at electromagnetic power processing, in order to create the conditions for shaping magnetic fields.

On January 5, we wrote a story about Duarte's going on record in support of the motor. Duarte is an Assistant Professor of Electromechanics and Power Electronics at Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands. Duarte was involved in coordinating several of the tests that have been done in academic settings, including Delft Technical University and Eindhoven TU.

Yildiz said that what often happens with the universities is invariably they want to look inside before signing off on what they have witnessed. They want to measure the magnets before, throughout, and after. That is not possible at this time, due to the patent issue mentioned above. He's also concerned that after a successful test, they'll not want to relinquish the motor but will want to try to look inside and reverse engineer it. That has happened before, as mentioned above (which wasn't an academic group).

The one university at which he was supposed to begin a 30-day test in the middle of January, at first had agreed to the 'black box' terms that Yildiz had stipulated, but then changed the criteria and said they must look inside and measure the magnets before, during, and after. They forgot that their purpose isn't to scientifically document the minutia of the technology but just to validate that it works.

Yildiz has some other university options to consider, and he may have time yet to be able to get a satisfactory test done prior to the April 10-14 Inventors Expo in Geneva, to which Yildiz was invited. It doesn't have to be 30 days to more than prove it out. Even a few days could be more than enough time to rule out any kind of hidden energy storage mechanism.

However, it takes time to work out the logistics of writing up an agreement, running it by the lawyers, making revisions, getting it approved, getting visas, etc. Bureaucratic red tape takes a very long time to process in situations like this. It's not like a private garage where you just drive up, do the test, write the report, and leave.

I know that getting my visa to go to Brazil was a royal pain. Bureaucracy can be a bitch.

Over and over, what has happened to Yildiz over the years is that someone who seems to have good intentions and a workable plan comes to the table, but then after all the players have chimed in and modified the terms, it's as if the original intent has taken a U-turn; and all that preparation time was wasted. Yet he has not given up.

A Test for All to See

Regardless of whether Yildiz is able to get a university validation prior to the Geneva expo, here is what he plans on doing at the 41st International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

He won't be able to run the motor continuously inside the convention hall because they close each night for security reasons. So what he will do is put the motor inside a trailer and drive the running motor to the parking lot each night, where it will run continuously. And there will be a live webcam the entire time so that people all over the world can be part of witnessing it running continuously for the full four days of the conference.

The patent officials at the Turkish patent office in the capital city of Ankara, who invited Yildiz to attend the Geneva expo, said that he would be able to do this at the expo. I have sent an email to the Geneva expo asking them to confirm if this is something they could accomodate.

That motor body will be 14 cm in diameter and about 21 cm long, and will be powering a 25 cm diameter fan. So do the math on how long it should run using any kind of known energy storage mechanism. I bet you will see two things: 1) it won't be able to run at a constant speed without diminishing, and 2) it won't be able to run for more than a few hours. So really, even one full day of demonstrating the technology running continuously should be more than enough to satisfy the scientists.

But at the Geneva expo, Yildiz intends to demonstrate the motor running continuously for four days without stopping -- for all the world to see.

Crowdfunding to File PCT?

If Yildiz is able to get the 50,000 Euros needed to file the PCT international patent prior to the expo, or prior to the completion of any university testing, then he will be able to open the motor for inspection. Otherwise, the motor workings remain concealed.

For those of you who think to suggest that we raise that money via crowdfunding, let me say that this is being considered. However, Yildiz is very reluctant to do that, since he doesn't want to be construed as running a scam. He would prefer to have full validation / certification of the motor prior to going to crowdfunding.

In my opinion, we have enough validation now to support taking it to crowdfunding to get the money needed to file the PCT patent. We have the witness of Assistant Professor Duarte, and the demonstrations at several universities, recorded on video.

No, this isn't enough to satisfy the skeptical scientists, but it is enough for many of us lay people to help come up with the funds to file the PCT patent. What do you think?

When it comes to investors coming up with that much money, they tend to want too much control or equity. It seems the smaller the amount, the more control they want. They would probably ask for less control if it was hundreds of millions Yildiz was asking. But by crowdfunding this, Yildiz would have no obligations to investors. Who knows, he might even open license a lower power version of the technology.

# # #


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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated May 07, 2013 




"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." // "I'd rather be an optimist and a fool than a pessimist and right." -- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
   First, it is ridiculed;
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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of the crowd you're a genius.
When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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